“In Drastic Times Anything Is Possible…”

The blurb on this last interview with Tommy before his arrest…done on May 23rd, published on June 2nd:

Interview with Tommy Robinson: on people who say it’s too late, on himself at 18, on the many lessons he’s learned, on some people saying he has the making of a great Prime Minister, on laughing though the situation is desperate, and on the huge change that has happened for him over the past 2 years, because he now can feel the massive support he has.

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Two days after the interview, on May 25th, Tommy was arrested again. This time, it was for (supposedly) disturbing the peace. He was going about his business of being a reporter – not on the side of those in power.

His arrest brings up thoughts of people like Gandhi…

The interview itself:

I do wish they’d had some way to screen the microphones from wind noise. But that’s just nit-picking; this an honest interview, spoken straight from the heart.

Note: read the comments for some links and upcoming dates. The most important one, for those in England at any rate, is the demo at Whitehall on June 9th. You know the police state is plotting ways to make the demo go sideways.

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  1. His tolerance and broad=mindedness toward the many non-Muslim working class and even Muslims who question their beliefs… is light years ahead of those anxious to plunge the West into Civil War and race hate.

  2. Assuming he survives prison, Tommy really need to move from the street activist to the political arena. The parties of the right in Europe that are rising in popularity are starting to gain power and influence policy, with regards to migrants and islamisation. You have to enter the cesspit to clean it out. Shouting from the sidelines, can be effective to some extent, but his talents and charisma and oratory are wasted, he should be leading a political movement.

    • Tommy has been growing enormously since he started. That’s one of the things mentioned in the video. Everything he’s gone through he’s learned from. I mentioned, in the interview, that I’d see him as a far better prime minister than Teresa May (not a challenge), and he laughed. Other people have also suggested he has the makings of a great prime minister. I see that becoming a major political leader is a natural development. Whatever he does, I see him as having a major impact.

      • His bio “Enemy of the State” shows just how brilliant he is. It’s a must-read in my book, and buying his books supports his family and pays his legal defense costs.

        • Agreed. I have given some “Enemy of the State” books to the few people I know (in person) who might read them.

          Tonight at supper, the B and I were attempting to limn the qualities of Tommy’s character, and what precisely went into his very obvious leadership. We finally decided that one quality of a leader was charisma, though one could have the latter without necessarily being a leader…perhaps just a compelling persona without the other things you’d need to have people follow you – or to find, to your surprise, they were following you. That has been a learning curve for Tommy: to find that he had followers and then learn to shape their need for meaning to higher ends than they might have envisioned for themselves.

          The book of his life as chronicled by someone else will be written someday. I hope and pray we are nowhere near that point. All this time, the poem, “Who Killed Cock Robin” has been stuck on replay in my mind.

          During his last long imprisonment, when we knew he was stuck in solitary long past the legal limits and Christmas rolled around, I thought of the toffs like Douglas Murray, doing their rounds of Christmas parties while Tommy rotted away – rotted well past any legal or moral justification for solitary. And his children knew only that Daddy was somewhere making toys for children who didn’t have any.

          Once upon a time, Murray refused to share a public restaurant table with Tommy so the latter moved on to another table. One who witnessed this public shaming of Tommy said that Robert Spencer didn’t get up to move with TR to another table but stayed with the more famously acceptable Murray. Going to sit in solidarity with Tommy might have had some infinitesimal effect on Murray but RS missed his big Christian chance to consort with sinners. I wonder if his eventual persona non grata status in the UK was a karmic playing out of that choice.

          Choices, particularly moral ones, have a long tail.

          • This hits me hard, I get the same shunning: PMs on social media from famous names, but nary a retweet or public mention. I suppose it means something they trust me not to repost their PMs in the open, but they won’t touch me with a barge pole in public.

            I’ve been thinking of another poem, about the cowardly [phonies] of conservatism inc, that benighted debating society that meets on the aft deck of the Titanic to critique the operation, but won’t actually lift a finger to get the boats in the water. They award themselves debate and style points, while maneuvering for a spot on the Fox News curvy couch, and any public contact with thuggish scum like TR or yours truly might lead to their blackballing. They would rather ride the Titanic to the bottom than risk that.

            Douglas Murray is a perfect example, a childless homosexual writing about the strange death of Europe, instead of writing (and acting) in the defense of Europe like TR.

          • I am disappointed to learn that Douglas Murray refused to share a table with Tommy Robinson and similarly disappointed to learn that Robert Spencer followed suit. I admire all three men for their contribution to the cause and hope that the former two see the error of their ways. And apologize both to Tommy and to the public. The Counter-Jihad needs to be a broad church and big tent, the issue is too important to allow petty differences to prevent useful alliances.

  3. Hi, about the sound – that was an adventure! The clip-on lapel mic was defective. Okay, no problem. There was a really good traditional mic. Tommy suggested doing the interview outdoors. I said: I don’t have a wind screen. There’s no wind, answered Tommy – not recognizing that “wind” for a mic is any breeze at all. It was a gorgeous day, and there was no wind when we went outdoors. But it turned out that there were gusts. An improvised wind screen was not enough to shield the mic from those.

    Second part of the adventure. I got home, listened. A friend is a professional sound producer, could have done a lot to improve things. BUT . . . that could only be done in a couple of weeks, and Tommy had been arrested and imprisoned. I chose not to wait.

    So what you get has very imperfect sound, especially at times. But it is 100% Tommy talking about such important stuff. I’m glad you recognize this.

    • I agree. Despite the sound problems, it was 100% Tommy. Thanks for the work you did on this, and for your previous support of him.

      Tommy is perennially ebullient, proving the old adage, “you can’t keep a good man down”. But his temperament doesn’t make him a natural for politics in England. Where he in the old Ireland, he’d blossom all right.

      • If Tommy dies in prison, it could spark a hot civil war, beginning with the offing of Quislings. There are tens of thousands of former British special ops troops as capable as any in the world, held back only by their Christian forbearance. The British traitor class surely must be aware of this.

    • Yes, it’s smashing, but perhaps a short 5-10 minute highlights version could be edited, sound-worked, and released? He’s in for 13 months (if he survives) so I think the effort would be well worth it.

  4. The date for the demo (Sat 9th) may be a problem; it’s the Trooping of the Colours for the Queen’s official birthday (no, I don’t understand the difference), so Whitehall is likely to be closed.

  5. Finally some recognisable support for Tommy in UK , from a rare quarter :


    Which is worth reading right through as he is animal rights and demolishes halal, outspoken on much, For Britain.




    Whatever you think of The Smiths, their music is an unmistakable presence in society.

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