Geert Wilders to the Prime Minister: Questions in Parliament About Tommy Robinson

Questions by Geert Wilders MP (PVV) to the Prime Minister about the detention and personal safety of Tommy Robinson in the United Kingdom:

1.   Have you taken notice of the fact that the British Islamic critic, activist and journalist Tommy Robinson was arrested, convicted and detained within a few hours, while he had the courage to report about a trial of mostly Islamic child rapists?
2.   Have you also taken notice of the many demonstrations all over the world, from London to Los Angeles and from Tel Aviv to Sydney, in solidarity with Tommy Robinson and in protest against his arrest, conviction and detention?
3.   Have you also taken notice of the fact that Tommy Robinson has meanwhile been moved to another prison in the United Kingdom with a considerable Muslim population, so that he is in danger because he has meanwhile been threatened, and, as a consequence, may have to fear for his life?
4.   Are you prepared to contact your British colleague Theresa May immediately and to ask her that she at least guarantee the personal safety of Tommy Robinson, who is globally supported by many?
5.   Do you share our opinion that Tommy Robinson should be released as soon as possible?

If so, are you prepared to pass this on to your British colleague?

6.   Can you still answer these questions this week?

7 thoughts on “Geert Wilders to the Prime Minister: Questions in Parliament About Tommy Robinson

  1. Good for Mr. Wilders. And wise of him to give a window of reply to his message. That makes it just a bit more difficult for the PM to put it in the circular file, hmm?

    • A big thank you to this politician who stands up for his
      Beliefs and shoots from the hip when he speaks.

      A marked contrast from the political pygmies occupying the
      Green and red benches of our UK parliament at present.

      May TR remain safe throughout his imprisonment and my
      Thoughts are with his family at this time.

  2. However much bright red legalistic lipstick the British government puts on the muddy pig of police state oppression, Tommy Robinson is a political prisoner by any conceivable definition of the word.

    I’m trying to think of an appropriate response for the US government to the degradation of the British government into a tinhorn dictatorship with the equivalent of a ruler governing with the help of his pearl-handled .44. We are close allies with the most oppressive, corrupt regimes imaginable: Saudi Arabia, Niger, Bukima Faso, Ukraine…And, I don’t think the US government should have any role in changing the governments of other countries. Perhaps the most persuasive methods we should employ is simply not inviting the British diplomats to social functions, on the grounds that we really don’t have that much in common with a degenerate police state. I suspect that same tactic worked about as well as dumping billions of dollars in aid to countries that not only hate our values, but which have not the faintest idea of individual freedom and the pre-eminence of merit.

  3. The British government have set their plan in motion. TR being moved to this prison is tantamount to a death sentence. They want this to happen. It will cause mass protests and riots. Cobra will meet and say democracy is under threat, martial law will be implemented for a period, the government will reverse Brexit as no one will dare come out on the streets when armed police are waiting to arrest or even kill any decent patriots.

    There’s already the law that anyone with a British passport who goes against the government can be killed, jihadi John, yes, should have been killed. People cheered this but failed to realize that this also meant they could be killed for speaking out or fighting against the tyranny of the now police state, fascist UK government.

    • May I remind you of the riots between 6 and 11 August 2011.
      I got the distinct impression at the time “the gommint” and “The Brotherhood” aka police was overwhelmed and could not cope with the widespread rioting and decided to let it run its course.

  4. Our species is mostly good but we seem to lack robust courage. We follow leaders excessively. Possibly too much courage in our evolution on the savanna would have broken our tribes apart and we wouldn’t have made it this far. We had to stay together tightly to protect our womwn and kids. But maybe our genome will not have a survival advantage in today’s environment and we will not survive?

    • Right……………

      Now –ya’ll get back into your little kennels like good little doggies and stop messing with your betters. These protests are getting to be quite tedious, boring, and interfere with afternoon tea (AND sherry/whisky–DO NOT forget or interfere with this!).
      You lack understanding of the higher things in life. You actually have to (ugh) WORK for a living and then fork over what’s left to us REAL OWNERS of the country so as to let us make a better world.

      That’s called “TAXES”, you churls! Better pay them ALL toot sweet if you know what’s good for you.

      Now go and get good and sodding drunk and forget that you ALLLL are essentially NOBODIES, nothings and NEVER-WEREs.

      As for all those nice sweet (!) tender YOUNG (!) little girlies we have NOT been discussing–well, you just forget it, forget them–FORGET THEM ALL.
      We deserve our little pleasures in life–it were better if you would just avert your eyes. This bit of fun is NOT to be discussed. WE–and our uniformed minions deserve a bit of fun with them–so forget you ever heard about it!
      Leave them to US. They belong to US! Shut up about it and forget them. We got ’em and iffen you’re lucky you might just see them in a few years when (and IF) we get tired of them. Or–if our imported gangs/servants/support groups ever do.
      There’s that, too you know. Gotta keep THEM happy. No goats, and all that.
      Then there is the export trade to Africa and the Middle East and perhaps even SE Asia………………

      Interfere with our trade and FUN and you’ll see!

      After all, that’s what Tommy’s been doing, and guess what HE WILL GET! Just you wait!! You HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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