Even Canada. Wait, what! CANADA??

Are Canadians climbing on their boogie boards in order to ride the Big Red Wave? Knock me over with a feather, y’all!

Take that, Trudeau!

Any Canadians who want to add some inside skinny, please feel free…

23 thoughts on “Even Canada. Wait, what! CANADA??

  1. I will be in Canada next week in Alberta, and wow are they happy!!!!!!

  2. Disclaimer !!! I’m not Canadian.
    1. What I missed in this was the ” I ” words….. as in Islamisation, Immigration.
    2. The Word “Progressive” in the party name worries me – what does it mean ?

    • 50+ years ago, they merged with a farmers’ party called the Progressive Party, I think. That’s how they became the “Progressive-Conservatives”.

  3. It was not well known (or completely ignored) among many in Ontario that the NDP (New Democratic Pary) which is far Left, wanted to make the entire province of Ontario a Sanctuary province.
    Many Conservative supporters knew about this and it became a motivation for many to go out and vote to prevent a NDP victory.

  4. Another Yank here, poking his nose in the business of the Frozen North. Now I largely missed Trudeau’s sycophancy in India, but lemme ya, you Canucks take a distant second fiddle to embarrassments on the world stage!

    Having relatives living north of 54’40”, I fervently hope Canada doesn’t go the way of Sweden. But I also hope Doug Ford is not in the vein of The Donald. Trump is no conservative, has all the grace and style of, oh, your basic Taliban myrmidon, seems hell-bent on alienating the USA from its allies, and risks a major trade war in the process, an eventuality that would hurt almost everyone in the industrialized world.

    Finally, related to a former NDP leader though I am, let me say the good folk of Ontario have made a promising beginning- but it’s only a beginning. MCGA- bring back Stephen Harper!

    • I hope he’s not in the vein of Trudeau, which would cause infinitely more harm than Trump.

      Don’t forget, the main reason for Trump’s success is the fact that he’s not Hillary. Deo gratias.

      Our “allies” do not wish us well and would shun us if they dared. So they can put their ruinous ideologies – like carbon taxes for the West but not the Rest, just to name one – into the dumpster with the rest of their fake recycling efforts.

      • I sense we disagree on recycling, although I admit that single stream recycling makes no economic sense in today’s world. But neither does littering the planet with synthetic polymers and various other toxins that destroy life on the only planet we know that supports it.

    • Liatris, there are millions of Americans who do not agree with your description of Donald Trump. Many, like myself were sick of the uniparty, neocon, RINO, military-industrial-intelligence complex, warmongering slime that have been in charge of our government. We don’t want no more of that. I would be interested in who you think would do a good job.

      Our economy has been doing great and and right now Trump is in Singapore trying to bring peace to the Korean peninsula and BTW reduce the chance of thermonuclear war.

      • Well Babi or Stephen Harper would have my support!

        Ok, back to reality. Ted Cruz was my pick among those running in 2016. I’ve become quite a fan of Nikki Haley, and I am interested in Mike Pompeo. While I support some of what Trump has done, I don’t trust him and I think Rex Tillerson had a trenchant observation to make about him!

        • Ted Cruz is a quasi globalist. His wife was a CFR member.
          There is no way he could have been elected because of his nationality issues.
          He says lots of great things, but can you list anything he’s actually accomplished whilst in office?

          Really, I’m no fan of Trumps quirky personality, but we didn’t hire him to say nice things at tea parties; we hired him to get things done, a job the previous four presidents were afraid to do.

          If you’re hanging around to wait for the candidate you can “trust”, you’ll never vote again. Politics is not the arena of such people, and never will be.

          • Ah, but every once in a while, you get a smooth talker who convinces great swathes of people that he himself is indeed trustworthy and can calm the seas. I still find it hard to believe that Obama the Obscure ever managed to wrest the Ship of State and send us almost sliding off the edge of sanity. Thank God he is gone but what a mess he left behind.

    • The US’s allies are a grabbag of globalist sellouts. Macron, May, Merkel etc. With friends like that who needs enemies?
      They are each hellbent on creating non-western underclasses which go on terrorise the most vulnerable members of western society while they use their money and prestige to keep well away from the damage they are wroughting.

  5. It’s a big blue wave here in Ontario—the Conservative party colour is blue; the Liberal party colour is red. But there is a similar feel to this Conservative victory as there was to Trump’s victory. I think Ford and Trump are two very different men but the media here is having the same reaction to Ford as it did (does) to Trump. It’s hard to give up that long-time elite privilege that sneers at the little fellow, the ordinary working class. Ford is a wealthy businessman but he has that indefinable appeal to the masses, hence his victory. We in Ontario were very tired of a 14-year old Liberal government, full of scandals, entitlements, “enlightened”sex ed in our schools, and tons of wasted taxpayer money.

    Canadians aren’t as “socialist” as Americans believe. Yes, we have our “socialized” medicine, which works very, very well (the horror stories are actually quite rare), but there’s a strong streak of rugged individualism here. Those of us who live outside the few big cities are a different breed than the city dwellers. The rural riding where I live in southern Ontario has been Conservative (both provincially and federally) for a long, long time. Just as in the U.S. many of us are the descendants of Scots, English, Irish, and Welsh immigrants who had to make their own way in these northern backwoods.

    During his campaign Ford showed that he can listen to the taxpayer and change his policies when he realizes he is wrong. He has a lot to learn but we’ve put our trust in him, and we wish him well.

    Just today he announced that he’ll work to stop the annual Al Quds day anti-Jewish hatefest from being held in Ontario (it was held today in Toronto and around the world). I hope he can overcome the resistance from the “all cultures are equal” crowd, but at least he has made the statement—I don’t recollect the previous administration doing so.


    • Indeed, outside the USA (certainly in the British Commonwealth), the reds are the commies and socialists and the blues tend to be the conservatives.

  6. Apparently Doug Ford has just thrown in his lot with Trudeau, to project a united front against the US negotiating position… Says he’s worried about Ontario jobs. If that were true, I would have thought he’d sidestep Trudeau and reach out to the PotUS directly?

  7. I’m an American living in Ontario. Ford’s victory, like Trump’s, had as much to do with his opponent than with him. Wynne was an Obama-like nightmare of high spending, corruption and radical leftist social change agenda. She ushered in a sex ed curriculum for elementary school which featured 6 genders and all the garbage that goes with that. She actually conceded the election days before the vote, in an attempt to save her party. ie, “I won’t be Premiere, so you can vote for Liberal candidates without fear of more from me.”

  8. Most folks in Ontario voted for left-wing parties. Ford and his populists actually only polled 40% of the vote. Still that was kind of shocking for uber liberal Ontario. The NDP and Liberal Party split the left-wing vote and that is what let the Progressive Conservatives win so many seats. The Liberals politically would be the USA equiv of Bernie Sanders. The NDP are basically the Red Brigades in drag. Their leader at the national level is some Indian dude, the pull start variety not the Tonto variety. While a welcome victory I don’t think this portends all that much at the national level, but I could be wrong.

    In any event Baby Doc Trudeau has proven himself to be a real lightweight. His current popularity is somewhere between New Coke and Roseanne Barr.

  9. Peter Ustinov once said Toronto is like New York run by the Swiss. You might say Canada is a scaled-down version of the USA run by the Swiss. In some ways Canada is intensely conservative – banking & the economy generally, a strange resistance to mythologizing any aspect of Canadian culture, the politeness, & the self-deprecating sense of humor there. All of that parallels US conservatism, yet it’s true the socialist mindset has dug its claws in. Trudeau & Wynne have done Canada a service showing how ruinous the Left can be.

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