Denmark and The Three Insecurities

I remember when Queen Margrethe II talked about the need to re-examine immigration. Sure enough, this is mentioned in her wiki:

In 2016 an interview within the book De dybeste rødder (En: The Deepest Roots) she showed, according to historians at Saxo instituttet, a change in attitude to immigration towards a more restrictive stance. She stated that the Danish people should have more explicitly clarified the rules and values of Danish culture in order to be able to teach them to new arrivals. She further stated that the Danes in general have underestimated the difficulties involved in successful integration of immigrants, exemplified with the rules of a democracy not being clarified to Muslim immigrants and a lack of readiness to enforce those rules. This was received as a change in line with the attitude of the Danish people.

I’d always hoped her autobiography would be translated in English. It turned out to be a futile wish.

7 thoughts on “Denmark and The Three Insecurities

  1. It is not well known that Denmark, the UK and Ireland have ‘opt-outs’ from EU policy in the area of Freedom, Security and Justice, which gives them, among other things, complete sovereignty in border security, immigration from OUTSIDE the EU, and asylum.

    Because of these opt-outs, the EU could never have forced ‘refugee quotas’ on these countries.

    • Too bad only Denmark was willing to pull the trigger.

      Ireland is a hopeless EU toady. It wasn’t always like that.

    • In theory, you are right. Denmark need Bruxelles approval for border control for more than 3 months. Bruxelles can push migrants in Denmark, if they want. But they don’t need to do it. The left political coalition is bringing them in Denmark. 10 years ago in my area was rare to see arabs, africans. From 2016 they are more and more visible. And there is no chance to stop this. People no longer understand the self defence instincts. They are waiting for somebody else to fix the problems. They don’t understand that this problem can be fixed only by them.

  2. when are people going to wake up? the muslims are not immigrants, they are colonists brought to your countries by your politicians to take your countries away from their peoples. when the political people talk about “more explicitly clarified the rules and values of Danish culture,” “underestimated the difficulties involved in the successful integration of immigrants,” they are lying through their teeth. the muslims are doing exactly what the leftists brought them to your country to do, destabilize your societies. they were never intended to integrate, they were brought to Europe by the political left to conquer you to further the left’s goal of world-wide conquest. the muslims aren’t who you need to get rid of, you need to get rid of your leftist politicians and their policies. you do that and the muslims will leave on their own.

    • Wrong. With or without left politicians Muslims will not go without fight. They are here to conquer. The left is accelerating the process, but from now on, only Europeans, common people, can change the future. And only using same methods as Muslims, brute force. There is no other way.

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