Box Cutter Jihad in France

A young woman went on a rampage with a box cutter earlier today in the town of La Seyne-sur-Mer on the Côte d’Azur in southern France. Two people were wounded before she was overpowered by customers in the supermarket where the attack took place. She reportedly yelled “Allahu Akhbar” while slashing at her victims.

The cookie-cutter news reports on the attack follow the template that has become the industry standard for the mainstream media:

  • The perpetrator had a history of mental illness.
  • She was “French”.
  • She acted alone, and had no connection to ISIS or other terrorist groups.
  • There is no mention of Islam or jihad, just that the suspect may or may not have been “radicalized”. The ideology to which she may have adhered in a radical form is not named or described.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this TV news report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from an English-language report on the incident from AFP:

Woman yelling ‘Allahu akbar’ slashes two with blade in France

Marseille (AFP) — Two people were hurt in a town in southern France on Sunday when a woman shouting “Allahu akbar” (God is greatest) attacked them in a supermarket with a boxcutter knife, prosecutors said.

A customer was struck in the chest during the late-morning assault in La Seyne-sur-Mer, outside the Mediterranean port of Toulon, but the wound is not life-threatening, prosecutor Bernard Marchal told AFP.

A woman working at a checkout counter was also cut over her eye. Both casualties were taken to hospital.

“It appears to be an isolated case by a person with known psychological problems,” Marchal said, “though that doesn’t exclude the possibility that she may have been radicalised.”

“Several witnesses have quoted her as saying it was Allah who told her to do it, that they were all miscreants and that she wanted the police to kill her,” the prosecutor said.

He added that “contrary to what was said at the start, she was not wearing a veil, but a black tunic over black trousers and black glasses.”


The 24-year-old assailant, who did not have a police record, was overpowered by a customer and two supermarket employees and taken into custody.

“I grabbed her wrists to get hold of the cutter,” said the customer, an electrician who gave only his first name, Sebastien.

“I asked her ‘Why did you do it.’ She did not answer.”

The woman “was in a panic, she was afraid, she did not understand what was happening to her, she had no strength left,” Sebastien said.

Police later searched her home to determine if she had any links to the Islamic State group, but Marchal said they found only an old Koran and an Algerian flag. A computer was seized from the studio where she lived a few kilometres (miles) from the shop.

Video transcript:

00:00   La Seyne-sur-Mer: a woman wounded two people with a box cutter at the checkout in a supermarket while screaming Allahu Akhbar (prosecutor)
00:01   This afternoon’s news: a woman was placed in detention this morning in La Seyne-sur-Mer,
00:05   which is in the Var, as the result of her attack with a box cutter in a grocery store, while screaming
00:08   La Seyne-sur-Mer box cutter attack
00:09   Allahu Akhbar! She attacked two people. We’ll be talking to you about it, Cecile Olivier,
00:12   One person wounded in the chest has been hospitalized; a cashier has been wounded less severely.
00:13   journalist, police-justice BFMTV; this woman is unknown to the intelligence services
00:17   Yes, this woman, who is French, as a matter of interest, who was born in 1994,
00:21   so, 23-24 years ago, was totally unknown to the intelligence services.
00:24   “There is a presumption that this was an assassination attempt and apology for a crime with terrorist connotation.” (prosecutor to AFP)
00:25   She wasn’t on record for any sort of radicalization [i.e. she had no S-file].
00:29   On the other hand, she has been known for acts in violation of the common law,
00:32   1: A woman wounds two people with a box cutter while shouting “Allahu Akhar!”2: No terrorist connotation at this stage
00:33   essentially for violence, according to the town hall
00:35   3: The woman wasn’t known to the police services 4: Outcome: one severely and one lightly wounded
00:37   of La Seyne-sur-Mer, which we were able to contact. Her act seems to be
00:41   “It’s apparently the isolated act of a person with real psychiatric troubles.” (prosecutor to AFP)
an act of someone who is mentally unstable, this information being confirmed by the prosecutor
00:45   in Toulon, who declared to our colleagues from AFP [Agence France Presse] that this woman
00:49   Suffers from real psychiatric problems, which doesn’t exclude the possibility that
“A woman wounded two people with a box cutter at the checkout in a supermarket while shouting ‘Allahu Akhbar’” (prosecutor)

00:53   there could be a “radicalization context”, since
00:57   psychologically fragile people can sometimes be
01:01   One person wounded in the chest was hospitalized and a cashier was wounded less severely.
01:02   submerged in, sensitized and vulnerable to a certain milieu
01:06   or to certain propaganda. Incidentally, ISIS, the terrorist organization,
01:09   “There is a presumption that this was an assassination attempt and apology for a crime with terrorist connotation.” (prosecutor to AFP)
01:10   often used people who were mentally unstable.

6 thoughts on “Box Cutter Jihad in France

  1. The MSM will always lay blame for this type of individual muslim terrorism by saying the person/animal is mentally unstable. The people know the real truth of course but Merkels mobs have the backing of the EU cabal but strong politicians are coming forward and doing their best to stop this invasion. Spain letting the boat offload its cargo of human waste have made a grave mistake and I suspect the EU have somehow convinced them to take them by means of a financial agreement. No doubt these invaders are now on their way north to Calais to try and stow away on a truck to Britain where the British government will give them all they want without them ever paying a penny into the system.

    • Give them time, Andy- they have to be processed, and it’s a long way from Spain to Calais!

  2. I’m going to hazard a guess here.

    Muslim women are discouraged from interactions outside the home. Depending on where their families come from, this is enforced in any way from social pressure to the real threat of death. This makes Muslim women extremely vulnerable to family dysfunction. It is not hard to imagine this woman stuck in a home, and later an apartment, with no contacts, no social skills and no connection whatsoever to the culture in which she lives.

    Given the isolation and alienation, it’s not too surprising that she snaps and starts slashing people in a public place, wanting to be killed. This is a completely foreseeable consequence of the routine oppression, violence and sanctimonious feelings of superiority in a typical Muslim family. This woman, in overtly acting out in public, was an outlier, but not so much of an outlier as she is made out by the news. Given her circumstances, who wouldn’t be tempted to lash out blindly at unknown forces you blame for your extreme unhappiness?

    Having said this, it is not the responsibility of the West to repair damaged Muslims. The whole Muslim coercion network is pathological, but if it can be isolated to countries that are currently Muslim, it need not be particularly dangerous to non-Muslim countries. In fact, allowing Muslims like this woman or her family to immigrate makes things far worse for her. Instead of merely being isolated in a culture she knows, she is isolated in a culture totally foreign to her.

    Sometimes being a do-gooder has unexpected consequences, to the recipient as well as the altruist benefactor.

    • Excellent observations. Whatever “No Go Zone” she lived in France is still a small neighborhood. Indigenous citizens are becoming increasingly terrified of everything Islam and rightfully so! Allowing millions of third world, economies invaders to pour into Europe is insane! Only two years ago Germans lined up with cookies & teddy bears for the Muslim kinder. Young military age men lied and pretended to be under 18 for better accommodations. Dental records and x-rays easily flushed out the truth. Raped, murders, bombings, stabbings. Acid & grenade attacks, vehicular homicides and shootings all increased dramatically since their arrival. Islam is a totalitarian ideology hiding behind religious protections. It needs to be reformed (impossible) or completely outlawed in Western nations. It’s true followers have demonstrated its savagery over and over again!

  3. This woman was “psychologically fragile” is horse manure. This woman represents Islam in the global jihad and is spreading terror which is one of their favorite weapons.

    The socialists in France cover their fears by ranting about the “mentally unstable” Muslims in their presence.

    Where is their pride of country? They are rapidly losing he essence of what makes France a part of Western Civilization.

  4. Evidently, the media complex is a world-wide phenomenon. You get the same excuses from the media no matter what country these attacks occur in. By the way, “allahu akbar” is liberalspeak for you will never know my motivation.

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