Another Young Girl Murdered in Barsinghausen

Another gruesome murder took place in the Hannover region over the weekend. Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating an article from Politically Incorrect and a video on the same subject, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling the video:

Anna-Lena Theis: Suspect in the murder is from the Dominican Republic

[Photo caption: “Double crime scene at Adolf Grimme Elementary school in Barsinghausen. Here within exactly two months, two people were murdered.]

by Johannes Daniels

The butchery continues. In the murder of the 16-year-old Anna-Lena Theis from Barsinghausen by Hannover, a 24-year-old suspect was arrested on Monday evening. The suspect has German and Dominican citizenship, the police in Hannover stated. Witness testimonies and investigations have led to the man. It is now further investigated whether suspicions against the 24-year-old “Dominican” can be confirmed.

Anna-Lena Theis was first reported missing by her godmother, with whom she was living. The 16-year-old girl was visiting a city festival in neighboring Ronnenberg with her best friend. After the festival they took the train back to Barsinghausen where they intended to meet more friends at the train station. It is here that Anna-Lena Theis was last seen alive about 1am, and her cell phone was disconnected at 1:30am. She took the last S-train from Hannover towards Haste and exited the train at the Barsinghausen stop.

In this idyllic neighborhood of Barsinghausen, hikers made a grisly discovery on Sunday afternoon about 2pm: Directly in front of the Adolf-Grimme-Elementary school the body of Anna-Lena Theis was discovered lying in the grass. Anna-Lena was on her way home; she was a mere few hundred meters away from her house.

Prosecution: “Extremely Raw Use of Violence”

One resident recounts that she heard screams in the middle of the night. “A man and a woman fought loudly. But I didn’t think anything of it.” The autopsy of the 16-year-old Anna-Lena showed: “A massive blow against her head” was the cause of death. According to the current investigation, a sex crime did not take place after the murder.

[WHAT?? “A sex crime did not take place after the murder”? In other words, this was not a sex crime? Despite her missing her lower clothes, the guy probably attempting to rape her and when she defended herself, he killed her, and that is not considered a sex crime??? — Translator]

Peter K., the man who discovered the 16-year-old’s body on Sunday, said that Anna-Lena’s body was naked from her breasts on down. “I was riding my bicycle as I often do, and then I saw her,” the 77-year-old says, pointing to where he found her body. Slightly hidden behind a tree with her head resting against a small wall. “We don’t even dare going outside anymore,” says a woman with shock in her voice. Within exactly two months two women in Barsinghausen have been murdered, the woman doesn’t feel safe anymore. Later in the evening members of the family and friends of the victim came together where she was found, lit candles and put down stuffed animals in memory of the murdered girl. Priests were on hand, and one very upset school principal who asked for understanding because she didn’t want to answer any questions. Classes at the elementary school continue in the meantime. And the Barsinghausen “Bert-Brecht School” nearby has even been considered a “school without racism” since 2004 — with much, much tolerance!

Exactly two months ago: Murder of “Anka” Veronika B. at the exact same location

Near the Adolf-Grimme-Elementary in Barsinghausen another woman, Veronika B. was brutally murdered on April 17th of this year. A woman discovered the dead body when she was walking her dog along the irrigation ditch. 55-year-old Veronika had also been brutally murdered. No viable proof for the identity of the murderer has been found. “We are now investigating whether there is a connection between the two murders,” police spokeswoman Kathryn Pfeiffer says. And in this case, too, just as in Anna-Lena’s case, police are still looking for witnesses who may have seen or talked to her shortly before her death. Veronika was called “Anka” by her friends and family. The police are taking witness reports at the number 0511-1095555 in both cases, Anka and Anna-Lena.

Chief prosecutor Thomas Klinge from Hannover: “Unfortunately we still have no new insights in the case of Veronika B. We will see if we will get new insight and knowledge in connection with this new case.” The chief prosecutor deems a connection between the two murder cases entirely possible: “It is not extremely obvious, but in such a small peaceful city as this one, with both times violence against women, a connection is more than possible.” Both victims were killed by the “extreme use of violence”. The new case is just downright gruesome for the parents to digest, and he promises: “We will do everything we can in order to solve this case.”

Lucy K., too, was attacked by an unknown subject — the investigation into her case has been discontinued

Andrea K. and her 16-year old daughter Lucy have also come to the site where Anna-Lena was found, to say their goodbyes. “Anna-Lena was a good friend of mine”, says Lucy. She barely escaped an attack a few short weeks ago. On May 23rd Lucy was walking to school when she was stopped by an unknown person around 9:45am. He grabbed her, but she was able to free herself, and ran away. Since then she and her mother have been living in fear. “Lucy had horrible major bruises all up and down her arms,” Lucy’s mother Andrea K. reports. On day that it happened, mother and daughter went to the police to make a report, and they gave a very detailed description of the man who attacked Lucy. But nothing has come of it since then — and now Anna-Lena Theis is dead.

Anna-Lena’s grandmother also visited the site where her granddaughter’s body was found on Monday. She had always called her daughter “little star”.

Hannover: Woman dies after knife attack

The discovery of Anna-Lena’s body on Sunday in Barsinghausen was also the second violent crime that was reported over the weekend in the Hannover region. On Saturday a woman died after “a man” attacked her with a knife and stabbed her multiple times, injuring her gravely, in the east end of Hannover. The alleged suspect was then apprehended in Bielefeld after he had fled the scene and been chased for several hours by the police. A judge ordered immediate custody for the suspect. The alleged suspect Bülent I. took off immediately after he committed the attack, and it took several hours to find and apprehend him in Bielefeld on Sunday night. The police initiated a large-scale search and had publicized a picture of the suspect. The attack happened out in the open on a street, and according to a statement by one witness, multiple neighbors had heard the woman scream for help and they had alerted the police.

Sunday night, Bülent I. was transferred to Hannover — and on Monday afternoon he was brought before a judge. The judge ordered the 57-year-old Turkish man to be taken immediately into custody.

Even Heribert Prantl, a journalist for the liar paper Sueddeutsche Zeitung, reported about Anna-Lena Theis’ case, but he conveniently left out crucial details. A country that can’t figure out how to protect its women and children with the law is doomed to go extinct.

Video transcript:

0:00   Sunday afternoon, 17th June in Barsinghausen,
0:03   20 kilometers southwest of Hannover: About 2pm
0:06   people walking by made a gruesome discovery:
0:10   On a stretch of grass at the edge of a fence in front of
0:13   the Adolf-Grimme elementary school, the body of a dead girl
0:16   was found. 9-1-1 could not save the young girl anymore.
0:21   Further investigations have confirmed that it is the body
0:24   of a 16-year-old teenager from Barsinghausen.
0:27   An autopsy has been performed this afternoon,
0:30   but no proof of a sex crime has been found.
0:33   The cause of death has been determined to be blunt force trauma
0:36   against the head, according to the police spokeswoman Kathrin Pfeiffer.
0:39   As the Hannover Allgemeine Zeitung reported,
0:42   on Sunday the family of the 16-year-old had filed a missing persons report
0:45   with the police. The girl was last seen alive on Saturday night
0:48   About 1am at the Barsinghausen train station,
0:51   when she apparently was on her way home after a visit with her best friend.
0:54   According to the Hannover Allgemeine Zeitung she had been using her cell phone
0:57   on her way home, talking to another friend from her neighborhood,
1:00   but about 1:30am the cell phone contact abruptly ended.
1:03   The girl lived only a few blocks away from where her body was found,
1:06   and the paper also reported that the 16-year-old was found
1:09   almost completely naked and covered in blood.

14 thoughts on “Another Young Girl Murdered in Barsinghausen

  1. Can’t the machinery of state yet detect the “raw”, suppressed fury afoot with all these goings on?

    I’m quite sure the answer is yes.

    There will be trouble ahead…..

  2. Hard to imagine what difference it could make — the murder rate could triple and it wouldn’t change a single mind among the open-border set. We are living in a time where nations and the law are being dissolved – what to do?

    • I disagree about the times in which we live. Germany, the UK and France aside, nations are rallying and pushing back against the global rules. We are seeing the messy effects of a post-global, post-secular world coming slowly into being. It will take a while for things to change, but changing they are.

      • I don’t think that the direction is going to change enough in any of this multicultural countries, including ours because every minute of every day, someone in the media ( in all its many different forms) is making the rational conservative seem like a heartless person by asking him/ her things like: “ So, who would you consider an American? Is Mr. Gonzalez here not an American who has been here & years working under the table, but learned perfect English and now has 2 kids in American schools” Or, just who Mr. Gauland, do you consider a “German “ to be?? Am I still a German in your mind if my mom came from Syria , but my dad is Polish and we settled in Germany 20 years ago and I grew up here?”
        Or now the awful thing of separating kids from illegal aliens breaking “ immigration laws,” when all Americans come from immigrants historically, and who are you to say I don’t belong somewhere— aren’t we all humans with
        the same desires for personal, familial and financial betterment in life? And so on… you get the picture. These conversations never stop and everyone is subject to them daily on TV, radio, plays, movies, magazines, internet articles, etc, etc. Those bad apples murdering and raping and robbing are just a small, small minority of the newcommers , deep down we are all good at heart.

        • My dear you are not nor will you ever be German If you were born in Japan no Japanese world consider you Japanese.

        • Anywhere in the US, if you break the law, your children will be taken from you. Sometimes even if you don’t break the law. Today Trump signed an EO to keep the families together. Something bush and Obama could have but did NOT do.
          If you come into the US, you should come in legally, pay the fee, and become citizens….as my Opa and Oma did.

    • Good thing we got Trump doing very nutty things like hugging a flag in public, pretty good sign he sincerely values national borders.

  3. Stefan Molyneux makes the point that the real root of the problem, even more than porous borders, is the welfare state. By stealing from productive people and giving their resources to non-productive people, the welfare state serves as a powerful attractant to people unwilling or unable to exist in their own society. Putting up walls, e-verify, fences, while absolutely necessary, simply improves the barriers, but the challenge remains: navigate the barriers, and once you make it inside, you will receive shelter, money, food, medical attention and a reasonable immunity from community requirements.

    It’s no mystery why the attraction of free, unearned money and support would attract the most sociopath, unproductive members of a society characterized by rampant sociopathy and lack of productivity.

    But then, I’m preaching to the choir here. There is some indication that in spite of systematic cover-up by the tame German press, the criminalization of free speech, and the papering over of crime details by a corrupt police and political leadership, the people are seeing the situation literally with their own eyes, and hopefully will vote out the present government. Whether representative government is enough to overcome the inertia of an entitled, unaccountable bureaucracy is a question up for grabs.

    • when are you people going to wake up? you don’t have and immigration or a migrant problem. you have a colonization problem. one created by you leftist politicians, leftist media and leftist academia. the communists gave up on military conquest decades ago. they opted for conquest through colonization in the 1980s. the welfare state is just an added weapon. maybe someday when you are on a train or a bus to the labor camp you will realize your colonists didn’t COME to your country, they were BROUGHT to your country by the leftist politicians you elected.

  4. Tommy is perfectly correct, the governments, particularly the left are responsible for this invasion. It’s sad that there’s still people who believe we in the west should accept multiculturism and religious tolerance especially towards the muslims.
    The people are getting silenced by laws stating we cannot speak out about our own genocide and when good people are silenced only one option remains. I suspect the governments know, at some stage, that violence will be the only remaining option if these invaders continue to exploit our generosity and martial law will be implimented under the pretense of public protection.

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