A New Day for a New Sweden

Today is Sweden’s National Day, but the concept of “nation” is so passé now, especially in the Enlightened Scandinavian Utopia, that observing it in the traditional way is somewhat of a solecism.

Our Swedish correspondent LN has compiled a report on the latest instances of dedicated doctrinal innovation in the New Sweden.

Swedish madness diligently strives to attain new heights

by LN

1. National Day in Modern Multicultural Sweden

When the municipality of Falun celebrates National Day on June the 6th, a “prayer for diversity” has a place on the schedule for the municipality’s inhabitants, reports Samhällsnytt.

The municipality’s celebration of the National Day takes place at the old Falu Copper Mine and begins with a “New Citizen Ceremony”.

All New Citizens will be welcomed by the municipal council chairman Anna Strindberg (Socialist).

After that the “Culture School’s Samba Parade”, performs and then a traditional national celebration with speeches, music and raising of flags will take place.

The festivities will end with a prayer for “Diversity and Peace”, writes Falu Municipality on its website.

2. A Mega-Mosque for Rinkeby

A new mosque will now be built in Rinkeby, Stockholm. It will be 5,000 square meters in size, have 18 domes, and cost 100 million kronor ($10,000,000). The construction company NCC, which will build the mosque, is lyrical about the project.

“It’s going to be very fun to build a mosque,” says Fredrik Anheim, Divisional Head at NCC Building.

Planned mosque in Rinkeby

NCC and the Rinkeby Mosque’s Collecting Foundation have now initiated a collaboration to construct this great mosque in Rinkeby, northwest of Stockholm.

The total contract for the project is expected to amount to approximately SEK 100 million, NCC announced in a press release on Tuesday.

The new mosque will be built at Rinkeby Allé, and the site is in close proximity to the new police headquarters, which NCC is currently building .

The mosque will thus be next to the new police station.

“Those who live here have longed for the mosque; no one has complained or appealed. It shows that there is strength and joy in the community that this spiritual space will come,” says Ibrahim Bouraleh from the Muslim foundation.

According to NCC, the architect Johan Celsing has developed a design proposal for the mosque in which it has 5,000 square meters, 18 domes and spaces for prayer rooms, cafés and classrooms.

He explains that the special thing about the mosque will be that it faces towards Islam’s holy city of Mecca, and thus will vary from the “right-angled grid in the district”.

The exact form of the final design will be worked out by the parties during the design phase, it is said.

“This assignment allows us to build upon the positive experiences we have in place in Rinkeby, for example through the construction of the police building, and to be involved in the continued development of Rinkeby.”

3. Swedish Anarcho-Tyranny is rolling on

Just two examples of very many:

  • 60-year-old woman convicted: she questioned the fact that perpetrators with a record of violent rapes were allowed to remain in Sweden.
  • 71-year-old Denny called Islam a “fascist ideology” — charged with “hatred against a group of people” (hets mot folkgrupp, hate speech).

42 thoughts on “A New Day for a New Sweden

  1. It seems that the “design phase” for this new mosque hasn’t yet been reached since we’re told that the “exact form of the final design” will be worked out then. This drawing then is just a proposal. I’m guessing that in the final design, the Islamic character of this building will be more prominent. It will likely include more, and taller, minarets. And the main entrance—barely noticeable in this design—will be far more imposing; it will also be reserved for the exclusive use of males, so that Muslimas (such as the one strolling alone in the left foreground) will have to use one of the lesser, side entrances. But judging from past actions (wearing headscarves when in Iran, etc.), the “feminist” government of Sweden will be just fine with that.

    As for that lone Muslima, this is a sight that’s rarely seen around a mosque—at least as far as I remember from my time in Turkey. Women don’t frequent mosques in the solitary, casual fashion of this woman. If they do attend it would more likely be with a group of female family members. They do most of their praying at home, as is expected of them. The woman shown, walking independently (although suitably covered head-to-toe with the shroud of submission) is the figment of an architect’s multicultural dream.

    As for the prayer for diversity, Swedes would do well to heed the saying, “Be careful what you wish for—you just might get it.”

      • Yes, it’s a large mosque all right. The Ahmadi are a small sect of Islam widely persecuted by other Muslims for their beliefs. I’m not familiar with their attitude toward females but suspect that it varies little from that of mainstream Islam, despite flowery words proclaiming the “rights” of women. One such right apparently is this: “Hijab is actually a supreme right and protection afforded to Muslim women.”


        Maybe this sect will allow women through the main entrance of their mosque, but likely only if they are suitably hijabbed, as the coverings are needed as protection from . . . ? Oh yes, that would be protection from Muslim men. Yes, lots of pure unadulterated equality there.

  2. Where is the money for this coming from? Isn’t Rinkby one of the poorer Stockholm areas?

      • .
        For other mosque-buildings in Sweden – also known as
        visit this link:


        Are all of them in Sweden?
        No, not Taj Mahal!, and two others.
        Really, you can see the swedeness

        Who pays?
        Riad, Muslim Brotherhood, etc, etc.
        The qestion is somewhat naive.

        • It wasn’t *my* question, LN. I just gave a guess as to the answer.

          Still, I’ll bet the Swedish government is left with many unpaid bills at the end. Not that Ryiad won’t be on the front end, making big promises. But the fiddleheads in government will be forced to make good on anything not paid in order to avoid riots.

          Islam is full of savvy swindlers.

          • And Islam put its spoor on the Taj so now they’re claiming it as belonging to Islam. An old Mo trick. That controversy is still going on because Islam never gives up until it is forced to do so. As happened in 1683.

        • LN. My first thought on funding was Saudi Arabia or Qatar, then I thought: “No, this is Sweden, the Swedish government will be lavishing taxpayer funds on this!” So, Dymphna’s guess was not naive at all. And are you quite certain that no Swedish public funds will be expended on this project.

          Oh, and please be respectful in your tone and words with Dymphna. This website is distinguished for its civility. There is a long-time poster at GoV who is wryly referred to as “the house Lefty” and he keeps on posting here and offering an alternative point of view because no abuse of him is tolerated by the site’s proprietors. Naturally he shares the Counter-Jihad world view of GoV readers.

  3. And they joyously sang along as they hippity hopped to their demise.
    What a bunch of fools…just like the frog riding on the gators back
    across the lake. when they’re almost at the other side they’ll get eaten.

    • Not quite. As they near the edge and the gator’s intention is obvious (this is granting more intelligence to those reptiles than has ever been my personal experience. Who needs smarts when you have such a huge mouth?) but that doesn’t stop the frog from wheedling and whining, trying to escape a situation he either set up or agreed to do.

      I liked Trump’s allegory about the snake, though.

  4. According to Pew report from last year, given a “medium migration” scenario, Sweden is 20% Muslim in 2050. Of course, the Muslim population under the age of 40 is going to be much greater than 20%.

    Sweden is, effectively, a Muslim country. The Muslims in Sweden must surely know this. Unfortunately, most Swedes have yet to realize it.

    • They will certainly see the demographic bubble in the schools first. Pity any blond headed kid in class, when 80% are Arabs. Next the old people will be terrorized by “new Swedes”as they travel on the train or walk their dog. Finally those that can afford it will flee the sinking ship that is Sweden and become refugees themselves. An odd irony given the reason they got into this problem.

      • “Next the old people will be terrorized by “new Swedes”as they travel on the train or walk their dog.” Already happening.

  5. Somehow similar to a mosque that has been planned and argued in Lisbon. The town hall expropriated the buildings and is set to fund the 3 million cost. So here you have it describef as gentrification, police access and urban renewal


    A picture of position


    And one of various protests against


    The Portuguese don’t have much to say for forced immigration and the country has mostly been ignored as a destination on that front. The irony is that although maybe two-thirds of the population are Catholic, the state is strongly secular…I even remember a recent article where an old religious statue was ordered removed in one town where its presence was protested…so what they are doing building a mosque?

    • Many years ago, we had a young student in Portugal who commented frequently here. He was an invaluable resource for us but as school began to wind down and he knew he was facing the real world, he had to stop visiting us. IOW, Portugal has its own p.c. strictures.

      You never know, though: if Italy can turn populist under immigration pressure, perhaps Portugal will, too.

      Meanwhile, mosque-building is a definite sign things are heating up.

      • Yes, but Portugal is very much a case apart. Firstly it is relatively poor, with it’s share of official corruption, a simple traditional society but with immense depth , contemplative but which also has a strong rebellious streak, matched by a mostly secular state. The Portuguese are different, no other way to put it. The country is now vulnerable, demographically, and economically. The recent election trend is towards socialist, meaning more EU, but paradoxically the Portuguese are also cynical to that, a recent poll but Salazar as way above all others in terms of who contributed most to the country. I don’t think the progressive mindset really has much of a place in Portugal, and not because the Portuguese are backwards in any way – it just does not make sense to their way of doing things.

        I’m in Portugal now, it is a bit like going back to the Spain of the eighties when we first moved there, might not suit many but for me it is very welcome, but you can see the new tentacles of influence reaching into the country also, so who knows. If they ditched the Euro and stood on own feet the country would have a great future I think, now it is getting ground down like the rest of the south… just seems jammed, better than going right off course, but the buoyancy in society is missing.

        Reminds me of Port Bou, in Cataluña. From France the rail gauge changes (defensive choice), the axle width adjusts in slow motion in a tunnel, and then you are in Spain. In the nineties Port Bou was Spain! , after france. The station has a cafeteria taking up most of the platform… pesetas, a cheerful crowd talking away, all clean and proper and civil, smiles….same trip around 2005, caffeteria mostly deserted, nothing of note, a bit dismal, well maybe the network stops are at Barcelona Sants now… but just a big unkept station there , feeling of insecurity or crime, no smiles, people fast moving or resigned… had to wait till descending into Andalucia, outback town of Bobadilla at sunrise to catch the warmth of the country again, then to the confused bustle of the (tourist) coast where all seemed set into new forms of competition, leaving behind its past. Our town square used to be clay dirt with quiosques, a central fountain, lazy, familiar, friendly. At new year a few jubilant (and drunk) people would clamber up the fountain, the town would be out laughing, children running through the crowds…. but they dug up that square, built a multistorey parking lot underneath, the shops and bars around changed hands, were completely modernised. The last time I went to new years eve there, it was a crowd of mostly middle age northerners dressed as if to go to dinner, they just stood there in quiet conversation, nothing else, no other activity was going on, a bit of a cheer to see in the new year, a bit livelier for a while, then off to wherever. I met an old friend who I don’t often see, who grew up there at the same time, we chatted briefly for time, about what the place was like now, ending with a smile of recognition – the privilege of remembering what it was once like.

        That is going on in towns and villages all over Europe, in one way or another, I can quote many others I have experienced similar.

        Unspoken, just normal, progress, adjustment, modernisation.


        • An interesting read. You should send us a monthly “Letter from Portugal.”

          • That’s “colour” Dymphna : – ) .

            @Baucent. Appreciated, but I do my best to stay out of local politics here and in Spain… it goes something along the lines of observing freely but not interfering. That really means I don’t have a position (except my own lol), only an account of what I witness, and have witnessed, which I am happy to chip in with whenever I think it might contribute to a picture.

            Countries are big places, a few paragraphs will never do them justice, will inevitably seem biased to one person or another, but there are overall trends and moods round. You know how any national political show is chaotic, there are resentments aplenty, open hostilities, a lot of deception as people chase one direction then the next. I don’t like being caught up in that, am subject to it myself involuntarily in my own way.

            However what really strikes me is the lack of open document of how the local culture and society has changed over the last couple of decades. I suppose it is something everyone local is supposed to know, to have their own story about, or else be looking to the future with whatever progress or objective they are sold to. Anything but open critical reflection… too negative, too old fashioned, too backward looking…too contrary to those who have plans to impose, too much self guilt or self criticism needed as well maybe – harder to convince someone they have been fooled than to fool them.

            The Spanish especially are a very politically active society, there are so many overlapping layers of influence I would not know where to begin, nor which to signal out as being of greatest effect – wheels can turn very fast, hopes vanish like the mist.

            People struggle on in whatever way they are able to, sometimes spoilt compared to their more distant past, but sometimes poorer for their lack of appreciation, lost compared to previous certainties, but more certain compared to previous failures, free compared to previous oppressions, but restricted compared to previous freedoms.

            Where to start, all is relative.

      • Meanwhile, mosque-building is a definite sign things are heating up.

        Preferably, the mosques themselves. From the inside or outside matters not.

  6. .
    Swedish Anarcho-Tyranny is rolling on

    June 6, 2018 at 11.14

    Illegal to write that blacks has lower IQ – even though it is true

    There is scientific consensus that blacs Africans on average have lower IQ than other peoples. Nevertheless, a 44-year-old man in Täby is now sentenced for having written this on Facebook

    In July 2017, a debate occurred in the Facebook group “Stand up for Sweden” after a user posted a link to an article in Aftonbladet titled
    “Doctor:” Somalier has an IQ of 70 “.

    Several users asked if it could be true that the physician was actually right.
    A handful of users were promptly reported to yhe police by an anonymous opinion police called “Johan Eriksson”.
    Will not go to jail. Attunda District Court, however, does not take into account the 44-year old claims that he brought a reasoning about scientific facts.

    “The crime is bad,” says the judge Urban Engström.

    The penalty value for the act corresponds to the jail court “prison one month”, but the 44-year-old comes away with conditional sentences and 50 daily fines of 360 kronor. He will also pay 800 SEK to the victims fund.

    Research Position

    Researchers Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray already concluded in 1994 in his book The Bell Curve, that after countless studies, full consensus in intelligence research provided that the average IQ levels differ markedly between different peoples.
    Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen later made an extensive international study, presented in the book IQ and the Wealth of Nations (2002).
    If the level of white Europeans on average is set to 100, East Asian Nations will get slightly higher, at 103-106. South-East Asian and Polynesian is lower, about 90. South Asian countries, such as Indians, and Middle Eastern populations, have an average IQ level of between 80 and 90.
    The Sahara sub-Saharan Africa perform at levels below or around 70, which is also for blacks in the Caribbean and South America, according to Lynn’s and Vanhanen’s studies.

    WHAT IS Anarcho-Tyranny ?

    see this book:

    Anarcho-Fascism: Nature Reborn
    by Jonas Nilsson Paperback – $13.00

    Deals with a multitude of important current issues, and presents a controversial and constructive starting point for an intellectual discussion on how the West can regain control of its own destiny. The book can rightly be described as a polemical pamphlet, built on solid arguments and full of references to other works, for those who wish to deepen their knowledge of the subjects discussed. The author does not shy away from issues that are considered taboo in contemporary society, as these subjects are crucial to future developments.
    The title “Anarcho-Fascism” might seem contradictory at first glance, bearing in mind the classical view on anarchism and fascism. Is there really anything that unites these ideologies, and can offer a solution to the problems facing the West? Based on the author’s bachelor’s thesis in political science, the book goes beyond the strict limits of ideologies and gives alternative answers to many questions. It invites the reader to partake in a discussion of the false perceptions that are influential today, and what the consequences of this will be. It also offers possible solutions to avoid this likely future scenario.


    • Actually, the term “Anarcho-Fascism” makes perfect sense.

      Fascism is another description of dictatorship, with extended control over industry, though not ownership. Anarchism is the resulting situation, where nothing works. As Orwell in 1984 portrayed, nothing worked except the thought police.

      Mussolini actually had a fascist government before Hitler came into power. The saying about the fascist government of Mussolini was “he made the trains run on time”. But nothing else did. The Italians couldn’t even beat Ethiopia, a country of headhunters. They lost all their battles and campaigns. Mussolini as an ally was a constant drag on Hitler’s war machine.

      • I don’t think LN meant that view, unless you are replying in criticism.


        Explains the thesis a little, and notes that the authors definition of fascism is purposefully narrowed down, but without properly removing it from or relating it to common contextual understanding in a way that can be understood.

        Fascism has had several twists of definition as it evolved or became assimilated into various realities…the symbol is very old of the facha of arrows that cannot be broken when combined, used by royalty sometimes. The addition of the axe represents the defensive power of the central authority/dictator.

        As an Italian political movement it seems to start with rural unions… something slightly socialist or communist or possibly even just a local defensive from opportunism of the authority of the day… have to read and decide for yourself…that was merged and appropriated into what became the ensuing fascist government, and if I remember partly to control that movement with compromise offered. So you ended up with the state corporation.

        I think the author has used the terms to highlight the coexistence as a possible extreme to work back from to whatever other political reality that now exists – there is some classic anarchy in most societies, there is a degree of fascism in most societies also. For example, though it goes labelled and accepted as something else, you cannot deny that collective taxation and its use for the application of a collective force does not fall also under the banner of fascism, it is just often more separated from everyday society, more moderate, representative of current societal sentiment, restrained, transparent, or disciplined, than what we have come to understand as, or call, a fascist state.

        • On looking at the review, you’re correct that I misinterpreted that specific usage of anarcho-fascism. I read websites discussing anarcho-tyranny more in the sense of my definition: an all-powerful state where thought is rigidly controlled, but otherwise internal chaos and violence prevails and assaults the citizens.


          I guess the broader term “anarcho-tyranny” was used.

          Let me add I think the review, and from what I can deduct, the book itself, do not take into consideration the actual genetic changes of the population as a whole as a result of not only the absence of war, but the welfare state, and modern technology. There is no selection pressure on the population, and natural genetic mutation erodes the quality of the population, even without the welfare state.

          I think it is the genetic deterioration of the population that is greatly responsible for the individual passivity and willingness to tolerate an obviously lethal situation. There are also the development of vast bureaucracies that have a power and pervasiveness probably not previously encountered by humans. Bureaucracies do not need to be political to survive and expand, although they are the natural climate for Marxists and cultural Marxists.

          The “Deep State”, so increasingly obvious in US affairs, really does not care if the Democrats or the Republicans are in power. My own suspicion is that the Deep State in 2016 fully expected Jeb Bush to get the Republican nomination and the Presidency. Everyone who was everyone, including Hillary, knew Hillary’s nomination would be kind of a longevity award, of no real value. Once Trump got nominated, Hillary figured the Presidency was hers for real. She was paying attention to her elite associates, and operating in the world of wealth and influence-peddlers.

          The Deep State is a perfect example of anarcho-tyranny. Once their attention is focused on you, no detail of your life is small enough to not be recorded, scrutinized, and prosecuted. Yet, they totally missed the population currents of white, working America and have less than no interest in dampening the extremely violent tactics of leftist groups like Antifa or racial identity groups such as Black Lives Matter.

      • I’ll add that though the fascia goes back to Roman times (the axe symbolizing decisive power… well that is defensive unless you are on the wrong side of it) , I have read ideas that the symbolism might go back to Spartan times with the use of iron rods as money. The Spartans shunned the neighbouring worlds, were militaristic, and banned the wealth and ( gold/silver) money of their neighbours, opting for iron as currency instead – a warriors unit of value ( weapons material) or a cheaper uncontrolled commodity that fitted with a more… spartan… communal lifestyle , depending. The theory is that a handful of iron rods in payment gave rise to the concept of strength in community as represented by the Spartans… I don’t remember if the (serious) article on the topic gave more evidence, I think there was an engraving of the time or something that looked liked the fascist symbol…could not find the article either now in search.

    • That’s curious, LN. Here in the UK, the most prosperous ethnic/religious group is not native Brits, nor (as one might expect) Ashkenazi Jews, but Hindus of South Asian origin (some having come via East Africa). Which is an intersting comment on alleged racism holding people back. Go figure…

  7. Falun was the home of the Swedish painter Carl Larsson. I believe the painting above showing children with flags was painted by Larsson. He is Sweden’s Norman Rockwell. His home, which he named Sundborn, is located about 10 miles from Falun and is now a museum.

  8. I went to Sweden in the Summer of 1970 to visit relatives in three cities. They all struck me as Eloi – no concept whatsoever of the real world and they were all in the top 1% of Sweden’s wealth pyramid. Extremely successful businessmen or married to one: Well traveled, successful, educated but utterly naive. What is happening there doesn’t remotely surprise me. One of them used to visit us in NYC and would walk through Harlem thinking that it was Palm Beach or Beverly Hills.

    • More and more Eloi are turning into Morlocks under the pressure of reality.
      There is hope. If faint.

  9. “a prayer for diversity,” diversity is liberalspeak for colonization.

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