Solzhenitsyn Time

Paul Weston calls it Orwellian, but this event is far beyond Orwell’s wildest nightmares. It is a place where one’s lawyer is lied to; a place where you can find yourself in the slammer surrounded by murderers who’d be happy to kill you for nothing. Solzhenitsyn would have understood this exactly for what it is: brute force against an unarmed populace with an undercurrent of murderous intent.

It is good that Mr. Weston can still speak of this; I am becoming mute, as gradually happened during Tommy Robinson’s last incarceration…

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34 thoughts on “Solzhenitsyn Time

  1. Oh boy is a new Pierpont going to be busy! Ceausescu neck tie. A new Nurenburg awaits our traitor class. Will God have mercy on their souls. I doubt it somehow. Even the patience of the Almighty has been exhausted this time. Satanists the lot of them.

    • Paul Weston might be the next target of theirs … given his eloquence and iconic influence in England, he must be on the list.

      Stay safe, Paul. Your words are 100%+ right and spot on.

      These are hard times for Albion.

    • All who believe in Christ receive His mercy; those who don’t receive His judgment. Christ died for *you.* Believe it.

      Indeed, the world is largely populated by rejectors of Divine mercy.

  2. what happens to anyone in the media that covers the muslin sex grooming?

    • Their paper/station would be shuttered. Won’t happen. The media are sheep. They quake in their boots at the idea of violating a D notice.

      • This once again makes it clear that the First Amendment in the USA isn’t important only to the USA. Imagine what little there would be on this case but for the fact that there’s a free press in other places, primarily in the USA.

    • The people you see on network and mainstream cable news are not journalists, but entertainers. The presenter/announcers/commentators are blazingly dull, lazy parrots of the conventional cultural-Marxist slogans they picked up in school and at the water cooler. The only exception to this are a few of the Fox News journalists and commentators.

      The real journalists today are those doing original, creative, investigative reporting, like Faith Goldie sitting outside a crossing point for hoards of illegal, immigrant welfare chasers at the US-Canadian border at 3 am, Lauren Southern traveling to South Africa and visiting the real white-owned farms under siege, the Gates of Vienna funding a shoestring operation devoted to truth on the voluntary, non-deductive contributions from their readers. Real journalists are, by and large, not rich and aren’t conferring with their agents about multi-million dollar contract negotiations.

      Notice how the news operations most affiliated with governments, BBC, NPR are the most conventional and unimaginative, all the while flooding you with irrelevant detail designed to give themselves the patina of depth. Publicly-owned news is corrupt, biased, controlled and filtered news.

      Unfortunately, the mego-oligopoly news owners, the network stations, exist under a regulatory environment so strict they are in effect, government-controlled. Even a hiccup by any of the myriad oversight bureaucracies can affect their revenue streams by hundreds of millions of dollars. So, their size, prominence, and profitability actually makes them hostage to the government propaganda line.

      There are right wingers who wish government oversight over Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube etc on the grounds that these technological oligopolies are censoring right wing, anti-Islamic viewpoints, which they most assuredly are. But, by dampening the restrictions of the First Amendment to call these oligopolies “public services”, what will happen in a very few years is that the oversight bureaucracies will target the real journalists for scrutiny. Any counter-establishment operation not able to have a full-time lawyer on call will be forced to stop operations. It’s quite clear from the history of regulation.

      The complete blackout of reporting on Tommy Robinson by the tame British media, including the so-called private outlets, emphasizes that what you need is not government oversight over all media, but restrictions on government power so that, at least, those disseminaters of news and information who choose to publish the truth will not have legal action hanging over them. With the truth available, though not on mainstream broadcasts, it’s up to the public to make the minimal effort required to seek it out.

  3. He says it as it is.

    England today is no better than Russia. under Putin. Indeed, I think that one could entertain arguments that it’s marginally worse.

    This is a turning point.

    If Tommy is released, he will turn into a serious political movement. Hopefully in time to make a difference – the demographics aren’t favourable.

    If he’s not, the UK is officially a dictatorship. Will it end with the people crushed, or will it end violently? I have no idea. If it ends up with the people crushed, it may be an “abandon ship” moment.

    Somehow, I have the feeling that the future of the UK will look somewhat like Northern Ireland in the Troubles. That could either be because he’s released and doesn’t turn into a political movement in time to make a difference, or because things turn into warring ghettos post-eruption of violence. Ethnic violence? Anti-government violence? Hard to tell, at this point.

    The *best* scenario at this point would be if Theresa May stepped down as Party Leader, the Conservatives selected someone better, and a new election were held. I just don’t see it happening.

    The only *realistic* hope I can see for political change is if the DUP threatens to pull the plug on the May government barring significant change. They should grow up and see that the English people will end up (at best) in a situation like Northern Ireland during the Troubles, otherwise.

    Make no mistake: the outcome may not be apparent right away, but how this story ends will determine the fate of the UK. If this goes down quietly, I’d just as soon be living in Sweden.

    • Unfortunately, the UK might not be better off if Cousin Theresa were to be ousted as PM: Home Secretary Sajid Javid is reportedly being groomed to replace her.

    • Solzhenitsyn’s book “Two Hundred Years Together” would be the book to refer to. I’ve heard many bad things about Putin, but never that he hated the Russian people the way May hates the English.

    • Mr. Putin, and Russians in general, have a much saner view on the safety of children than the British establishment and people.

      ” ‘A society that can’t defend its children has no tomorrow’: Putin condemns Europe’s handling of migrants”

      “The Russian president has largely kept quiet over the refugee crisis in Europe but has now spoken out of his disbelief over its handling claiming that a continent that ‘can’t protect its children’ has no future.
      His comments come off the back of a case in Austria last week, which saw an Iraqi migrant have his conviction of raping a 10-year-old boy at a swimming pool in Vienna overturned.”

  4. First they came for Tommy Robinson, and I said nothing because I didn’t agree with him……

  5. Mr. Weston’s courage, like Mr. Robinson’s courage has never been in doubt. What is in great doubt however is the future of the formerly Great Britain. As Mr. Weston pointed out, Britain’s current trajectory leads from a current secular tyranny to an Islamic tyranny. Are the people of Britain capable of Revolt? Overthrowing the totalitarians calling the tune will require far more than “reasonableness” and quiet protest will allow. The tyranny currently afflicting Britain will not leave willingly. It might require all that a man or woman has to give. You are all in my prayers.

    • It’s good that we have eloquent speakers but what my country is sorely lacking is a plan.

      A plan to remove the current gang lead by Mrs May, to repeal all repressive legislation such as hate crime laws and the human rights act, a plan to leave the EU completely and totally and finally. A plan to introduce a Constitution, perhaps based on the US Constitution which guarantees our right to free speech, unconditional, and a right recognised as being an inalienable right for everyone. A plan that reintroduces the right to bear arms and defend oneself and ones family without fear of actions by the state.

      And a plan that puts our public servants, including MPs, Civil Servants, the judiciary and the police under the control of the people, not the state and most certainly not the crown.

      That’s what we need and that’s what we are missing.

      • John,

        I beg to differ with your faith in such a plan and even more so in the very possibility to be executed: I have a very strong disbelief that it will simply not happen: ever.

        Why not? – What you are suggesting would be such an enormous departure from the current political practice in the UK that a very thought of it is like a pipe dream to me.

        I wish I were wrong and things will be looking up in coming years.

    • Pro Muslim European leaders will soon form an Ottoman style caliphate as the globalists have chosen Islam for the control agenda for destroying nations. This police state agenda crushes all dissent when countries are conquered. Ignorant apathetic nations are easily conquered.

        • I wonder when the crack down will come when women are forced to wear the Muslim clothing and head coverings (and burn their infidel wardrobes) and the mandated conversions or executions of the infidels. This EU/Muslim empire is not yet complete. The leaders will have to legalize four wives to one man also, ban pork eating. The national flags will be taken down and churches shut down. Have I missed anything else?

          • Yes. No ballet, symphony, and theatre. How will the book trade fare? I have no idea. I know nothing about the book trade in the Islamic world.

  6. The EU still pulls the strings of socialist totalitarianism. The British, French, Germans, Swedes, etc better start fighting as their time to resist is growing ever shorter.

  7. Quote of the day:

    “Isn’t it time we started thinking in revolutionary terms?”

    Indeed. There’s a novel idea …

    • Our salvation is certainly not to be found in the present 2.5 party system. They are all jostling for pole position as most Islamophilic.

  8. I hope and pray that Tommy will survive this ordeal.

    If he did not, it would not be the first time the English killed a person pure of heart, merely for loving her country enough to defend it from invasion, disregarding any cost to herself. They would do well not to repeat that atrocity.

    The dialogue in Dreyer’s 1928 masterpiece (one of the best films ever made) is based upon the transcription of the actual trial of Joan of Arc. How little has changed since then!

    “Has God made you promises?”

    St. Joan, pray for Tommy. Stand by him in his cell.

    • We are now at war with our own government and all that means. I did not want violence but the criminal state has thrown the glove down. This whole affair is utterly illegal. A British State protecting child abusers and supporting paedophiles. I picked up the glove… How many more will do so to save the country from such a shameful impasse? I will never surrender to this filth-unto death if needs be!

  9. The whole point of this “arrest” ATROCITY is to shut you up.

    …… in YOU! (not SIMPLY TOMMY)

  10. I have not said much on this, except in very brief notes to those to whom I can send money.

    I haven’t a lot of money, but it is the only power I can project.

  11. Money may not always make a big difference, as Hillary Clinton MIGHT have noticed, but it may help someone who is closer to the scene than the rest of us.

  12. In view of where this might lead if unchecked, it might be useful to introduce people to a Russian film from 1992 called “The Chekist”. The Secret Police were called the CHEKA in the early 1920s, they later evolved into the KGB. It was made openly in Russia while they were attempting to come to terms with some of their past. It is a strong stomach view, they pull few punches, though unless you are a Russian speaker you will also need to keep a close eye on the subtitles which does make viewing it a bit easier.

    There are trailers and reviews of around 10 minutes and full versions at around 1h 25m (some with English subtitles) on Youtube. One version with English subtitles is:

    What is portrayed on this screen is why we must object now. We must not go there.

  13. “The people will not revolt. They will not look up from their screens long enough to notice what’s happening.” Eric Arthur Blair

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