Robert Ménard: “The problem in those neighborhoods is Islam!”

Robert Ménard is the mayor of the town of Béziers in the South of France and a member of the Front National. He has been featured here numerous times in the past, most recently during the controversy over a Christmas crèche in the Béziers town hall back in December.

In the following clip from French TV, Mr. Ménard takes issue with the idea that the difficulties in the “sensitive urban zones” are due to failures in urban planning — i.e. too many high-rises, not enough job-training programs, inadequate infrastructure, etc. Instead he points out the primary problem, which nobody else dares mention: Islam.

The discussion mentions the planning programs of Jean-Louis Borloo, who is “a French politician and was the leader of the Union of Democrats and Independents, and French Minister for Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Town and Country Planning between 2007 and 2010.” [Wikipedia]

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Monsieur Borloo already made his plan. —A plan about…? —He has already been Minister of Urban Planning.
00:04   A plan about urbanism, exclusively? —No, no, wait; about the [Muslim] neighborhoods,
00:07   we saw what it… —Yes, but it was a catastrophic failure!
00:10   —No, it wasn’t a failure. It was stopped. —For goodness… you’re living… —One more time.
00:13   Go into the neighborhood, the most difficult neighborhood,
00:16   the one I come from, in Béziers, which is called la Deveze. Anyway…
00:20   This project we invested in… the government helped us invest one hundred thirty million!
00:24   You know that’s not nothing, one hundred thirty million euros! [In] this neighborhood
00:29   we demolished the high-rise, [with all the] concrete reinforcing bars;
00:33   we build smaller buildings. It has never been
00:37   as much a ghetto and apartheid as now! So you have to stop talking nonsense.
00:41   When you do an entire report… —Jean… sorry for interrupting, Jean-Louis Borloo says:
00:45   “We finished the real estate; now we have to take care of the jobs, public services,
00:50   and all the rest”. —But that’s not the problem! The problem in those neighborhoods is Islam!
00:53   But where do you live?! Go into those neighborhoods, and you’ll see.
00:57   Those are neighborhoods where the problem is the religion! But except for that,
01:00   he was capable of compiling an entire report without saying it!

5 thoughts on “Robert Ménard: “The problem in those neighborhoods is Islam!”

  1. “The problem in those neighborhoods is Islam!”

    but the problem with france is france.

  2. We here acrost the pond will have to (for humanitarian reasons) give ALL the illegals and TEMPORARY workers here in USA the boot………………muzzies, too……………..

    …………………so as to make room for EUropean refugees.

    They will have to bring all their nukes and warships as well, and agree not to vote for ~10-20 years or so–to prevent the spread of EUropean ROT.

  3. This comment from France.
    Mayor Robert Menard is right, and because he is right and more and more popular, he was beaten up and thrown to the ground a few days ago by a mob of leftist thugs. It happened in a small French town ruled by the Socialist Party. Mayor Ménard was there to give a speech.
    He was the first French official ever to say that the problems we face is not ” Islamic extremism” but just Islam.

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