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  1. I had to look up “break atmo”. It seems to mean “re-enter the atmosphere”. So you’re on an interplanetary trip. Bon voyage!

    • Yes, and as far as I know, it was coined by Joss Whedon for the “Firefly” series — that’s the first time I ever heard it.

      The great thing about “break atmo” is that it can mean either “leave the atmosphere” or “re-enter the atmosphere”, depending on whether you’re going up or down.

      • So “break atmo” is kind of like “Aloha”, which can mean either “hello” or “good-bye”.

        As they say in the islands, “Aloha akbar!”

  2. .
    Posted on April 29, 2018 by Baron Bodissey

    Martin Sellner: “The Justice System is Attacking the Patriots”


    This is the situation in Democratic Europe 2018.

    The freedom of speech process against Identitäre Bewegung (IB), the identitative movement in Austria, continues.

    Swedish reaction to police raids and the attempt to stamp the peaceful but spectacular activist group as a “criminal organization”.

    https://youtu.be/zyzfdfXlH-c (in Swedish)

    Nationalists’ private savings seized by the state

    Following the raids against the Identitäre movement in Austria, the state has seized all the bank accounts, including representatives’ private bank accounts and savings, in an attempt to break down the brave patriots and stop their political work.

    In conjunction with the raids, which included private homes, offices and workplaces, also computers, phones, documents and hard drives were seized. As a result, they could not access their email addresses or social media, as they had two-factor authentication over their phones. Simply, you could say that their phones were “key” to their online accounts.

    But it was not over there. Shortly thereafter, they noticed that the business bank accounts were closed, including the account belonging to their Phalanx Europe-business. This resulted in an unabillity to pay salaries
    neighther to themselves nor to their employees, and when Lenart decided to pay at least the employees from his own private account, he also found that his private account had been blocked.

    This does not mean that bank accounts had been canceled and cash can not be collected, but instead all funds were seized by the state as long as the investigation is in progress; they are forbidden to open new bank accounts in the meantime.

    While Sellner and Lenart seem to be rather optimistic and believe they will win the prohibition process against the Austrian state, they are also afraid of what it all will cost them in legal costs and mental stress.

    A number of families can not access their saved money now or receive a salary for their work; money needed to put food on the table for their children. The money is seized by the Austrian state.

    In a new movie, the movement’s front figures Martin Sellner and Patrick Lenart tell shocking details of what’s going on. (in German)


  3. Photo reminds me of campfire song we sang as Scouts, “The Happy Wanderer.”

    I love to go a-wandering
    Along the mountain track
    And as I go, I love to sing
    My knapsack on my back

    Val-deri, val-dera
    Val-deri, val-dera,
    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
    My knapsack on my back.


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