Paul Weston: Britain is Now a Genuine Police State

The following essay by Paul Weston was adapted from a comment he made on yesterday’s post about the imprisonment of Tommy Robinson.

Britain is Now a Genuine Police State

By Paul Weston

There are a number of court cases taking place in Britain which are subject to reporting restrictions. A good percentage of these — and we really don’t know how many, which I think is rather the idea — relate to Muslim gang-rape trials. Tommy was under a 13-month suspended sentence for previously reporting on a gang-rape trial subject to reporting restrictions. In other words, if he broke the law again he would then serve the jail time as per the initial sentence.

I’m not sure if the trial he was reporting on when he was arrested was yet another “reporting restriction” case, but if it was (which I think it was) the police have a duty to issue a warning before taking action if the warning was ignored. Again, I am unsure as to what happened here.

But the police made no mention of reporting restrictions or contempt of court; they arrested him for “breaching the peace” which would seem to be a total fabrication and therefore unlawful. His immediate hearing and sentencing suggests this was a planned action by the police (and our lovely government) in order to shut him down.

To further reinforce the actions of a totalitarian state, a reporting restriction has now been put into operation with regard to his arrest. Tommy has been “disappeared” in much the same manner as countless others were airbrushed out of existence in genuine totalitarian regimes abroad, but I think this is the first time in England that a citizen has been “disappeared” in such a blatant way.

Even more horrifying is the supine manner in which this grotesque act of totalitarianism has been received by our media and purported civil-liberties merchants, none of whom have raised a murmur of disapproval at the time of this writing.

Couple this with the video of the woman arrested a few days ago by the police who threatened to break her down if she refused to open it — “DO NOT RESIST US! DO NOT RESIST US!” and I think it is very clear that the government, given the choice of crushing Islam or crushing those who question Islam, have chosen to crush the latter.

So the decent, democratic Britain I was born into has now gone. I warned some years ago of the direction the British police were taking (“Multiculturalism Has Destroyed the British Police”), and it is time to realise Britain is now a genuine Police State.

As the Islamic threat grows via demographics and violence, so the grip of the Police State will increase over the dissidents. Britain has three progressive routes now open to it: First, submit to the State. Second, submit to Islam after the State submits to Islam. Third, engage in revolution within the next decade in order to head off the two former routes.

I don’t think we will, though. I think Britain is finished as a country, culture and people. Our only hope of achieving revolutionary thought is via total economic collapse. When we are hungry and cold we might, just might, become angry enough to revolt. At the moment, however, we can fly abroad to the sun-kissed beaches of Ibiza and get completely trolleyed even as our country and all that is stands for is incrementally stolen from us by 7th century savages in alliance with our home-grown Traitor Class.

Tommy was a threat to the Traitor Class, so they have removed him. He won’t be the last.

For links to Paul Weston’s previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

113 thoughts on “Paul Weston: Britain is Now a Genuine Police State

    • @ Dymphna

      I could never get this post of yours out of my mind, nor will I ever:

      Dymphna on April 7, 2016 at 4:23 pm said:

      Baron: It wasn’t just boiling water they’d set up to pour over him. It was boiling water with sugar in it which would have made his burns that much more serious. That mixture is called “napalm” by prisoners:

      No wonder Tommy is scared. A horrible way to die, an awful death to contemplate when you were almost a victim once and they want to send you back to the same environment.

      • You can also support him by purchasing his two books on Amazon, in paper and e-book versions.
        Enemy of the State, and Why Muslims Kill

    • BTW, our Tommy image on the sidebar now has the correct information. And Rebel Media says that any money collected via their site will go to Tommy & family.

      But the real push-back can only come from English people who are willing to form in great numbers to quietly protest what is being done. The same people who showed up for the Free Speech Day, for instance. This is not a venue available outside of Britain. If we had a mass demonstration here in the U.S., or in other parts of Europe, it could be ignored.

      The English press was shut down from reporting on this, even had they wanted to. I don’t think that muzzle can be applied to reports about Tommy demos.

      It takes real courage to leave the house and show up at 10 Downing Street. But doing so could change your view of yourself and what you’re willing to stand up for.

      • Fact check: there is no reporting restriction on the arrest of Tommy Robinson. Googling ‘Tommy Robinson’ in the UK produces links to stories in the Spectator (, Independent, Evening Standard, Sun, and Mirror, all of which are UK journals. I hope the level of protest sends a clear message to our boys and girls in yellow (they all wear fluorescent yellow hi-vis jackets now, so ‘boys in blue’ is out of date).

        • Yea well you have to subscribe to get this information on Tommy. That information ought to be free to free human beings so they can read about what is happening to their countries .

        • No, there is a restriction even if some papers choose to ignore it and risk consequences:

          From Breitbart:
          The Leeds Crown Court has issued a UK media ban following the arrest of well-known activist and citizen journalist [redacted] outside [redacted].
          The reporting restriction, which requires on all publications within the United Kingdom to cease any mention of the details of the arrest or court proceedings of [redacted], was issued Friday afternoon:
          here is a copy of the restriction

          Shortly after the issuance of the press ban on the case, several media outlets, including Breitbart London, the Mirror, the Daily Record, Birmingham Mail, and the Russian state broadcaster Russia Today, complied with the restriction and removed articles concerning [redacted]’s case.

    • Hmm … the site seems to be not secured (https) – when you are entering your CC info, it is obviously not entirely safe.

      Perhaps PayPal is a safer option?

      Just my 2 cents.

      • Well, do let them know. They probably aren’t aware of this new rule.

        It was a darned mess getting our https straightened out. I didn’t actually have to *do* anything – such affairs are above my pay grade. But I did stand around and wring my hands effectively.

        If you don’t feel comfortable with that, go over to Ezra Levant’s site. He has offered to forward anything people want to send on to Tommy.

        There is info on this video.

    • You have to break the deep state in the UK. They are vulnerable, release the intel files on the wide spread pedophiles in the gov. Wikileaks style. I’m sure POTUS isn’t too happy with the UK gov acting in concert with Obama/Clinton DOJ FBI CIA NSA mass media to stop him and frame him. It’s a long shot but still possible. Let the UK gov hear your voice we must keep TR in the light of day to keep them from killing him in the dark of night. Such shame now falls on a once great empire. Englander the enemy is within.

    • Stephen Lennon
      HMP Hull Prison
      Hedon Rd,

      This was all I could find

  1. The Muslims in the U.K. and Europe are laughing all the way to the mosque. I don’t even think that they thought it would just be this easy for the “kuffar” to roll over. What utter treacherous “leaders” we have on this continent (Visegrad 4 excluded) In the not too distant future, people like Tommy Robinson, Geert Wilders, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, et al., will be seen as heroes. The absolute tragedy with this situation is that by the time the citizens have collectively accepted that they were right all along it will be way too late. The Muslims, let’s say, average 10% of the population on this continent and just look at the power they have already. God only knows what conditions we will be living under when, (not if), they reach 50%!

    • Moslems were purposely imported into the West to be our civilisation’s willing destroyers. It’s what they do. Also, the weight of their numbers and workshy lifestyles are weighing so heavily upon our welfare systems that they will inevitably collapse.

      Only once the West is vanquished beyond recovery will communist world government be feasible and seem like the better option to gruesome islamic bloodshed, where life has reverted to being nasty, brutish and short.

    • The only thing that the British state fears is violence. It is never been more than a pseudo-democracy, with an unelected second chamber, and a primary chamber where parties always get power from the votes of few than 30% of the electorate. The “human rights” legislation didn’t apply to people like Tommy, because no lawyer would represent him. Tony Blair will never be prosecuted for war crimes, because those “courts” were only ever designed to prosecute those whom NATO deemed enemies.

      Roseanne Barr tweeted about Tommy 45 times in 48 hours. Mike Cernovich has a pinned tweet about Tommy. Even Donald Trump Jr. has retweeted about Tommy. If all these people know, then you can be sure that at least 50% of the people of England know. I was contacted by releatives who asked what was going on. These are relatives who make a point of not reading the news.

      So where are the riots? Where are the demonstrations? When a black drug dealer was shot in London in 2011, the country erupted in riots that went on for days. When a Muslim drug dealer was shot on a motorway, Muslims went and closed down the motorway. They simply take the law into their own hands. Only three groups of people riot in the UK: Muslims, blacks and Leftists. Almost all terrorism in Europe comes from just two groups: Leftists and Muslims (Sinn Fein are Leftists, as are ETA and the Basque nationalists).

      The ordinary Englishman doesn’t riot and doesn’t go round killing innocent people nor assassinating politicians. And so the English working-class will be led meekly to their future as second-class citizens in their own land. But they’ll have a lot of fun watching football and shopping while that happens.

  2. It’s disturbing to learn that there are a number of court cases going on right now in the UK which are subject to reporting restrictions. This is a totalitarian tactic and one which I thought would only be used under the most unusual of circumstances. The fact that the British people cannot learn about Tommy’s arrest and immediate imprisonment, never mind learn about the rape gang trial going on at the same time, is despicable.

    But, I agree with your comment about the “supine” manner in which the British media and human rights organizations received this news. Where is Amnesty International in all of this? Why no protest to Downing Street about the UK’s latest political prisoner?

    Sadly, Britain’s future appears grim.

    • If you read into the technicalities of arrest and silencing, what the judge has done is transfer the silencing of the trial that Tommy was filming ( and I am going to guess that a livestream will be counted as broadcasting – which in theory he should be allowed to do as he was on public property, the street, and was not passing detail on the case but on the reality surrounding the case, as in accused walking into court, something that is publicly known already though not witnessed) on to the arrest of Tommy, which is a travesty of justice.

      I noted zerohedge, via The Sun which is a UK publication, had provided a list of names and details of those on trial, and so it would seem the later imprisonment was not to do with the reality of Tommy divulging details.

      Encitement? I did not see any pre-meditated encitement by Tommy along the lines of race or religion, any call by him for acts against the accused. Instead he had a cynical verbal jab at the accused as they passed by, not even insulting even if a little prejudiced in the sense that the accused were not yet proven guilty in law and so would be assumed to not be targeted as guilty.

      I go back to the travesty though, as this is very representative of creeping power:

      The silence imposed on reporting of the initial trial does not concede the right for the law to silence reporting sentencing on parallel acts that are suppressed due to the initial silencing , because those later acts have already been silenced (and by arrest).

      In other words the judge has transfered the delay of public disclosure/reporting from one case to another, where the sentencing of the latter must be by law and according to statute irrelevant to the first or else a mis-trial must have occurred.

      This really demonstrates court mentality as not to being intermediary in legal resolution by case but as a self ascribed power that may use any case as an excuse to overeach in wider public affairs, breaking its own rules in the process ; You jail someone, you are accountable and must explain why immediately , the relevant information MUST be publicly available unless you can demonstrate clearly BEFOREHAND the reason for not doing so.

      Citing another case underway, where the imprisonment is not relevant as it is disassociated in evidence to that case, is not an acceptable reason.

      • And wow

        this is the “liberal” mindset – the authorities are competent and can do no wrong. They even insinuate public awareness of the trial might lead to a mistrial and release of the accused, saying all evidence in the trial is already being openly presented in court for later public perusal.

        They forget – the public have the right to examine how justice is being carried out in their name, and that means real time examination of process. Without that they are left only with past record that cannot be properly placed in any true political or societal context:

        The ones that influence the method and outcome of this kind of trial.

  3. Incidentally, Theresa “Sharia is Great” May is in the middle of her hard-Brexit/soft-Brexit mish-mash, which may see Britain crash out of the EU by next May with no trade deal. Which means HM government is seeking pastures new… now, what if she holds talks (“informal”, of course) about a trade deal with those great partners of Britain – Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Would it be beyond the realms of imagination, for a “prince” or other representative of those nations to say – “yes of course, we can give you a great trade deal. But will you please do something about that terrible Tommy Robinson” ?

    There’s no way of knowing, of course. Likewise, there’s no way of knowing what he’s been done for this time, what were the circumstances of his trial and how the verdict was reached…

    There is, however, only one way to react… to let the Britisb government know that, if anything happens to Tommy, there will be a hundred new Tommies to take his place. Leading street protests, reporting on grooming trials, raising awareness, gaining popularity and becoming a bigger nuisance to HM government than Tommy ever was. THAT’s the only sure way to get justice for Tommy…

  4. I must ask what all the Allied forces fought for in WW@ and to save Britain if this is what she has turned into now. UK politicians have sold out their citizens including Tommy, and the Police are complicite in the grooming of many underage children and are still complicit (they did nothing to stop it even when they had knowledge. This is not a case of see nothing do nothing. This is managed by the government down to subjugate its people and preserve islam. Time for good brits to leave the UK and come to the colonies. So much for Rule Britania …” Britains shall never ever ever be slaves. Guess what you are all slaves. And you will know who overlords on you by who you can not criticize

    • Greetings from one of your distant cousins from “across the pond.”
      All is not roses over here, either. After eight years of Caliph B. Hussein Obama’s rule and two years of recovery under President Trump, we’re only just picking ourselves up out of the mud.
      You are welcome to come over and stay, if you like. Perhaps you could find employment teaching English – which is very nearly a dead language here in the States.


    • With all due respect or maybe not…
      ” A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within……Ariel Durant

      “Multi culti halucinations is the perfect weapon to destroy your enemy from within.

      We have 50 million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe—without swords, without guns, without conquest we will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades………Muammar Gaddafi

      Gaddafi’s ideological worldview was moulded by his environment, namely his Islamic faith, his Bedouin upbringing, and his disgust at the actions of European colonialists.

      The British and Europe has done enough damage to the “colonies” remember the 1895 Berlin conference how the Masters of the colonies decided to split up Africa and the middle east this is the backlash , these countries invaded them, now they are conquering you…when you hear a 24 year old Tanzanian( what the British would call a decent sort) in 2018 say “don’t trust the white man he will always have something against you.

      The subjugation of Europe has only begun, please don’t come back to the colonies you screwed it up the first time….stay and fight for your country instead of wanting to run away like cowards.There is no other explanation but COWARDS !!!!

      You have one man fighting , now he is in jail , ONE MAN !!! and all you can think of is running away to the colonies , between the lefties visions of multi culti grandeur and the rest that runs away to the colonies …better my friend you walk to the neárest mosque and submit your self because the rest of the world is islamizing fast.

      Blame is a precarious action, do you blame the muzzies for the rape exploitation or do you also take responsibility for letting your culture turn into a shit hole country and culture so that you are able to be exploited , raped , murdered , subjugated and conquered… History is a bitter truth that slaps you in the face like a wet fish…God bless TR..the only man in Britain with balls.

    • No not simply a riot. I think she has created a monster- a potentially violent angry British monster that could be the start of a serious insurrection. I had hoped we would not reach this stage. In truth I have never felt or heard such an atmosphere in my 65 years.

      I think Islam and the gloaters have little idea what is coming to them, if this smouldering fire flares up. Ironically I think May and her potential Moslem PM, one Javid now being groomed for No.10 to replace her and garner the Moslem vote as Sadiq Khan is also being prepared to replace Corbyn, has woken up a deeply embedded source of anger and resentment that may see the end of this multicultural nonsense.

      Weston is wrong herein. Britain is not finished- changed yes but the embers are still glowing and can flare at any time and I think and predict they will.

      May like all the trendy “Progressives” is incompetent and arrogant, Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The Socialist mind is an envious mind. They always exceed their authority, as do the Moslems. It is about the nature of the people involved- personal envy and love of power. This is and will be their undoing. This is far from over…Trust me.

      • And if Robinson is killed in prison, them my predictions above are certain. to occur.

      • Thank you for re-posting the link to Matt Bracken’s short story.

        Yes, a knotted length of hemp rope and a sudden drop would have an immediate salutary effect for Britain’s future if may, javid and kahn among others, were those being treated to the ‘gravity test’.

        Or one could simply adjourn with them to the nearest tall roof and grant them the “Freedom to personally attempt flight” as was awarded to a feral judge near the end of the novel “Neither Predator Nor Prey” (the prosecutor was hung by his own tie).

        One can dream…

      • I don’t have a Facebook account myself (and refuse to sign up) but this was available to the public. I did wonder about how long it would stay up. The broadcasting of events such as this show how powerful our new media can be, especially if it escapes the censorship of leftist controllers.

    The muslimes will murder him in a week if we DON’T.

  6. I would like to see Trump take a stand on this. Of course he would be pilloried by the press, but it would be a way of alerting people to what is happening with free speech around the world. Trump would not even have to speak about Tommy’s particular situation, but objecting to shutting down the media generally and attempting to suppress voices that disagree with the immigration agenda is also what Trump must contend with.

    • You’d have to get Trump’s attention first. And then you’d have to fill him in on Tommy’s patriotism…and then he’d have to figure the best (if any) angle.

      I’d love to see that happen, given how much the UK press pillories Trump, combined with the fact they’re prohibited from mentioning Tommy.

      So if anyone knows anyone who knows anyone connected to Trump, have a go.

      • Trump is on a roll right now with freeing an assortment of political prisoners. I never thought he would perhaps have to call up May to have a chat… But it sounds possible.

        • Maybe Tommy did something to displease her? There are plenty of us she’s thrown under the bus. Maybe she’s annoyed because she can’t get into the UK?

          As for Bolton, that was a long, faded age ago. I think her allure is followed by her indiscretion so he may not be so reachable anymore. Who knows? Or cares?

          Before one goes under that bus, they’re caught in the spiderweb and *then* dispatched. We got lots o’ company under here. Wish the valves didn’t leak, though.

          One thing is for sure: Tommy isn’t led easily or for long, not by his nose or any other part of his anatomy.

          Poor Pamela. The victim of her own moods.

          • Ah yes, the Unpleasant Business. DS seems to loathe her but then again same goes for lots of folk from DS. If PG and RS are not mentioning anything about Robinson it would go back to when the felt betrayed when he abandoned the EDL and temporarily aligned himself with the Muslim organisation Quillam Foundation, a move he would have been forced into by the authorities. IIRC he did not communicate with PG or RS about this ahead of time when they had been close allies, e.g. Robinson was to have spoken at PG’s demo to stop the mosque on the WTC site (but could not travel on account of having been convicted of a passport irregularity on a technicality)

          • Robert Spencer ran a story immediately after Tommy was taken.

            IIRC, Tommy showed up in NYC to speak at Pamela Geller’s demo – or maybe it was a 9/11 event. He used some kind of illegal visa and was in trouble when he got back to the UK. Back then Britain didn’t want to dispose of him.

  7. Yeah, this is a milestone on the path to the complete loss of freedom, alright.

    I’d like to ask a serious question of the admins and commenters here:

    Do you expect any change by civilized and legal means? Like voting, petitioning, demonstrating, candle vigiling, etc.?

    Eager to learn …

    • No candles, pleeease. I think on-going LARGE demonstrations – akin to the Free Speech Day Tommy put on – would definitely help. But the press silence is imposed by government, so even there, it’s stuck in the totalitarian glue.

    • “Do you expect any change by civilized and legal means? Like voting, petitioning, demonstrating, candle vigiling, etc.?”


    • No – I can’t fathom anything like that.

      Powell’s “Rivers of blood” shall ensue but no telling when and what the triggering event will be.

  8. It’s a simple act, but, I suggest that we all throw our British tea into the nearest harbor. What else do we have that’s British? They don’t manufacture much. How about that Markle woman, what’s her name? She’s British, now, right? Into the harbor with her.

  9. I’m not surprised at what’s happening in UK and much of Europe. What I am surprised at is how the people of UK an other European countries allow it to happen. I expect Katie Hopkins to be on the list of those the UK looks to silence. The fact that she is a women makes it a little more difficult to take her down but eventually they will silence all those who speak the truth about the Socialist police state that the UK has turned into. Thank God we have President Trump here to try and prevent the same from happening here but the deep state continues trying to take him down.

    • Yeah, we missed the punishment of Hillary by a hair. If she were in power, I doubt GoV would be permitted to stay up long.

  10. We should organize mass protests in front of all the British consulates and embassies throughout the West.

    • Many of them – like the ones in/near D.C. are in tightly-controlled Blue Zones with lots and lots and lots of regs and laws limiting where you can congregate. You’ll sometimes see Kurds do this in the U.S., but they don’t care about consequences.

      One of the reasons BLM ‘demonstrators’ can make such a loud splash is the fact that they’re either college students or other know-nothings who’ll return to their parernts’ basements.

  11. Given all of the gestapo like tactics on the part of England and its law enforcement agencies and courts, it begs the question, “What are they so deathly afraid of?”

  12. Perhaps it is time you Brits dust off those Tommy guns the USA gave you and your grandfather never turned in. Or perhaps ally with the Irish Republican Army. Together, declare war on 10 Downing Street and Parliament. […]

    [Intemperate comments are the last thing Tommy needs right now]

    • Dear Intemperate DAN III,
      As the great intemperate Charmin Mao (the Great Helmsman, Leader, Defender of the Faith, etc…………) once and truly opined– “political power stems from the barrel of the gun”.
      It may be politically INCORRECT–but Mao’s statement is no less true today than it was when the ‘Regulars’ strolled back to Boston after their little (GUN CONTROL) jaunt thru Lexington and Concord back in ’75.

      Contemporary archeology has proven (through many POUNDS of recovered lead)–that NO rifles were used by the deplorable farmers.

      Rifles came later–when the Pennsylvania deplorables arrived.

      Shotguns is good enough–just say’n.

  13. The IRA gave the Brits a perfect model to imitate. And all they need can be found on the dark net. But the problem is the Englishman has no gonads. If he would man-up and go to war he could restore his honor and protect his daughter.

    • Do you think the 2008 Crash was fixed by governments around the world printing more money and creating more debt? When this bubble bursts, then all the bribes the UK state pays are going to disappear. Hospitals will close, pensions will stop. Even rich people in the UK (people who own multiple homes worth collectively over $1million receive welfare benefits from the state e.g. child support).

      Financially the Western world is continuing to get drunk rather than face up to the hangover that’s coming.

      It’s going to be very nasty when the indigenous people in Europe decide to take their anger out on immigrants, gays, Jews, etc.

  14. What no one seems to get is that the failure is fundamental. When a government is empowered by its makers (the people who form the government and lend limited powers to it) to deprive the makers of the means of taking that government apart, then the makers are subjects of, and subject to, that government which they made. And, what are the means of taking that government apart? Why, it’s free speech, assembly, and other 1A protections, and, more importantly, our 2A protections. The people of the UK long ago gave up their means of exerting real power over the government they made. They really don’t know what true 1A freedoms are (the government fairly dictates these on a whim) and 2A freedoms are considered pure evil there. If the people cannot defeat–in real, no kidding, blood-in-the-streets terms–the government, then the government has absolute power. The people of the UK live in a totalitarian state. Can the U.S. be far behind?

  15. We must be thankful to Theresa May for raising the profile of Tommy Robinson.
    The British government has further fuelled his status as a global star.
    I have seen his arrest and the protest covered by a whole raft of media organisations and websites from as far away as the USA and New Zealand. People are also commenting on the matter on a variety of websites, including this one.
    It is also been seen by readers on the Conservative Home website, which is well read by the political establishment. Guido fawkes is not accepting comments today because he received so many on the matter yesterday.
    Despite, or rather because of their efforts to silence Tommy Robinson, the whole world is getting to hear about him.
    And how the UK government treats people whose views it dislikes. The damage his arrest must be causing the status of the UK as a free society and a democracy, a cherished history that dates back to the Magna Carta if not before.
    We see a government and establishment crapping all over the views of the British people over Brexit, now we see the same forces against someone who is raising awareness of the vast numbers of certain people committing the most heinous of crimes.
    Well done Theresa May, well done Tory government, your actions are trashing the reputation of this once great country.
    Have you ever heard of the Streisand effect?

    • You are on the ball with this observation.

      Despite being a confidant of Tommy’s for many years, there are people around the world who I have followed for their political analysis and activism who have never mentioned his name. Suddenly this weekend, they were discussing Tommy and were au fait with much about his history and predicament. Hitherto I thought his fame was confined to England and to the Islam-awake people of the West. But now his fame is truly global.

  16. Download the Who’s “Tommy Can You Hear Me?”. Play it constantly. Everywhere.

    • Let’s see…. “Ever since I was a young boy I’ve told the truth to all, from Soho down to Brighton I must have told it all, but I’ve never seen anything like this in any public hall, that lone public crusader chained with a prison ball.”

  17. Why are there reporting restrictions? Let’s start with the first question, and it all begins to make a perverted sort of sense.

  18. Fwiw, here’s the message that I sent just a few moments ago to the uk gov website (contact link to them at the end).

    Yes, I just ‘went there’ and gave them the rebel middle finger, BFTTW!

    To Whom It May Concern in the former island of great britain now eurabia:

    You didn’t listen when your Patriot statesman, Enoch Powell tried to warn you in 1968 about the dire threat to your country from unrestricted immigration.

    You didn’t listen later as parents across your island, heartsick and angry demanded justice for their daughters who have been repeatedly preyed upon by rapefugee invaders that you continue to shield.

    Worse, you just sent another Patriot, Tommy Robinson, who was reporting publicly known information of this to prison to satisfy your moslem overlords of your fawning dhimmitude status and unspoken loyalty to their evil sharia.

    I as an American call you out on this despicable act of outright cowardice and treason to native Britons. You’ve become the vassals of bearded inbred buffoons and bag headed bimbos spouting 7th century islamic bullshit.

    Hope this slaps you awake, if it’s not too late:

    I’m an Englishman (not narrated by Tommy)

    Burqas in Bongland (Murdoch Murdoch)

    Steve Kristmann, an American NOT afraid to ‘call the cat a bastard and spit on the mat’!

    P.S. IMHO, the “time for quiet peaceful protest” passed a long time ago. As Frederick Douglas said, “Power concedes nothing without a fight.” and that’s all that the parasite class and their enablers and enforcers the world over ever understand. Time for their heads to adorn the fences and gate posts!

    • One can only wonder if the British Elite was forced to sell out to Saudi Arabia and become Dhimmis in exchange for a continued supply of oil and patronage. The desperation evinced by their treatment of Tommy may very well be an indicator of how their backs are up against a wall and that they are to do as they are told on pain of death. Of course, under these circumstances, death may be preferable. Has the holy name of Jesus Christ been outlawed yet?

      • Yes. Oil.

        But also, the fake democracy that is the UK is one where pressure groups hold sway. And the single most powerful pressure group is Islam. There are thousands of Islamic institutions exerting influence within Britain at a local and national level. Then there’s the money that Muslims around the world “donate” to universities (i.e. the academic Quislings are bought). Finally there is the infiltration of this pressure group throughout the media, political parties, businesses, etc.

        We have never seen anything like this fifth column and the power that a mere 5% have over the country. Hence the army of state employees allowing members of this pressure group to rape schoolgirls over a 40 year period.

        In a fake democracy like the UK, the power does not lie in elections. It lies in how pressure groups are able to infiltrate, purchase, persuade and threaten. Other countries in Europe who have something closer to democracy are able to resist the influence of this pressure group (hence Germany, Sweden, Netherlands have major political parties who oppose this pressure group). In the UK there is no resistance to the infiltration and degradation brought about by this pressure group.

  19. There has to be a breaking point in which the honest civilian and public servants of the UK realise that something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Current estimates reckon there are 23,000! militant jihadists currently operating in the UK and yet the police are being deployed to harass a journalist. Tommy displays no hostility or resistance to the police force in the operation of their duties and as apparent as this maddening situation is to any neutral observer, this irrational political policy must be glaringly obvious to those on the front line. I am optimistic that eventually the civilian forces will support the people and stand on the side of reason.

  20. We all will do nothing significant as long as we feel adequately safe, comfortable.
    We are liars and cheats with our self-righteous bleats.

  21. Do the British police swear an oath of office? Are they in compliamce? If not, they are outlaws.
    Does Parliament and the royal family adults have a position other than kneeling in cowardice?

  22. Oh my, how the UK has fallen. The British used to extol about their legal system. But today, a good case can be made that there is greater protection of liberty in Eastern European countries, and in Italy, than in the UK today.

    Thirty years ago, I never imagined that such a state of affairs would arise.

  23. @ Martin William

    Re: “There has to be a breaking point in which the honest civilian and public servants of the UK realise that something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Current estimates reckon there are 23,000! militant jihadists currently operating in the UK and yet the police are being deployed to harass a journalist.”

    As an American who loved the traditional Great Britain of old, it has been heart-breaking to see what has gone on in your country – but it has also been an outrage to witness as well. A nation which stands by and basically does nothing as its sisters, daughters and mothers are assaulted and raped by the Muslims – is a “nation” which arguably does not deserve to exist.

    Grooming has been going on since the 1990s, yet nothing is done to stop the Muslims doing it or hold accountable those responsible for stopping it who refuse to do so. Young girls and women kidnapped into sexual slavery, addicted to narcotics, and abused in the most-unspeakable manner possible – how can any “civilized” people fail to come to their aid?

    If the police will not protect the public whom they are sworn to serve, then they are illegitimate and do not deserve the positions, pay and benefits they now hold. The same applies for the judges and other officials who have done nothing to prevent these horrible atrocities from occurring – and who have failed to punish to the fullest extent of the law those responsible.

    At what point does the silence and inaction of these so-called “public servants” become complicity with those actually committing the assaults, rapes and murders? It seems to this American that the point in question was passed a long time ago.

    Britons, at least the kind who wish to save their thousand-year old homeland from being conquered by the soldiers of Allah, must face the unpleasant fact they are dealing with not one but two enemies – the Muslims invaders, and their own elites, who are – like 21st-century Quislings – aiding and abetting them.

    • I agree with the point that Britain is simply a nation that may not deserve to exist. When I see Facebook posts in response to this travesty like “throw away the key” and so forth, I think that Brits deserve the hellhole they’re going to get. I feel no sympathy.

  24. Well, there I was all ready to get upset by this until it dawned on me it was nothing more than fake news. It has to be. After all, Britain is still in the EU, right? And everyone KNOWS that the EU staunchly espouses human rights which are applicable to all member nations. Little things like: freedom of religion, freedom of thought, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly; the right to life; the right to liberty and security; the right to a fair trial. Says so plainly in the EU websites! Look no further than Germany to see how well these freedoms are maintained. And freedom of the press is considered an integral part of the whole democratic basis of the EU so I KNOW that Britain couldn’t possibly truly muzzle the press reporting on this incident because everyone KNOWS that would bring down the wrath of the EU upon them. Kinda like they did with Hungary, accusing them of suppressing press freedom. And as for the secret court and ‘trial’, well, that must have been fake news too otherwise Brussels would have been down on them like a duck on a June bug crying accusations of government interference with the judiciary, sort of like Poland, maybe? But there’s just crickets from Brussels, so I know this is all fakery…
    But what do I know. After all, this is the EU and people just can’t be ‘airbrushed’ out of pictures as in the good old days. People just can’t be ‘disappeared’ in this modern 21st century EU. That would make Britain just like, well, Communist Russia or Hitler’s Germany or even Mao’s Red China. No, no. Damnit, EU citizens have RIGHTS! You can look it up…
    And that’s why I know this is fake news.

    In all seriousness, this is one of the most chilling things I have ever seen. Whisked off a public street, secretly tried and convicted and the press forbidden to cover it. Why does the press go along with this restriction?? If all of them said to hell with it what would happen? I see Rosanne Barr is tweeting in support of Tommy so it’s not like this muzzling is worth anything except to make Fleet Street look spineless.

    Hard to comprehend this is Britain and not a third world dictatorship. As I understand it, Tommy was standing there for an hour with police visible in the background. Which begs the question what changed that they descended on him? Who gave the order to apprehend him? And why?
    Also can’t help but wonder if there have been others similarly disappeared. Time was I never would have dreamed thinking such a thing. But times have changed.
    I see the bad moon arising
    I see trouble on the way
    I see earthquakes and lightnin’
    I see bad times today…
    Hope you got your things together
    Hope you are quite prepared to die
    Looks like we’re in for nasty weather
    One eye is taken for an eye

    • So don’t go out tonight, it’s bound to take your life, there’s a bad moon on the rise.

      I never though that John Fogerty’s tune would be anything other than a paranoid fancy. Fifty years later and I wake up to it being reality. Cute.

      Tommy, you and yours have my and my household’s prayers. The rest of us should take heed as to what happens when you kick God out of the country or leave Him to rot by Himself in an empty church building.
      “He’s not the kind you have to wind up on Sunday.” I. Anderson

      • Charlie stole the handle, and the train it won’t stop going, no way to slow down.

        • Take the children and yourself
          And hide out in the cellar
          By now the fighting will be close at hand
          Don’t believe the church and state
          And everything they tell you
          Believe in me, I’m with the high command

          There’s a gun and ammunition
          Just inside the doorway
          Use it only in emergency
          Better you should pray to God
          The Father and the Spirit
          Will guide you and protect from up here

          Swear allegiance to the flag
          Whatever flag they offer
          Never hint at what you really feel
          Teach the children quietly
          For some day sons and daughters
          Will rise up and fight while we stand still…

          From the first time I heard this song lo, so many years ago, it always seemed so prophetic. Now more than ever.

          • I’m sitting in the wreck of Europe
            With a map of Europe
            And the lines and the borders are gone…

  25. In considering the UK today, I’m reminded of another island people the Moriori. They were pacifists and relied on a cooperative society which functioned well until they were faced with Maori invaders who were extremely warlike and regarded the Islanders with contempt. Even when their culture was on the point of genocide the Moriori refused to fight and consequently were effectively annihilated.

    An extreme example perhaps, but, in my opinion, not irrelevant.

  26. Bad thoughts race about my mind
    Bad mood, thoughts of doom.
    Long gone lost, simple smiles,
    What wiles will save these British Isles.
    In WW2, by bomb, V-2, fire they were annealed,
    Rise up now, undefeated, never those who kneeled.

    • Two World Wars sowed the seeds of English Collectivism, which are now coming to fruition.

      There was nothing “great” or “virtuous” about either of those conflicts, nor the behaviour of Englishmen. The great majority did nothing save subjugate themselves to the State.

      • They had peace on Christmas eve 1914 when the Germans began singing Stille Nacht. The English in the trenches joined in. It was all quiet on the Western Front until the officers ordered the soldiers to return to the trenches and fight. How do you suppose history would have been had the soldiers disobeyed and chose Jesus above those in earthly command?

  27. England is now a dead country. That island in its place is an Islamic, Sharia compliant, piece of dirt, run by 7th century savages. My suggestion for those behind enemy lines, is to make secret plans to liberate your family-including dogs, which are despised by Muslims-to a sea worthy catamaran and sail away as quickly as possible. Come to the US, or try South America. But you need to get the hell out of there asap. Canada used to be an option, but with Trudeau, they are not far behind Great Arabia, formerly England. You thought the Nazis were the worst? You haven’t seen anything yet. Hitler will look desirable after dealing with the mullahs. I hope that Katie Hopkins makes it out. Terrific lady.

  28. It is 10 years since we left UK. I left because the writing was already on the wall; TR is not a coward like me, he has stayed there and exposed all the factors that caused me to flee.

    But is it enough? The Britain I left was seething, but found it could not support Tommy because he was a ‘football hooligan’. This image was carefully sculpted by the media, who continue to link any idea of ‘nationalism’ to the ‘right-wing’ political dustbin.

    It is very difficult to get traction in the UK where the Conservative party has been totally penetrated and trashed by infiltrators. the betrayal of Britain is far more comprehensive than the American Betrayal, and the US needs to take note, the media in the US, too is playing the same game.

    It is cool to be a communist, and especially to be a full blown ‘useful idiot’, to live within the hoax, bravely marching behind the naked emperor.

    You cannot cook an omelette unless you are prepared to break eggs, and TR is considered to be an egg, and Lenin is rejoicing in his grave (Mausoleum)

  29. Nacht und Nebel was a directive issued by Adolf Hitler on 7 December 1941 targeting political activists and resistance “helpers” in World War II to be imprisoned or killed, while the family and the population remained uncertain as to the fate or whereabouts of the Nazi state’s alleged offender. Most of those who became victims disappeared in these “Night and Fog” actions.

  30. We all know what a caring society Britain has. People concern themselves with stray cats and homeless donkeys, and they don’t want to think evil of anybody. But now the Witch has spat in their faces, trampled on their honour, disgraced the memory of millions of young people who gave their lives defending their liberty, and by making a martyr out of an activist, challenged the British people to come together, to fight the evils encircling and threatening the UK. When the time comes I hope she will be held accountable and not allowed to fly off on her broom.

  31. The average British policeman is a piece of bleep bleep bleep.

    He persecutes the victims of crime and those who try to help the victim, covering up for the perpetrator /predator.

    Not one is fit to lick Tommy Robinson’s boots.

    There is a special place in hell for the British policeman who refuses to protect children from gang rape.

    If someone told me he or she was either a serving member of the British police, or an ex British policeman, I should turn my back and walk away in disgust.

    On principle I would have nothing to do with any member of such a singularly depraved body.

    There is an old joke about all the policeman in hell being German.

    We’ll have to change it ,update it , to fit the facts.

    Clearly in hell the policeman are all British .

    • The badged orcs and orcettes are ALWAYS the dirty arm of the politician (look up the root definition of ‘police’).

      The parasite class and it’s enablers MUST be removed in any manner necessary, that necessitates removing the orcs protecting them unless one gets lucky and can catch one of the ‘living gods’ of the parasite class outside and [series of intemperate recommendations redacted].

      Men of the West, Arise and Unite!!

  32. Nicely written. What entity arrested him? Who is the head of this organization? Do you have the names of the constables arresting him in the photos? This is all critical information!

  33. This comment is from Europe.
    Many thanks to you Dear Gates of Vienna, to rise to the defense of brave Tommy Robinson. His arrest last friday was frightening. Those who ordered his arrest are out-and-out criminals, as they know very well Muslim thugs will try to kill him in prison. ( Some of them tried before.)
    The gag order, or “Media Ban” against him is also terrifying. It shows Britain is now a Police State in everything but in name. And the way the “supine” media obeyed the Media Ban is very saddening.
    Here in Europe, only a few Re-Information sites have mentionned the scandal of his arrest ( among them Dreuz Info and Riposte Laique ).
    Two NGOs supposed to defend journalists and Press Freedom – Tommy Robinson is ALSO a journalist – namely Amnesty International and Reporters Sans Frontières, have been shamefully silent. As Paul Weston says: the “Traitor Class” has clearly submitted to Islam.
    Something however to cheer about: A thousand English patriots yesterday ( Saturday) gathered in front of 10 Downing Street to shout their outrage.

  34. For more on the recent end of the British experiment as a free society, see also the state murder of Alfie.

  35. I have distant relatives and a few friends in the UK and feel for them. But I have a strong suspicion that most of them are in denial about the state of their state.

    Meanwhile here in the U.S., though we have a great vantage point to see what’s happening in Western Europe, the bulk of the citizens, both on the left and the right (though primarily the former), are likely blissfully unaware of the situation. Except for a few outlets, one sees virtually no reporting on outrages such as this, which are increasing in frequency. Even historically conservative sources such as National Review rarely report on Europe’s plight, especially for NR now that they’ve severed ties with Mark Steyn. I’ve also been disturbed by seeing good conservative pundits worry in print that men like Victor Orban are potential fascists, all while ignoring what the elites in charge are doing to normal citizens who dare to criticize those who would destroy their civilization.

    On top of this, or perhaps behind it all, is the increased abandonment of, and animosity toward, Christianity, and an increasing embrace of socialism, a system that turns citizens into sheep.

    • I caught it on WRSA, Matt, and made a copy. I intend to use it whenever I can find an appropriate setting – with your permission, of course. T.

  36. We have all known this day would come, and as long as the people have their bread and circuses (hey it was the Championship League final last night, and it’s the World Cup soon enough), they will remain supine and apathetic.

    One thinks back to revolutions in Britain, bloody revolts, many misguided, many not. The Peasant’s Revolt 1381, Wat Tyler, the Tommy Robinson (in some ways) of the day. The difference between the 14th century and now? Hey people today have more escapes than ever before, facebook and football. In Wat Tyler’s time, they couldn’t escape into inane pursuits so easily, and hence a revolt. I don’t see any equivalent of Wat Tyler’s revolt on the horizon in the Britain of elois with smartphones and tablets, the Daily Mirror and the Police State enforcers the BBC.

    The disappearances may have started with Tommy, they won’t end there. And when the Labour Party opposition is as much on board with this barbaric fascism, if not more so, than the Theresa May government; know that a new Dark Age, which descended some time ago, has now tightened its grip. The lights have gone out in Britain.

    • “The lights have gone out in Britain.”

      Not bloody yet they haven’t!

      Man-up, for God’s sake and think of your children or those you are yet to have.

      Damn it, I rarely allow myself to get angry because that leads to the making of serious mistakes but these constant invertebrate comments by the likes of you and others really do get my back up.

      The future will belong to those who are ready to seize and shape it by whatever means and sacrifices are necessary, not to the weak and fearful.

  37. “We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.” —C.S. Lewis

    Pretty much sums up GB now.

  38. Wow, it seems like Tommy and his family have suffered a great deal. I don’t know what keeps him going. To have went through all of the jailing, extortion, and violence at the hands of the judicial system having never laid hands on another person… for just speaking truth. I couldn’t do it. Over and over again. The state is making an example for all to see. I hate that his family suffers

  39. Is this what it means to be heroic in the Age of Deceit? It sure looks like it to me.

  40. The working man, pulled this way and that by politics, is no better off because of it, and is now seeing the very soul of his nation taken from him. The capitalist oligarchy and the international socialists behind it are now the ones who disguise themselves as Bishop and Lord. It is money and the left who proclaim themselves God and King and Law.

    I met Murder on the way-
    He had a mask like Castlereagh-
    Very smooth he looked, yet grim;
    Seven blood-hounds followed him:

    All were fat; and well they might
    Be in admirable plight,
    For one by one, and two by two,
    He tossed them human hearts to chew
    Which from his wide cloak he drew.

    Next came Fraud, and he had on,
    Like Lord Eldon, an ermined gown;
    His big tears, for he wept well,
    Turned to mill-stones as they fell.

    And the little children, who
    Round his feet played to and fro,
    Thinking every tear a gem,
    Had their brains knocked out by them.

    Clothed by the Koran, as by light,
    And the shadows of the night,
    Like Sidmouth, next Hypocrisy
    On a crocodile rode by.

    And many more Destructions played
    In this ghastly masquerade,
    All disguised, even to the eyes,
    Like Mayors, Judges, peers, and spied.

    Last came Anarchy: he rode
    On a white horse, splashed with blood;
    He was pale even to the lips,
    Like Death in the Apocalypse.

    And he wore a kingly crown;
    And in his grasp a sceptre shone;
    On his brow this mark I saw-

    (Apologies to Shelley for the abridgement
    and all credit to the Iron Legend.)

  41. Great article, Paul. keep up the good work in keeping the world informed. Thank you from America.

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