Our Coming Post-Secular, Post Globalist World

Italy just got rolled by its President, who overturned a vote by seventy percent of its citizens who wanted a center-right government. The prez wants a Brussels boy. So now there are now calls for his impeachment: don’t mess with an Italian.

Turley links this with Orban, the huge pushback against Tommy Robinson’s imprisonment, etc.

As he says, they’re all part of a paradigm shift…from his mouth to God’s ears.

Dear Readers, please note your opinion. Since Trump started this snowball down the mountain, do you think it will continue? Has the paradigm really shifted?

15 thoughts on “Our Coming Post-Secular, Post Globalist World

  1. It is End Game. The race is no longer to the swift, nor to the able, but to the well-heeled, politically correct, and those who value position above morals and ethics.

    For example: https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-05-27-chinese-journalist-banned-from-buying-a-home-due-to-social-credit-system.html

    It is advisable that the article be read in its entirety as the second part of the article highlights what is taking place at Google. It would appear that Western Civilization does not need China’s social score as we have Fair Isaac & Co. along with a notorious reputation for gossip with Facebook being the living proof.

    How many have lost their jobs for their refusal to put money above morals and are now homeless and living on the streets? How many have raised their voice against lawlessness and evil only to have been silenced? How long would those who live in urban and suburban areas and are slaves to the infrastructure survive without the needed cash flow to keep the lights on and the water running and food on the table. I should say that the left has hit upon the solution to the voices that object to their new world order and paradigm, simply starve them out by unemployment or reduced employment at reduced wages that barely allows for meager sustenance and little else.

    Of course we know that what is practiced these days is not what we were taught. We were taught honesty, ethics, morals and merit make for a good citizen and a success in life. Now success comes at agreeing with the counselor who asked Winston Smith how many fingers he was holding up, and agreeing with the counselor on multiple and repeated occasions to prove his loyalty to Big Brother and secure his continued survival in Big Brother’s Empire State. So it is no longer about merit or ethics but it is now about politics and an unswerving and unwavering support of the new narrative.

    End Game? Simply look as the desperation with which the measures have been and are being carried out. To my recollection what happened in Italy has never happened there before, or even in another country in Europe! That a president would set aside the will of the majority on some technicality? No, the president of Italy was simply doing as he was told, just as with Merkel, May, and the police who arrested Tommy. Yes, we have a King and a pawn that is being escorted by the king to the last row so as to become a Queen and take on the enemy, but the enemy has its rook barring the way to the 8th row with the knight and bishop trained on the pawn. We have but a few moves left before we are check-mated, but then He who is Lord of All and has been watching this silly charade on the part of the elite will simply upend the board and consign the elite to their just desserts.

    Patience mateys, the elite have shown their hand and their desperation. They are bound and chained to their agenda whilst we run free, and for that they hate us with a hate that was spawned in the pits of hell.

    The above is the result of a month’s worth of thought and the events of the past week.
    Respectfully Submitted this 29th of May, Anno Domini 2018

    • Alas, now is the second time that the EU has thrown out an elected government in Italy. They have also done it once in Greece.

      Just like referendums sometimes held to approve the latest EU treaty in a number of countries, where the electorate were made to vote again and again until they voted the “correct” way. Ask the Irish as an example.

      I am not sure that the recent Irish vote on abortion wasn’t just a cynical recognition that they would be voting repeatedly until they approved it, and they just wanted to get it over with.

      Democracy is OK in the Elite’s view, provided it gives then the results they want. Otherwise, Breitbart reported Germany’s EU Commissioner appeared to threaten voters, telling them that the “markets will teach the Italians to vote for the right thing”.

      • Winston, “How many fingers do you see?” “Wrong answer, we will continue with your re-education until you can be relied upon to consistently provide the correct answer.”

        We cut to the chase over here. the only votes that are counted are the ones that vote for the correct person.(electronic voting machines) When voting by mail the ballot is apt to end up in the circular file if the proper postage hasn’t been affixed, but you must figure that out for yourself. Of course, there were questions during the 2012 elections about inconsistencies about the vote tallies by the LA and SB County Registrars that were never answered.

        Those of us in Cal have a fair idea of what is going on in Europe and can empathize with the sentiments that are pushing for a shift in the paradigm. The state government here, similar to those in Europe, only represents itself and expects its citizenry to be loyal and obedient, regardless of whatever is promulgated.

  2. When the paradigm REALLY shifts the EU transmission is going to fall out on the autobahn.

    • Thanks for the picture!
      Would like to hear JPeterson, BShapiro, STurley, and ?? who else, in a long discussion of this very topic.

  3. There’s no telling what direction Europe will take unless history is taken into account. Over the past couple of centuries, similar issues have been dealt with by the secret police. I suspect the same will happen, some false flag events peppered with distraction.

    Overall, I see little hope for that continent and I’m blessed to have the Atlantic between us.

  4. I sort-of agree, but I think that the “elite” will win in a lot of places, “helped” by the demographics.

    Maybe not in Italy.

    The USA has a good chance.

    My own Canada seems to be so stuffed that it doesn’t even need this kind of shenanigans.

    It looks like in reality, there are very few TRUE democracies out there.

  5. The elite still control the high ground and nothing meaningful will change until they are gone. Those of us who oppose them are far more numerous and very angry, but also isolated and discouraged from finding one another or realizing our strength in numbers.

    The end game involves the elites being removed and all indications are they will not go willingly. So, if they will not leave through peaceful means, eventually they will be removed through violent ones. Something akin to the French or Bolshevik Revolution is in my opinion the most likely outcome.

    • Unless they’ve first changed the demographics to the point of having enough allies…

  6. I do enjoy listening to Mr Turley. He is a sharp analyst with a relaxing presentation.
    I must disagree with him, however, when it comes to saying the game is over we’ve won already. Politics doesn’t work like that. It is a bad message. We have many battles left to fight and the enemy is unlikely to give up without a fight, and we will have setbacks. It is not realistic to expect otherwise nor is it wise to raise expectations too high, too soon.
    I think it would be wiser to follow Churchill words when things seemed to look a bit more hopeful for the Allies
    “This not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

    • So far as I understand the situation, Farranger, you’re probably correct. But, sometimes in politics, things can move with amazing swiftness, though likely not everywhere in the “free” world or all at once.

      Britain in particular lacks a credible populist party (no disrespect to the brave Anne Marie Waters).

  7. I note that the Daily Mail website is not accepting comments on its article about the arrest, trial, and imprisonment of Tommy Robinson. Clearly they are afraid to confirm the massive and growing support that Tommy has.

    Those at the top know that they have very little grass roots support and that if it came to the crunch they may very well be left hanging.

  8. Gonna get interesting.
    I’m no longer sure there is a way out, what with NOBrexit and now Italy………….

    The PTB (Powers That BE) don’t actually fight, you see. They depend on moderately-well paid underlings, who are well-armed–but whose REAL remuneration is a longed-for pension in a future retirement.
    Good luck on that one when/if that “balloon goes up”.

    What if……….say…………..yer next Tommy Robinson decides NOT to go quietly? Other responses are not only possible, but likely.

    Friends with knives, guns, clubs, rebar and gasoline come to mind–not to mention the British/Islamic specialty, ACID.

    Meanwhile, I’m working up loads for the new .45AR revolver.
    BIG 260 grain gas checked slugs over a nice charge of 700X……………………
    ………………………BIG holes, tight groups too.

  9. Take heed that no man deceives you! said Jesus.

    Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur, a Latin phrase, means “The world wants to be deceived, so let it be deceived.”

    The powerful of this world are known to play both sides of the conflict: They are also known to profit from conflicts and crises. Therefore it can be assumed that polarisation of the populace into two groups: antifa against the ‘far right’, or SJW’s against the ‘Haters’, or Nationalists against the globalists – is in their interest. Even Hitler was put in jail, to become a sort of martyr, before he rose to power.

    When the ‘free thinkers’ start to win, the economy will probably go down, so to give ammunition to the pro-globalists to say ‘see, I told you so!’ Polarisation is good for those who want to rule! They divide, and they rule.

    The criminals of the 21st century would like to be untraceable in their endeavors, they are all deceivers who avoid fair fights. Take heed, for by the moment Tommy Robbinsons start to win, the deceivers will jump ship!

    But when the paradigm really shifts, prepare yourselves for a time of trouble such as newer was nor shall ever be again. Because there are many more things in store: Microwave mood control – a courtesy of your local cell towers, man made ‘natural disasters’, for which there will seemingly be no one to blame, or genetic mutants enhanced by technology…

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