László Földi: “The Majority of European Politicians are TRAITORS!”

The following panel discussion is from Tuesday’s Hungarian TV program “Szemtől szembe” [Face to Face]. The moderator is Balázs Somorjai, and the guests are the intelligence analyst László Földi and Zoltán Lomnici, Jr., a constitutional lawyer.

The discussion among the three men concerns the Great European Migration Crisis — its origins, causes, and intended effects. Cui bono? Who stands to make a profit from all these illiterate unemployable Muslim migrants, and how?

A civil, lucid, and reasonable discussion such as this one is all but unheard of west of the Iron Curtain. Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:08   For a while now, the media have been publishing articles about a new migrant wave.
00:12   At first, that masses of people in numbers never seen before reached the
00:16   the border of Iraq and Turkey. Then they wrote that
00:20   they made it into Europe by crossing the Turkish-Greek border,
00:24   where the Greeks, whose islands are already full and are not able to register that many people,
00:28   just let them into the continent. So where are these
00:32   unregistered masses? —That is a very good question. This is “Szemtől szembe” [Face to Face]
00:36   on Monday. I am Balázs Somorjai. In the meantime in the UN, they want to declare
00:40   by the end of the year that migration is a basic human right.
00:44   But the EU is no piker, either; they want to push the same thing through by the June Summit
00:48   for the reform of the Dublin system, of which, according to expert opinion,
00:52   the unlimited migrant distribution quota will be an integral part. Nor should we forget
00:56   that in 2019 there will be new European Parliamentary elections, and based on the
01:00   last couple of months, national election results show that citizens are not really satisfied
01:04   with the migration. —Indeed! [Nay!] —Our guests for today:
01:08   László Földi, intelligence service expert. Hello; thank you very much for accepting our invitation.
01:12   Zoltán Lomnici, Jr., constitutional lawyer; thank you for coming.
01:16   At the European level, concerning politics and security,
01:20   has anything changed in comparison with 2015?
01:24   I think it has gotten worse, if we are looking for change
01:28   that is not entirely in the direction of consolidation.
01:32   We heard in the introduction about tendencies that show
01:36   the EU wants to force migration and settlement.
01:40   Let me just point out that we are not talking about migration,
01:44   but simply the right for people to settle.
01:48   Of course this is not legal terminology.
01:52   So the European Union is not even pretending anymore;
01:56   so some parts of the political elite are not even making the pretense
02:00   that the horrors of war are to blame for bringing masses of migrants
02:04   here, concerning whom we do not know who they are or what they want.
02:08   What we going to do with them? I think the situation has become more dire.
02:12   … Mr. Lomnici? —I concur!
02:16   The situation has not improved from that point of view.
02:20   The leaders of the European Union could not offer
02:24   new legal constructs, and I also agree that two distinct concepts
02:28   came up, relocation and resettlement.
02:32   Now practically
02:36   the entire major migration policy
02:40   in Brussels, and of course in the UN,
02:44   is to allow the free movement of people,
02:48   and actually, in a legal sense
02:52   it has nothing to do with what they called migration policies in 2015.
02:56   At that time we talked about —
03:00   not with László Földi, because at the time he
03:04   already envisioned a near-war situation, which has come true since
03:08   we talked about it. If we skeletonize it simply for legal issues,
03:12   whether they are refugees or are economic migrants.
03:16   Now we know this is an organized mass [migration], which
03:20   is being transported by human smugglers and foreign-funded civilians,
03:24   organized NGOs, which are pushing them in the direction of the EU.
03:28   And, from the Hungarian side, we were brave enough to say
03:32   that the goal is to force Europe to its knees,
03:36   because in the individual member states public administration can be brought down to the floor.
03:40   There is a lot of money that can be taken away from the native citizens,
03:44   and they can spend it on the migrants, which is like throwing money into a well [wasting it],
03:48   because they do not participate in the integration process.
03:52   In the meantime China is developing fast; India and
03:56   even the African region are showing better economic results
04:00   than European countries, so the trouble is huge and they can’t see it
04:04   in Brussels. — If it’s so bad for Europe, then…
04:08   If the Europe majority is still accepting of migration,
04:12   and mostly they are, where is this profit realized?
04:16   A lot of profit can materialize for this.
04:20   Partially because the process of the immigration
04:24   needs financing.
04:28   The receiving side gets financing from the state
04:32   in such a way that the arriving migrant does not directly receive support,
04:36   but meets with a whole industry that specializes in migrant
04:40   care — language courses, accommodation, food, etc. —
04:44   provides various services for them, and these service-providers
04:48   are financed by the state. These costs are already into the billions;
04:52   in Germany alone the cost is more than €20 billion per year
04:56   to maintain this whole process.
05:00   The next “bummer” will occur when they find out that even a German budget
05:04   could not sustain such a load. As we heard from Mr. Lomnici, this is
05:08   a black hole that will never bring any return. Since they do not work,
05:12   they do not pay taxes, so the state will reap no profit
05:16   from its investment. So the money will run out.
05:20   But financial institutions have already stepped up, mostly not from Europe,
05:24   who say, we will finance it from this point, get a loan!
05:28   That is the real logic of this Soros-type system,
05:32   to reach the point where Europe can no longer can maintain this situation,
05:36   because in the meantime the people must be taken care of, they can’t just starve to death,
05:40   they just get more loans. But, yes,
05:44   this will be a similar loan structure to what we saw in 2008,
05:48   the property bubble, where there was no collateral, and here will be no collateral either,
05:52   because the system will not regenerate the funds.
05:56   There will be a huge bubble, and some people will know
06:00   when to get out, shorting the whole thing and earning a lot of
06:04   money in the process. So beyond the profit of the human smugglers, beyond the
06:08   sources earning profit on the migration at a daily level,
06:12   which is included on the income side. The large sharks,
06:16   — so to speak — those large financial sharks, see a strategy in this
06:20   story, not to mention the fact that a mixed-race Europe
06:24   will be easier to rule over, whatever consumer society there is,
06:28   — to phrase it this way — than
06:32   a group of nation states, who are pretty clear about their interests.
06:36   But in this process there is a block that can be switched on.
06:40   This block… well, multiple blocks exist;
06:44   they are called states. So why
06:48   should a state assist in a process like this,
06:52   if the final consequence would be its [destruction]?
06:56   Well, what I am saying now is that it will be an “operative” [intelligence service lingo] approach;
07:00   of course one can find facts behind it. This whole thing did not start in 2015.
07:04   The whole process started decades ago, especially the thought behind it,
07:08   that Europe should change. Let’s think about
07:12   what European societies look like today. Even families…
07:16   The traditions and culture are gone.
07:20   They lost their identity. If someone declares himself a Christian
07:24   in Western Europe, he does it shamefacedly, or is even afraid to admit it.
07:28   So it started with some very serious brainwashing;
07:32   multiple generations have been raised by such logic,
07:36   taught and raised by society; they
07:40   Find the present process completely natural,
07:44   which of course, for an Eastern European thinker, does not really work; we can see
07:48   much more clearly and more simply. We are not more clever, but our education
07:52   and upbringing are different. Our past seven decades were different,
07:56   when we learned to pay attention to the challenges and became capable
08:00   of using our common sense. In Western Europe, at the level of the masses,
08:04   this is starting to disappear. And to this connect the fact,
08:08   that the majority of European politicians are TRAITORS!
08:12   These are not dumb people, who could not see
08:16   what the three of us are discussing here about this process. They know exactly,
08:20   but they have a vested interest in keeping things this way; that is why I call them
08:24   TRAITORS! Because they are ruining their countries,
08:28   because they creating the same situation everywhere in Europe, which
08:32   could easily lead to armed conflict.
08:36   I can see it manifest itself in civil war.
08:40   When the people realize that even with elections they can’t save themselves,
08:44   they will reach for weapons to defend their own local communities,
08:48   their own networks: their families, their own little town.
08:52   A brutal period of time is coming,
08:56   if the situation continues to advance this way. —László Földi used a very tough expression:
09:00   “TRAITOR”. I am not sure whether the definition changes between countries?
09:04   That definition — and what is in Hungarian laws —
09:08   is from this point of view pretty old-fashioned.
09:12   We must state that. I have been also asked frequently:
09:16   if a member of the European Parliament repeatedly
09:20   votes and agitates against his own country, is he a traitor or not?
09:24   Morally, for sure, but the legal statutes,
09:28   are I think purposefully missing. But they are categories
09:32   like the activist from the Soros network who lobbied in Berlin
09:36   to apply pressure on companies that are present in Hungary,
09:40   to leave the country and cause economic damage to
09:44   Hungary. There are no local regulations, but in the
09:48   United States a so-called “Logan Act” regulates and punishes
09:52   someone who undertakes [foreign] negotiations without authorization.
09:56   …And from this point of view, I think
10:00   they are destroying themselves, and I can agree.
10:04   The affected leaders, however,
10:08   are always an interesting question — how much are they in the pockets of economic interest groups?
10:12   Either local or foreign economic interest groups.
10:16   We can state this, because let’s not forget in 2015 the waves [of migrants]
10:20   were welcomed by German telecommunication
10:24   and car-manufacturing firms,
10:28   but of course, after the myth of
10:32   “brain-surgeon” Syrian migrants had vanished,
10:36   they found out that the majority who came do not even want to learn German.
10:40   Here’s another issue: of the 1.2-1.5 million mass ,
10:44   one third of them were not even found; they escaped
10:48   the eyes of the authorities. Instead of
10:52   helping to turbo-charge the labor market in Germany, they
10:56   generated a social burden.
11:00   So the way I see it, from this point of view, this approach, it is also true that
11:04   they [Western leaders] are in someone’s pocket, and that is why they are TRAITORS —
11:08   or for some other reason, but
11:12   they are still betraying their own nations, and obviously they want to eliminate the earlier
11:16   systems and structures, and want to create new ones.
11:20   Angela Merkel would love it if the people
11:24   who require protection were able to freely reach Europe.
11:28   But why not try to help
11:32   or finance them in the neighborhood of the conflict,
11:36   where the migrants would much more easily be able to go back home after the conflict?
11:40   They will not be so traumatized as they would be after a long journey,
11:44   thousands of kilometers of travel;
11:48   they could stay in a similar cultural environment. I could list many more reasons…
11:52   Let’s go back a little bit more. Why the war is really
11:56   necessary. The story is really about generating war.
12:00   So we are generating conflict, primarily the Western hemisphere,
12:04   mostly the United States, which we follow, because we are NATO members.
12:08   Why do we need the war? Why do we need to create a situation where people must flee?
12:12   This now refers back to the Arab Spring? Not just the Arab Spring,
12:16   but Syria, too, and the Syrian war,
12:20   because the Syrian conflict was why the migration wave of 2015 started — as they said in Brussels.
12:24   So why do we need this war? The other half is: why haven’t we finished it already?
12:28   Why, on the other hand, don’t we see that this is not winnable?
12:32   We ruined Syria, which had
12:36   a GDP level that put some European countries to shame
12:40   before the war. So
12:44   here there is simply a larger interest at work; a superpower’s
12:48   interest shows here. Why are the Russians standing behind Syria?
12:52   Why not us, and the USA? And then, when we speak practically
12:56   about democracy, about the Arab and the African world,
13:00   everyone knows it is not possible for them to comprehend
13:04   a Western-style democracy. Not just impossible to introduce; it cannot even be comprehended.
13:08   People only understand it if they have a king, president or dictator,
13:12   call it whatever you want, and he will tell them what is good and what to do.
13:16   We kick this up, force the people to flee, then
13:20   they want to solve it by having Europe accept them. NO!
13:24   These wars are serve not only economic interests,
13:28   but are also for the purpose of generating a migrant wave.
13:32   And if a quarrel is successfully picked with Iran
13:36   — to use a phrase — by the United States and Saudi Arabia,
13:40   then an even greater wave will get underway towards Europe,
13:44   because as you may have heard, masses are already crowded on the Iranian-Turkish border.
13:48   They are getting ready to flee, and this mass will target Europe as well,
13:52   because where else would they go? the Russians will not allow them to enter
13:56   — I assume. They will end up here, in Greece, at our southern border,
14:00   in the Balkans and in Italy, everywhere
14:04   they can land. From that moment, I think Europe
14:08   can start its countdown to the end[game].
14:12   Aren’t the migrants are the consequent result of conflicts?
14:16   Yes, historically migration is the consequent effect of wars,
14:20   when the reason for war was the reallocation of resources, but in modern wars
14:24   — which we could see at the end of the 20th century —
14:28   there is no reallocation of markets, but an reallocation of interests, and
14:32   I have to repeat, in the Arab Spring,
14:36   behind the Syrian conflict
14:40   there is this underlying reason to create a migrant wave
14:44   and force their settlement in Europe, so we can state
14:48   people are deliberately being forced to flee to Europe and,
14:52   in the Christian brain — as a result of our Judeo-Christian upbringing —
14:56   we will accept them, because it is about people and “refugees”.
15:00   So here is the “honey string” so to speak.
15:04   With that, they are ruining the lives of the ones who arrive here,
15:08   and ruining the lives of locals, too. —And Mr. Lomnici, what do you say,
15:12   why don’t they solve the crisis in the neighboring countries?
15:16   Many thoughts were presented here; I would love to provide footnotes. For example,
15:20   the question of identity. In reality, it does not matter where they come from.
15:24   One of those identities is the religious one. Belonging
15:28   to Islam gives them such self-confidence,
15:32   and of course en masse brings such danger,
15:36   which differentiates this present mass migration from
15:40   every previous migration in history. Another one: Syria. Donald Trump
15:44   at the beginning recognized that Assad
15:48   is an extremely dangerous person who needs to be removed,
15:52   but in the meantime the Russians
15:56   had the proper foresight that he can ensure the stability of the region.
16:00   The problem is that at the beginning he [Trump] said:
16:04   Obama created the Islamic State. There were headlines like that.
16:08   Because he [Obama] supported the opponents of Assad, and among them there was
16:12   the Islamic State. So the USA
16:16   amplified this terror organization. However,
16:20   because of the issue of “Russian election influence”, Donald Trump
16:24   was under so much pressure later on that he had to dissociate himself
16:28   from everything Russian-related, including related foreign policy decisions
16:32   — the political processes, can be seen very clearly there —
16:36   that created the present situation, which is an excellent
16:40   outcome for the speculators interested in this venture.
16:44   This is a very lucrative situation. And
16:48   another thing — we talked about GDP. Federica Mogherini,
16:52   was recently negotiating with the Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs
16:56   about commercial, and secondarily,
17:00   counterterrorism-related issues. So we are talking
17:04   about a primary representative of the EU on
17:08   foreign politics and security,
17:12   and she is negotiating with a country where the GDP
17:16   has stagnated since 2009, around 2.5%
17:20   economic growth. I wanted to note this
17:24   and bring it up, because obviously
17:28   such states are so unstable,
17:32   economically and politically.
17:36   There is no stable leadership of such countries; they will not able to
17:40   negotiate terms with either the EU or any of the member states
17:44   that would stop the migration. From Libya migrants are arriving
17:48   continuously, from Tunisia too; Algeria
17:52   as an ex-French colony could be an interesting
17:56   exception — enclosed in parentheses I would like to note
18:00   that the Federica Mogherini meeting could also be interesting,
18:04   because she would like to be the president of the
18:08   European Commission. So from this point of view, it could have significance.
18:12   I have read that Martin Schultz wants to be a commissioner, but
18:16   that is another topic. However, the essence is that these meetings show
18:20   that solid, committed anti-migrant policies
18:24   do not exist in the EU, and those with whom
18:28   they try to make contact are too weak-handed
18:32   to be able to do anything; otherwise it would be Libya where imposing order
18:36   would be the first priority, because that is where most of the people from black Africa arrive from.
18:40   In the remaining minute, may I pose an intelligence service-related question?
18:44   If they make migration legal,
18:48   then the human smugglers would lose a significant profit. Just as
18:52   they retooled themselves from cigarette smuggling to human trafficking,
18:56   could this cause a change, so that they will again switch to
19:00   smuggling some other illegal goods, and increase and become stronger?
19:08   If you ask the intelligence services, then I would say, we should not let ANYONE in!
19:12   We are defenseless [unintelligible] families.
19:16   The arrival of the Islamic State does not mean
19:20   that they are refugees or migrants. It means Europe is attacked!
19:24   With the logic that we make this process free,
19:28   it would be like in World War Two, everybody would put up their hands
19:32   and would not resist. And there is no Churchill, who said the Germans are finished.
19:36   Europe is in the very same situation, only it manifests itself
19:40   in a different form. But the process is identical. —Thank you for being with us!

10 thoughts on “László Földi: “The Majority of European Politicians are TRAITORS!”

  1. Personally I am not certain that causing a refugee outflow to Europe via war in Syria was pre-planned or if EU simply agreed to welcome the migrants as a result, but either way what I am certain of is that the eventual decision was a coordinated approval leading to the same end.

    The motives for accepting the migrants though are along the lines described, which does make it look pre-planned. The wider long term agenda is, to me, apart from various strategic interests, a move to merge the near east and north Africa into EU or strengthen western integration.

    EU interests were complicit in the Syrian war, and in fact the speed at which European press jumped from feting Assad to condemning him is very revealing.

    I am neither saying some elements of the Syrian regime are not harsh, but very frankly this is a trait of most countries in the middle east. Here in the west we are by no means perfect either, just slightly more refined in the manner.

    So here is a ( ok a bit exaggerated) look at Assad before he was shunned by western opinion


    Or a look at conspiracy via wikileaks


    Syria was already housing 1.2 mn Iraqi refugees before trouble started….I try to figure exactly if there is some kind of game plan being played out in Iraq that is hidden, as the territory is understood to be turning more towards Iran – something contradictory given Iran is basically labelled as non grata by the US and Israel. Anyone have any good explanation beyond it just being how the cookie crumbled?

    It is refreshing to see people openly talking on the topic this way as ideas of this kind are pretty much banned in Europe.

    • I might as well chip in on the Iraqi elections as I am reading on it and it is quite a shift.

      Firstly, the US choice Abadi is basically out of the picture.

      So what is left is mostly pro Iranian with varying degrees of (limited) acceptance of US presence, or simply non acceptance.

      Fatah are ex shia militia, they scored well and might unite with Maliki for a pro Iranian brand of governance, apparently Iranian quds force Soleimani is in Baghdad to help forge this if


      is correct.

      A lot is being played on al sadr’s party having the most seats, no idea if he can muster a majority, and there is a lot said on his stance not being pro Iranian etc. , but in practice

      ““It’s [barnyard manure],” says Michael Doran, who served on George W. Bush’s National Security Council, in a phone call from his office in D.C. “Sadr has been bought and paid for.” By? “None other than Iran.” A contention seconded by Pregent.” (ozydotcom source)

      So who knows, and who knows where the US will stand with regards.

    • The greater portion of Iraq oil comes from Kurdistan region and now that political map is reforming every neighbour wants to control the energy sources among another things, including Israel, Turkey and Iran. I’m not saying Kurdistan oil is the major reason behind the events; perhaps only a sweet byproduct of execution of the master-plan.

      • For some reason I see Turkey as the oddball in all of this. Iran has something of a working relationship with the kurds, Syria also, but Turkey not. Saudi, Israel and US may work towards Kurdish independence but that leaves no clear western route out of the region unless Syria (hence Iran) complies, which is not likely but Syria is ongoing.

        So I am not sure where that leaves anything except that there is a clear possible swathe of Iranian influence east to west from Iran to Syria, including Kurdistan in some way, and crossing it north south is Suuni, from Saudi through western Iraq and eastern Syria to Turkey.

        Sort of explains the presence of IS in that region of Iraq and Syria beyond it being Sunni homeland.

        I guess something somewhere will have to give, unless everyone shakes hands and becomes friends, which is not likely.

        For now it looks like the Shia world is obtaining the say, that is tentatively EU as well, leaving Turkey somewhat isolated (pushing it towards EU maybe) and US, Israel defensive or out to interrupt.

        Just my broad way of looking at the map.

    • Morally, I have no problem with Israel keeping the Golan Heights. The Golan was used to shell Israeli farms before the six-day war, and losing part of your (Syrian) territory is part of aggression.

      I don’t know why the US, EU and other far-off foreign concerns became involved in destabilizing the Syrian government. Surely, it had nothing to do with the well-being of the Syrian peoples, who fared as well as any Islamic country in the region, and better than most. If Israel is left to its own resources in the area, they may find it better, overall, to cut a deal for the return of the Golan, including appropriate guarantees. I don’t know how that would work, but it would be a local calculation by Israel: continue hostilities, financing it entirely alone, or look for a deal.

      Concerning the support of instability in Syria, there may be commonalities between the support of migration into Europe and the support of civil war in Syria. Lazlo speculated that the EU bureaucracies encouraged migrations because the flow of dependent peoples generated huge amounts of government aid, a large part of which actually went to bureaucracies. In other words, the civilization-ending migrations are actually fueled by myopic, self-serving bureaucrats seeking to expand their bureaucratic funding.

      In the same way, the US and other Western countries have huge, bloated intelligence and foreign services with unaccountable funding and very opaque oversight. Obviously, the more bribery and weapons trade a CIA branch engages in, the more important that branch becomes within the CIA hierarchy and within intelligence circles. Perhaps the support of the Syrian insurgency is mainly a function of intelligence and foreign service bureaucracies acting locally to extend their influence and prestige. I’m sure Hillary’s support of US interventions in Syria, Libya, and who knows where, generated hundreds of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

      I will make one argument in favor of my thesis that the civilization-destroying policies are a result of blind bureaucrats chasing after dollars and power. I don’t think there is any conceivable scenario where anyone would be better off with the migration waves. Lomnici made the point that from a worker production viewpoint, the migrants are useless. I don’t think the ruling elites can conceive of any way in which flooding a region with violent, aggressive, low-IQ, useless migrants can enhance the experience of ruling. Someone mentioned that breaking up the national identities in Europe would make the population more pliable. It is, however, difficult to imagine a population more pliable than the Western European population prior to 2018. It’s a lot more fun to rule over intelligent citizens than a bunch of brain-dead, inbred, fanatic savages.

      My hat’s off to CrossWare, who, speaking of fun, has the fun of translating the logical discussions of Hungarian analysts.

  2. “The Majority of European Politicians are TRAITORS!”

    Yes, they are playing with fire. They are obviously still feeling secure in their positions.

    • Mind you, on second thoughts, maybe they know the game is up and they’re going for bust?

    • There’s a scene, in The Last Emperor, IIRC, where the emperor orders a stock take on the imperial wharehouses and the eunuchs that run them promptly set light to them.

      I wonder if there’s a parallel. The goverments know western Europe is FUBAR, time to burn it and claim everything would have been fine if not for the right.

  3. The EU agenda is progressing as planned decades ago,
    The proof is in plain sight,
    See who has just received the Charlemagne prize, Macron. See who first received the Charlemagne prize in 1950:- http://balder.org/judea/Richard-Coudenhove-Kalergi-Practical-Idealism-Vienna-1925.php
    The EU agenda is to destroy Europe as we knew it.

  4. Yes, the leaders of Europe are traitors. Those that are ‘in on’the game, I would say that May isn’t. I still don’t know what exactly they think they will gain, the introduction of dictatorship? civil war? a robotic population? Perhaps a civil war leading to dictatorship which then transforms into international control of everybody, everywhere.

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