Islam’s Apostates — Captives Behind the Iron Veil

The following essay was originally published by UKIP Daily.

Islam’s Apostates — Captives Behind the Iron Veil

by The Poacher

In Sharia, the worst crime a Muslim can commit is to leave Islam. No ifs or buts — death is the sentence, and that is why eight countries at that feted institution the UN treat apostasy from Islam as a capital crime. Not something much mentioned at their Human Rights confabs, but there it is. Better to pass another resolution against the Israelis for shooting violent Hamas agitators than address the genocidal threat against 1.6 billion Muslims contained in the Sharia and reflected in these national statutes.

So, if you are unfortunate enough to be a Muslim in Afghanistan, Brunei, Mauretania, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, the UAE or Yemen, then don’t dare mention you kinda prefer that Jesus guy, or Buddha, or you think you could happily wash your hands of all religion. Best you hold on to that thought before going public. Which, come to think of it, is probably why practically none do. Last time one did in Afghanistan, he was quietly extracted and re-settled in the West. Too embarrassing for us to deal with and demand reform. Reform is not a word the Ulema (Islamic scholars) and the Qadis (judges and lawyers of the Sharia) like to hear. No whiff of innovation need be wafted in the general direction of their favoured 7th century practices.

Nonetheless, doubters there are. How many tens and hundreds of millions we can never know until they have that option to choose — without the fear of finding themselves in some dust-blown square with crowds containing silent fellow-sufferers looking on as their head is severed from the rest of their heretical self. Not the way many of us would choose to go.

The Iron Veil of Islam confines its “willing” slaves as covetously as the Soviets once corralled theirs behind their Iron Curtain, as suspiciously as a Dixie plantation owner watched over his, and as profitably as nineteenth century Arab slavers “migrated” tens of thousands of African infidel slaves down the Nile each year. These slave-holders were eventually humbled by the patient, enlightened peoples of the West who attacked the ideology of these barbarous states and fought only where necessary to contain and then squeeze the scheming shacklers.

Leaders today need to understand the ideology driving the apostate-killers and attack that, rather than bomb some poor hill peoples’ huts up some remote valley — at prodigious expense. The offensive has to be based on superior thought, not impersonal unconvincing technology. Islam arms its adherents with a terrible fervour and unearthly commitment, and can outstay the rest of us as long as its ideology — most comprehensively spelled out in the Sharia — retains its death grip on all Muslims who have reached the age of reason.

The West has a vision, a noble vision of free peoples — free to choose their religion, their politics, their sexuality — but has apparently forgotten how to defend itself from the truly intolerant as it has itself become intolerant of free speech. We must understand how truly great is our society, a culture that evolved over millennia and was handed down to us by bloodied hands for us to improve upon, not to throw away over some lefty dystopian chimera. We have to fight to defend those rights earned over centuries or continue the coward’s slouch towards the civilizational abyss.

And what is the West doing about it right now? What are we doing to defend the first and greatest liberty wrung by Luther from the grasping hands of the masters as he stood alone before them and declared, “Here I stand, I can do no other”?

Who stands now for the terrified apostates of Islam in this supposedly free state? Who hears their cry? No Luther, no Latimer and Ridley, no Cromwell, no Wilberforce. Not a peep from the elite. But down in the ’burbs there are stirrings. The Tommies of this world are forgotten but have not forgotten, and from within their ranks they are finding a voice and their own Tommy to lead the way.

O it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Tommy, go away”;
But it’s “Thank you, Mister Atkins”, when the band begins to play

Tommy will battle; Tommy will fight for his sacred rights. His efforts will be disparaged when victory is won and the bands play, but he knows, he knows with unerring certainty that without him his country and our civilization is lost. The bomber boys and the merchant marine took the blows, saved European civilization and, though slighted, went back to their Jerusalems to build something better in our bomb-scarred but still free land. When we have won this one too, as we certainly will, our Tommies will again turn quietly for home and wring what they can from fate.

The forces have been arrayed, and the keep that the more wild-eyed products of the madrassas will defend to the death is the Sharia, the foundation of the faith. And within their keep, in the great hall, hangs their black flag, their most venerated object. And stitched into this dark banner is the law which guarantees their commitment and their numbers — kill apostates.

That flag must be wrested from the wizened hands of the Ulema, the barbaric law unpicked from the cloth and Article 18 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights guaranteeing freedom of conscience woven in its place. It can then be rehung in the great hall of the keep to be venerated as it was of old. But by a reforming Islam, one in which its followers can call for innovation and come and go — as they please.

Until that day Islam remains a civilisation apart, a totalitarian relic.

14 thoughts on “Islam’s Apostates — Captives Behind the Iron Veil

  1. Tommy will battle; Tommy will fight for his sacred rights.

    At this time I don’t think he will. Because Tommy will lose his job and maybe his family. He will certainly be vilified by the media and the majority of the political class.
    At the moment Tommy has no where to go. UKIP is dead and the Torys are negotiating an end to Brexit as the British elite wish to stay in the EU.
    Tommy is left high and dry.

    • Die, convert, or be a slave – there’s no alternative, eh Babs?

      I wonder who you speak with during your day. Those that I speak with, real people, almost without exception feel nothing but antipathy for the Muslim invader, anger dwells just beneath the surface.

      You are defeated before the battle has begun.

    • The Tommies should not be mixed up with the Ruperts. The Oxford Ruperts debate in 1933, on fighting for King and Country ended with a majority saying they would not fight. Not how it worked out in the end. As the manatthepub said, when you speak to the Tommies and ex-military especially, they know this will blow soon enough and they will join in. It is a very common sentiment.

  2. This nature of Islam, taking care of their own dissidents is what Globalists really like in the ideology. Here is an earlier comment from me:

    “The Globalists want to keep Islam for sure. If you think about it, it is the perfect control for the masses. While Christianity lost its teeth as societal control (it was not as aggressive to begin with as Islam), the cult of Islam stayed unchanged and their members just as happily beating to pulp anybody from their own group, who accidentally born with more brains than them… for 1400 years, without any change. For the Globalists this is an extra advantage, they will not need to keep an expensive and dangerous army or police force. (dangerous because they can bite their master’s hand and took over). Islam is cheap, reliable for the new “consumer” society. The technology will be maintained by the new progressive leftist cast… Purple-haired, safe-space loving, multi-gendered wussy transvestites will be kept in line with some muslim muscle, while muslims will be held back with remote controlled drones and other advanced weaponry. Dissenters from either group will be at the mercy of the others, with no possibility to mount any cooperation across the society. This will be the “bright new world” in the style of the Hunger Games and Elysium.”

    • Spot on, Crossware. Might I say that “(dangerous because they can bite their master’s hand and took over)”, means “The masters ignore or never think that the moslems can can bite their masters’ hands and take over. And that happened in history. Soviet in Afganistian 30-40 years ago, and now Germany.

      • What I meant, if the Globalists own the imams, then they fully control the muslims. There is nothing they would not do, if they ordered.

        Another excellent comment, I found somewhere:

        “The globalists LOVE Islam. It’s everything they could possibly want in a false religion. They love its brutality, the way it viciously polices its own and crushes dissent from within. They love its dehumanization, how it turns its followers into little more than human ammunition, eager to be spent in the slaughter of infidels. They love its crushing of spirit, how it keeps entire populations ignorant of history and science while living in destitute poverty, convincing them that fighting the infidels is more important than civilian infrastructure. They love its real rape culture, the way it reduces women and girls to mere livestock, to be raped or beaten or killed or sold on a whim. But most of all, they love its system of unquestioning loyalty, how its followers wouldn’t dare think twice if their imams told them to butcher that person or blow up that kindergarten or beat their own daughter to death. This is why the demonic death cult of Islam has been chosen by the globalists as the official false religion of their new world order.” – cyberjacques

  3. Save West, your children and your intellectual heritage, that’s the priority. You are not in a situation to help apostates and I believe they better stick with their tough decision and save themselves without seeking help from outsiders. Just do it, time is running out.

    • The apostates show another, better way and must be protected and nourished, with the criminal law used aggressively and to the maximum extent to protect them. They strike at the very heart of jihad. Their freedoms are our freedoms.

      • Well said. Once the majority understand the depth of the threat to our norms, the real confrontation can begin. Until then the opposition can claim prejudice etc. Once clear on the way the mullafia really operate, the people will act. The level of anger at the elite and their failure to deal with this issue is obvious to anyone who routinely deals with people in Britain. Others without that contact probably thought Brexit would never happen too.

  4. “Islam remains a civilisation apart…”
    A “civilisation”?
    Slavery, stoning, daughter-killing, forced underage marriage, amputations, death for apostasy, death for denying the Koran, no freedom of conscience, no freedom of speech, no equality before the law.
    No, that is not a civilisation.

    Islam is a system, and it is totalitarian.

  5. Given that the State of Illinois has just passed law requiring all public schools to teach LGBT history as well as purging all such school libraries of non-“inclusive” material, the idea that the West represents anything is eroding.

    In the name of tolerance, the West instead at the political level is trying to enforce acceptance of degeneracy, as in a state where no morals exist.

  6. Very funny article. First, all the “Tommy” deprived of testosterone, intimidated, washed their brains, and now they want something from them.
    For some reason, Tommy should rake out what the “Elites” have done.
    And where is the white British officer in a white cap with a gold braid?

  7. “The West has a vision, a noble vision of free peoples — free to choose their … sexuality”.

    What is this “freedom to choose their sexuality”? If we put it into plain English, it would mean freedom to engage in sexual perversions. What are the results of widespread and officially approved (even applauded) sexual perversions? Emasculation of men, who no longer can defend either themselves or children or women. Masculinisation of women, who can longer properly fulfil the roles of the mother or wife (but do not become strong enough to effectively protect themselves from Barbarian predators). Neurotisation of society as a whole, as more and more people are living abnormal (and thus traumatising) lives. And, of course, increasingly lower birth rate leading to population ageing and decline.

    In the upshot, “freedom to choose their sexuality” transforms a society into a bunch of old queens and lezzies doomed to extinction and unable to resist any foreign invasion.

    If you want your civilisation to survive, you shouldn’t monkey with laws of nature!

  8. There’s a scene in Independence Day that comes to mind. One of the alien invaders has taken over the body of an Area 51 scientist (who was a big alien enthusiast). The President asks him “What do you want us to do?” The reply “Die!”

    Islam in a nutshell.

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