Germany: Masked Leftist Terrorists Threaten Police Family

The following article from Politically Incorrect reminds us just how routinely violent the anarchist Left in Germany is. Only when the antifa go too far — which in this case is WAY beyond the bounds of civilized behavior, and directed at the police themselves — does the government dare to call them on their behavior.

Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Masked Leftist Terrorists Threaten Police Family

May 20, 2018

There is a “new quality of violence against police and their relatives,” say the police in their report on an attack by leftist street gangs against an officer and his family. After an anti-atomic power demonstration on Friday evening, approximately 60 masked persons in the district of Lüchow-Dannenberg are reported to have stormed onto the property of a police officer. According to the police report, the family, alone in the house, was intimidated by the masks, attaching of banners and loud rioting.

After police forces were alerted, they were able to push out the perimeter. In the process, it came to fist fights and physical resistance. The police detained persons from the local as well as the further-flung “leftist scene” on the spot, pending identification, and initiated in consultation with the Lüneburg prosecutor charges of disturbing the peace, threatening, verbal abuse, theft and resisting arrest. Some individuals were taken into custody on the basis of assessed potential for danger. All others were prohibited from returning to the area.

“The police in the area condemn most strongly the aggressions and attempts at intimidation directed at our police officials and their families. Targeted attacks on police officers as private persons, and on their families achieve a new dimension of violence against police officials in the region. This requires total societal opposition, by all legal means.”

That’s a mouthful! We are already acquainted with words like “total societal opposition” from statements in reference to the AfD or “right populists.” As to the photophobic leftist mob, we must be understanding of their “excited protest” which has been exaggerated by “the Right.” So what’s new?

It all seems to be new and surprising for Lower Saxony’s Interior Minister Boris Pistorius, sturdy warrior against the Right and shield of the Left. He writes on Facebook: “I am absolutely appalled by this. It is an incomprehensible violation of limits by this group.” Pistorius says “it’s an incomprehensible violation of limits by this group.” He is clearly at pains to emphasize “this group” rather than leftist terrorism in general in Germany, as expressed last year by an unspeakable act of violence at the G20 Summit.[1]

No one is “appalled” even when the leftist mob harasses AfD campaign booths, physically attacks AfD politicians, burns their cars, defaces their houses, or pummels peaceful demonstrators on their way to Pegida demonstrations

No, of course not, for most of them are, after all, victims “of our society,” and have a right to bring their “understandable” rage to the streets in an act of, so to speak, artistic freedom and thereby make it that much more colorful. And the threatening of the officer and his family was presumably just an application for political office. Beating up on police officers can get as far as the Foreign Minister.


1.   The “orgy of violence” in Hamburg in July 2017.

7 thoughts on “Germany: Masked Leftist Terrorists Threaten Police Family

  1. The political class and the German government are breeding this left terrorism.

    For many years now municipal, provincial and federal governments and political parties even finance radical leftist groups on a local and state wide level, just because they call themselves antifascists.
    And they keep a blind eye when those radicals are intimidating their political opponents (like the AfD) or protesting citizens (Pegida ea.).
    Sometimes they even use them directly for this.

  2. I cannot feel sorry for the police officers.

    Why you ask?

    Take a look at how the police treats german patriots then you have your answers.
    If the police would stay neutral in their behaviour maybe I would feel different.

    And for those who say that the little police officer in the frontrow of a group of one houndred police officers of the anti-riot squad can do nothing and has to follow orders, my return is:

    What do you say to the SS-officers who took part in the Holocaust? (And thats exactly what every german judge asks and demands from the old SS guards.)
    You say: You should have behaved differently regardless of what happened to you.
    You say: If you had been a decent person, you should have taken your gun and killed those who supported the Holocaust.
    Remember the law of Nuremberg: I just obeyed orders is NO valid excuse.

    I think Francis Poretto of bastionof liberty wrote it down in the best way. I dont have access to it so I will try to write down what he said from memory.

    Every person who has a decent upbringing learns the difference between right and wrong and no amount of training / brainwashing can remove this knowledge of good and evil. This is known as your conscience. And all massmurders, be it SS, NKVD, Pol Pot and Cambodia etc or their supporters should have known good from evil. And they choose to disregard it. And if you do this, you have removed yourself from the company of humans and are nothing more than a rabid dog. And we all know what to do with a rabid dog.
    We may have loved the dog when it was a small and nice puppy but once the infection has taken hold there is only one thing to do. Pray that god has mercy on this puppy and put it out of his / her misery. One victim is one too many.

    • In many western countries we can witness a downward spiral when it comes to the qualification and character of the police officers.
      Almost all with a real sense of responsibility and duty have left, and if someone new joins the force, then he likely will leave his job in a few years.

      One just has to take a look at the Swedish or British police.
      And it`s not the citizens or communities they are serving, not even the “rule of law”.
      They serve only those who are in power and who every day more and more “rule by law”.

  3. There is no reason to be masked in public other than to avoid identification in the commission of a crime.

    This an area to begin to define certain offenses with draconian penalties. Every American state needs anti-masking laws and the Riot Act.

    Is there any steel in the people of the West or are we to give in to anarchic scum in a shameful demonstration of cowardice and intellectual flabbiness?

  4. For governments aspiring to the powers of a tyrant, the violent street gang is an arrow in their quiver of tools. Most governments have more than enough military power to suppress any overt resistance, but a government that is too blatant in its violence towards its own people runs the risk of a military coup.

    Thus, such a government supports the violent street gang. The gang acts violently towards the enemies of the tyranny, but the government can deny involvement. Part of the deniability is that the government cannot use it’s police or military forces to support the street gangs.

    This is where an armed citizenry comes in. Since the street gangs are unorganized rabble, and the government cannot openly support them, citizens with weapons can be highly effective in protecting themselves and the laws they are living under. This, essentially, is the reason the left is so anxious to disarm citizens. A disarmed citizenry is vulnerable to “anarchistic” street violence, and the government can take this safer path towards absolute power.

    You can kind of tell from the reports on this incident that the government is bending over backwards to dissociate itself from the attack on its security agency, without disavowing the violent Antifa groups altogether. I think in this case, the actual police who were victims were viewed as collateral damage from a still-useful criminal street gang, so the government focused on deniability (condemning the attack on the police family), without proposing any concrete steps to stop the gang violence altogether.

    By the way, the government actions during the Charlottesville “Advance the Right” demonstration, as well as the Tommy Robinson arrest, demonstrate governments are beginning to drop the fig leaf of deniability, and go straight to tyranny and oligarchic dictatorship.

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