German Priest Celebrates Pentecost in Hijab

A Catholic priest in Germany caused outrage — and apparently quite a bit of approbation, too — by donning hijab during his sermon on Pentecost Sunday. The priest resorted to this desperate measure because he disapproved of the anti-immigration policies of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany).

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is an open letter (also translated by Nash) prompted by Fr. Sedlmeier’s stunt, from a victim of Catholic clerical abuse:

Victim of Abuse Writes Open Letter to the Priest in Aalen: “My Rapist Also Wore Such a Towel Around His Head!”

The gesture of submission by the priest in Aalen not only fired up the Islam debate more, but it also apparently awoke entirely different memories, as this open letter proves.

(The name of the writer of the letter is known to the editor)

Dear Herr Sedlmeier,

In the (online paper) one could see your pathetic hijab performance everywhere; it was widespread on the internet as well.

A long time ago I lived in a Catholic facility as an orphan for fifteen years, from the age of three years old.

But one can’t really talk of the Catholic facility in which I had to dwell, but rather of a Catholic camp where children were mistreated and abused.

It was simply gruesome, what one had to experience there, and what types of people one got to know there who called themselves “servants of God”.

My case of course was even written about in several newspapers, and members of the diocese and servants of God beseechingly apologized to me and wanted to clear everything internally.

If you wish, I can supply you with the respective articles and correspondences of the Catholic offenders, male and female.

To this day, nothing has been cleared. The archive supposedly was disbanded, so that my documents no longer be found.

The Catholic Church and its dubious characters have to this day left their victims standing in the rain. The church stole my childhood. I was a living dead person in your facilities.

And my youth was also stolen from the Catholic Church.

The fact that the pain and suffering that was inflicted not just on me, but others as well, which takes a lifelong toll on everything, can’t just be pushed aside, I’m just mentioning that.

Through the immoral actions of these servants of God, whether in the light or in the dark, I was traumatized for life, and I still am to this day.

A few years ago I was in a clinic for months, and during that time the trauma of my childhood and my youth has come to the surface. I have that black on white.

I had suppressed the memories of the abuse for decades until they simply broke out.

Life is too short to just dismiss the things that were done to me and others by the Catholic Church. The suppression of these memories for decades has cost me a lot of strength already.

I predominantly only got to know male pigs and violent women who claimed to be servants of God. As a child, if one can even say the word child, because I never could nor was I allowed to be a child, one internally scanned and memorized the various facial expressions of these servants of God so that one always knew what mood they were in.

That way, one could every once in a while actually get away before something happened, but unfortunately, only every once in a while.

I am writing you because you have that very same facial expression as many other toey and horny priests that I had the displeasure of knowing from my childhood.

They sometimes crept up on me with towels over their heads, too, because they thought that way they couldn’t be recognized.

When I saw your photo, I had to puke, because immediately the crimes that I had to live through in my so-called childhood caught up with me in a heartbeat.

This was simply a horrible moment.

I therefore suggest that in the future you let go of such follies. Serve your God, but leave your fingers off all things political, since you obviously do not understand certain things, especially when you then so pathetically dress yourself up like a pedophile buck (billy goat), which is what I was forced to experience in my childhood.

The Catholic Church should finally start caring for the thousands of victims who have suffered and are suffering all their lives because of the horrendous crimes that have been done to them through the Catholic Church.

I will also fax this letter to Bishop Fürst personally (07472-169-561) so that we victims may not be stirred up even more through these pathetic disguises (dress-ups) of these so-called servants of God.


Heinrich B.

Video transcript:

0:00   Strong reactions came pouring in after
0:03   the hijab campaign of the Aalen priest Father Wolfgang Sedlmeier.
0:06   During his Pentecost sermon he put on a hijab
0:09   in order to set an example against discrimination against women in hijab.
0:12   In his sermon he elaborated about
0:15   AfD politician Alice Weidel’s speech:
0:18   “Whoever discriminates against people because of their religious choice
0:21   to wear a hijab infringes against the dignity of humans and therefore
0:24   against the evangelical spirit of Pentecost,”
0:27   Father Sedlmeier said to applause during his sermon.
0:30   The AfD politician Weidel
0:33   said during the economic debate in the Bundestag:
0:36   “Burkas, hijab girls, subsequent knifemen
0:39   and other good-for nothing folks
0:42   will not secure our prosperity and wealth, the growth
0:45   of our economy, and most of all the social welfare state!”
0:48   Before the final blessing in his sermon, the priest
0:51   repeated his previous statement, and then he
0:54   put the hijab on his head, reportedly to the applause
0:57   of approximately 200 attendees of the sermon. And after the sermon
1:00   people also reportedly congratulated the priest for his bravery and courage.
1:03   Alice Weidel, the chairman of the AfD in the Bundestag,
1:06   commented on Facebook that the campaign
1:09   by the Catholic priest was ‘completely gaga’ .
1:12   Beatrix von Storch, Alice Weidel’s deputy,
1:15   said on Twitter: “Churches with priests like that can gladly close down;
1:18   the Erdogans of the world are laughing their a**es off.”
1:21   The bishop’s office critiqued the campaign, calling it
1:24   “borderline and not a very smart choice.” [Gebhard Fürst, Bishop, Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart]
1:27   However, regarding content, they back up
1:30   the rebuke made by the Bundestag President,
1:33   says Bishop Gebhard Fürst.

7 thoughts on “German Priest Celebrates Pentecost in Hijab

  1. Bravery? for what? Now if he only had entered a packed mosque on a friday in full catholic priest regalia complete with baculum and mitra, now that’d be bravery and having steel balls the size of a blue whale.

  2. Perhaps it is a good thing that such fools remain celibate.

  3. The ruin of so many young children by priests is truly horrific. Those lives can’t be fully reclaimed.

    I was fortunate; the priest who took a liking to me (because like him, my mother was from Ireland) gave me a bit of fatherly concern I desperately needed. His sudden death one night from a heart attack was a grievous blow to me; despite their stern demeanor (which usually worked), the nuns couldn’t make me stop weeping. I cried until I was done. Every year, on January 18th, I remember him.

    My brother was less fortunate, though he was a tough scrapper and foiled the abuse, which was meted out by one priest in the place where the boys stayed; boys always had it harder. My brother was an altar boy and this priest had a weekend campout with the boys. The priest never returned from the outing. Supposedly he fell into a ravine to his death. It wasn’t until years later that I realized Florida is so very flat that it’s hard to “fall” to your death. And I wouldn’t be telling this story except that our mother, long since gone herself, can’t worry about my brother anymore.

  4. About the English translation of what AfD politicians von Storch and Weidel said in German:

    von Storch is translated as having said, “churches with such priests can gladly close down”. Now firstly, she placed sarcastic quotes around “priests” and secondly, she used the verb “untergehen”, that is “be destroyed, perish, come to an end”. Her German is much more drastic than “close down”.

    Weidel is supposed to have said: “subsequent knifemen”. Subsequent to what?
    What she actually said is: “alimentierte Messermänner”.
    The base of alimony and “alimentieren” is Latin: alere, to nourish. Cf. alimony , in English.

    Hence Weidel is saying that these men are being nourished/maintained, or subsidised. This is a reference to the benefits that aslyum seekers in Germany get from the German state under a special Federal law called Asylbwerberleistungsgesetz, the Act on Benefits for Asylum Applicants.

  5. Am I crazy or is he wearing a WOMAN’S head covering? Does he have any idea how this is perceived by Muslim men? His ‘message’ to them is that the shepherds of the Catholic Church are Islam’s ‘bacha bazi’ dancing boys. No exaggeration. It is almost as clueless as Pope Frank washing the feet of Muslim women. Any savvy tourist to Cairo knows… you do NOT touch Muslim women, you do not even shake hands with them. Any savvy tourist in an Arab country will also know that the foot is considered the low part of the body and washing feet (especially of women) is a sign of abject submission to Islam.

    • The whole scenario is too degenerate for words, but I suspect a prime motivation for the priest’s concern was, in fact, the enabling for him to wear women’s clothes in public.

      I doubt if there is any perceptible public approbation of women wearing hijabs in public. Most people are like me: look briefly at the headscarved creature walking around, and turn away, thinking “why is she not still in Morocco or wherever, and more important, does she even know she’s not still in Morocco?”

      But, such creatures could care less what a kefir thinks, except when it comes to wringing support for some aspect of sharia law from a bureaucrat.

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