Funeral in Brooklyn

The following video contains excerpts from Part 2 of a documentary on the Muslim Brotherhood in the USA by Zvi Yehezkeli, an Israeli journalist and filmmaker who is fluent in Arabic. Mr. Yehezkeli specializes in posing as an Arab and going undercover in various Muslim environments.

This excerpt is about the only place a recently deceased Muslim Brotherhood leader could get a proper memorial service — Brooklyn, New York.

Many thanks to RL for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

08:35   While we filmed, it was announced that the head Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood,
08:39   the top authority of the organization, died in an Egyptian prison.
08:43   All over the world, efforts were made to organize memorial services for Mahdi Akef.
08:47   In Egypt, Saudi Arabia, France, and Germany the Muslim Brotherhood
08:50   were hesitant, and received warnings, not to proceed with memorial services
08:53   for a person considered the ‘terror engine’ of the Middle East.
08:57   Yet in New York, of all places, a large memorial service took place.
09:05   Allah settled him among the shahids (martyrs).
09:09   Allah settled him among the shahids (martyrs).
09:12   Allah settled him in paradise and seated him in heaven’s honorable seat.
09:18   In this country we are confronted by a Crusader / Zionist attack,
09:21   which occur in the US, Europe, and other places.
09:27   In this country we are confronted by a Crusader / Zionist attack.
09:32   This nation is under a big Crusaders’ attack.
09:39   The presence of the Muslim Brotherhood here in Manhattan, in Brooklyn, is strong and thriving.

5 thoughts on “Funeral in Brooklyn

  1. I don’t know what it is, too many generations of cousin-marriage maybe, but it seems like Muslims are delusional.

  2. Oh yeah, they are really under attack in Europe. They commit way too many crimes yet the countries in the West are kowtowing to their every demand.

  3. I like the Crusader/Zionist amalgam. Glad the Crusaders have improved their outlook. Of course, there aren’t many Crusaders left, so perhaps it was time to change direction and altitude.

  4. Imagine if you addressed an audience in a Brooklyn municipal hall in 1968 and said “In 50 years time, American citizens will be in this hall conducting a memorial service for the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood”
    Many people would have asked ‘”Muslim?” is that the same as “Mohammedan”‘? and “Are they the same thing as Islam?”‘. How did it come to this?

  5. Yes. the Muslim Brotherhood is already here in the USA, like a parasitic tapeworm.

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