Chechen Migrant in Vienna Murders 7-Year-Old Girl

Last week a Chechen culture-enricher murdered a little girl in an immigrant neighborhood of Vienna. His motive? He was in a bad mood.

As I understand it, the victim also has a “migration background”. If this is how Muslim immigrants treat their own kind, just think how little the life of a kafir child must mean to them.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript (based on the two separate original clips):

00:10   …a [dustman] has found, together with the police, the body of a child.
00:15   The previous day the 7-year-old was reported missing and it is allegedly
00:20   that very 7-year-old. Now the police are of course investigating. Last night they began
00:25   to look for the girl, and she was only found early this morning.
00:30   And we also talked to some other residents.
00:35   I came back home; I saw her mother in the court, searching. She said to me
00:41   that she had been looking for her daughter for two hours already; there I said to her,
00:46   she must be in our place, because she was in our apartment most of the time, she and her siblings,
00:51   Then I went quickly upstairs to change and went back downstairs
00:56   and they were still searching there. The son had already called the police.
01:01   The police said he had to come in person with a picture. We looked
01:04   everywhere in the court. There were many people there, certainly twenty people.
01:11   Everyone looked. We knocked on people’s doors, we searched in the basement,
01:16   we couldn’t find her there.
04:16   …the body of that 7-year-old was found in the trash can. How did you react
04:21   to the news? —Shocked. Flabbergasted.
04:26   I only hoped, that — as bad as it might sound — that it’s not someone we know.
04:31   But after I learned she was missing since yesterday,
04:36   I thought, well, it doesn’t look good. And then we saw
04:41   the picture on Facebook, and I said, God, what’s going on? Because my little daughter
04:46   used to play with her all the time. I myself played with both little ones on Friday.
04:51   She came, hugged me, very nice little girl, very likable, very pretty.
04:56   Very lively. I always praised her for being so fast.
05:01   We raced together; I have always played with the children here.
05:07   I was shocked. I was really shocked. I still cannot believe it. I am really baffled.


00:00   On Saturday the body of a 7-year-old girl was found in a trash can in a neighborhood
00:06   of council flats in Vienna Döbling. Last night a 16-year-old was arrested.
00:10   An Austrian with Chechen background. He has already confessed. The motive?
00:15   He gave none, except for a “general rage”. About two hours ago
00:20   investigators of the Vienna criminal office held a press conference. In the suspect’s apartment
00:25   the police found traces of blood. The 16-year-old ended up confessing
00:30   in the presence of his parents. —He gave us his motive;
00:35   He called it a “general rage” that he felt this week.
00:40   He can’t or doesn’t want to describe it better to us. He wasn’t in a good mood.
00:45   The young man lives in the same building as the family of his victim. On Friday
00:50   the 7-year-old was allegedly alone with him in his apartment. He allegedly
00:55   attacked her there with a kitchen knife. Finally he threw the body of the girl in a dustbin.
01:00   More information concerning this horrible case
01:05   at noon, right after this.

4 thoughts on “Chechen Migrant in Vienna Murders 7-Year-Old Girl

    • Yes, liberals were encouraged to attack and kill Russians. And here in Paris such a surprise! How unexpected…

      Vendetta in Vienna:
      Relatives of a small Hadisht promised to take revenge on the family of her killer

      Elder family Hadist refused to negotiate for reconciliation.

  1. If they are going to import 7th Century Muslim minds into 21st Century Vienna, they might as well go all the way and allow the murdered girl’s family to kill one of the murderer’s family – or pay a dozen goats.

  2. He was ‘very angry’. I was very angry the other day and I was a little rude to a librarian. Different cultures.

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