Catch-and-Release for a Culture-Enriching Berserker at an Italian Post Office

An anonymous volunteer translated most of this article. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for filling in the gaps:

Frosinone: Migrant furious at the Post Office throws carabiniere on the ground. Migrant then tried and released

The 20-year-old Nigerian was sentenced to two and a half years in prison and, as required by the law, set free. He is an asylum seeker and can not be expelled. Salvini: “Soon the matters will change”

A migrant was arrested, tried and immediately freed. Yesterday morning in Frosinone, after sowing the panic at the post office, he hit one of the responding policemen, knocking him to the ground and making him lose consciousness. All within twenty-four hours.

Godsent Harmony, a 20-year-old Nigerian asylum seeker, initially a guest in a center in Piedimonte San Germano and later settled in Frosinone, went to the post office yesterday in Via Fosse Ardeatine, to withdraw money with his Postepay. His bank account was empty, however, and at that point the young man, who seems to have a gambling habit, lashed out at the postmaster, kicked the office window, and terrified the clients.

The intervention of the Carabinieri was requested and a nearby patrol responded. However, the twenty-year-old attacked one of the policemen [with an iron bar] and knocked him to the ground. Michele De Filippo, the policeman who was knocked down, was diagnosed as unfit for work for 25 days, and the migrant escaped on foot.

In Piazza Gramsci, after he tried to get away, clearing his way with an iron bar, he was finally stopped by other Carabinieri who arrested him on charges of resistance, violence and injuring a public official. This morning he was tried and sentenced by the Court of Frosinone to two and a half years in prison and, as foreseen by the law, released. As an asylum seeker, Harmony can not be expelled.

The photo of the carabiniere on the ground become viral and the Lega Nord, through social networks, promises punishment. The secretary of the Lega, Matteo Salvini, wrote on Facebook: “Having problems with the ATM yesterday in Frosinone, Godsent Harmony, a twenty-year-old Nigerian, thought he could attack the employees of the post office and to sent a Carabiniere to the hospital, even trying to hit him with an iron bar. Sent to court this morning, he was condemned but immediately released, and cannot be expelled because he is an “asylum seeker”. Crazy stuff. But the things will soon change!”

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  1. He sung an iron bar at a police officer, they should have just shot him dead in self defense .

    • Meanwhile in the UK TR is thrown into prison by
      seven ( robo ) cops because he was heavily armed
      With a mobile phone outside a court house.

      Monty Python couldn’t have made it up.

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