Breitscheidplatz: The Story of Anis Amri as a Lone Offender

The following essay by Beatrix von Storch from Freie Welt has been translated by Anton, who includes an extended afterword with additional material.

Breitscheidplatz: The story of Anis Amri as a lone offender

by Beatrix von Storch, Member of the German Bundestag

The public reaction after a physical attack by an Arab refugee is actually always the same: this was a lone perpetrator. No connection with other crimes, no connection with cultural origin, no connection with Islam.

The terrorist attack carried out by the Tunisian Islamist Anis Amri on December 19, 2016 at the Berlin Breitscheidplatz was evaluated in exactly the same manner. Even after it was clear that Amri had excellent contacts with the Salafist network in Dortmund, Hildesheim and Berlin, and went there and out, the individual scenario was only slightly doubted.

German Islamist scene

Shortly after his arrival in Germany, Amri established contact with the group surrounding the Salafist preacher Abu Walaa in Dortmund and Hildesheim. That they never talked about a possible attack on the “infidels” is hard to imagine.

Amri also expressed abstract ideas and fantasies to the police informer working for the state criminal investigation office of North Rhine-Westphalia on a car trip to Berlin. In the process, Amri bragged about his contacts with France, from where he could ‘easily arrange for a Kalashnikov’.

Contact with France

This alleged contact has now been revealed by the French authorities. A few days ago it became known that Islamist Clement B., who was arrested in mid-2017, had frequent personal and telephone contact with Anis Amri. The arrest of the French citizen uncovered several firearms and three kilogrammes of explosives. He is suspected of planning an attack prior to the presidential election in 2017.

Italian Raid

At the end of March 2018, in a police raid in Italy, five suspected Tunisian Islamists were arrested who allegedly had contact with Anis Amri. According to police, it is very likely that Amri had obtained counterfeit documents from this network for his stay in Germany.

Three other Tunisians who had direct contact with Amri had already been deported from Italy at the beginning of 2017. Although there are no direct indications that these contact persons were directly involved in the execution of the attack, the links within the European Islamist scene will have played a role in the preparation of the attack.

For the newly established committee of inquiry in the Bundestag, of which I am a member for the AfD parliamentary group, this means that those relevant acts within the neighbouring European countries are also of great importance and should accordingly be included within the investigation.

ISIS backer in North Africa gives instructions

An obvious direct contact with fighters of the so-called[1] Islamic State in Libya was already established by the Federal Office of Criminal Investigation in February 2016. At that time, Amri was sent several audio files in which the background of machine gunfire and grenade strikes were heard.

Now the federal prosecutor in Tunisia and Libya is looking for a man named Mahir D. He is said to have been the decisive backer of Amri’s attack on the Christmas market at the Breitscheidplatz. In regular chat contact, Amri is said to have been led to the assassination by truck. The contact person for ISIS encouraged Amri again and again to carry out his gruesome act, encouraged him with Islamic religious messages. As a matter of interest, the brother of the ISIS string-puller lives in Berlin, and is also part of the dangerous Islamist scene.

Number of Salafists has doubled

Throughout Germany, the Salafist scene continues to increase. Since 2011, the number of radical Islamists has doubled and now stands at around 11,000.

Anyone who still believes that this has nothing to do with the uncontrolled mass immigration of the past few years can actually no longer be helped.

As in any case of Islamist terrorism, Amri also acted with the expressed intention of killing “unbelievers”. Completely according to the specifications of the jihad laid down in the Koran. Any reflection on such acts of terror that is detached from Islam cannot lead to any correct evaluation and consequent important conclusions.

This denial is the reason for the suppression of the fact that Amri was not an isolated offender, but was supported and guided by a large network. A network that meets in the relevant Muslim mosques and acts in the name of Allah.

But of course that has nothing to do with Islam.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Translator’s Notes (a digression)

by Anton

This article has become much longer than the original translation intended.

Still, it’s advantageous to put the text into context. This provides both insight for the audience and depth to the article. I therefore include my comments and stray intentionally away from the article in attempt to enrich the reading experience.


1.   So-called”. This is a term introduced by the German press whenever talking about the Islamic Caliphate. I’m surprised to see Beatrix von Storch use this terminology. It would appear that a term that is often repeated embeds itself in the unconsciousness of the unwitting audience. And this is exactly the intention.


This is an attempt by the press to undermine the legitimacy of the term and to detach this term from perpetrators: the Moslems. It is an absurd terminology. The instigators are merely installing the Caliphate that all Muslims want to see as handed down in the Qur’an.

The Caliphate : It doesn’t get more Muslim than this!

This is the same kind of Newspeak that the politically correct leftists have introduced into the press and into schools in an attempt to somehow separate Muslims from Islam.

Another phrase you’ll often see in German is “Islamist terror”. As If Islamic and “Islamist” (a purely leftist concoction that Erdogan himself rejects) somehow makes a difference.

One could (and in my opinion should) simply replace Islamic with Muslim.

The mainstream media thus attempt to disassociate the crime from the group perpetrating it: Muslims. The Germans have a rhyme that describes this phenomenon:

“Ich male mir die Welt, wie es mir gefällt.”

I paint my world the way I want to see it.

This is one reason why the left has problems coming to terms with what is happening across Europe. It is in denial.

“Es kann nicht sein, was nicht sein kann.”

“It cannot be, what cannot be”. It is also known as the Illusory truth effect:

The illusory truth effect (also known as the validity effect, truth effect or the reiteration effect) is the tendency to believe information to be correct after repeated exposure.

Whilst the Wikipedia article claims the original study was make in 1977, examples of this can be found throughout political history and in German literature.

In particular, the renowned book Andorra by the Swiss novelist Max Frisch:

The principal character, Andri, is a youth who is assumed to be, like his father, Jewish. The boy therefore has to deal with anti-Semitic prejudice, and while growing up he has acquired traits which those around him regard as “typically Jewish”.

In this tragic plot, lies are repeated so often that everyone believes them to be true. This includes in the end the victims themselves.

“Wer die Wahrheit hören will,
den sollte man vorher fragen,
ob er sie ertragen kann.”

Ernst R. Hauschka

Whoever wants to hear the truth, you should ask them in advance, if they can handle it.

German Political Landscape

The Germans as a nation are, in my opinion, extremely clever and efficient in achieving their goals.

In my experience, the nation is carried by perhaps 20% of Leistungsträger, achievers. I guess this is probably true of most nations. I by no means do want to demean the work of the tireless waitress working three jobs to pay the rent who serves your lunch in the diner, the caring nurse at the ICU or the brave police officers who let us sleep well at night.

Yet these contributions alone do not make a country better than the next. You need thinkers, industrialists, scientists, financial experts, technicians and engineers to achieve this. Of these Germany has many. “Made is Germany” is a proud expression of this ability. The Germans have dominated world markets, exporting their goods to all corners of the world.

Yet in the political arena, there is a great void. A total contradiction.

In the this article, we see a fresh, young, lone politician attacking those pressing issues affecting the well-being of European citizens across the continent.

Beatrix von Storch is not a professional politician by any means. She entered national politics only at the end of 2017 when her party, the Alternative for Germany (AfD), grabbed 13% in a hitherto unseen show of strength from a new conservative party. The result was an absolute condemnation of Merkel’s grand coalition and the destructive politics that has in one form or another ruled Germany continuously since World War Two.

Beatrix von Storch names the problems and names the culprits. She refuses to be blinded by “political correctness”, and given the power she will use her intelligence to drive policy. She is a candle in the wind in the German political landscape.

When we cast a light on other members of Merkel’s cabinet and the German parliament, it gets really interesting and somewhat scary. I hope it may help you understand the state of European politics a little better.

We’ll start with the Minister of Employment, which is more than a little Orwellian in nature.

Hubertus Heil (Socialist)

Minister of Employment and the Welfare State

The man studied politics and then became a politician. His critics claim he’s never worked a day in his life.

In fact. I’ve not been able to find a single reference about his having worked anywhere other than in politics.

Yet this man runs the national employment agency of Europe’s largest country and industrial powerhouse where the scientists and engineers work.

Incidentally: it was exactly the same story with his predecessor.

Ursula von der Leyen (Angela Merkel’s CDU Party)

Minister of Defence

This lady, a mother of seven, is very smart. She is a medical doctor.

A Merkel sidekick, she has previously been the family minister and is now Minister of Defence.

Yet she has absolutely no military experience whatsoever.

So, what has she achieved in this position? Nothing.

The German army and air force are constantly in the news because planes aren’t fit to fly nor are weapons any longer fit for use nor the ships fit for operations.

Critics claim the German military is being run by a Hausfrau. So what does she do, then ?

She introduced Kindergarten so women would find the army more attractive.

She wants to make the army more diverse, and appeals to gays, lesbians and other “genders” (whatever that means) to join.

She even wants the “refugees” to be trained by the army. People who have no identity papers should be trained in NATO warfare, be given access to German military equipment and be integrated into the Army, Navy and Air Force. To this end, she invited Islam clerics to support the German army and join, too.

She even changed the specifications of Germany’s first-line defence — the tank [Panzer] — so that it can withstand a pregnant woman’s water burst.

Her current project? She’s working on uniform to fit pregnant women.

You can’t make this [****] up!!!

Claudia Roth (Green Party)

Vice President of the Bundestag [Parliament]

This indigenous lady never ceases to amaze.

She is probably the least intelligent member of the German political landscape. Although there are many more who could challenge her for this title, believe me.

This lady is the second most powerful person in the German parliament.

Her claim to fame? Having left school without studying, she worked in the theatre for six months. She then became a politician. That’s it.

She is an admirer of Erdogan’s Turkey: “I do politics for Turkey. I love Turkey,” was a claim she made many times. She also demonstrated behind a banner “Death to Germany”.

Watching talk shows in which this woman takes part is unbearable. Her ignorance of the law is amazing for one of the highest-paid in the German parliament. On live TV she stated that the German constitution guarantees asylum to anyone who comes, and nobody may be rejected. This is nonsense coming from person of such political power.

In the building she works in there is an inscription “for the German people”. Perhaps she has not read this? I presume she can read? Perhaps not?

Here she is at the party congress drawing a rainbow with coloured markers.

Katrin Göring-Eckardt (Green Party)

Another member of the party who has been unable to cast off its paedophile past.

After school, she began to study theology, which she gave up after four years. She then became a politician.

This seems to be a repeating trait amongst many German politicians.

The “Mother Theresa” of German politics claims that “the Welcoming Culture is the best defence against terrorism”.

Mission accomplished. There are now two million non-EU welfare claimants in Germany, almost more than the German claimants.

A further example of her intelligence is the phrase she used on live TV. When asked what Germany should do with the millions of functional illiterates (in their own language), she replied: “We also need migrants who feel at home in our welfare system.” Need I say more?

A final example — and the nemesis of the AfD Party — is the following character, who used to be Minister of Justice.

Heiko Maas, (Socialist Party)

Foreign Minister

This gentleman is a lawyer. So when he became the justice minister in Merkel’s previous cabinet, it appeared to be a perfect placement.

Yet he has achieved nothing.

Rather than handling the problems of exploding crime, murder, rapes, beheadings — the most recent of which took place just days ago —, child rape (both boys and girls), grievous bodily harm, theft, and the rise of terrorism brought into the country with Merkel’s illegal and thoroughly unconstitutional open door policy, he introduced hate speech laws to prosecute those who complain about it.

He went on to claim that “nobody had anything taken from them,” as the annual cost of €50 billion for importing predominantly illiterate, misogynist Bedouins and 45-year-old “children” from Arabia and criminal Africans from north and central Africa.

In light of the thousands of lawsuits filed against Angela Merkel’s actions — which even her own interior minister, Horst Seehofer (CSU), called a “lawless state” — Maas confirmed this. By doing nothing. Simply refusing to open a lawsuit against his own Chancellor.

Rather than fighting the rapid rise of large Arab and Lebanese families, who arrived on German territory without identity, and who have taken over many parts of large cities across the country and now dominate organized crime, he chose to set up and finance snoopers who look through social media and shut down dissidents.

He also calls to tolerance towards Islam, and his office openly supported the introduction of child brides and polygamy amongst the immigrants. They have prosecuted none. Not a single prosecution. So, just another Orwellian Ministry under Merkel’s lawless government.

The man has now been promoted to Foreign Minister. So I’m sure you’ll see this guy more and more on your TVs.

As you can appreciate, I could go on forever. But, I think you get the picture by now. German politics is in an awful state. The established parties managed to gain 87% in the national elections, which gave Merkel a new breath of life in building a new government. But even then, it took her over half a year to get a coalition together. And what a class act that is.


This is why it is so refreshing to see Beatrix von Storch publishing such articles.

The fact that she was unable to publish this article in one of the mainstream media outlets only serves to demonstrate how fascist Merkel’s government, state media and newspaper control has really become.

Whether this control is direct or self-imposed denial is certainly debatable.

Merkel’s state media still refuse to report on parliamentary debates. The AfD are still not being invited to talk shows. The most effective way to weaken the AfD is obviously not to talk about them unless it is to criticise.

Merkel, “the most powerful woman in the world”, achieved just 26% of the German’s vote in the last election — mainly from older people who have always voted so — and tries to dictate European migration policy. But her fragile grip is failing quickly.

It’s hard to believe that the clever German people allowed this woman to reign again. There is no evidence to support widespread election manipulation. This would be a logical supposition, given the damage Merkel’s government has inflicted.

Only last week, a homeless man was beheaded. BEHEADED. And he’s not the first.

On Sunday, the police stopped a potential attack on a Berlin marathon. Four friends of Anis Amri — the “lone wolf”! — were planning to kill as many as they could in a revenge attack.

The sooner this woman has been kicked out of power the safer Europe will become. The cleanup operation can begin, and the Nuremberg trials 2.0 can take place to prosecute Merkel and her henchmen for her destruction of German and European cultures.

Viktor Orban recently solidified his government in a land-slide victory for his Fidesz party, just another nail in Merkel’s coffin. So at least there is some good news.

8 thoughts on “Breitscheidplatz: The Story of Anis Amri as a Lone Offender

  1. What we see here in Hungary, looking at Germany, that despite the increase of Germans leaving their country to settle in Hungary, most of the population is just as willing to accept indoctrination, as they were in 1938.
    Unfortunately Germany, this will not end well, just like the previous “adventure”.

  2. ““So-called”. This is a term introduced by the German press whenever talking about the Islamic Caliphate.”

    What a coincidence! The same term used by the British MSM, especially the BBC, whenever talking about the Islamic Caliphate.

    I wonder, is there some higher authority that coordinates all this, because I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that this was the case throughout Western Europe.

  3. There are too many similarities between the situation in German politics and that in British politics for them to be mere coincidence. Professional politicians with little real world experience are running the show not just in Germany but throughout Western Europe; consider the European Union for instance, where unelected place men rule the roost and have the audacity to talk about democracy.

    I found this point interesting, “”Merkel, “the most powerful woman in the world”, achieved just 26% of the German’s vote in the last election — mainly from older people who have always voted so…”” In Britain they claim that younger people keep the left afloat, but I’m not so sure.

  4. With all due respect to Anton, he should heed the words of the head of the Iranian armed forces a few years back: “The Americans don’t want to destroy Islamic State, they just want to keep it under control.”

    Writers/translators on Alt Right sites such as this have the unfortunate naive belief that radical Islam arose seemingly out of no current situation but is 1400 years old (after all, the Koran and the hadiths and Respite of the Traveller are clear enough, so it is said) and, bent on the Caliphate, has no links to Western geopolitics. And that our police and spooks are bravely combating it at all times. Far from it.

    Because it has been repeatedly documented, recently by Mike Flynn, ex-head of DIA talking to Al Jazeera, that radical Islam has been financed and equipped for decades by the UK and USA; Mike was referring to the Obama policy towards IS. The link between MI6 in the UK and the anti-Nasser, anti-secularist, anti-socialist Muslim Brotherhood before WW2 is well known by those who want to know of it.

    The central fact is that both main enemies of the USA and its Western vassals, namely Russia and China, have highly exploitable Muslim minorities within their borders.

    This will explain why AfD politican von Storch fails utterly to mention what the German press covered in great detail in 2016-2017, namely all the police and intelligence “errors” in regard of Anis Amri. The MSM paper Tagesspiegel in Berlin for example;
    A special commissioner was appointed in Germany to investigate all that had gone “wrong”.

    von Storch suppresses all mention of the “errors”, possibly because she does not want to alienate AfD voters in the security forces or because she is not as “pro Putin” as the russophobe “cruise missile liberals” in Germany would like to believe. In other words, she too may support, or has been threatened or bribed into supporting, attempts to use Muslims as useful patsies to launch terror attacks on the German population.

    After all, she refers only briefly to the “commission of enquiry”, on which she sits: I find this brevity astonishing given what is already known.

    Amri was conveniently shot to death by an Italian cop before he could be interrogated: the way Oswald was shot by Jack Ruby, perhaps?

    • There are MANY different layers of ideology, interest, loyalty that overlap in a myriad of ways, sometimes by tolerance, common benefit, similar goal etc. Some ARE very organised, for example EU is a large governed framework adapted to allow many to fit. Others, including EU at certain levels , are more informal agreements that have no record beyond communication and a shared vision or understanding that relates one to the other at decision time.

      That is why those looking for a command room or control center for the all will be disappointed. The most influential actors however do have the leverage to dictate how much of the show evolves, and we ” live their story “.

      Such is the power of bureaucracy nowadays that it creates its own world, it becomes ” the reality ” with little need for adjustment simply because it is pre-designed to achieve a certain end.

      So we are also for example presented with other dystopian scenarios that just do not seem to make sense, for example the JQ and afd

      which kind of illustrates the hex of holding any kind of nationalist view in Germany.

      I expect Germany will just continue as near head of EU, always getting to be the one following behind by being the “good demonstration” of social(ist) values, but who knows.

  5. The one you describe as the least intelligent, Claudia Roth, I find the most intelligent, as she at least puts on the headscarf, and bows to her Turkish overlords. She has the greatest understanding of the outcome of all of this. I don’t believe it will save her, but at least it is an acknowledgement of truth of where her politics are taking her. Islamic cultures respect power not capitulation, so she will be discarded like yesterday’s news. The story on the head of defense, Ursula von der Leyen, is like reading something out of The Onion, yet she is described as intelligent?

    • It seems to me from this article, that the Powers That Be want utter incompetence at the highest political levels. If you get an intelligent person by and by, you stick them into an area they know nothing about. But mostly you just buy up a bunch of idiots and corrupt people. That’s one way to feed the chaos they want.

  6. We know this “mismanagement process” for creating dysfunctional society and State in former “East Block” as a “Negative Selection”..We experience this for almost 50 years..There is a purpose behind, to chose incompetent people in a place of Power..

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