The Islamization of the German Family

The video below is blatant piece of pro-Muslim propaganda from a German state-TV affiliate. Egri Nök, who translated the brief clip for subtitling, suggested the digitally modified photo used at the top of this post, and includes these introductory notes about it:

Karl-Eduard Richard Arthur von Schnitzler (1918-2001) was the chief commentator on DDR TV, and author and moderator of the agitprop TV show “The Black Channel” (which was entirely devoted to anti-Western propaganda). To East German citizens, he was the most controversial (i.e. hated) journalist of the DDR.

He was nicknamed Sudel-Ede in the West, “Dirty Ede” (literally: besmirching Ede), because his sole aim was to besmirch the West.

He joined the Socialist Youth when he was only 14 years old; was captured by the British in WW2 and learned his trade at the BBC. He worked in Hamburg and Cologne after WW2, but got fired in ‘47, because the Brits found his commentaries increasingly communist. He moved to the DDR in 1947. In 1948 he joined the SED (Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands — the ruling party in East Germany, which eventually morphed into Die Linke after the Wall fell), became a commentator at the Berliner Rundfunk, in 1952 the chief commentator of the broadcast committee, and then chief commentator of DDR TV.

Schnitzler became well-loathed because of the huge discrepancy between what citizens saw and his commentaries. That is why his name is heard so often these days.

He would tell people how well-off the DDR was, and how the West was jealous, when shelves in the shops were empty. So when you see refugees harassing someone in the street, and then turn on TV and find films about how lovely the religion of peace is, and how hard-working and 17-year-old all migrants are — that is when the name Karl-Eduard von Schnitzler comes to mind.

He died a member of the DKP, communist party of West Germany, however — shortly before the DDR fell, the SED had to kick him out, because he had become so hated, and people chanted slogans against him in the demonstrations. “Schnitzler lass das Lügen sein” — “Schnitzler quit the lies,” etc.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   In the event that something should happen to her, Mrs. Unger arranged that the two of you
00:04   should take on the tutelage of her daughter Pia.
00:08   Why are you doing this? —Your daughter wanted it like that, you know that!
00:11   —All I know is one thing, and that is: you are taking our grandchild away from us!
00:14   Pia — she will be well-off with us. —And you want us to stand by
00:18   and wait until our grandchild wears a headscarf one day, or what?
00:21   She’s got to get back here with us, where she belongs.
00:24   “The German Child” — Movie-Wednesday, on the First programme.

8 thoughts on “The Islamization of the German Family

  1. So what is that, a trailer for a German soap opera?
    I can’t wait for season two, when the marriage has broken up and the muslim husband has left for Afghanistan taking the daughter, to ensure “she is raised a muslim” by his parents.

  2. 400,000 voters of the LINKE swapped to the AfD last Federal elections in Germany. So it is injudicious and unwise and far from expedient to look a healthily Islamophobic gift horse in its (allegedly) previously Communist mouth.

    Unless one is a fanatic West German or CONUS conservative, of whom there are many.

    Marx’s opinion of Islam and religion in general does not bear repeating and is not gainsaid by any GoV attempt to link Marx with “Mecca Mo” via Schnitzler.

    There is a pending nuclear war against Russia that is a direct followon to US-led, minerals-lusting aggression against that country in its Soviet (1917-91) and current Russia-only shape. Trump having been backed into a corner by the Deep State SJW Clintonite “humanitarian interventionists” and neocons of Bush, Poppy und Junior.

    Now West Germany has always been a loyal vassal in that.

    And also in the decades-long incitement by Western intelligence services of radical Islam, going back to before WW2. The Saudi Crown Prince talked in the Wash Po just now about how the US wanted Saudi to spread Wahabism to fight Communism after 1979.

    So it is funny to read on GoV a Red-baiting John Birch style invocation of Schnitzler in an attempt to show how German TV has become DDR-like.

    If you replace Schnitzler with some US TV talking head with a weakness for the Muslim Brotherhood you are closer to the decades-long truth of the Islam-Capitalism link.

    After all, it was Adolf who worked closely with Islam in WW2 not Joe Stalin or Erich Honecker. (pause while some CONUS person at GoV screams at me that Nazis were first and foremost “socialists”! )

    Maybe the owners of GoV need a quiet visit from a nice US marshal to tell them that POTUS and GoV are all on the same side, actually: after all, Mo of Mecca was just the John Galt (Atlas Shrugged) of his day? a successful capitalist businessman who has been marketing his brand recognition these last 1400 years?

    • “An attempt to show how German TV has become DDR-like” – that was all we intended to do here. Cognitive dissonance inducing state propaganda, past and present.
      And we provided some background on who the black and white guy is, for international readers. Not sure where Russia, Trump, etc. come in.

      • (I posted my reply to Reconquista before your comment appeared)- as an example that’s exactly how it reads.
        Seems the poster above was triggered by something or may have an agenda, perhaps a clue is in the name, ‘Reconquista’.

      • Elucidation @Egri Nök et al

        The NATO expansion to the East was started by Clinton (the rapist and drug trade enabler in Arkansas, not the nominally female one).

        And Bush jun. canceled the ABM treaty in 2002 as part of US-led aggression against Russia, leading to what Putin announced in the way of new Russian ICBMs a few weeks ago,

        So von Schnitzler of the GDR can be said to be right in retrospect in some of what he said on TV.

        But at the time, statements by him and Communist others 1947-91 alleging imperialism and which you call ” State propaganda” were laughed off in the West.

        Well, QED, don’t you know? as we are on the brink of war with US ships in the Black Sea and troops in Ukraine.

        As an Alt Right blog, GoV has many contributors who fantasise that the EU hijra is a Communist/cultural Marxist (what is this?) plot because Merkel was in the FDJ in the GDR and because the SJW antifa in CONUS or the EU is self-proclaimed “Left.”

        But such people are noticeably low on economic acumen.

        The SJWs themselves naively ignore the fact that they are useful idiots for their enemy. Its (government)police now tolerates their attacks on demonstrations in Charlottesville or Europe but they are apparently too stupid to ponder what that means.

        But it is global capital and not any “communism” that is is fronted by Merkel or Obama or May or Macron.

        So the Alt Righters are equally deluded because – dare I say it- the ultimate enemy for them is not Islam but Labour in its organised ie “socialist” form.

        That will be why Alt Righters fail to see that when Schäuble talks of the need for Europeans to avoid incest by breeding more with e.g. Blacks and Arabs, this is the same Schäuble who is a fanatic economic austerity apostle.
        He said to Greek FinMin Varoufakis at negotiations “The result of (your Greek) elections cannot be allowed to interfere with economic policy”.

    • Missing the point there somewhat methinks; “He would tell people how well-off the DDR was, and how the West was jealous, when shelves in the shops were empty. So when you see refugees harassing someone in the street, and then turn on TV and find films about how lovely the religion of peace is, and how hard-working and 17-year-old all migrants are — that is when the name Karl-Eduard von Schnitzler comes to mind.”

      In short it’s about the difference between what a propagandist spouts and reality, I see no attempt to conflate Communism with Islam.

  3. When I looked at this video, I remembered a song from the time of the Second World War “The enemy has burned his home”
    And here I see that someone burned down the house to Germans.
    Who set fire? Who are these enemies? Whom to give to tribunal?

  4. I think this could be the German version of how you get more Trump, except in this case, it will be more AfD.

    Even if the media dimwits try to portray this in a sympathetic light for the Muslim guardian family, it will only backfire.

    The journey to good mental hygiene for Germans, as for all people, begins at The Cross, and the forgiveness of sins and new life.

    There is no hope for Germany without it.

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