Syrian Arsonist Blocked Apartment House Door So Residents Couldn’t Escape

As a follow-up to last night’s report, Egri Nök posted this article earlier tonight at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Update: Police Think Syrian Set Leipzig House on Fire Intentionally, Wounding 16, Killing 1

by Egri Nök

As we reported, a Syrian refugee set fire to an apartment house in Leipzig in the early morning hours of Good Friday, wounding 16, and killing one woman.

The Federal Prosecutor confirms to Bild newspaper that the man was arrested and specifically charged with first-degree arson, murder, and attempted murder. Police think that the arson was intentional. The man had set fire to a rubbish bin at the rear exit, so that the entire stairs and hallway caught fire within minutes, from the ground floor to the roof. The house’s entrance appears to have been blocked with a sofa.

According to neighbours, the Syrian regularly fought with his wife so fiercely that police came to intervene several times.

The woman who died in the flames is not yet identified, but is believed to be the tenant Sandy B., 40 years old; while a yet unidentified man, who is in critical condition with utmost severe burns, is believed to be her partner.

The two who had to jump from the roof into the firefighters’ cushion, a man and a woman, suffered broken bones, but are otherwise fine.

What was left of the staircase collapsed Saturday night.

Once again, visit Vlad’s place for the photos to go with these captions:

1.   The fire spread through the hallway from the ground floor to the roof within minutes.
2.   People locked on the roof jump down into the firefighters’ cushions.
3.   The hallway collapsed the next day.
4.   Aerial view of the house.

4 thoughts on “Syrian Arsonist Blocked Apartment House Door So Residents Couldn’t Escape

  1. Never forget the wounded, the crippled, those damned to a lifetime of relentless incapacity, pain and nightmare. SO MANY crippled, maimed and suffering PTSD from Pulse Nightclub to Bataclan to survivors of Beslan or those horribly injured Australians from the Bali bombing that was so long ago but survivors must live with suffering every day. Thousands and thousands. And then there are those who lost a son, a daughter, a father, mother, wife, husband. Thousands and thousands who have to live every day with the suffering that is wrought by Islam. There are enough acid mutilated women in London alone to fill a good sized hospital (over 400 such attacks in one year). Had enough. I had had enough in the 1970’s after Entebbe.

    • The scene that often haunts me is 7/7 – the tube and bus bombings in London in 2005. I kept picturing people returning from work to find a family member blasted to eternity. And that first day may have been horrendous for the maimed survivors did it get easier?? We wrote about it back then. The following year I tried to find some mention, some planned memorial to ease the memories of survivors. If there was such an observance, the Queen certainly didn’t lay a wreath nor did the MSM mention it.

      The silence was numbing. It still is.

      It took until 2009 for any recognition of the dead beyond the initial day to be observed.

      • I worked outside London 2-3 days a week then; I was in Guildford, Surrey on the 7th, and first heard about the attacks when my brother called to check I was ok.

        A few years ago, Channel 4 tv did a follow-up documentary, and interviewed a woman (black, around 35-40) who was on an Underground train that was bombed. She recalled how, some time afterwards, she was crossing London Bridge, and a smartly dressed businessman asked if she’d like a hug. People can be horrible, but they can also be amazingly sensitive and compassionate.

        • The “horrible” (and callous) part – for me – was the utter lack of acknowledgment of the biggest terror attack in London on its anniversary date the following year and in subsequent years. This happened in 2005 and “a few years ago” Channel 4 deigned to notice? Out of sight, out of mind.

          A quick hug for one person doesn’t cut it. Tragedies must be recalled and remembered. You have Remembrance Day for all the dead of a century ago and those iconic red poppies. How about an iconic flower for the victims of terrorism? And a date set aside to honor their memory for the sake of their surviving loved ones? Maybe a Venus Fly Trap.

          No wonder England is a soviet hot mess with people cited for littering when they empty the dirt out of their shoe.


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