Swedish Culture-Enrichers: Armed to the Teeth and High as a Kite

Cultural enrichment in Malmö

Many thanks to Anton for translating this article from the Swedish police website about weapons and drugs in southern Stockholm. The ethnicity of the suspects isn’t mentioned, naturally, but we can all make an educated guess:

Large cache of weapons and drugs in Skärholmen in southern Stockholm

A larger number of weapons and large amounts of drugs were found in a car in a parking garage in Skärholmen, on the evening of April 8. A preliminary investigation into extremely serious crimes of violence and serious drug offenses has begun, and a man has been arrested.

Police officers with a drug-detection dog conducted a routine drug scan in a large parking garage during the evening of April 8 in connection with a house in Skärholmen. The drug-detection dog clearly marked a car, and after initial investigation, a search was made of the car during which the items were found. The car was seized for further investigation.

In the car they found automatic military weapons intended for use in war. “We also found explosives, hunting weapons, guns, ammunition and kilos of drugs of different sorts,” said Jonas Lindberg, of the serious crime department of the Stockholm South Police, who is leading the investigation in this case.

A man was detained in connection with the seizure and is now also being charged further under suspicion of involvement in large-scale crimes, drug offenses and for violation of the Act on Flammable and Explosive Goods.

“The preliminary investigation has just begun, but at the moment, there are lots of indications that point to a particular criminal network. I cannot tell you more at the moment, but it is extremely positive that we have removed so many weapons and drugs from the street in a sweep. They could have done great harm in the wrong hands,” says Jonas Lindberg.

Police in the Stockholm region work to break the rise of violence

During 2017, a total of 129 shootings took place in Stockholm County. A targeted effort to break the violence includes, among other things, reducing the number of illegal weapons and removing the hand grenades.

Criminal networks and a battle on drug markets are part of the problem, and therefore also what the police are working against. Work is ongoing throughout the region, and the special event “Max” of the police in the Stockholm region strengthens that work.

And from the Truth Seeker (already in English):

Violent crime in Sweden is soaring. When will politicians act?

January was a particularly violent month in Sweden. A 63-year-old man was killed in Stockholm by a hand grenade lying in the street.

A Dutch exchange student was hit by a stray bullet during an execution-style killing at a pizza restaurant in Uppsala.

In Gothenburg, a hand grenade was thrown into a flat and exploded in the kitchen — the same predominantly immigrant-populated suburb where an eight-year-old British boy was killed in a grenade attack less than two years ago.

In Malmö, a grenade was tossed at a police station and exploded outside. So it has not, so far, been a very happy new year.


19 thoughts on “Swedish Culture-Enrichers: Armed to the Teeth and High as a Kite

  1. ” …………..among other things, reducing the number of illegal weapons and removing the hand grenades.”

    The “other things” presumably won’t include reducing the numbers of those who fire and throw these things.

  2. Truly amazing,

    I lived in Stockholm in 1988 for 6 months, between 1993/99 I visited it on cruise ships from Finland.

    I used have a Swedish girlfreind in London from Uppsala in 1985. She had been raped in Uppsala in 1984.

    Sweden was always very very strange country, strange people. I understand it now, that it was socialism I was experiencing, and feminism, Marxism…


    [redacted for incivility, name calling]

  3. but it is extremely positive that we have removed so many weapons and drugs from the street in a sweep.

    They got one car full of stuff, do they think it was the only car with stuff in Sweden?

  4. Am I truly a conspiracy theorist, have a good sci-fi imagination, or is the reality I perceive to be…IS that govt’s are waiting, perhaps hoping, that the long time citizens will strike back with violence, so that martial law can be a logical response. Thus we lose our freedom and it will be “our fault.”

    • I dont know about other countries but here in Austria your perception definately not the case. I have some very good contacts into the highest ranks of the government and there is no confirmation of such an assumption. The current government in Austria is rather beginning to try to repair alot of things which went wrong under the former socialist government.

    • @ Suzi G.

      It always bothers me when so many among us talk about the “stupidity” of our leaders. It is dangerous to underestimate their intelligence and I presume that they know exactly what they are doing.

      It is equally wrong to think of them as having some genuine kind of compassion towards the african and middle-eastern invaders of Europe. Our leaders despise them as much as they despise us, the unwashed and the deplorables.

      I think you are spot on with your assessment that the purpose of this whole immigration thing is the creation of an explosive population mix that requires martial law rule and open dictatorship, since it becomes increasingly obvious that many people and even some countries in eastern Europe will not take this invasion lightly. The key word here is population reduction through massive social upheaval.

      It is also interesting to observe the decrease of average IQ through mixed breeding, which has become very fashionable and politically quasi mandated in places like France and Germany. It makes for a more easily governed, dumbed down, hedonistic populace.

      So yes, I think you are right. No sci-fi aspect in your take on things.

      Welcome to the matrix.

      • “It is also interesting to observe the decrease of average IQ through mixed breeding…”

        I have no doubt that mixed breeding with low-IQ individuals lowers the IQ. But, it should be noted that once populations get to a certain point of sophistication, selection pressures disappear and the IQ and other character traits desirable for a functioning society decrease.

        Was the decline in the Swedish population due to the open migration and mixed breeding, or was the open immigration and mixed breeding due to the decline in the Swedish population? [emphasis by Admin]

  5. Absolutism was the norm in all the Scandinavian countries for centuries. It is democracy and the concepts of individual rights and limited government that are new ideas which lie somewhat lightly on the consciousness of the citizenry of those countries. The government doesn’t need an excuse to crack down. Nobody would even think to question a government crackdown. In fact the perps would probably turn themselves in.

    • Absolutism? Nordic countries have had been some of the most liberal and free countries that ever existed. Being a frontier with lots of wild life and low population, people would always run for Scandinavia when the true Absolutists, the Monarchs of continental EU, started their thing.

      Sweden has always been open to newcomers. The problem is, the Swedes have absolutely zero experience with middle eastern newcomers, who have a rather different way of doing business. Middle easterners like their dictators, while Swedes just want to be nice to everybody.

      • Nordic peoples, especially Swedes and Norwegians, settled in large numbers in the American midwest. Unfortunately, they are leading leftist mulitcultis who have allowed Somalis to swarm in, creating crime and chaos. Minnesota’s Keith Ellison, a Muslim Democrat, is the Congressional representative for Minneapolis and environs:

        Rep. Ellison’s philosophy is one of “generosity and inclusiveness.” His roots as a community activist and his message of inclusivity through democratic participation resonates throughout the Fifth District. His priorities in Congress are: promoting peace, prosperity for working families, environmental sustainability, and civil and human rights.

        A true-blue leftist, elected by Swedes and Somalis.

        • What can you say?

          There are terrorists everywhere now, it’s all just part and parcel of life in a vibrant society.

        • That is how the Swedes are, they try to be friends with the good and the evil at the same time, and that is probably going to be their downfall.

    • Sweden has been a bureaucracy-driven totalitarian state since at least the 1970s. The all-powerful, faceless bureaucracies sandblasted out individual and cultural distinctions, leaving not exactly a police state, but a society where individual expression was met with personal sanction and possibly economic sanctions.


      I remember during the Vietnam War, Sweden was a prime haven for giving shelter to draft dodgers, black draft dodgers in particular. This was not some liberal display of tolerance for all dissent, but a specific attempt to sympathize with the Communist side and with the oppressed blacks of the US. As is was, there was plenty of reason for a US citizen to consider the Vietnam War to be a politically-motivated disaster fought for no good reason by Lyndon Johnson, but no particular reason Sweden should be involved in it one way or another.

  6. There use to be a time when immigrants would get a job in a factory, learn the language and assimilate (yes that dirty word) into the majority culture. Seemed to work well for all.
    But these young muslim men who have invaded Europe (particularly after Merkel’s irresponsible invitation), these muslim, don’t want to work, prefer to hang around in gangs, assaulting the locals and dealing drugs. Some without doubt will morph into religious terrorists, but all of them are a menace and a danger to society, and should be deported.

    • Isn’t assimilation the primary goal of immigration? If a person moves to live in a new country whilst expecting/desiring to live in that country as he lived in his own country then he isn’t an immigrant, he’s something else.

  7. What is with the cross and tattoos? They are forbidden in islam. Maybe they are planning to stone him to death.

    “It is narrated that ‘Abd-Allaah ibn Mas’ood (may Allah be pleased with him) said: “May Allah curse the women who do tattoos and those for whom tattoos are done, those who pluck their eyebrows and those who file their teeth for the purpose of beautification and alter the creation of Allah.” (al-Bukhaari, al-Libaas, 5587; Muslim, al-Libaas, 5538).”

  8. The Government? will not act to pacify the streets and schools. They will not act because things are going in a direction of which the Government approves.

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