Snake Soup With Prime Number Noodles

The following op-ed by Zsolt Bayer discusses the aftermath of the recent general election in Hungary, in which disappointed and angry Progressives have taken to the streets to bring down the “regime” of the victorious prime minister, Viktor Orbán.

CrossWare, who translated the essay, sends this explanatory note:

This article by Zsolt Bayer is about the liberal protests, similar to what happened in the USA after the election of Donald Trump, when screaming liberal lunatics and BLM terrorists tried to generate a “revolution”. The similarity between the two cannot be denied; it’s almost as if the same organization was using the same script in both locations…

The title refers to Ferenc Gyurcsány, an ex-Socialist former Prime Minister, who gave the famed: “we lied day and night” speech. Since little Frank lost himself in the bottle, with increasing frequency he has been saying the darnedest things. (We do not need a kids’ show to do that). First he said in a press conference that he is an excellent mathematician, and to demonstrate it, he stated that the number 11 is the largest prime number. Then he corrected himself, saying it’s the smallest, and then he lost his train of thought… Then on election day, in a similarly limited mental capacity, he wanted to complain about the lines at the voting booths, and he got into a long explanation about how the snakes are slithering (he meant the queues are like snakes, but whatever).

The translated op-ed from the Hungarian daily Magyar Idők:

Snake soup with prime number noodles

by Zsolt Bayer
April 14, 2018

Before the election Ferenc Gyurcsány (snake soup with prime number noodles) warned everyone that the right will not accept their election loss, and will create riots in the streets where blood will flow because the right is like that, and especially Orbán…

Then came the election, where the right achieved a two-thirds super-majority victory for the third time, and the losers are not capable of enduring the election loss, screaming about cheating and planning street riots. They now say they will turn out, they will turn out so much that they will never go home again from the streets. The leader of a party that received only 2% stated on the night of the election loss that the “regime” will not remain till 2022, and while he is saying this, in his hipster beard the nothing makes a noise.

So many black knights! [Referring to Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the Black Knight Scene — translator] Their arms and legs are cut off, but they are still on the ground screaming hysterically to stop, come back, because they will bite off our heads. It’s pitiful, but it’s infinitely annoying too. It is infinitely annoying to prove again and again that the Bolsheviks are eternal and indefinable. The term itself and its historical background are marvelous: majority, majority.

This is what they called it; they named themselves that and were always in a minority. Moreover, their most important features are: total inactivity, the cult of force, and “everyone outside of us is stupid, everyone is guilty, everyone is wrong” mentality. They brought their usual shape on the eighth of April [election day] as well. As the people began to flow to the polling booths, they talked about the celebration of democracy; they praised the voter, who was coming, flooding, as a tsunami to dismiss and replace the dictator.

Then it turned out that the people really poured out, but to give two-thirds to the current set-up (the “dictator”), and to send this opposition back to their mothers… at last! And you see a miracle: in a moment everything has changed! Suddenly it was the darkest dictatorship instead of the celebration of democracy, and the people, in a blink, became uneducated, uninformed, stupid villagers. Of course, immediately the electoral system has become unfair and undemocratic.

About this last one [electoral system]: based on the results on Sunday, in the United Kingdom the Fidesz-KDNP would have got 86% of the seats in Parliament; in France this would have been 72%; in Italy 63%; in Germany, Romania, and Slovakia it would have translated into 53%. In Hungary this number is 67%.

That is, with this election result, Fidesz-KDNP would certainly form a government everywhere, but according to them, the British and French electoral systems are even more anti-democratic than the Hungarian, since there would be almost no opposition.

But all this is completely uninteresting. There are no rational arguments or facts. But the fact is that next year there will be elections to the European Parliament across Europe and nowadays, and the slowly awakening Europeans will send the present MEPs back to their mothers…! All the migrant-petting, European civilization- and nation-killing parasites, all the Soros-paid traitors and villains who are now sitting on the LIBE committee and harassing Poland, Hungary and the V4 states, lying through their teeth and selling their own mothers for money and for the sick vision of the mixed-raced multicultural society and the United States of Europe.

So with all the villains and traitors out of the EP, Soros will have only one year left to push through EU’s unlimited migrant quota system as the most effective tool for migration and the elimination of nation states, European culture and civilization. But the Hungarian government and Viktor Orbán will veto it and, moreover, have now received confirmation and authorization as never before.

That is why, since they did not succeed in the elections, they try to remove Orbán from power in a different way. On the streets, with violence if necessary, making Budapest into Maidan [Ukraine] or Belgrade [Yugoslavia]. It does not matter. Because a Liberal (noun): a person who can bluster about democracy for hours, but is unable to accept the will of the majority. Get ready for this! And now, let’s just say: It won’t fly, kids! Here you will not make chaos and mess, I promise!

9 thoughts on “Snake Soup With Prime Number Noodles

  1. We owe Viktor Orban and all the people who voted for him a huge debt of gratitude. As large areas of Europe are devastated and decimated this will become clear to everybody, except of course the Bolsheviks.

  2. One thing we have learnt about Leftist recently, from the election of Trump and recently re-election of Orban, is that Leftists are poor losers. The ballot box has spoken and they turn out on the streets to protest.

  3. There appear to be a lot of people on the street. To what nastiness and to what else might this lead?

  4. This weekend is four day long, because First of May is still a holiday, essentially it is “Labor Day” for Europe. Interestingly, this weekend the “freedom fight against a totalitarian fascist dictatorship of Orban” is cancelled. The weather is great, around 80’s Fahrenheit, 27 Celsius and the “suppressed revolutionary masses” are busy to get some tan and get hammered…
    What a joke, they are!

  5. “So with all the villains and traitors out of the EP, Soros will have only one year left to push through EU’s unlimited migrant quota system as the most effective tool for migration and the elimination of nation states…”

    I see a danger here.

    If the EU develops a low profile, nationalists may ignore it or, worse, view it as a useful tool of economic development. But, while love is fleeting, bureaucracies are forever. The strength of the EU is not necessarily the legislation it can cram through at any particular time, but its underlying strength and influence. If the nationalist view dominated the EU countries, the proper move is to eliminate the EU, not modify it.

    Keeping the EU around is like having a sociopath relative as a house guest. As long as you’re strong, and keep your guns either handy or locked up, you’re relatively safe. But, whenever you get sick or encounter a distraction, the sociopath will take advantage of you to either rob you or possibly kill you.

    The lesson should have been learned: international bodies with legislative or regulatory powers are very dangerous.

    • The EU idea (as it was sold) originally: a loose cooperation of the nation states for mutual benefits. I think loose cooperation of nation states for mutual benefits still a good idea, but you are right the independent unelected nature of the EU bureaucracy is inherently dangerous.
      I am not sure, what is the perfect solution, maybe the present cooperation of V4 is a good model.

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