Prague Waiter Beaten Unconscious by Culture-Enrichers

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A group of foreigners brutally attacked a waiter in the centre of Prague. Seven of them went after him; he is in a very serious state.

Author: CTK, LUP
April 22, 2018

Criminal investigators in Prague are looking for a group of seven men, apparently foreigners, who attacked a waiter in the garden of a restaurant in Vladislavova Street on Saturday evening. The man ended up in very serious condition at the Intensive Care Unit and underwent head surgery. The culprits could face up to ten years in jail for grievous bodily harm and disturbing the peace.

On their website, the police have published photos of all the assault suspects as well as video of the attack, which took place at a small square near the Quadrio shopping centre. You can find the shots at the end of this article.

The waiter got into a conflict with the suspects after he brought to their attention that they were not permitted to consume alcohol they had brought with them into the garden [on the patio]. The group of seven men then attacked restaurant personnel and knocked one waiter down, where they beat him with fists and repeatedly kicked him. When the victim was lying on the ground unconscious, they fled from there onto tram number 14 and rode away in the direction of the Charles Square, the police spokesman recounted.

Based on their investigation so far, the investigators surmise that the suspects are foreigners, who may be staying in a hotel, hostel or some other type of accommodation in Prague or in the region. “This is why we are primarily asking hotel service staff and all other witnesses if they saw these men, or if they know where they are staying, to call Emergency Line 158,” said the spokesman.

From a Czech commenter at Gates of Vienna:

Over the weekend a group of “Arab-looking” men beat a waiter in a restaurant in Prague because he tried telling them they can’t drink their own alcohol inside the restaurant. He suffered a severe head injury. The police asked the public to help identify them, and today [April 23] the perpetrators were caught at the Václav Havel Airport in Prague thanks to that. Apparently they “were surprised by the act”. Doesn’t surprise me, however, as West of us nobody would dare to criticise, yet alone handcuff them. Apparently they came from Holland and it wasn’t their first time in Prague; also apparently they’re boxers. I always thought anyone performing any kind of martial combat has strict rules of using it, especially against unarmed citizens, but then again it’s really not surprising this scum pees on all the rules.

27 thoughts on “Prague Waiter Beaten Unconscious by Culture-Enrichers

  1. For the strict rules of martial arts. They do have very strict rules. One Italian friend of mine was for some time a successful professional wrestler, some Japanese thing, before he decided to go for mathematics. Now is full professor of mathematics. He got there before me that have done mathematics for life. I have seen him angry, I have never seen him anywhere near unchained. He said to me that there is no going back from unchaining, that’s why better stay chained. These Arab scum, I think they are third rate professional boxers who just can win a battle against a professional waiter. This is what they do.

    • Animals!

      I suspect the staff of the restaurant made the mistake of
      Not offering them free canapés of their choice to go with
      Their drinks in the first place.

      What will the police do, what will the local populace or
      Judges do (in the unlikely event of any arrests)?

      Absolutely nothing!

      My heart goes out to this poor waiter and his family as it
      Sounds as though he has sustained life changing injuries.

      For god’s sake wake up Europe.

    • Their imam would tell them all is forgiven with the elimination of at least one kaffir.

    • We have Schengen, nobody asks if they can come in and nobody stops them from it…

  2. Arab culture is pathological to begin with, so naturally it produces monsters, liars and hypocrites in great abundance!

  3. 10 onto 1, cowards, this is how they do us, these Arab scum, they attack in groups, use knives, I want all Arabs out of Europe. Deport the whole lot of them, they are sewer rats.

    Then round up Juncker and his EU criminal gangsters who betrayed us all.

  4. The waiter is my mom`s friend`s nephew. He has a little child and is repairing their new house. That`s why he works part time in Prague as a waiter. He is in really bad condition in hospital, they crushed most of his bones in his face, and maybe he will lose his eye.

    • Such a bunch of low lifes! They don’t belong in Europe! Lock them up behind bars for years, that will teach them.

      So sorry he is such a bad condition; hope & pray he will fully recover

    • @morosrubra
      I feel deep regret for what these criminals have done to your relative. Please be aware that we dont see this kind of people as part of our beautiful society. Our Dutch politicians invited these criminals with a brain defect to become a member of our society, but most Dutch citizens hate those poiticians. I feel deeply ashamed that as a result of their shameless policy we need to appologize to be a Dutch citizen nowadays.
      zorgeloos-type | 25-04-18 | 09:42


      • @copywriter if “most” Dutch citizens hate those politians why did they vote for them in the relatively recent elections? I’m afraid your “most” is just wishful thinking. Unless you’re implying the Dutch are no longer a majority in their own country.

  5. Coincidently it is called Dutch Courage , drinking alcohol to give you the pluck to challenge . What a bunch of losers . Group psychosis . Good they were caught .
    I think Jackie Chan would have folded them up and stacked them . lol.

    • I think all the jabs to the Dutch must come from the English? Do they date back to the days of their great sea rivalry?

      • It may come from English soldiers drinking gin (originally Dutch) before battle in those wars, according to wiki, but it’s not certain.

  6. So this poor man’s life will never again be the same. I hope the outcome for the perpetrators (already arrested, I understand) will mean that their lives will never, ever be the same again, that they will be punished in a way they will never forget. The Bible teaches this, too.

    • The criminals will get what they deserve. I do very much hope that this brutal crime will have a lot of publicity and make the Czech people even more resolute in their heroic struggle against the EU immigration policy.

      Czechs, you have to save your country. No one will do it for you.

      • We are saving our country, at least on a much bigger scale than anyone West from us is. Don’t forget those were tourists, not local migrants. Though I have to admit muslims are becomming more common even in smaller cities nowadays, despite our politians’ claims that we’re receiving as good as none.

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