Possible Vehicular Jihad in Münster

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier this afternoon at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Breaking: Van Attack In Münster, Germany: 3 Dead, 30 Wounded, 6 In Critical Condition — Vlad Tepes

by Egri Nök


9:45 PM (CET): F.A.Z. who said the perpetrator was 27 years old apologized for their mistake and corrected it to 48 years. An earlier live report on n-tv where journalist Ulrich Klose said that the perpetrator had announced he would commit a spectacular suicide in the public eye remains to be confirmed.

8:40 PM (CET): Currently, there is conflicting information in the German news outlets; the attacker is referred to as “Jens R.”; some outlets say he was 27 years old, others say 48 years old. Some say he has no criminal record, while n-tv cite “unconfirmed reports” that he had a record of mental instability from 2014 on, and was a petty criminal.

8:26PM (CET): North-Rhine Westphalia’s Interior Minister Herbert Reul announces that two people have been killed, and additionally, the perpetrator killed himself. Several are critically wounded. Reul announces the driver of the van was a German, and that there were currently no clues of an Islamist attack.

7:15 PM (CET): According to Bild, the driver’s house is being searched at this moment. Public broadcaster ZDF report that the driver was a German, 48 years old, and had recently attempted suicide.

6:50 PM (CET): as a “suspicious item” was discovered in the van, police are currently evacuating the nearby houses.

Münster, 4:50 PM (CET): A van plowed into a crowd of people who were sitting at the tables at a street cafe. There are conflicting numbers out there. So far there are 3-4 dead, 30 wounded, 6 of them in critical condition reported. The dead driver is still in the vehicle. He allegedly shot himself. The area is in lockdown, the motive still unclear. Police treat it as a terror attack.

This post will be updated as we learn more.

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7 thoughts on “Possible Vehicular Jihad in Münster

  1. I just saw on “Bild” that the first name of the perp is “Jens”. Doesn’t look like any Mo coefficient though he might be a convert.

  2. You actually believe the press to report accurately? The youtube shooter they lightened her skin tone and made her eyes green, and that wasn’t even jihad terror related.

    • We don’t believe anyone per se, we always look at reports critically. Maybe the perp’s name isn’t Jens. They tried to get away with calling the Munich shooter David, when his name was Ali. But maybe his name is Jens.

      • The question is not if his name was Jens. The real question is can we trust the German authorities. And the German press for that matter.

        • the Berlin van was driven by a polish man,dead behind the wheel! Rings a bell?
          Jens must be a misspelling , for real it was Yeniz, or …

  3. Lots of middle eastern names begin with R.
    We’ll just have to wait until the police deign to release the actual details. They need time afterall to make sure there are no links to AfD or similar they can downplay their immigration invasion with.

  4. The Russian conspirologist writes:

    At the moment, everything looks as if the van driver had been killed some time before the car was abducted ….
    The one who was behind the wheel – just dumped, taking advantage of the chaos …

    Approximately similar attacked the German Christmas market in the past year, when they killed the Poles, the driver, and his car rammed people ….

    But the Germans now can not put forward other versions, otherwise – street clashes, burning mosques, riots and fights….

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