Mireille Knoll’s Sons Discuss the Details of Their Mother’s Murder

Mireille Knoll was an elderly French Jewish woman who was bestially slaughtered last month by two young men, one of whom cried “Allahu Akhbar” during the act. The video below shows excerpts from a television interview with Ms. Knoll’s two sons. This was the first time the Islamic nature of her murder was publicly revealed.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Oz-Rita has also written about Mireille Knoll at her blog.

Video transcript (times based on two originally separate clips):

00:00   Thank you for being with us both together, the two brothers
00:04   for the first time, to remember Mireille Knoll,
00:08   your mother. Hello Daniel Knoll, hello Alain Knoll.
00:12   It was two weeks ago to the day,
00:16   and France is in shock, she is still traumatized,
00:20   and you, I do not ask you the question…
00:24   You manage to sleep? —The nights are long… impossible to sleep,
00:28   or just a few hours,
00:33   but it is terrible, because
00:37   all these events have
00:41   upset our rhythm of life…
00:45   our life… and… —You see your mother,
00:49   especially given that you were the last to see her? —Yes, and when I close my eyes
00:53   I see her face, I see her gaze, and
00:57   it disturbs me a lot… —And you saw her
01:01   two hours before the assassination… —Yes. The neighborhood and the HLM building
01:05   (Housing Commission) in which your mother lived for more than 50 years is still in shock
01:10   and receives marks of respect and messages
01:14   from all over the world, and people write to you, saying
01:18   “we are all Knolls”. —Absolutely, it is
01:22   incredible and surprising,
01:26   and it goes in the right direction, since we indeed
01:30   have contacts now
01:34   with the whole world, including Tunisian friends,
01:38   including Qatar and including Brazil.
01:43   So the emotions remain very strong, very intense,
01:47   and not only in the neighborhood where you too lived, grew up
01:51   and saw the evolution. Did your mother have any fears
01:55   about the evolution of the neighborhood? —No,
01:59   no, because my mother was very, very
02:03   open to everyone, of course the neighbors
02:08   have changed in 40 years; it’s not
02:12   the same population any longer, but my mother welcomed everyone
02:16   with pleasure and kindness. She has been described as
02:20   a cheerful, generous woman, perhaps a little too much, and sometimes even candid.
02:24   Very candid, very candid. But in any case,
02:28   she knew where she came from, what she had escaped from: the Raffle of the Vel d’Hiv.
02:32   In Drancy, Auschwitz, she wore the Yellow Star of the Vel d’Hiv
02:37   when she was nine years old. She survived the war; she survived
02:41   the Nazis; this was part of her memory. Did she talk about it with her
02:45   sons or her grandchildren? She was
02:49   very discreet, a little less than my father,
02:53   but still very discreet, and there
02:57   was a phenomenon, less than a year ago, where
03:02   my daughter, my young daughter told me:
03:06   “Dad, we know nothing about our history,” and so I
03:10   interviewed my mother and asked her to tell
03:14   some of her story, which allowed me to learn a lot about her,
03:18   and in particular the difficulties she had when she was a child,
03:22   and she told us some anecdotes about
03:26   what happened back in 1940…
03:31   If I may, I will relate one where,
03:35   in the schoolyard, there was a girl who called her a “dirty Jew”.
03:39   My mother lived in an atheist family. My grandfather,
03:43   although Jewish, was not practicing, and was
03:47   an atheist, so she fought with this young girl not because of
03:51   the word “Jew” because she did not know what it was, but because she was told that
03:56   she was dirty, and you have to know that they were extremely clean,
04:00   they had a bathtub, when at that time this did not exist.
04:04   Alain: at Les Invalides you heard President Emmanuel Macron
04:08   honour two heroes, two victims of terrorist acts:
04:12   Mireille Knoll, your mother, and Colonel Arnaud Beltrame.
04:16   Is it true you knew him? —Yes, that’s correct. It’s an extraordinary
04:20   coincidence. —How did you know him? —Because we frequent
04:24   the same places of reflection. —What do you mean?
04:29   You spoke, you saw each other… it seems we must not say, “We were in the same Lodge…”
04:33   No, not in the same Lodge, but
04:37   in the same obedience and our paths crossed.
04:41   That means that on the same day you heard a tribute
04:45   to your mother and to a brother, if I may say so. That’s right. And
04:49   Emmanuel Macron attended your mother’s funeral at the Bagneux cemetery.
04:54   You were touched to see him by your side.
04:58   Yes, I received a call during the night from the
05:02   Élysée, asking us if
05:06   we would accept the presence of the President of the Republic.
05:10   Obviously I agreed. We were asked for the greatest discretion.
05:14   …Of course… there were some scarce photos,
05:18   and we saw that he took you in turn into his arms, and to each of you
05:22   he entrusted a word… yes… —Like a
05:26   whispered promise… That’s it… —Which was?
05:31   “This sacrifice will not be in vain.”
05:35   It was at the same time a commitment. —Yes.
05:39   We were very moved
05:43   by the words of the President of the Republic… meaning a will to
05:47   to protect all communities, and firstly the Jewish community,
05:51   which is attacked, etc. At Les Invalides
05:55   the President paid tribute to both the Colonel and
06:00   your mother, “assassinated,” he said so himself “because Jewish”. Let’s listen to this sentence:
06:04   The camp of freedom, that of France,
06:08   is today confronted with a barbaric obscurantism
06:12   whose only program is the elimination of our freedoms and our solidarities.
06:16   The religious assets they dress in are
06:20   empty of all spirituality and the very negation of
06:25   the spirit, because they deny the value we give to
06:29   life, a value denied by the terrorist of
06:33   Trèbes, a value denied by the murderer of Mireille Knoll,
06:37   who murdered an innocent and vulnerable woman because she was Jewish,
06:41   and who thus desecrated our sacred values and our memory…
06:45   The President of the Republic said it, and the public prosecutor very quickly affirmed
06:49   the anti-Semitic character [of the attack] to open a criminal investigation. For you there is no doubt,
06:54   Daniel? —As soon as the prosecution recognizes this,
06:58   there is no doubt. —Yes, and “Yassine”,
07:02   your mother was said to have known him since he was seven years old, is that true?
07:06   Absolutely. —Did you ever see him?… —Never.
07:10   Did you know he existed? —We knew his name, but we’d never seen him before.
07:14   She received him at home? —Yes, absolutely. —She never feared him?
07:18   No, never. —And the last afternoon
07:22   he was there… —Yes, he was there in the morning.
07:26   It was my sister-in-law who found him with my mother,
07:31   when she arrived later in the morning on her way back from
07:35   shopping she had done for her… —It seems they were both drinking port…
07:39   No — He alone was drinking; my mother would not drink port in the morning…
07:43   For you it was a premeditated act? —Absolutely;
07:47   you don’t arrive with a dagger at an elderly lady’s home
07:51   if it is not…
07:55   with premeditation… —And yet this Yassine knew who your mother was…
08:00   her origins, her history, he saw her living in an HLM; how could he imagine
08:04   that she was rich, why this obsession with wealth?
08:08   There we fall into the murderous madness
08:12   of many people who think that Jews are
08:16   automatically rich. We saw this with Ilan Halimi, we
08:20   knew that with others… —Unfortunately this is a
08:24   belief that some people have who are
08:28   completely stupid, and that we must fight… of course. And the other, the accomplice,
08:32   it seems that the police know his profile best. What was his story?
08:37   So he, he is multiple recidivist,
08:41   we just learned, and extremely dangerous, and
08:45   it is incomprehensible that this man is at liberty,
08:49   and the two met and — it seems — associated with each other in prison… in prison
08:53   where they could very well have been radicalized. —And which one
08:57   of the two, even if it’s painful to ask, which one inflicted the eleven stab wounds?
09:01   They blame each other…
09:06   err… . well… . one said…
09:10   (stumbles before describing the massacre:)
09:14   My mother had her throat slit, [was] stabbed multiple times,
09:18   and [was] then set alight to the shouts of …
09:22   “Allahu Akhbar”. —I see you have trouble saying it…
09:26   I pass…
00:00   …and today, Alain, do you advise
00:04   French Jews not to stay in France, to leave for
00:08   Israel, or to stay here and fight if you have to fight?
00:12   I would not propose to a Frenchman that he leave France.
00:16   We are of French nationality; we are rooted in this
00:20   country, which we love, and it is out of the question to confuse
00:24   nationality and religion;
00:28   they are two completely different things. It’s your mother’s spirit
00:33   that has remained? —Yes, it is our spirit. And Daniel,
00:37   if I may ask you? —I do not entirely share
00:41   what my brother says; that is to say, I think
00:45   that, unfortunately, the future of the Jews
00:49   in Europe is in danger, and that therefore
00:53   it is necessary to prepare effectively, either aliyah to Israel
00:58   or departure to other continents. —I see you disagree
01:02   sometimes. —Yes, but not in conflict…

4 thoughts on “Mireille Knoll’s Sons Discuss the Details of Their Mother’s Murder

  1. The police knew. The State knew. And the toy-boy Macron who enables the destruction of the French people is aware as well. Macron is an amazing piece of scum elected by an amazingly ignorant and complicit electorate. I would advise all Jews to leave France.

  2. The word Islam is never mentioned in the conversation…. I sense PC is the obvious reason why the word is not mentioned and islamic doctrine is the reason why the murderers went after Mrs Knolls…They claim it was theft…the duo thought she was rich because they think every jew is rich…yet they screamed alahu akbar which is the call to jihad by the muslims…I hate PC , it doesn’t allow the truth to be said. May this sweet old lady RIP. I imagine her terror, so frail and old being attacked by two young rabid beasts…

  3. I swear. It’s like banging one’s head against the wall.

    Make aliyah. If you own [supposedly] loving sons won’t take you out of a violent Muslim ghetto housing project and take care of you, then contact the Israeli Embassy and make your own arrangements to emigrate.

    Israel keeps telling you this, over and over and over and over. Why won’t you listen?

  4. They’re going to get cases like this as long as they flood the country with low-quality, third world scum. The interview emphasized the paradox that the attacker knew Ms. Knoll a good part of his life, and still thought she had a hidden treasure he could steal. But, it’s no mystery: he simply didn’t have the intelligence to draw a conclusion from his everyday experiences with Ms. Knoll. Islam, of course, provides a guiding view for the sociopath retards of the third world, but their core criminality and irrationality is there regardless.

    There’s nothing hidden about the situation, although the media is not allowed to explicitly bring it up. As long as they have open or massive immigration, they’ll be flooded with cases like this. The French President won’t have time to attend all the funerals and inquests, so the ones he does go to will be carefully selected to enhance his image as a sympathetic representative of the French citizen.

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