Migrants in Padua: “Will Trade Sex for Food”

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Il Giornale:

Padua red light district. Migrants sell themselves for food.

In Padua, a type of red light district has been created in which women and old people go in search of young migrants

Women in search of men in Padua: the zone between Piazza De Gasperi and the area of the train station has been transformed into a red light district where women and old people seek out young men of color.

The payment may not be in money, but rather in food.

The testimony [of witnesses]

The search starts as soon as the sun goes down. The targeted prey are young (male) immigrants, mostly Senegalese, who are in need of a meal and who barter for it with sex. “The Senegalese young men position themselves between Via Cairoli and Corso del Popolo. Luring them are women of middle age,” explains a businessman who has a business near there, in the pages of Il Gazettino.

Another witness explains: “It is true. They are approached by women and at times they are paid in food.” A circle that has transformed the migrants into boy toys. The phenomenon has been present in the zone since January. “It has been a couple of months that I have been seeing the movement. I have often noted women approaching the African young men, but sometimes also men. It goes on at all hours of the day.”

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8 thoughts on “Migrants in Padua: “Will Trade Sex for Food”

  1. God…we really don’t have chances…Women and old men “hunting” for sex ? They are no better than rapefugees. They are worse…rapefugees can fight

  2. If this doesn’t describe the breakdown of Western culture, I don’t know what does. Do these people have no self respect?

  3. This a a phenomenon that already existed many years ago in countries like Germany and Sweden, but nobody dares to address it publicly.
    The radical pro-migrant stance of may left-wing female politicians cannot be understood completely without this perverted public secret. With Merkel you can even see it with the drugged look in her eyes when she meets young dark-skinned migant men. How can this sick women be the most powerful person in the EU?

    Many male left-winged male politicians are either secretly or openly gay (for the same reason as those women), wussies who do not dare to ‘upset” their fellow female party politicians women with politically incorrect views, or careerists who’ve figured out that it’s “safer” to stick to the corrupted mainstream discourse (that is, in the short term).

    And observe the double standards being applied here.

    When older white men from “rich” countries look for younger women from poor countries to have sex with against payment, the left goes crazy of rage, even if these men otherwise treat and pay these women well.
    Even a decent mariage between a man from a “richer” country and a woman from a “poorer” country, or between a relatively older man and a relatively younger woman, raises eyebrows in those circles.

    At a party in Berlin, I once ended up in a spontaneous discussion with some, hithertho unknown, (white) feminist women, who criticised me for being together with a Russian women, who in fact was stunningly beautiful.
    Because I know Russian fluently, at first we were regarded as “just” a Russian couple, and their stance towards us was rather neutral until then.
    However, as soon as the fact came to the table that I was a Westerner, their attitude towards us suddenly changed to the negative.
    They became offensive and tried to insinueta that she was a”prostitute” (which she clearly wasn’t!) and accuse me of everything nasty in the left-winged standard vocabulary, even though they did not know anything about us.
    My Russian girlfriend was as white was I am, so they could noy play the “exotism is racism” card, she was almost the same age as I am (but looked much younger), so the age difference could not be used either against us. It didn’t even help when they found out that she was very clever as well, and had a net income which was in fact higher than mine at the time.

    These feminists’ underlying thought turned out to be the question, why I (and other men) did not consider women like them (whatever that meant) “good” enough. The explanation that their outer appearance wasn’t a problem (that is, if they would take care of it better), but their (apparent lack of) inner qualities was, and that they should do some inner work with themselves to solve their problem, did not go down well, as you might guess, so my Russian girlfriend and I decided to leave the conversation (and the party).

    As we can see again here, unfortunately, it seems that many prefer the “easy solution”. instead of doing iner work with themselves.

    Ver sad!

  4. I hope the “janes” bear in mind that about 10% of subsaharan africans have HIV/AIDS.

    • I hope also that many of the subsaharan africans bear in mind that many of the “janes” have a lot of diseases as well.

  5. Disgusting. I know the word “degenerate” is loaded these days, but there’s really no other way to describe this behavior. Europe is lost. Hungary and Poland are the two shining islands in a sea of filth.

  6. I’ve been to the Gambia and, believe me, there are plenty of white European womean who like young African men.

  7. In this case, I would rather sympathise with the Senegalese men who prostitute themselves for a meal (they may really find it difficult to earn it some other way, who knows), then with the European sex hunters. Call me a hypocrite or a fascist if you like, but I think that what is killing Europe is not so much alien immigration, as the moral (and, more widely, spiritual) decay of Europeans.

    The sexual revolution of the 1960s is regarded by many as a ‘good thing’, but, in reality, it was a moral catastrophe, which has continued to destroy Western societies from within ever since. Many commenters in this site call Europeans ‘spineless’. But sexually depraved people tend to be spineless. Lack of self-control in sexual life weakens people in all other respects. Over generations, this weakness grows worse. Look at modern young Europeans. Most of them seem anemic, self-centred, spiritless, helpless and unhappy. In Italy, for example, young men and women seem to have far less vitality than their own granddaddies and grannies. Why so? I can name only three reasons: lack of religious faith, sexual depravity and higher living standards, which allow them to survive without making any serious effort.

    What can this young generation do when their country is invaded? Only offer their young, soft and well-nourished bodies to the temperamental invaders.

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