Guarding the Synagogue in Copenhagen

The photo below was taken in Copenhagen by Steen:

The soldier in the picture is guarding a synagogue. Steen says: “There are two soldiers on the street, but much more security is invisible.”

Maybe it’s just me, but the “Ankara Café” sign in the background seems to make the scene simultaneously poignant and ominous…

5 thoughts on “Guarding the Synagogue in Copenhagen

  1. I rather like the look of grim determination on this soldier’s face. She seems to be taking her assigned task very seriously.

  2. That Danish soldier needs to exchange that unwieldy rifle for an Israeli-made Tavor, which is better suited to urban, close-quarter combat.

    • Oh man, I owned a Tavor! Best rifle ever. Of course in Canada, they only allowed the semi-automatic version, but still… Lightweight, precise, simple to clean… perfect gun!

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