Fleeing From Sweden

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Fleeing From Sweden

by Fjordman

In March 2018, one year after two Arabs raped Agnieszka Wisniewska in Sweden, she decided to tell her story. She says the police did not attempt to solve the case and she had to wait eleven months for a psychologist to help her overcome the trauma. Wisniewska came to Sweden from Poland in 2007 because she wanted to live peacefully. She had read in the newspapers that Sweden was a great country for families with children.[1]

She found a job and was leading a normal life in Stockholm until the day of the crime. “It was just a day like every day: Shopping, returning home with a bag of bread and food for the cats. It was dark as I neared home. There were two men near my house. I felt threatened. So many women are afraid to go out in the evenings now; this feeling seemed quite real. It was like this: These men passed by me, then they grabbed my jacket and pulled me into the forest… and the whole situation began.”

Although she fought back, Wisniewska was violently raped. She was shocked by the total lack of respect the young Arab men had for her life. She was kicked and beaten. They grabbed her head and smashed it against a tree trunk. Cars passed by only a few hundred meters away. When she saw a truck nearby, she summoned her last strength and shouted for help. That scared the rapists away, and she was able to call the police.

After the police came, she was taken to a hospital for a forensic examination and care for her injuries. Later, she was called by the police and asked to testify over the phone. But her children were home and could hear the conversation, so she suggested that she would prefer to give her account of what happened at the police station. “No one ever called me again. I was not given the opportunity to give a statement at the police station. There was one witness, a cyclist who passed by during the attack and who stopped to help me. He is a Polish neighbor of mine. His contact information was given to the police, but no one ever contacted him. No one asked him what he had seen or what he remembered. The police never even contacted him,” Wisniewska states.

When the victim tried to consult a psychologist about the rape, she was told by the clinic that she had to wait because “refugees have traumas, too, and have priority.” The badly traumatized woman had to wait eleven months until her partner finally said they would contact the media and sue the clinic.

Wisniewska claims the situation in Sweden is so dangerous for women that they are afraid to go out alone after dark. Because of that situation, she is now thinking about moving back to Poland. In the meantime, she tries to help other victims of rape.

Seven out of ten Swedish municipalities have increased the level of security at their schools in recent years.[2] This has become necessary because of a rising number of violent incidents and physical threats against pupils as well as staff. Sweden is no longer a safe place to grow up. It is not a safe place to grow old, either.

A substantial number of elderly Swedes currently live near or below the poverty line.[3] Meanwhile, a survey of 244 Swedish municipalities showed that 23, almost one in ten, were giving welfare benefits to failed asylum seekers and illegal immigrants. The state broadcaster SVT reported this in March 2018.[4]

Because of a severe housing shortage in many cities and towns — which is partly caused by mass immigration — some elderly Swedes have even become homeless.[5] A report from late 2017 claimed that Swedish students and other vulnerable groups have been sent to the back of the housing queue. The authorities thus sometimes prioritize recently-arrived asylum seekers and immigrants over the country’s native population.[6]

The police warn that certain gangs have specialized in stealing from vulnerable elderly people. The victims, sometimes in their 80s or 90s, are robbed while going to the local store to buy food.[7] The criminals often have a foreign or immigrant background. Incidents like this probably make many elderly people reluctant to go out in the streets in a society they no longer recognize. Unfortunately, staying at home is not always safe, either.

Some criminal groups target elderly victims in their private homes, to scam them or assault them.[8] In February 2018, a Swedish woman in her 70s in the municipality of Borlänge was robbed in her own home. A woman armed with a knife threatened her and tied her to a chair while stealing her personal belongings.[9]

On August 31, 2017, a 97-year-old woman named Elsa was physically assaulted in her own home in Malmö by four young men who threatened her life.[10] The perpetrators were Muslim immigrants and asylum seekers from North Africa. They damaged her property and stole her wedding ring, a memento she had of her late husband.

Numbers from early 2018 showed that about half of the recently-arrived immigrants and asylum seekers in Sweden lacked basic education.[11] It will be extremely difficult for them to get any kind of meaningful job in a modern economy. Many traditional forms of manual labor are gradually disappearing because of automation and the use of increasingly sophisticated robots and computers. Just like the rest of Western Europe, Sweden is thus mass importing people with a very different cultural and ethnic background. Some of these immigrants may be unemployable. This is a recipe for disaster and massive social tensions in the future.

Kent Ekeroth has been a Member of Parliament from 2010 to 2018, representing the Sweden Democrats in the Stockholm County constituency. He has been a sharp critic of mass immigration and controversial even within his own party. His brother Ted Ekeroth left the Sweden Democrats in 2017 after expressing displeasure with their internal party policies.[12]

Kent Ekeroth was not renominated by his party for the 2018 elections. He then announced his decision to move to Hungary because its immigration policies makes it far safer than Sweden.[13] Hungary resists Muslim immigration but lets in Europeans. He praised Hungarians and their Prime Minister Viktor Orbán for valuing their own culture and defending European civilization. A further reason Ekeroth gave for moving to Hungary is that he will no longer have access to personal security once he is not a Member of Parliament. Ekeroth, being Jewish as well as an open critic of Islam, mass immigration and the EU, receives many threats.

The Swedish-Hungarian woman Natalie Contessa af Sandeberg has also decided to relocate to Hungary because the influx of Muslim immigrants has made life unsafe in Sweden, especially for women. She explained her decision to leave in a Hungarian TV interview from March 2018. She was born in Sweden, but after 40 years decided to move to her mother’s home country, Hungary. The reason for this is the lack of safety.[14]

Migrants sexually molest Swedish women, who rarely get help from other citizens because they are afraid of being stabbed or attacked themselves. The police are of little help. They usually don’t come. Even during the daytime at the metro in Stockholm, many people don’t feel safe. You can suddenly be harassed by a group of immigrants as young as 15 or 16 years old while sitting at a cafe. Young boys threaten you with a knife and steal your mobile phone and your bag. It is also getting more difficult for people to find a job.

Countess Natalie stated that she is not the only one who is now leaving Sweden due to the lack of security and protection. Some families with children are planning to leave, because in the schools, teachers are threatened with knives. It is no longer safe for Swedish children in the schools. They are not safe in the streets, either, but are often preyed upon, humiliated and robbed by immigrant gangs.

It is hard to verify the personal experiences of others. However, the negative trend she describes is unfortunately real. It is not difficult to find people who already have left Sweden or are seriously considering leaving. Many of them cite rising crime rates and declining personal safety as major reasons for moving abroad.

Sweden used to be a country that people fled to. It is gradually becoming a country that people are also fleeing from.


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52 thoughts on “Fleeing From Sweden

  1. A horror story, certainly.

    Brought about by those who would enhance their self esteem and power by messing with other peoples lives to create a utopia for those other people.

    Or say…you-topia. Those who wish to make it are themselves exempt.

    Or…old christian and older judaic thought would have it that even the king must obey the law. Kings, and people of power have seldom wished to do so.


  2. This is what happens if citizens are not allowed to be armed. We in Europe are like lambs to the slaughter and the police do nothing.
    Do not let them take your weapons, no matter what they tell you. It only leads to state sponsored tyranny.

        • Israel has guns and a national identity as being Jewish. Israel as such is a majority Jewish state and is currently expelling thousands of black Africans.

          America has guns and no national identity other than multi-cultural/immigration. America is in a demographic slide away from its core European population to one where previous values and heritage are increasingly regarded as racist.

          One nation does its best to preserve its core identity by restricting immigration and favouring the majority.
          One nation favours the minority and does little to preserve its core identity.

          Trump has taken a couple of steps back from the precipice, but that long plunge still looms close thanks to the previous decades.

          Guns played a role in slowing the decline of America, they are useful for personal protection only. A single pistol wouldn’t be much use when surrounded by a hundred moslems trying to grope and/or rob you, or a truck bearing down on you.

          • *footnote here. See Caroline Glick 04 05 2018 article; Israel turns a corner on protecting its sovereignty. Read the entire article.

            The in-migration has been stopped but their expulsion has been blocked by activist Israeli judicial leaders. All across the west judicial activists work hard to make fools of all those who pay their salaries, and very nice salaries I suppose.

          • * second footnote: guns, pistols say, are BY LAW SUPPOSED to be for personal protection only. As for mobs, avoidance if wise is advised.

            In an ever more tribal sort of society, we have less individual freedom than before.

            I am not suggesting fatalism, but nor do I want to be a fatality if avoidable. Or for others to be.

      • That is [something I find lacking in reason]. Mindset and will quickly dissipate when arms are not available. As has been said before – in Chicago – Never bring a knife to a gunfight. And when there are no guns a knife is quite enough. London now finds that knives are banned as well. If mindset and will were more important there would be more Tommy Robinsons and they would not be the ones in the jails. This kind of thinking must really please the invaders.

        • And yet for all the weapons in America the gangsters are still pulling the strings. My guess is that there’s neither the mindset nor the will to put them to use.

          • Life in the US is still too soft and cushy for most people to take radical action,even if many know there is something deeply wrong.

        • Look at the Ummah’s seemingly inexorable advance and the West’s craven retreat.

          What is the difference?

          Mindset and will, perhaps?

    • Look at the UK now.
      Did you not find the Story of the Englishman who defended himself and killed the intruder?
      Now he has to flee from the clan of travellers.
      The travellers even put up a Wall of Honor for the killed burglar.
      And when angry British citizens tore down the flowers the British Police threatens them with Arrest.
      Read the comment:


      “Furthermore, deputy commissioner Craig Mackey has made it clear where his sympathies lie.

      In an interview yesterday, he described the death of villain Henry Vincent as a ‘tragedy’ and said those local residents tearing down floral tributes to him should ‘act respectfully’ or they will have their collars felt.”

      If criminals can do whatever they want and law-abiding citizens are threatened by the Police/state it is Anarchotyranny.

      • Latest news is that the long suffering British tax payers
        Will be footing the bill for the burglar’s funeral too!

        Talk about adding insult to injury.

        Meanwhile Theresa May ( make her mind up one day)
        And the equally intellectually challenged Amber Rudd
        (y useless) talk about potentially starting world war 111.

        The UK has gone to hell in a hand cart and the lunatics
        Are truly running the Asylum.

        • Anybody out there in electrical-modern-electron-interwebs-land STILL THINK there is a nice soft, cuddly electoral way out of this mess?

          Me neither.

          • Well, the Bolsheviks took care of their Romanovs with general strikes. I never like to see civil disorder but that is what they already have – girls raped with impunity, special housing for Muslims only, banned knives, banned guns, banned speakers at Speakers Corner! No free speech, no right to bear arms, basically no country to call home. The only thing for them now is to overthrow this tyranny, eject the foreigners and try to put together a country again. It is a real tragedy that it has come to this. Oh, and [intemperate proposal redacted].

    • “This is what happens if citizens are not allowed to be armed. ”

      Armed citizens slow the descent of a government into a tyranny, not by fighting the government forces directly, but by being able to defend themselves against the street gangs covertly supported by the government as proxy government street fighters.

      But, the very first line of defense is the border. It’s easy to keep people out; much harder to expel them. If you don’t have the will to act when it’s easy, can you summon the resolve to act when your life is on the line?

      I think a lot of the vulnerability of Sweden rests in the overweening power of the non elected bureaucracies. It is much more dangerous for the police to deal with Muslim immigrants than with tame, Swedish dissenters, so of course the police choose to enforce rules against law-abiding citizens.

      But, again a warning. The Swedish vulnerability to bureaucracies and immigration doesn’t fall from the heavens. The Swedes migrating to countries like Hungary for safety may hate Muslim immigrants, but they may love powerful bureaucracies and socialist welfare states. No country should simply open its borders to just anyone, even based on the color of their skin and their status of desperation.

  3. I do not live in Europe, so I do not understand the inertia, indifference or inability of the local people to defend themselves. If that nonsense occurred in my suburb I would very quickly band together with others and start to tackle the criminals head on. Would not waste my time calling a PC idiot who is afraid of doing his job. You can decry vigilantism all you want but if my home and family are your targets, I don’t give a damn, because it is simply self defense. When will people wake up? When all the flights to Budapest are full?

    • Are you a citizen of the US?
      Then please allow me to ask you a question.
      A lot of US citizens hate Jane “Traitor ….” Fonda for what she did during the Vietnam war.
      Everybody wants to see her dead.
      So how many attempts on her life have been made?
      More than zero?
      When I read 2nd Amendment sites I find a lot of comments from former Vietnam Veterans about how they hate Jane Fonda. A lot of them are former Special Forces.
      Yes, now they are old, but 1975-1985 they were still young, the surveillance technology was in its infancy but where is the difference to the European People of today?
      The same question you can ask the Germans after WWII.
      In 1950 the secretary of foreign affairs, Heinrich von Brentano, said that the Eastern Territories were lost forever. When there was an uproar in Germany he said he was misquoted.
      Do you think that of those many German WWII veterans (and some of them came from the Eastern Territories!), many of them showing rank upon rank of medals of bravery, would have had the guts to invite him for a little talk among friends, if you know what I mean?
      The same People who stormed into enemy machinegun fire, survived hellish artillery fire and fought against ten or more times enemy, who never gave up – and now they were nothing more than sheep.
      (This question saw me banned on at least three patriotic Forums. Funny isn’t it?)

      I believe you have to have the old fire in you burning. Just look at the muslims of today. They have the fire, they are willing to let the world burn.
      If I look at us, except for some People who have some glowing embers in their souls I see only Zombies walking around.
      Or, as a newspaper asked some years ago: Are you willing to die for your Country?
      In Germany only 18% said yes.

      • Moslems are nothing like most people. Moslems are different only in that they are organised through their local mosques (I wonder if street prayers blocking the roads would be allowed if Christians did it?). Most churches today are not pro-Christian so the idea of having a crusade-type movement originate from them is laughable.

        This is where the anarchists and the lone wolf nuts fall flat on their faces. Only organisations ever win, which is why the current regime spends so much time and money on breaking any such groups from gaining traction.

        Yes, there are great movements of people in Germany and France, but the reality is that the globalist sellouts still get into power. Macron, Merkel, May are all the same, no one tries to kill them either but they certainly rank as traitors to their respective nations.

        No revolution has ever succeeded without being led by people near the top and that includes pretty much all the communist ones.

        The moslems have their religious leaders backed up by theocratic states like Saudi Arabia; currently, western people have no such benefactors. Thank God for people like Orban and the situation that allows some of those other eastern countries to wish to remain themselves.

        • The first sentence of your final paragraph is what mystifies me about the new Saudi Crown Prince. His comments and actions toward reform would seem to threaten the incredible momentum that the Wahabbi have built up in the West. Why would he want to slow down such an effective muli-front blitzkrieg?

    • Do you and your neighbors own guns? That could be the difference. It is hard to get a bunch of guys together to take on armed and vicious immigrants who are there for the stated reason to kill you if you have nothing but a spoon to defend yourself.

      the ONLY reason the US has not already had these rape gangs etc., is because there is always someone around with a gun. A good person with a gun can stop a bad person. Don’t EVER let the gun grabbers have their way in the US.

      • I would like to reply to both DanielK and Sally Morris.

        DanielK: Yes, Orban and Putin are supposed to be friendly, but what do they do for us?
        The answer is nothing.
        Why is the hungarian secret Service or the russian FSB not helping us?
        They could for instance visit the travellers I mentioned in the UK to ask them nicely to stop pestering the old man who defended his life. Or they could help us by exposing infiltrators or they could hinder the leftwing People who send Computer viruses against us or use their Computer skills to expose us.

        To Sally Morris:
        The US has no rape gangs?
        What about the Blood, Crisps and most importantly, Mara Sulvatrucha-13 aka MS-13?

    • These days you are put in a prison packed with muslims that will kill you if you leave a bacon sandwich in front of a mosque.

      Do you think that people will do anything? There is no 1st or 2nd amendment in any european country. Therefore there is no freedom or means to fight.

  4. It’s really quite shocking, Sweden would have been a perfect country. In my opinion, the Scandinavian welfare state is very emasculating and provides a stalking horse for radical leftism and that contributed to what happened. I am not opposed to welfare; I think America has too little.

    Sweden will dissolve as a nation, sadly, and become nothing but a geographic area. It won’t even have an identity. I think there are significant chances for conflict in the UK, France, and even Germany, but Sweden is totally lost.

    • No. America has far too much. This is why it is a magnet for immigrants, both legal and illegal. That is why dunderheads are calling for a wall while not understanding that if you offer the bait of housing, medical care, schooling, job preference and subsidization, food, clothing and cars, no wall can keep them out. Meanwhile, our own people are weakened by social services offering to kick fathers out of homes so they can move in and provide “services” to fatherless homes, thus creating artificial dependency. No – the only welfare that should ever exist should be for the totally disabled, and temporary assistance for others to last no more than about a month. Everything else creates dependency and a flood of immigration.

      • I believe that you are one of the most sensible commenters here.

        In behalf of that wall though I must say that we may be able to build a wall much more quickly and easily than we can persuade the public to make do with less freebies and less social engineering. Indeed, we might be able to build large mountains more easily than we can address our freebie addictions.

        In the short term, we may be able to restrict the flow of bad things back and forth across the border. We may keep our drug buyers and gun distributors( see Operation Fast and Furious) out of Mexico as well as keep bad Mexicans out of the USA. That border when too open is debilitating to both countries. It might be politically awkward to say so, of course, but I am not running for election.

  5. There are roughly 8 million swedes (real nordic viking descendant swedes, not new-swedes).

    Lots of them are multi culti fanatics that don’t want to leave. Let’s assume that right now half of them want to leave.

    4 million people divided by the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Visengrad 4 is half a million people per country, most of them with good education levels. If the USA (the largest one) takes half the fleeing swedes, the other seven countries will have less than 300.000 people each to absorb.

    The sane swedes can be saved and than we can grab the popcorn and watch the multiculti paradise go down in flames without feeling sorry for the sane people in there because there will be none.

      • There are a lot of leftists whites in many other places such as California or northern Virginia.

        If they are willing to leave they’re country because of the way things are going they are probably not leftists. The leftists think there is nothing wrong.

        • Once the place is trashed they move to red areas and then start voting blue and overwhelm us! Colorado is becoming a ruin; parts of Texas are, too. Charlottesville used to be a nice town, now it’s “Berkeley East”.

          The sure do FEEL things are plenty wrong, but they never examine their own thinking.

          • This is true. People tend to flee the climate they have created only to re-establish it somewhere new and “clean”. The result is predictable – the new place begins to look just like the place they left. Muslims are doing this right now. They move into an area, rape, pillage, destroy and then there is nothing left to hold them – no agriculture, no creative class left, nothing. So they move on to the next place – much like locusts – until they have destroyed everything everywhere.

          • This can be seen on the city-wide level, as left-wing whites flee their own creations to faraway suburbs and neighbouring towns, while continuing to bleat on about the joys of diversity.

            Across state lines or internationally, there’s no reason to see the phenomenon any differently.

          • This is why Leftism should be treated as an irrational, incurable mental illness.

            People fleeing California should be tracked and banned from voting in the state they move to. This could easily be done via driver’s license and license plates.

          • I don’t think that the problem with Minnesota is the swedes.

            “According to the 2010–2015 American Community Survey, the largest ancestry groups were German (34.3%), Norwegian (15.4%), Irish (10.6%), and Swedish (8.3%).[62]”

            The problem is the same as New York or Illinois, one metro area so large in population that decides for the whole state.

      • Swedes are actually hugely problematic. Not so much directly, but indirectly – as enablers of the directly problematic.

        And that’s the weird thing: though I have no knowledge or basis for my guess, I’m willing to bet that the first thing that they’ll want to do upon fleeing Sweden is to re-create the conditions from “back home” – just like many muslim immigrants try to do.

    • I think a recent poll had 30% of voters supporting the Sweden Democrats who I understand are the anti migrant party. So your 4 million “sane Swedes” may be optimistic.

  6. .
    Allahu Akbar, Sweden!

    In Sweden we celebrate being at the top of the world rape list
    by publicly depicture and raise to the clouds the very tool used
    to reach the admirable top ranking. However, it should have been
    green – the color of the Prophet – not blue.



    • .
      There is not yet any single dominant state-bearing
      party-system in Sweden – we await AFS –
      only sandbox-based femenine jerks-
      devoid of common sence.


      (try to get rid of possible stupid commersible)

  7. Well, so many people predict that Sweden is lost, but I kinda live here and I don’t think so. Number one reason being – Sweden is big, very big. You can drive hundreds of miles and not see a house, or anything…

    The problems being described in these articles are located in towns and cities, because the middle easterners like to gather around city-centers, but you never ever see them going out to the forest. And – that is the different mentality that makes “us” different. The Swedes I know all like to go out to the wild, just like me. They know guns, and they are fit.

    So, I would suggest not to get carried away by the horrible news from Stockholm or Goteborg, and keep in mind that there are still millions of people living far far away from all these city problems – like raping immigrant gangs.

    And one more thing: Vikings lived on boats and traveled freely from one “vik”=”bay” to another. They were not particularly “city folk”. It was ze Germans, who in the end, built the cities 😉

    • Gregory Copley discusses this rural/urban divide in his book, “UNcivilization”. It’s way down on our sidebar.

    • Look, I’m praying for Sweden, and for what it’s worth, recently found out that I’m part Scandinavian 🙂

      But the numbers are stark. Your several million non-urban Swedish people don’t seem to have enough children, and that is crucial.

      The number of Swedes in Sweden declines every year at least slightly. The number of non-Christian and even anti-Christian non-Europeans in Sweden grows every year, mainly Arabs, Africans, and/or Muslims.

      Why will the Muslim/African population stop after they thoroughly conquer your cities? They will take the rest of the country, too, if Swedes don’t start having FAR more children, voting differently, and using all necessary force to deport one million invaders and their offspring regardless of “citizenship.” Admittedly, European people here in the USA need to take similar measures on a larger scale.

  8. One can get tired and weary reading about all the problems in Sweden – a laughing stack and notoriously the most stupid nation on earth. Let them start a revolution and get it over with. If the Swedes continue to behave as lambs being led to the slaughter (be it as you wish halal style), then we might as well write them off. Sorry Sweden, you have chosen your own destiny. RIP

  9. I have lived in The USA for 51 years and the last 40 in California. Have seen from a distance how Sweden gradually become a a**hole country. In California we have similar problems where liberals and leftist are ruining the state. They are protecting illegal immigrants and criminals with sanctuary cities. Michael Savage ( a radio host ) said that liberalism is a mental disorder. And I must say that I agree.
    But the climate is great.

  10. There is a loss of confidence in what it used to mean to be Western. Paradoxically, only the Eastern European countries now possess that belief. Society no longer believes in its own worth. Otherwise why would authorities be consistently indifferent to one of the worst crimes imaginable? Nor have the general population much interest either. Western society is being replaced by a more vigorous and far stronger alternative.

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