Five Algerians Busted For Gang Rape in Prague

It seems that the culture-enriching gang-rape craze has now spread from Western Europe to the Czech Republic. However, the Czech authorities are dealing with the problem more forcefully than their Western counterparts, and then publicizing the results.

It’s worth nothing that the young woman who made the unfortunate decision to pick up the first Algerian student in a bar is Irish — that is, most likely a fully-indoctrinated exponent of the orthodox Willkommenskultur of the Western EU.

The following footage was taken by a helmet cam worn by one of the police officers who raided the abode of the Algerian gang-rapists in Prague and took the alleged perps into custody.

Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The accompanying report below from the Czech daily Blesk was also translated by Xanthippa:

Gang Rape in the Centre of Prague: Video of Intervening Services Detaining 6 Algerians

Author: Police, CR

April 5, 2018

On Easter Monday, the 35-year-old Irish tourist met with a horrible experience which she will not likely easily forget. In a bar she met a man, an Algerian, who immediately caught her eye. Unwisely, she headed off with him to a [hotel] room, where they devoted themselves to sexual play. But, the man then invited five friends over, and together they raped the tourist. Afterwards she called the police. Take a look at how the dramatic take-down of the rapists went.

“Police, open the door!” The intense shouts from one of the members of the Special Order Unit can be heard. But the doors in the Hotel in Náprstkově St. in the centre of Prague, behind which the six Algerians are thought to be hiding, won’t budge. So, the police burst into action. “The door could not be opened, not even with the spare key, and nobody responded to the call-out, which is why the door was taken out with the ram,” commented the police spokesman, Jan Daněk, regarding the measure taken.

The dramatic intervention eventually ends in success — armed police officers found and detained all six men in the spacious room. Each and every one of them looks surprised, as can be seen in the footage from the police cameras.

The rape of a tourist in Central Prague: Six Algerians in remand! They could face 10 years.

However, the men, who come from Algeria, did not end up in cuffs by coincidence. On Easter Monday morning, they were accused by a 35-year-old Irish tourist, who had headed up to the room with one of them the previous night. There they mutually engaged in intimate play. Subsequently the tourist is said to not have praised the man’s performance sufficiently, which clearly did not please the temperamental Algerian.

“Following this, the man brought over five more of his friends, which is when the aforementioned rape is said to have taken place,” Daněk remarked regarding the incident. The woman reportedly attempted to dissuade the attackers by claiming that she was a teacher, but it did not help her.

In fear for her life

The woman told the police that she was afraid, and chose to close her eyes, so that they would not physically harm her even more. “I could feel as they were switching on me… I was very afraid. I was terrified, I felt horrible, that I am stupid, very mad… I thought they were going to kill me,” she related her feelings to the criminal investigators, according to the daily Pravo.

Once all of them were, in her words, done, they left the room, but one returned and raped the woman again. Yet almost all of them come from well-situated families and are university students; only one of them worked at an airport in Paris.

Subsequently the police charged all six foreigners with a criminal act, and the regional court for Prague 1 remanded them in bond on Wednesday. If they are convicted, they may face up to ten years in jail.

Video transcript:

00:00   Police, open up! In the name if the law, open up!
00:05   OK.
00:17   Out! Police! Police, get on the ground!
00:21   One — to me! One — to me! Let’s go! Behind the chair!
00:32   Clear here! Check under the bed!
00:42   Finish checking the rooms!
00:45   Quietly: Yes, wait for it Loudly: Clear!
00:48   Steve, Steve! Good, downstairs!
00:52   Downstairs, downstairs! Downstairs!
01:09   On the ground. Hands! Hands! [?] Hands!
01:13   ??? [?] Hands! ???
01:19   Hands on your back! He did not go…
01:25   He fell! ??? Yes. Hands, ???
01:32   Guys, what is the status? Status!
01:36   …full basket, ??? Complete.
01:40   Let’s go! Stand up, stand up!
01:44   —Did anyone look under the beds? —Finish searching the room.
01:49   Is there a girl in the bathroom? —I understand. Good, next.
01:53   We’re sending one! …not checked out yet… OK, next…
01:58   Go ahead, take him. We’re taking him… …look… …down… …look…
02:02   Guys is there a large area there? in the back? Yes, [checking] the back…
02:06   Yeah, to the back, expedite it. Send the guys there! Yeah, to the back,
02:09   expedite it there. Send the guys there! Cuffed.
02:12   Secured. Cuffed and secured. He’s [???]. Good, next. Take him!
02:16   Let’s move on. How many are there? Wait…
02:20   ???, how many of them do you have over there? I have one over here, but I need —
02:24   Five. There are five of them, right? Wait, hold on…
02:28   OK, let’s count. I have nothing. ??? One, where is the girl?
02:33   I was just sleeping… One,
02:39   OK, this is how things are: I will [then obscured by breathing]
02:46   Guys, how many do you have over there? One, two, three, four. Four.
02:51   Five. We have four persons. No, wait, five!
02:55   Six. Is there some girl here? No girl, nothing.
02:59   Good. Six persons secured!
03:02   Six persons, yes.

26 thoughts on “Five Algerians Busted For Gang Rape in Prague

  1. I always had a huge respect for the Czech. Glad to see they are showing the right response to this barbarity.

  2. That poor lady. Algerians and their ilk are all over Ireland. It’s unbelievable that after centuries of devastating British misrule this vermin is allowed to setup a networks of mosques and Dhimmis to maintain an almost total depth of ignorance about Islam and it’s prey. Is this what the unfortunate person was armed with? Like most of us these days. Armed with liberal guns that don’t fire.

  3. I want this scum to be really punished. Yes, I want that. I don’t want these people anywhere in my continent.

  4. Interesting video clip. Those Czech cops did a good job, and probably could teach the British “Common Purpose” Police a thing or two.

  5. Alas, the treatment meted out was still far too soft with regard to what they would have faced in their own country.
    Once in jail they will be chaparoned and taken care of by their own. They need to be permanently physically crippled before that.
    My hand is up if the Czechs need a volunteer to administer the punishment.

  6. A lesson for Western European governments. Germany, Sweden etc., look here. This is the way how to deal with criminals like this!

  7. All the same, the Czechs have a very gentle language, even when they shout.

  8. Good to see the Czechs have not lost their sanity, although one must wonder just exactly why were six Algerians allowed in the Czech Republic in the first place? And one can be thankful that it wasn’t a Czech woman who suffered at the hands of these savages. Apparently (hopefully?) they have sense enough to stay away from such filth in the first place. That the woman involved claims to have been a teacher says volumes about why she didn’t have sense enough to stay away as well, and why Ireland is rushing down the path towards these stories being everyday occurences there as well. One must wonder how much of the effort to muslimify Ireland is self inflicted after reading such a story. Hopefully the judge throws the book at these rapists, and the fellow inmates do their part to ensure they never spend ten years behind bars.

    • I am wondering too how these Algerians got into the Czech Republic. Their politicians know what is happening all over Europe with Muslims. The blame is on the woman for picking up an unknown Algerian. Is she that stupid to not know their culture? If he wasn’t Algerian,……he could have been a serial killer. Ted Bundy before he was executed remarked at easy it was to get his victims. All women should wake up.

    • Acording to our media they were traveling Europe, if memory serves right, five of them came from Algeria to Paris, where they met up with the sixth guy and came together to Prague from Belgium and Germany. The five are university students from wealthy Algerian families, the one from Paris works at the airport there.

  9. This is how criminal vermin of this nature should be treated, by real police work,arrested and prosecuted in the courts without the usual excuses, political correctness (cultural Marxism) and bleeding heart rhetoric .

  10. It’s worth noting two things:
    1) Blesk is a terrible tabloid and not a trustworthy source. However, pretty much all of our media covered the case in the same fashion, so it’s ok this once.
    2) The video is from the SWAT team. The regular police actually arrived prior to them (the lobby personel of the hotel called them after the victim told them what happened), but the criminals refused to open the door. Our laws are stupid enough for officers to be able to get into trouble if they forced the door open without a court decision in hand. Hence why they called the SWAT team in. They did a good job.

  11. Anyone who reads real media like GoV or JihadWatch know that the chance of a successful experience with a Middle Eastern Muslim is very small. They view non-Muslim women as whores and sub-humans. If they marry them, they view the marriage as temporary and if the woman is lucky, they just take off for their country of origin when convenient, where they forget about the Western marriage and marry a local Muslima.

    If the woman is unlucky and does not yet see through the sociopath, he will convince her to come visit his home country, and there he can do anything he wants to her.

    If they use them for a one-night stand, again they view the women as whores and available for anything they want, including gang rape. So, there is a very low chance of any encounter with a Middle Eastern male being satisfactory in any way.

    The mainstream media cover this up. And the censors are trying to criminalize any realistic description of the actions of Middle Easterners. The very recent lawsuit against Facebook by Pulse nightclub survivors is a case in point. The end result of such a lawsuit, if successful, will be a legal mandate for social media to institute thorough censorship on all information about Muslims. The Muslims don’t need social media to rape Western women, but the women need a relatively unhampered social media to find out the risks of having anything at all to do with Middle Eastern males.

  12. Back in the early 70s when I lived in Tours in northern France and later in Montpellier in the south it was common knowledge that Muslims were the very worst of the worst. Young French women who were unfortunate enough, (or anyone for that matter), to get involved with a Muslim ended up in slavery somewhere or returned from Lebanon or Algeria in particular destroyed. That is in the worst most cruel sense of the word. Since then the French and the rest of us have force fed our populations humble pie and [dross] for brains to a point where Muslims are starting to demand their own countries within our countries. WE are ALL mad as hatters.

    • very well, visitor. In the seventies, I had a french friend whose family had to leave Algeria after the independence, so called ” pieds noirs” , a derogative term used by their own folks. They were from modest origin socially and their common knowledge was: never turn your back to an Algerian. In Grenoble in those days, one tried to rob me, but unsuccessfully.I frisked him and took his knife away, and his little money too. Statute of limitation expired. No remorse.

    • A few years back, I worked with a young, attractive black South African woman (a devout Christian) who’d dated a muslim man in Manchester. He tried to tell her how to dress and behave, so she ended the relationship, but he continued to harass her, so much that she moved to London to escape.

  13. In Singapore, they would have been FLOGGED, in addition to a long prison term.

  14. Love that Poupon!

    I think however, that if held in any large European city vision would be obscured by the large number of locals enjoying every lash.

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