Culture-Enricher in Italy Attacks Police With a Knife and a Hammer

A few days ago a Nigerian migrant attacked policemen on the platform of a railway station in the town of Busto Arsizio in northern Italy. The “youth” was carrying a hammer and a large knife, yet somehow the Carabinieri managed to disarm him without anyone getting hurt.

The knife shown in this footage is kind of shaped like a dagger, but is much larger — 30 cm (12″). I don’t know what this type of knife is commonly called.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:02   Drop it! Drop it! Drop it! Drop it!
00:05   Put it down! Put it down! Put it down! Put it down!
00:12   These are the exclusive images documenting moments of high tension that occurred yesterday
00:16   around noon at the train station of Busto Arsizio, taken by a passenger
00:19   on board the train from which the man had just alighted.
00:22   He is a 20-year-old Nigerian brandishing a 30cm weapon and a hammer, dressed in camouflage,
00:27   objects that he had stolen the previous evening from a shop in Varese.
00:31   The Carabinieri coolly confronted him and instructed him to put down the weapons.
00:35   remaining at a safe distance gripping their night sticks.
00:38   They then ordered the train conductor to get the convoy going to free the area.
00:41   Get the train going! Off you go!
00:44   The man is evidently in a confused state. Fortunately, the sidewalk is deserted.
00:49   The military follows him to the end of the platform. The chase continues into the woods.
00:53   A police patrol arrests him later.
00:56   Also in this case, the 20-year-old asylum seeker attacks the agents with his weapon.
01:00   Only one year in Italy, he was charged for threats, possession of (cutting) weapons and drugs.
01:04   This morning he was processed in Busto Arsizio.
01:08   The courage and alertness of the police prevented the episode from becoming a tragedy.

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