“Brussels is Launching a Revenge Attack Against Hungary”

Last Sunday’s overwhelming electoral success for Fidesz-KDNP, the party of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, has set knickers a-twisting in Brussels and other hotbeds of the European globalists. George Soros spent a massive amount of money trying to swing the Hungarian election, and he failed miserably. Therefore there must be something wrong with the vote: electoral fraud, voter intimidation, suppression of independent media; something — ANYTHING — must be amiss!

Below are two translations by CrossWare about the post-election kerfuffle in Brussels and Strasbourg. First, a note from the translator:

It seems George Soros is annoyed with the results of the Hungarian election, or even with his incompetent lieutenants, but the EU started again immediately after the election.

There is also a short excerpt from an actual (low-ranking) official explaining how the voting process goes and why it makes it impossible for somebody to cheat. (Since Hungary has a paper-based voting system with electronic accumulation, at least the otherwise completely crazy opposition is not yet screaming about Russian hackers, as in the USA.)

First, a report from the state television and news portal hirado.hu:

A report on the status of the Hungarian rule of law was presented in Brussels

They seriously criticized the state of the rule of law in the draft special report of the European Parliament (EP) Committee on Home Affairs, the Committee on Civil Liberties and Justice (LIBE), which was tabled on Thursday morning at the panel meeting in Brussels.

According to the draft presented by Judith Sargentini (Green Party), there is a clear risk of serious violations of EU values in Hungary, and therefore the initiation the procedure is justified under Article 7 of the basic treaty.

The report that is expected to be put to the vote in June will be brought before the plenary session of the European Parliament in the autumn, which may initiate, on that basis, Article 7, or as it called, the “nuclear bomb” against Hungary because of assumed violations of the rule of law.

In addition to the rapporteur, Judith Sargentini, the Netherlands’s Green Party MEP, a national, a liberal and two social democratic opinion-makers took part in the drafting of the document.

In response to the report, Kinga Gál, the EP representative for Fidesz and the VP of the LIBE commission emphasized that since 2004, she has been a member of the committee, since 2007 she has been the vice-president, and a report has never been brought in such a procedural manner. A report has never been discussed in the committee which was given to members only at the start of the meeting. No one else could have seen this report so far, other than through Mrs. Sargentini — interestingly, most of the content has been leaked by The Népszava [A leftist newspaper, essentially a Hungarian equivalent of The Guardian — translator], although the speaker said that no such report would be made before the elections. Despite the fact that she has had little time to review the report, the representative said that these legal questions should be examined.

The basis of the ever-mentioned “rule of law violations” is the result of the democratic election. In her view, the opposition media, the NGOs and opposing parties who failed to reach significant results are now trying to ignore completely a democratic election. The Hungarians do not need to be defended against their will, and especially do not need defense against themselves. Democracy cannot be characterized better than by the fact that with 70% participation the voters have confirmed the government’s course so far — even if it was not what they expected in Brussels, where they judge the migration quota-resistant Hungary, based on some subjective sense of feelings. Hungarian public opinion is irritated by this hateful and unfounded phobia against the Hungarian government. “Our police do not hurt protesters in Hungary; they do not arrest opposition politicians; they do not kill journalists, but they [the EU] still bring us staged fake systemic problems again and again,” Kinga Gál said.

Lívia Járóka, EP a Gypsy representative from Fidesz-KDNP and EP Vice-President also spoke in the EP debate on the report of the LIBE Committee.

In her speech, she said she felt it was outrageous that they were trying to use the Gypsies to hit the Hungarian government, because it was Viktor Orbán and his government, not the socialist governments, who put an end to the intimidating Hungarian Guard parades [radical right-wing group tied to the Jobbik Party — translator] and stopped the killing of Gypsies. In addition, it was his social policy that allowed Gypsies to move from Gypsy settlements into humanely acceptable circumstances, and even to work for pay through public employment.

“But Viktor Orbán and his government were the ones who first sent a Gypsy representative to the EU Parliament in my personal capacity,” she summarized the reason why she regards the examples of intolerance toward Gypsies in the report as a lie. She also mentioned that if the Gypsies were so important, they would not have so speedily “kicked out” the Rapporteur — who also had Gypsy ancestry — from the Secretary General of the ET, just because he spoke against the Left.

Krisztina Morvai MEP stated at the meeting that the European Union is constantly out to get Hungary, because we stand for our national sovereignty and independence, and we do not allow ourselves to become an immigrant country.

She expressed her hope that we would become an example to other member states. She then recalled that with a 70% participation, a government opposed to mass migration emerged victorious in the domestic election with a two-thirds majority, after managing to withstand the enormous pressure from Soros’ troops. Obviously, this is difficult to process, she added.

Péter Szijjártő: the pressure from the Soros Empire is increasing

Even before the report was presented, the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs [Péter Szijjártő] held a press conference in Hungary where, among other things, he discussed the report by Sargentini. He said that the LIBE Committee is “seriously anti-democratic” against the country, because the opinion and will of the Hungarian people does not matter to them, he said. He added: Hungary is represented by the government, on the basis of the Hungarian people’s decision.

He noted that the report’s only purpose is for the Soros Empire, as “those who intervened in the Hungarian election process” are now extremely disappointed because, despite all their efforts, the Hungarian people have said NO to migration-friendly politics and the parties that took such a stand in the campaign.

Expert: The LIBE report is a political manifestation

Norbert Tóth, the Director of the Center for Fundamental Rights, believes that the report has to be considered a political statement, and the less legal elements dominated the LIBE report on Thursday, which criticized the condition of the rule of law in Hungary.

According to the Dutch left-wing politician who created the report, “Hungary’s attitude towards the refugees is a cause for concern; it has reduced the powers of the courts and restricted the work of civilians.” The deputy highlighted the package of laws known as “Stop Soros”, which has not even been discussed yet by the Hungarian Parliament.

Norbert Tóth found it strange that while they talked about transparency, MEPs did not receive the text of the report ahead of time.

The document does not contain anything new, and is rather a kind of political manifesto that contains very few legal elements, said the Director of Fundamental Rights Center.

“The law of assembly, the lex-NGO, which limits the free movement of civil organizations, would again undermine the rights of civil society,” said Judith Sargentini.

[The Hungarian government proposed a law that members of proven migrant-helping organizations, a.k.a. Soros NGOs, could not approach within three miles (5km) of the green border without permission. Obviously such rules do not apply to the “Friends of Wine” society or, for example, PETA members. — translator]

The report included a number of elements, such as the resignation of the chief rabbi, which had nothing to do with the elections or the Hungarian rule of law, but they tried to give it the appearance of anti-Semitism. It is also a label that was used when referring to the Hungarian government as a “regime”. The left-wing parties in Europe are eager to push their opponents into the corner, said the Director of the Fundamental Rights Center.

Norbert Tóth expects that in the next cycle, the opposition’s campaign message will be to try to question the outcome of the election. “It is not necessary to have a left-wing party in a country; Ireland and Poland are similar and it may also be like this in Hungary, too,” he said.

The members of LIBE are on Soros’s lobby list

Among the members of the LIBE Committee there are at least 30 members who are also on the lobby list of the Soros Open Society Foundations.

As a result of the Sargentini report, the procedure under Article 7, which is the removal of the ability to vote, may also be initiated against Hungary.

Judith Sargentini is one of the most sincere advocates for immigration in the European Parliament. She also said in an earlier Twitter entry: she has been working together with George Soros’ foundations for more than ten years — as she wrote — successfully.

The Fidesz faction leader says “revenge” is being prepared in Brussels

Gergely Gulyás, the leader of the Fidesz faction, told M1 [state television]: Brussels is launching a revenge attack against Hungary. He believes that the Sargentini report has two main motivations: “One of them is a Hungarian migration policy that consistently rejects immigration, and the other is revenge against voters who have clearly expressed their opposition [to migration] to the current civilian government,” said Gergely Gulyás.

A brief report from the Hungarian news portal 888.hu:


Statement from a member of the voting committee (in one of the thousands of locations) on the accusations of cheating:

Does anyone seriously think that all five of the members of the vote-counting committee [members of the committee are selected from members of opposing parties — translator] sign two separate reports, one for the individual and another for the party list, that do not correspond to reality? Such a signature is a criminal offense punishable by one to three years in prison. Yesterday I attended an electoral committee; we are compelled to count every ballot at least three times, where two out of three must match. In the voter list that the voters sign, the signatures are also counted three times; the result and the votes found in the box must match. It never matches [exactly], two or three ballots are always missing, because they are taken away by voters.

This should be recorded, and the remaining ballot papers have to be counted. The number of voters’ signatures, the ballot papers found in the urn, the ballot papers received in the morning and the number of remaining blank ballot papers must be equal. After this has been recorded, we begin sorting the ballot papers by parties and candidates, putting the invalid votes separately. The invalid votes are examined by each member of the committee individually then the committee will vote on their status.

On the back of each rejected ballot paper a reason must be written. Two separate record books are created which are signed by all members of the counting committee. If a single member refuses to sign, the counting must be restarted, because the record is considered invalid. All ballot papers and all forms will be returned to the box.

All members of the committee receive an official copy of the two records.

Then the minutes and the sealed box are brought together to the territorial electoral committee, where the data is checked numerically and entered into the computer system in the presence of the original counting committee. On the internet, within 10 minutes you can compare the details of the report that you have with you with the information for your constituency appearing on the electoral committee’s website.

The written minutes are also received by the parties from their members delegated to the constituency, or they can request a certified copy from the electoral commission. The Voters’ Protocols gathered at the Electoral Committee should be placed in the local archives after the expiration of the remedy, where any citizen can see them.

3 thoughts on ““Brussels is Launching a Revenge Attack Against Hungary”

  1. I can’t believe, the liberal EU members are this dumb?! They want to revoke Hungary’s right to vote, at the same time, when they do it with Poland, so when they vote on putting migrants into these countries, they can’t veto… And they think we will swallow this??? Well, I think genetic degradation in the western countries must be higher than I thought!

    As for leaking their report just before the election… They actually thought they can scare Hungarians into submission??? They know nothing about us and our history! We started a revolution against overwhelming odds all the time…

    To comment about the Bolsheviks, who claim election fraud… Oh, by the way, the Bolsheviks were the ones who were always a minority, claiming to be the majority. Actually, that is what the Russian word means: majority = Bolshevik
    As you can see they changed nothing even though now call themselves Liberals…

    So I heard an expert telling it in a report, to effectively sway the election with cheating, at least 50,000 people in the voting committees would have needed to conspire in perfect coordination. About half of these people are from those opposition parties, who’s sour losers are claiming cheating… Even if all the people would have been Fidesz members, coordinating 50k people to commit fraud, would have been the supercrime of the century…

  2. If the Hungarian election results constitute “a clear risk of serious violations of EU values” then I have a suggestion for Ms. Sargentini – why does she not call for a pan-EU plebiscite on the issue of accepting more immigrants into Europe? That would establish more convincingly what those EU values are and dispel the clear suspicion that most Europeans harbour, that she and her non-elected bureaucrats in Brussels actually do not know what they are talking about? Mr. Szijjártő, please put that Soros employee (as she admits) on the mat by making a formal request for a plebiscite.

  3. “there is a clear risk of serious violations of EU values in Hungary…”
    “The European Union’s fundamental values are respect for human dignity and human rights, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law.”
    Don’t make me laugh.
    Odd how hypocrisy and double standard and censorship isn’t among of them.
    Neither is the value of ‘watch what you say and write because if it is the truth or historically accurate or simply your own personal opinion, if it is the ‘wrong’ opinion the police will knock on your door and you might wind up in jail. Nor is the value of ‘forget about the days when women could walk about in safety because now thanks to multikulti it is much better that they go about in groups or better yet, stay home.’ What happened to that ‘EU human dignity right’?
    As for the ‘rule of law’? And the value of democracy?
    Yes indeedy. Values rigidly adhered to as evidenced by one prime minister throwing open the gates to an invading horde, ignoring the Schengen treaty and and then seeking to punish those who would try to uphold existing laws and treaties.

    Or by the EU trying to undermine the will of citizens who have democratically elected a government to carry out their wishes.
    Rule of law. Democracy.
    Absolutely solid values.

    As for election fraud, the ‘opposition’ (all countless parties of them), made the mistake off believing the pundits. That a high turnout would favor them. Naturally when it went the other way they will not accept reality. They are like spoiled children: But you SAID we would win if lots of people voted. Waaah, waah. Do it over!! We were supposed to win.
    It is eerily similar to what transpired after Pres Trump was elected. I wonder why…

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