Austria To Ban Headscarves At Kindergartens And Schools

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Austria To Ban Headscarves At Kindergartens And Schools

by Egri Nök

An original translation from Die Welt:

Austria: Sebastian Kurz announces headscarf ban for kindergartens and schools

April 04, 2018

“Veiling little children is something that should definitely have no place in our country”, said Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. With this, he wanted to prevent discrimination at a young age.

It is the will of the Austria government that in the future, girls won’t be allowed anymore to wear a headscarf in kindergarten and elementary school. “Veiling little children is something that should definitely have no place in our country,” said Chancellor Sebastian Kurz on Wednesday in Vienna.

It was about granting the same opportunities to all children. “And this also means that there isn’t any discrimination at a young age,” said Kurz. The new law will be titled “Child Protection Law”. “All children should have equal opportunities, girls and boys,” said Kurz.

A respective motion is to be formulated no later than the beginning of summer. To elevate the law to constitutional status, the government — conservative ÖVP and right-wing FPÖ — will have to convince one opposition party of their plan. FPÖ leader Heinz-Christian Strache wanted to combat “undesirable developments regarding political Islam” with his headscarf ban for girls.

50 people charged for veiling their faces

It is unclear how many children will be affected. There are no figures. “It is certainly a symbolic gesture”, said Education Minister Heinz Faßmann (ÖVP).

In Austria, a general ban on veiling the face came into effect six months ago. The anti-face-curtaining law means that in public spaces and in public buildings, clothes or other items shall not disguise or veil “the facial features in such way that they aren’t recognizable anymore”. Dressing up in the context of Halloween is not affected by this law, the decree specifies.

Since then, approximately 50 people have been charged. The law is specifically directed at veiling with a burqa or a niqab, and it is meant to promote integration of Muslims. According to the law, it is punishable with a fine of up to €150 if the face is made invisible between chin and brows.

Note from the Baron: Will schoolgirls who go skiing be denied the use of the burqiski?

20 thoughts on “Austria To Ban Headscarves At Kindergartens And Schools

  1. Something that often gets lost in this debate is that many Muslim countries also ban the hijab. Leaders there have known what Europe is finding out…the hijab is a symbol of radical Islam.

  2. As an avid skier, I am applied that Europe or any Western nation would allow someone to ski in a burka!!! That’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. A downhill skier/snowboarder is required to look in both directions before crossing runs! How can one do this wearing a tent with a flap for viewing? If one of these black umbrellas causes an accident the resort will be sued first (deep pockets). Good luck trying to squeeze insurance money from a migrant!

    • Strange copy on that page:

      Father-mother, when we have a desire, our brain will process it and find ways how to succeed. When we feel lazy to pray, our brains will process and look for 1001 reasons so we can not pray. For example is busy, stuck, there is a sudden need, procrastinate, and such.

      In fact, O father-mother, do not we remember that God ever said in the book,

      “Allah does not burden a person but according to his ability.” (Surah Al Baqarah: 286)

      Therefore, my father-mother, you have two choices:

      Do we believe in God that we are capable of performing prayers or
      We believe in ourselves that we are too busy to perform the prayers.
      Which one do we choose, father-mother?

  3. Somewhere else, in another galaxy, far far away, it might seem that the burka ban can turn into a different thing. Like, for example, when communists in Czechoslovakia hunted down ‘long haired freaky people’. Every law that can be abused, will be abused. Burka ban too.

    Moreover, the effort to make hippies into good socialist citizens has failed, because hunting down these hippies just made them all the more attractive. Therefore, burka ban just adds more of that ‘us versus them’, and is ultimately counter productive to any true ‘integration’.

    Western society used to be craved for its freedom. In free society, where love and hate can be expressed openly, there would be no need for burka bans. People would sinply laugh at them covered head to toe, until they’d sinply leave their silly costumes for better customs.

    • The hippies did not try to blow up anyone. Hijab is not just a form of self-expression

    • But that’s conflating Western culture, where laughter can change behavior, with tribal culture, where laughing ridicule can mean a throat-cutting.

      See Nicolia Sennels work with Islamic adolescents in Denmark. The New English Review has great material. And his book is out in English, at long last.

      • In a free society, where love and hate can be expressed openly, any burka advocate may try to slit someone’s throat – only to encounter a righteous payback, for free.

        The islamic adolescents laugh at us, that’s the problem, for all west does is to back up bowing before these violent criminals, and then comes up with something stupid like a burka ban…

    • Forcing so young children to wear burka is – in my view – tantamount to child abuse. Hence, I consider veiling children in kindergarten (sic! how sick this is!) completely, utterly unacceptable and bordering on criminal.

      • I consider children to be their parents business. I might find it unnaceptable too, and I would probably voice my opinion if I saw it first hand, but a law is in my opinion a stupid way to go about this.

    • Or one can do like Ataturk after the end of the Ottoman Empire, and decree that only prostitutes wear the veil. For hygenic reasons of course!

      • while all throughout the Bible, the veil was to be freely worn by the righteous women for the very same reasons stated in Koran: If you are not in the business, don’t advertise! Historically, sexy dressing, make up and beautiful hair with golden jewels was and is the hallmark of harlots.

        Our European Nuns wore headdresses for the very same reasons, not to provoke sexual advancements from men.

        • Paul demanded that women wear veils so that those without them – the slaves, prostitutes, etc. – would not be at a disadvantage since they were usually not permitted to wear them.

          Paul aced that one.

    • “In free society, where love and hate can be expressed openly, there would be no need for burka bans. People would simply laugh at them covered head to toe, until they’d simply leave their silly costumes for better customs.”

      Yes, indeed.

  4. Banning symptoms without banning the disease that caused them only produces undetectable diseases.

    This is what makes the freedom of speech so important. It’s less about being able to say what I truly think, and more about knowing what others truly think so you wouldn’t be caught by surprise.

    Banning outward symbols of Islam such as burkas and minarets only helps stealth Islam in its march to become a very nasty surprise in a few years.

    • I think the banning of the burqa and niqab is more about trying to peel away women from the influence of the islamists. Expose them to Western freedoms and freedom from stigmatization due to muslim dress, and westernization of its women will help shatter islam or at least the most extreme manifestations of it in the West.

      Women are second class citizens under islam, so anything that helps to make them aware of the differences and the freedoms they are missing out on merely by being forced to follow their religion is a good thing. When they divorce as readily as Western women the battle is as good as won.

  5. “Banning ou

    tward symbols of Islam such as burkas and minarets only helps stealth
    I only see that banning burkas as a positive move for all concerned. I believe this kind of garb in 21st century Europe has no place. As for “stealth Islam” – I believe that they are way beyond the stealth point. It has actually become the opposite of stealth. One only has to see what is happening in the chambers of English council meetings, wherein an iman is brought in to lead prayers in Arabic before the meeting commences and the non-Muslim attendees dutifully bow their heads in deference.

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