An Eco-Mosque For Cambridge

Our Swedish correspondent LN notes that “Islam attacks from all directions, now most recently also from an ecological point of view.”

Below is his translation of an article from the Swedish news site Samhällsnytt:

The Green Future of Islam: Ecological Mosques

[Photo, not shown: Cambridge eco-mosque]

The opening is scheduled for next spring, 2019. “It will be a place for the whole community, not just Muslims,” says Tim Winter, lecturer on the subject of Islam at Cambridge University.

The project of building an eco-mosque has been ten years in the making, and the opening is scheduled for the spring of 2019. The goal is to unify different groups of people.

“I want this to be a place that unites people, and favors not only Muslims in Cambridge, but everyone who comes here should be welcome,” said Tim Winter, an associate professor of Islamic studies at the Cambridge University.

Muslims began to immigrate to Britain in the 1950s and 1960s, mainly from the former British colonies of Bangladesh and Pakistan. Today there are also large groups of Turks, Kurds, Algerians and Kazakhs, and also Muslim converts.

“At the most recent census, the figure was 100,000 converts in Britain,” said Tim Winter to the site My Salaam.

Tim Winter, 57, converted to Islam almost 40 years ago, took the Arab name Abdal Hakim Murad and has studied in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. He has performed the haj three times, that is, a visit to Islam’s holy city of Mecca, something every healthy Muslim is obliged to do, according to the holy writings of Islam.

Video: Why I converted to Islam (Timothy Winter)

In addition to his work at Cambridge University and the ecological mosque project, Winter is the founder of the Cambridge Muslim College, which trains British-born imams.

Cambridge is home to 8,000 Muslims, but statistics do not take into account students and the vast number of new converts. The city currently has five mosques, but according to My Salaam, all are “too small” and “non-functionally built”.

The new eco-mosque will accommodate a thousand worshippers in the large prayer hall. The complex also has a restaurant, study rooms, apartments and exhibition space. Large wooden beams have been imported from Scandinavia and rainwater is to be used for different devices on the roof. The recycled water will then be used for gardening, but also for flushing toilets. A sophisticated heat-pump system should be able to find heat pockets and to distribute heat evenly throughout the mosque.

“The more technology is being developed, the more we will be able to reduce our energy costs,” says Tim Winter.

10 thoughts on “An Eco-Mosque For Cambridge

  1. “[The new mosque] will be a place for the whole community, not just Muslims,” says Tim Winter, lecturer on the subject of Islam at [Cambridge Muslim College].

    I wonder how this “Kafirs Welcome” mosque will operate. Will it be used as a meeting place for Jewish and counterjihad groups? That’s very generous of our Muslim neighbors.

    • I’m guessing not, but there will be eco friendly composting of infidel bodies, and a nice rose garden (bone meal is important for good roses).

  2. My toothache begins after such news.
    We have already heard stories about “Oxford men” grooming young girls. Now we will hear about the “Cambridge men”.

  3. This is religion laundering. They are washing Islam in the waters of Green ideology, does Winter think he can present Islam as the worlds most ecologically safe religion?
    Women of course will enter the mosque by the back door.

  4. Winter hangs out with the translator of the Reliance of the Traveller, Nuh Ha Mim Keller, at

    Here is a written account of Winter’s conversion:

    in which he shows (to my mind) a frankly neurotic religiosity. Here is an example:

    “the Koran, that ‘shy bride’, would take years to unveil herself. At the outset, she seemed to dazzle me with her unworldly strangeness, and the purity of her ego-less diction”.

    Here is Keller’s conversion account (who would have guessed that he was a fisherman off the coast of Alaska?):

    Schopenhauer, Nietzsche and Sartre led him to the conclusion that the twentieth century “could no longer answer a single ethical question”, and that “without revealed religion, no valid objection could be raised to the strong eating the weak”.

    Obvious solution…become a slave of Allah and save yourself the trouble of thinking about such things.

    I notice from their conversion accounts, and so many others, a complete absence of the sort of things which (IMHO) any sane, decent person should be concerned about when looking into that particular religion, namely jihad, the less than sublime actions of Mohammed as detailed in the Hadiths and the Sira, and Allah’s less than civil treatment in Jahannam of those who decline to believe in him. Odd, isn’t it, what you manage to overlook when you fall in love.

  5. At about 10:30 minutes into the video, we get Imam Winters real reasons for converting. The power for the individual to reform society is given to the muslim community. Once again the snobby, intellectual, aristocratic class in England insists on imposing its moral rule on the lower classes. No wonder they like this, as it is a return to their old feudal manner of ruling. Too bad for them that the immigrants have their own idea of what best constitutes the Ummah. The best they can hope for is some sort of inferior status as genetically and culturally lesser beings under islam.

    • I agree wholeheartedly up to your final sentence about the necessarily inferior status of the English convert. Islam is a religion designed to impose 7th century Arab supremacy over their conquered lands. I have heard that Arab Muslims refer to Pakistani Muslims disparagingly as “converts”, even though the area was conquered many centuries ago. There could well be a need to prove oneself as good as any in their religion which may explain some of the fervour with which men (and some women) of Pakistani descent attend to the duties of Jihad. The same “need to prove” could apply to British-born Samantha Lewthwaite also known as “the White Widow”.

      I therefore suspect that these white converts, whatever their social class, will be seriously aggressive in the drive to convert Britain into a Sharia compliant state. We concentrate solely on the “asylum seekers” at our peril.

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