Afghan Refugee Attacks German Bakery and is Shot by Police

A young culture-enricher ran amok in a bakery in the town of Fulda today, wounding a number of people before being shot dead by police. The authorities say there is no indication of a political motive, but they don’t mention the a possible religious motive.

Many thanks to Lavinia for translating this article from Osthessen News:

Dramatic events took place [in Fulda, a town in Hesse, Germany] in front of the “Medicum” Medical Centre on Friday morning. Around 4:20am police were called to Flemingstraße in Münsterfeld after a 19-year-old Afghan man attacked several people in a bakery, inflicting heavy injuries on some of them. As events developed he was shot by police officers.

Apart from the shop assistants working in the bakery, a delivery van driver was attacked. He was badly wounded. Arriving police officers were instantly attacked with stones and what was probably a baton. At least one police officer was wounded. When police officers subsequently used their firearms the attacker was fatally wounded.

Currently the area of the incident is cordoned off; the body of the attacker is hidden behind a screen. The window of the bakery is broken; the delivery van is parked directly in front of the building. Also broken is a window of one of the police cars. Police Spokesman Thomas Rodemer explains the exact details to Osthessen News: “The officers noticed during the operation that the attacker was barefoot — it’s not yet clear why. The investigations have been taken over by the Hessian state office of criminal investigations together with the prosecuting attorney in Fulda. The area around the former barracks [where the incident took place] is currently closed to car traffic.”

Prosecuting Attorney Harry Wilke gives more details: “The fatally injured person was a 19-year-old Afghan national who lived in a nearby refugee accommodation. From what we currently know there is no evidence of a political motive.” As some medical practices in Münsterfeld can’t be reached by their patients, they are closed for today. (Text by Marius Auth, Osthessen News; translation by Lavinia)

9 thoughts on “Afghan Refugee Attacks German Bakery and is Shot by Police

  1. Dare I say that the police need to respond this quickly and decisively more often? With hopefully 2 results:
    Public would trust them perhaps a bit more and refugees would face what used to be reality.

    • Crumbs, the police really earned their bread and butter on this
      Occasion, normally they just roll over, and excuse these events
      As the yeast of their problems.

  2. The police must shoot now and then to give to the public the appearance of doing something. It’s implied in the Contract. The State is supposed to protect its people. Udo Ulfkotte died while trying to expose this.

    Nevertheless, anyone who trusts their government and the TV eunuchs presenting state propaganda are hopelessly lost.

    • what’s the point in relating Ulfkotte’s death by heart attack with this event? You might as well ask me if I stopped beating my wife!

  3. Thought I would leave a reply because 20 years ago I visited Fulda. At that time it was a sleepy German market town. How times have changed, for the worse.

  4. Well done by the police officers involved.

    Now their brethren need to perform similarly across Germany.

    • thats what I like about GoV: so many knowledgable people here. As you were, garyfouse.

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