Towards a Swedish Civil War?

Towards a Swedish Civil War?

by Fjordman

On March 3, 2018, the liberal American newspaper The New York Times ran an article titled “Hand Grenades and Gang Violence Rattle Sweden’s Middle Class.”[1] An article with such a title would have been unthinkable a couple of generations ago. However, mass immigration is dramatically transforming Swedish society.

The NYT now admits that gang-related assaults and shootings are becoming more frequent. The number of neighborhoods categorized by the police as “marred by crime, social unrest and insecurity” is rising. In major cities, hospitals report armed confrontations in emergency rooms. School administrators say threats and weapons have become commonplace. The use of hand grenades has become disturbingly common. The police are struggling to gather information in immigrant neighborhoods where gangs intimidate witnesses. “We have lost the trust from the people who lived and worked in this area,” says police superintendent Gunnar Appelgren.

Mr. Appelgren describes an arms race among rival criminal gangs that has become difficult to contain. He fears that the escalating attacks on the Swedish police will soon feature AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifles and other weapons used in armed conflicts around the world. “I think we’re going to see, if we don’t stop it, more drive-by shootings with Kalashnikovs and hand grenades,” he said. “They throw rocks and bottles at our cars, and they trick us in an ambush. When will it happen that they ambush us with Kalashnikovs? It’s coming.”

The newspaper also interviewed an immigrant from Lebanon, a country that was marred by a bloody civil war not many years ago. He fears that the same thing could happen in Sweden. “Now, when I think of the future, I am afraid,” he says. “I am afraid for Europe.”

It is good that The New York Times has published this article. It describes problems that are very real. However, just a few years earlier, the paper painted a very different picture of the situation in Sweden.

The NYT claimed in January 2015 that it is false that there are no-go-zones in some urban areas in Western Europe dominated by certain immigrant groups. The newspaper highlighted myself, alongside the American writers Steve Emerson and Daniel Pipes, for spreading this alleged falsehood.[2] This was published shortly after Islamic terrorists had massacred the staff of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris.

Fox News issued an unusual on-air apology for allowing its anchors and guests to repeat the suggestion that there are Muslim-only “no-go zones” in European countries such as Britain and France, areas that are not under the effective control of the state and are ruled according to sharia law.

Three years later, the same newspaper indicates that criminal gangs have indeed established de facto control over certain areas in Western Europe. Perhaps they could admit that the writers they have unfairly smeared were right all along. That would probably be too much to ask.

In 2008, the Swedish writer Anders Lugn wrote an article titled “Sweden’s road to disaster.” Somewhat unusually, he even got this text published in the major newspaper Aftonbladet. In the 1980s, Lugn served as a captain in UN-led peacekeeping forces in Lebanon during the Lebanese Civil War between Sunni Muslims, Shia Muslims and Christians. While living there, he asked himself how it was possible for such a wonderful country with so many good people to commit national suicide and self-destruct? Among several reasons for the collapse of Lebanese society he mentions a weak sense of national identity and common values, weak national armed forces, a weak police force, easy access to weapons (legal or illegal) and easy access to drugs. There was also a general sense of powerlessness among average citizens. Lugn is deeply concerned to observe that many of the factors that contributed to a brutal civil war in Lebanon are now also at work in his native Sweden.[3]

Things keep getting worse in the country. The hip-hop artist Ken Ring expects Sweden to descend into a civil war in the next 20 years. He is considering moving to Africa, which he believes will be safer than Sweden. Ring made these comments on the television program Trygdekontoret, which was broadcast on Norway’s state broadcaster NRK on March 13, 2018.[4] This was also reported in English by Breitbart News a few days later.[5]

Ring grew up in the Stockholm suburb of Hässelby. He said that the area has seen a dramatic escalation of violence in recent years. Today there is an open gang war. Violent, organized crime coupled with an increase of drug trafficking had radically transformed the area. When asked about why he would move to Africa, where his mother was from, Ring said: “It’s safer there. My son is nine years old and he asked me, ‘Dad, why is it more dangerous in Hässelby than in Nairobi, Kenya?’” He notes that many of those involved in deadly gang shootings are not recently arrived asylum seekers. Instead, they are second generation immigrants who were born and raised in Sweden. “I think it’s too late — that it’s not possible to change,” Ring stated and added: “Within 20 years we will have an open war on the streets of Stockholm.”

The talk show host and musician Thomas Seltzer stated that there is a “media ghetto” of people who have refused to acknowledge these problems. Moreover, he admitted that many journalists live in a kind of parallel society of their own, cut off from many of these problems. It was frankly admitted during this program that “no-go-zones” where even the police risk being chased away by criminal gangs really do exist in Sweden. They are not a myth. After that, Ring included some words about Swedish racists who object to mass immigration.

Ken Ring has an admitted criminal background. In Stockholm in 1999, he was arrested for performing the song “Spräng regeringen” (“Blow up the government”) in which he rapped about rushing the Royal Palace and raping Princess Madeleine.[6] Despite this, he was treated with greater respect by Norway’s state broadcaster than I am.

In September 2011, the TV program Trygdekontoret with host Thomas Seltzer showed a parody of me as a Nazi paraplegic in a wheelchair who types his diatribes with a stick held in his mouth. This was shown on NRK, Norway’s equivalent of the BBC in Britain, and the country’s largest and most powerful media organization.[7] NRK has for many years been funded by a mandatory annual license fee payable by anyone who owns a TV. My parents, grandparents, siblings and friends thus had to fund this portrayal of me as a drooling Nazi idiot.

A few weeks earlier, in August 2011, I had been forced to evacuate my small flat in Oslo and flee the country following an aggressive media campaign of public demonization. By the time this portrayal of me was shown on prime-time national television in Norway, I was a homeless person living in involuntary exile from my homeland. All because of crimes I was not involved in, committed by a person I have never once met in my entire life: Anders Behring Breivik.

The Norwegian state broadcaster’s portrayal of me as a “Nazi” was because I write texts warning against the problems caused by Muslim culture and mass immigration. Here is what I wrote in May 2005:

Swedish culture is disappearing with astonishing speed in front of our eyes. If the trend isn’t stopped, the Swedish nation will simply cease to exist in any meaningful way during the first half of this century. The country that gave us Bergman, ABBA and Volvo could become known as the Bosnia of northern Europe. The ‘Swedish model’ will no longer refer to a stable and peaceful state with an advanced economy, but an Eurabian horror story of utopian multiculturalism, Socialist mismanagement and runaway immigration.[8]

In 2018, is it thus considered brave and groundbreaking journalism to warn against the possibility that Sweden could collapse into war. When I warned against the same thing thirteen years earlier, this was considered “Nazism” by the same journalists. Unfortunately, the mainstream media will rarely admit that they were wrong before. They will certainly not apologize to individuals they have unfairly smeared in the past.

The Western ruling elites promote mass immigration and want Europeans to “celebrate diversity.” Yet throughout most of human history, ethnic diversity has been a source of tensions, conflict and often war. When the ethnic mix also includes a significant component of Islamic culture, armed conflict is the norm rather than the exception.

Europe suffered bloody ethnic conflicts in the Balkans in the 1990s, from Bosnia to Kosovo, when the multiethnic state Yugoslavia fell apart. Some people fled from civil war in the Balkans to Western Europe. Ironically, mass immigration is now destabilizing Western Europe and creating a dangerous Balkanization there as well. Some of the hand grenades and other weapons that are currently used to fuel gang wars in Multicultural Sweden come from the failed Multicultural society formerly known as Yugoslavia.[9]

If present trends continue, native Swedes will become a minority in their own country in a few decades. Probably before 2060, but perhaps even before the year 2040. They already are a minority in some urban areas of Sweden today. This population replacement happens even faster among the younger generations.

Wars are not waged by 90-year-old women. They are fought by young people, predominately by young men who are willing and able to use violence. Soon, native Swedes will simply be the largest of many different ethnic groups competing for the territory once known as Sweden. They have the advantage of being on their native soil. However, they also suffer from several major disadvantages.

Just like many other Europeans today, young Swedes have little pride in their own culture and nation. What little they know about their own heritage they have been told to dismiss as negative or irrelevant. Defending your own nation and culture is presented as “racist” and evil. Young Swedish men have been taught that any display of traditional masculinity is bad. Muslims, on the other hand, are proud, aggressive and far more willing to use violence to achieve their goals.

Sweden has national elections in September 2018. Some observers believe this could be the last chance Sweden has of resolving its rising tensions peacefully. Pessimists fear that the point of no return was passed years ago.


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25 thoughts on “Towards a Swedish Civil War?

  1. Civil war the sooner the better, while we still have the demographic numbers. When they also have the demography, there is absolutely nothing to do. They will pass whatever laws they want, and will finish off Swedes, legally.

    • Agreed. UKistan is worse off in some respects because their police forces are already overrun with immivaders.

    • I think you’re the closest to reality. If the Swedes are totally cowed by the women and the bureaucracy, why would they suddenly take up arms against a vicious and organized mass of Muslims? Most likely, they will walk like sheep to their fate, and the only civil war will be between the Sunnis and the Shi’ites and possibly the rival drug and prostitution gangs.

      Someone wrote that the far north climes fostered a sense of community support and responsibility, necessary to survive in the cold. Unfortunately, this also increased vulnerability to invaders from other places whose community ethos does not extend to Swedes. It also create an extraordinary vulnerability to bureaucracies, which are unaccountable and seek only their own short-term benefit.

      Let me say that if I had any say in the matter, which I don’t, I would be very hesitant to take in Swedish refugees. Likely, their personality profile remains constant, and they remain extraordinarily vulnerable to imperious bureaucrats and general appeals to humanity and ethics. In other words, the Swedish refugees will vote like the Swedish citizen sheep, and hasten the demise of whatever country they immigrate to.

      Populations are going to deteriorate due to the lifting of environmental pressures causing selection for survival traits. In other words, we can use scientific knowledge for a positive eugenics program (I know the connotations of the word) or we can go into the dustbin of history.

      • In fact, the US states with the highest Swedish percentage are the ones that take in the most Somalis. They already look as desperate as Sweden.

  2. The Swedish elites probably think, just like Marx, that people are interchangeable. What a surprise it will be, when the new arrivals refuse the good old protestant culture… But for us believers, it all started by Swedes themselves dropping their God given heritage, refusing biblical doctrines and taking full loads of worldly hedonistic ‘we live for fun’ attitudes. Faithful lovesongs gave way to unfaithful broken hearted sorrow songs, even ABBA sings about it.

  3. “…many journalists live in a kind of parallel society of their own, cut off from many of these problems…The Western ruling elites promote mass immigration and want Europeans to celebrate diversity.”

    Why don’t those that promote diversity live in diversity and send their kids to its most diverse schools? Surely they’d do that if diversity is as wonderful as they say; I mean, why wouldn’t they?

  4. The Swedes are too passive and indoctrinated , well and truly so . Nothing can be done unless they get out of the Stockholm syndrome they suffer from and in order to achieve that one will need a countrywide indoctrination system . That will not happen . They will go down . Those few who wish to resist will have to form underground cells , like the gangsters and terrorists they have sponsored in the past . Those cells will have to do major damage and kill many with utter brutality while being supported from outside by who knows . It might tip the scales eventually . Like it did in favour of the ANC . We are on the brink of state bankruptcy and our currency has been reduced to junk status . Maybe thats what Sweden needs to wake up. Wake up Sweden ! Actually , no , go back to sleep , its still too early.

  5. The Swedes are too passive and indoctrinated , well and truly so . Nothing can be done unless they get out of the Stockholm syndrome they suffer from and in order to achieve that one will need a countrywide indoctrination system . That will not happen . They will go down . Those few who wish to resist will have to form underground cells , like the gangsters and terrorists they have sponsored in the past . Those cells will have to do major damage and kill many with utter brutality while being supported from outside by who knows . It might tip the scales eventually . Like it did in favour of the ANC . We are on the brink of state bankruptcy and our currency has been reduced to junk status . Maybe thats what Sweden needs to wake up. Wake up Sweden ! Actually , no , go back to sleep , its still too early.

  6. Fjordman is a prophet in exile. His prescient historical studies of Western development while Islam wallowed in its splendid ignorance are still worth reading.

  7. I recall reading an article in the NY Times just before the last presidential election in which the author was ridiculing Trump’s call for a ban on Muslim immigration. The main point of the article was that Muslims from Third World countries were being condemned unfairly as the Irish and Italians had been years before. The major cultural and ideological differences with Western Judeo-Christian traditions were not discussed. Presumably, only a bigot would notice such things and consider them major obstacles to successful citizenship.
    I think a major factor in Trump’s win was that this attitude of condescending dismissal of people’s concerns by the liberal establishment left a vacuum which Trump filled.
    Things may finally be changing, but by the time the liberal establishment is on board, the ship will be on the way to the bottom.

    • the NYT and other leftist rags think that muslims and christians are interchangeable because they think that all religions are equally stupid and worthless. they never bother to check islam, because it’s not possible that they could be wrong; those who are anti-islam are obviously wrong, so these wrong-thinkers must be silenced so that they cannot induce more people from the stinking masses to believe as they do. most leftists look to the smart people to know what to say and do, because leftist indoctrination centers (virtually any school at any level) have not taught critical thinking in decades. leftist thought leaders, of course, are the smart people.

      i believe that the hard left is using pious muslims as a proxy army to destabilize western republics; once daily life is unsafe, martial law will be palatable, and people’s republics can be instantiated virtually unopposed. of course, there will likely be civil war between pious muslims and the left, but my money is on the pious muslims, who have been acculturated since birth to killing kuffar, who are unworthy of life, while hard-core leftists come to mass murder much later in life. if ordinary citizens don’t fight them both, the west will be lost, and even its memory, except as a bugaboo, will be gone in 300 years.

      i, for one, would rather be tortured to death than for a single american to be a pious muslim 300 years from now.

  8. The article is in Russian. The Google translator translates pretty well from any language.
    The article is not about war. Migrants are used to intimidate the population and create a police state in Europe.
    At the same time, all social gains will be taken away from the European members and the population will be reduced. (In the latest Cyberpunk often write about it)

    The article does not say anything about it, but I think that when this goal is achieved, migrants will get rid of.
    “…The Moor has done his work The Moor can go…” (Friedrich Schiller)

    • Do you [or Schiller] really believe the Moor will go willingly because the elite wants them to?
      The Moor for the first time is living the good life in the west, all pay and no work makes a very happy Moor. He has no intention of going anywhere because the elite says so. He is here to stay… until resources run out of course then he’ll be the first to pull up stakes.

      • Definitely. First, the society will be brought to the boiling point, and then the genocide will be arranged with the aliens with the tacit consent of the Europeans. For the first time, or what?

        • actually, Елена, i believe that the hard left will *want* to solve the muslim problem the way it solves all people problems – mass murder – but that there are complications which will preclude that solution.

          first of all, muslims conveniently congregate in banlieue. the hard left believes that it can send in either police or military, surround the banlieue, and kill every human found within. were that possible, it might even work. unfortunately for the left, they have let the fox into the henhouse; muslims are already in the police and militaries of most eurabian governments; once the intent becomes known to these folks, all muslims will know about it, and all those “moderate” muslims will suddenly get religion and become pious. a few thousand hard-core leftists (or even a few hundred thousand of them) with no wish to die facing *millions* of newly-pious muslims, all of whom *want* to die to guarantee entrance into jannah to absolve their sins, will more than make up the difference; furthermore, even “moderate” muslims have the same religion as “islamists,” and have been taught all their lives that kuffar are lower than cattle, and far more deserving of death. the loyal military, OTOH, will be staffed mostly by those who may be leftist, but actually believe in fairness, kindness, honesty, and other silly values, all of which will make them reluctant to participate in mass murder. before the platoons will murder babies, the hard left will have to murder some officers and replace them, just like the bolsheviks did. and by that time, the muslims will be on the march. good luck fixing that, moronic leftists.

          the end result will certainly be civil war; if civilized people are blessed by God, they, too, will participate and get rid of both the treasonous hard left *and* the pious muslims. deportation is the most fair option for muslims (life in prison for leftist traitors), but if they resist, especially by force of arms, then they can die. otherwise, civilization itself will die and be replaced by the gangsta cult of islam.

    • There’s a problem with your conjecture.

      Such a long-term plan would have to be carried out by an elite firmly in control of the government and wanting to extend their powers.

      The problem is that even without the Muslim immigration, most of Western Europe was more or less a collection of totalitarian states with covert, but effective, suppression of free speech, suppression of self-defense and suppression of dissent. The “feminists” have been carrying out a very successful war against men and any display of masculinity for decades. The international financiers are already rolling in sheltered, tax-buffered pools of derivative capital.

      Why would an elite at the very top of the social, political, and financial pyramid throw a monkey wrench into the social structure, for the reward of a faint increase in the social control they already have, but for the risk of defeat and physical annihilation?

      I read somewhere that revolutions are actually created by a class that’s privileged, but not at the top of the control pyramid. They carry the opinion that they deserve more than they have, even if what they have is very comfortable. Therefore, revolutions are products of envious, second-stringer privileged elites.

      • I also do not understand why to replace Europeans with Muslims.
        Europeans in recent decades have become completely domesticated and do not create problems. The only problem is high social obligations. But why Muslims? Vietnamese or Koreans are much more effective as a labor force.
        On what side do not look at the situation, the forecasts end in a big bloodbath.

        No logical answer. Only conspiracy and metaphysics and some kind of insanity.

  9. Late with this one, but the show Fjordman mentions trygdekontoret is well worth watching. The final five minutes are priceless. A Swedish feminist goes on about how crime is falling and there is no chaos in Sweden, and Ken Ring, her immigrant-background ally against the SD guy, flatly and expansively contradicts her, listing all the chaos in his home area. The program ends on that note. It’s well worth getting that last bit translated, baron

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