Tommy Robinson: The Battle for Speakers’ Corner, Sunday March 18, 3pm

Tommy Robinson was at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park today, presumably reconnoitering in advance of his planned appearance on Sunday. He and his camera crew were asked to leave by the police.

On Sunday Tommy plans to read the speech that would have been given by Martin Sellner, the Austrian Identitaire who was detained and then deported from the UK. Since Mr. Sellner can’t be there at Speakers’ Corner to give his speech, Tommy intends to read it for him:

Tommy’s asking people to share, tweet, and otherwise publicize “The Battle for Speakers’ Corner”. He recommends the use of a hashtag, which I think is #SpeakersCorner.

Here’s a shorter video with poorer audio quality, taken on Tommy’s cell phone while he was actually at Hyde Park:

Note: In the first video, Tommy refers to the British government as “totalitarian”. Later on we’ll be discussing the use of that particular word.

19 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson: The Battle for Speakers’ Corner, Sunday March 18, 3pm

  1. Shocked to learns of this latest assault on freedom by the UK government. Have watched the shorter video via Pat Condell’s Twitter feed. Will watch the longer one now. I noticed that “totalitarian” was used in the follow-up tweets to Pat Condell and I see that you point out that Tommy used it too. Glad to see you’re planning a separate posting on “totalitarian” — as there was some discussion on another posting here regarding its appropriateness to the situation in the UK.

    But there’s no denying that police actions such as this one are pointing in the totalitarian direction.

  2. If the present British government is pandering to a bunch of hateful totalitarians who bow unquestioningly to a totalitarian ideology/belief system such as Islam, or seek to use all sorts of totalitarian methods or total control to prevent criticism of their repulsive ideology/tribes, it may well be descending into a form of malignant totalitarian society if one is to analyse the present unfortunate happenings in our social media.

  3. It’s a shame that it must be a battle. Jay Smith held court there for many years before earning his Doctorate at Oxford and then returning to America. Maybe Jay realized that he was no longer welcome. I hope the same thing does not happen to Tommy. What has happened in England is frightening. I doubt that George Orwell could have imagined the extent of the totalitarian rule and is probably writhing in his grave right now.

    • While I admire Jay a lot, I often felt that he was fighting a losing battle. Not everything under God’s domain can be solved by pacifism. I am happy that his was the first voice from Christians that the muslims heard. I am afraid that martyrdom is his fate, as he is way too knowledgeable about islam, history, and Christianity for muslims to ever allow him to be heard, or even to live. The radical imams in England told him that he would be the first infidel they would kill once they assumed control.

      Jay has some great videos on YouTube on the history and theology of islam. They may eventually kill Jay, but his message can still be heard thorough the totally impartial medium of the internet devoted to free speech (Oh wait, I guess that’s not really true).

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  5. Who is giving these police their orders; I doubt they are acting on their own initiative? The problem ultimately lies with the Home Secretary, and Amber Rudd and Prime Minister, Teresa May. I think they are bad people, doing bad things, fur bad reasons.

    1000 young girls have been violently sexually abused by muslims in Telford, Shropshire and the government have, in my view, cynically used the attempted murder of the two Russians as a huge distraction to push muslim atrocities out of the news.

    Thank God that Tommy Robinson is the man he is because we don’t have many of them in our country these days.

    • I think he is the bravest man in the country. I myself like many British men and women are too cowardly to say what we really think publicly because of social attack. The rest of the British people are pathetically attacking brave men like Tommy publically for social likes and pats on the back.

      Sickening times. Wish him the best of luck today! Our future freedom rests on the shoulders of brave men and women like him, and not from the chicken [guano] finger tips of keyboard [milquetoasts] like the rest of us.

  6. I wouldn’t call it totalitarian, but I would call it authoritarian.

    If they’d allowed Sellner, Pettibone, and Southern in last weekend, there would have been a speech given, a small crowd, and north much more heard about it.
    Now there will hopefully be hundreds, if not thousands, of people turning up on Sunday.

    • I’m going. Long train journey, additional expense, but I feel I have no choice.

  7. The Enlightenment is truly dead in the UK.

    As a last gasp, can Queen Elizabeth II activate her Reserve Powers to change things for the better? I see noone on the side of average UK subject.

    I further note that this is all downstream of disarming the UK subjects after the Dunblane school massacre in 1996.

  8. Jay has some great videos on YouTube on the history and theology of islam. I am quite sure that the totally fair and impartial YouTube organization is fully committed to preserving his thoughts and research for all eternity if the muslims decide to kill him for his apostasy. Oh wait, that last part is not true.

  9. Slightly off-topic – I want to start a crowd-funding campaign to pay for the legal representation of the victims of the Muslim rape gangs in Britain. The police and local authorities have been criminally negligent in their response to this abuse of vulnerable English girls and I want to see those that neglected their duties sent to prison. Thousands of girls claiming compensation for the authorities’ failure to protect should at the very least open people’s eyes to what has been going on. I don’t know where else to ask, can anyone point me in the right direction? Many thanks.

    • I,m not sure but there’s the go fund me page, I think that’s what it,s called. You could also try a petition,on for instance,, I think you ned a min. 100,000 signatures before parliament will debate the subject of the petition ? Just a thought !

  10. First of all, I am not surprised. A country that has a “speaker corner” has something wrong with the concept itself of freedom of speech. Also it is not true that you can discuss and talk about any argument there (you are not allowed to criticize the crown for example). But we nevertheless should stop to fake ourselves and start to call the things with their real name also. What would we call Japan if there were not any japanese in there ? The city mayor of London is a muslim lawyer famous for defending islamic terrorists. How many mosques (warfare barracks) did they built in the city in the last 30 years ? The prince of saudi kingdom was also in there just last week. They invested huge petro-money in there. The financial city made of brokers and bankers knows very well what is worth and what is not, like freedom of speech. The government is of the same view. Finally all this story should be very important and so went really underreported by most of the media, as usual.

  11. What an epic stroke were the Queen, in all her abandoned power, to impose her will.

    • As they have done down through the ages, the British Royals will recline, resplendent in their wealth, as the populace scurry like insignificant cockroaches, around their feet.

  12. A possible strategy for Speakers’ Corner on Sunday would be to print Sellner’s speech in leaflet form and distribute it to attendees. Then also, to have about ten people all willing to step up and deliver the speech when, not if, Tommy gets arrested for attempting to do so. Persist with this activity, with many cameras recording video and exploit the resulting actions of the police for as much public exposure as possible.

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