Tommy Robinson: Reclaiming the Heritage of Speakers’ Corner

Martin Sellner is a leader of Identitäre Bewegung Österreich, the Austrian chapter of the Identitaire movement. He had been planning to give a speech at Speakers’ Corner in London, but was detained by Immigration when he entered the country, locked up in a cell for three days, and then deported.

Tommy Robinson went to visit Mr. Sellner in Austria, and got a copy of the speech he would have given, with revisions added while the speaker was in the lockup.

Last week we posted a cell phone video of Tommy reading Martin Sellner’s speech at Speakers’ Corner. The audio quality of the footage left something to be desired, so Tommy has recorded a new version of the speech that he read out (passionately) in the studio.

The video below features the new reading of the speech, and is accompanied by other material, including archival footage of the history of Speakers’ Corner. It’s a very moving production, and I highly recommend it:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.