The Monoculture

MC’s latest essay is an appropriate follow-up to our recent discussions about neo-totalitarianism.

The Monoculture

by MC

One hears tell of the unity of the three great monotheistic religions, and maybe that “we all worship the same god”.

Culture is inextricably linked to religion. Even atheists adhere to a religion-based culture that they may have been born into. The socialist religion, however, seeks to destroy culture(s) with the intention of replacing all culture with its own.

So what if we do if we all worship the same ‘god’? It is meaningless when one also supports a socialist mono-culture.

Judaism is exclusive; it does not welcome new converts. Christianity welcomes new converts but does not impose conformity to any degree. Islam demands conformity on pain of death. Socialism, however, demands compliance on pain of incarceration and genocide.

It is the ‘Christian’ way to assume a unity among the three monotheisms and to build bridges, but the Jews do not want any bridges; they are happy with stepping stones. For its part Islam does not believe in two-way bridges, only in a drawbridge and portcullis; Islam is a cultural prison. Mainstream ‘Christianity’ has become totally confused by the socialist political-religion(s) based on the writings of Karl Marx.

There are Christians who still believe in Jesus (a Jew who kept the Torah of Moses), but most believe only in a world of Marx based multicultural diversity where all you need is love (and that I am an object of ‘hate’ because I am a conservative and I live in Israel).

Religious multiculturalism and diversity, however, have a huge problem; the monoculture of Islam does not, cannot and will not integrate. Islam cannot move; it is embedded in a 7th century male-orientated ecstasy in which to change is to fail. But the paradigms of socialism dictate that we are all equal and that all cultures are of equal value, and that Islam must therefore be thrust down everybody’s throat in order to appease the socialist conscience and to prove the verity of the socialist meme.

This particular socialist political religion is creating havoc in Western civilisation. The monoculture of the political-religion, and in particular the maniacal and irrational religious meme of hating all the works of the white Judaeo-Christian male, is taking us back to barbarism.

The white Judeo-Christian male, ably assisted by the white Judeo-Christian female, dragged the world kicking and screaming into the 20th century. White Judeo-Christian male culture condemned the ancient warlord culture and fought wars to end all wars to finally put pay to the meanness, greed and cruelty of the (socialist) dictators.

These J-C people “gave peace a chance”, and boy! are they now paying the price.

It was my generation that was wooed by the idea that we could leave behind morality and self-discipline, and that being ‘non-judgmental’ was a virtue, whilst being blind to exactly what a ‘permissive society’ actually meant in the long term.

The crooning call of the hate siren was that of Marx-Hitlerism masquerading as a caring and sharing political movement.

Let us briefly look at this. Marx identified ‘class’ as the sole factor in obstructing equality and social justice. This cry was taken up by Marx-Leninists who, having gained power in a coup d’état, proceeded to try and eliminate so-called ‘class enemies’ along with anybody who might appear to oppose this new political religion, and also anybody else who might just have happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. In doing so, Lenin, ably succeeded by Stalin, created a shattered country held together by a thick suture of terror.

In Italy Mussolini, an avowed communist, looked at the Marx-Leninist sect of his religion and decided that it was not a ‘class’ problem at all, but was in reality a problem of nationalism and proceeded to unite Italy (at that stage only some 70 years old as a unified state) along the lines of ancient Rome and its glory.

Hitler was a Marxist when he joined the NSDAP (National Socialist German Worker’s Party). He too believed that nationalism was the answer, but that within the nationalism was a magical racial purity, and that there were race enemies, around the hatred of which ‘true’ Germans could unite (again, Germany as a unified state was only about 70 years old).

There is nothing much wrong with nationalism. Nearly all of us are still living in the country of our birth, and maybe of choice. I am an immigrant, but only because I read history books and have seen the writing on the wall.

When the Third Reich was finally defeated, many significant Nazis escaped to lead new lives in the West and the East. It is difficult to gauge their influence, wrapped as it is in conspiracy theory, but there seem to be two sides of ‘Operation Paperclip’: an open side that exploited the skills of German scientists, and a secret side which may have staffed the nascent CIA with German ‘Russian desk’ experts.

Marx-Hitlerism is exceedingly dangerous in that it harnesses the dark side of humanity, holding out carrots to acolytes rather than terror. ‘True’ Germans had nothing to fear from the Nazis, and dissent against Marx-Hitlerism in Germany was minimal.

So Marx-Hitlerism survived the demise of Hitler and the German Nazi Party and became internationalized. But the ‘race’ motive slowly became central, and coalesced upon the enemies of the Third Reich, those in Europe and the US (and Russia to a certain extent) that fought off the demigod Hitler. The white Judeo-Christians became the targeted race group.

In the twenties and thirties the German media machine was the biggest in the world, and it was readily harnessed to the cogs of the nascent Nazi party. Many of the apparatchiks of this subversive institution survived and were absorbed into ministries of information all over the Western world. Neo-Marx-Hitlerism was their creation.

Hitler’s penchant for Islam was well-known. He felt that it was a virile religion that upheld all that was best in manhood. The Nazi doctrine of “Kinder, Küche, Kirche” was very compatible with the similar Islamic code applying to females as chattel ‘owned’ by their families/husbands. The Nazis harnessed the Islamo-Fascism of the Muslim monoculture, and in doing so shaped the future of the Middle East.

So what of the political Left?

Behind the leftist curtain of innocence is a festering pit of layered deceit. It is difficult to ignore the newsreels of the death camps that the Nazis left behind, but who has so documented the squalor of Marxism in all its degenerate forms?

Nazism is generally deplored and demonised, but the now dominant Marx-Hitlerism of the left is strongly camouflaged, hidden in plain sight behind multiple veils of deception, misdirection and obfuscation: Islam, socialism, the DNC, the Southern Poverty Law Center, lawfare, immigration. We can plainly see the Nazism of the Antifa movement and its fellow BLM movement, but the curtain is there to prevent us from seeing the real Marxist-Hitlerist wizard cowering in anonymity, paying the multi-hued front men to take the heat.

If we stop looking into the media-induced fog and allow our cognisance to function, if we ignore the names and look at the actions, then the truth of leftist Marx-Hitlerism becomes immediately apparent.

Race and racism are just not terribly important. What is important is culture. What makes me an Englishman is not my skin colour, but my birthright, a birthright increasingly denied to me by Marx-Hitlerism because I do not adhere to their monoculture of so-called multiculturalism.

Democracy is all about what you do when you lose an election. Democratic people will abide by the wish of the majority, and if they feel that the election was in any way lacking they will allow the legal system to investigate on their behalf. But for those whose political beliefs are a religion unto themselves, to lose an election is blasphemous. The enemy is therefore already condemned by their god(s) and must be brought down by any means possible, irrespective of the expressed will of the people.

Political monocultures, including Islam, exclude dissent, and the Marx-Hitlerist monoculture as expressed by the Left is no exception. There is no room for independent thought in any form of Marxism, and all deviance must be eliminated. The free internet has been a superb tool of liberty, providing its many users with the ability to see all sides of a problem and many alternative opinions, some good, some bad. But Marx-Hitlerism and its ilk have only one opinion, which must be uniquely expressed when required for virtue to be correctly signalled. Any deviation and the ‘criminal’ must be punished and excluded.

The moment we see a name incorporated in an ‘ism’, we know that there is a Left-inspired personality cult in the offing. McCarthyism is supposedly a negative cult (but he was right on all counts), whereas Leninism is noble (even though Lenin was a mass murderer). Hitler’s name is worse than mud, so the Marx-Hitler paradigm must be hidden from view.

Despite the need for the obscuring of the reality, the Marx-Hitler monoculture is able to use ‘multiculturalism’ as a garrote, sneaking up behind its victim; the white Judeo-Christian. The ‘multicultural’ loop is slipped over his head and is now being slowly tightened, so the J-C is choking, and Islam willingly provides modern day Assassins to facilitate this.

The really sad thing, which nobody among the willing spectators and eager predators really understands, is that killing the golden goose may provide a moment of the sweetness of wealth and revenge upon the lips, but is very likely to give a lifetime of gnawing starvation and mindless terror on the hips. Our world is a Judeo-Christian induced civilization, and without the Judeo-Christian influence there is no civilization. Life will just return once more to the barbarism of warlord culture. Islam is a religion of unrestrained violence, and Socialism is a synonym for mass political murder.

You have been warned!

In the England in which I grew up there was no ‘hate’ crime — that had yet to be invented — and the Left were more concerned about the exploitation of the workers than the pursuit of a race-based ideology. I don’t suppose for a moment that the civilized burghers of Berlin actually realized that they were voting in a monster in 1933. But the momentum of the promise of abundant ‘bread and circuses’ was just too much for people to resist. So the Nazi behemoth trundled into the world of dire racial bestiality, with nobody left who was able to pull back on the reins.

Much the same is happening across Europe. The creep of totalitarianism can once more be seen in the land. As in 1930s Germany, the underpinnings of democracy have been abandoned and a form of cudgel-induced political ‘coercionism’ has replaced it.

It is for this reason alone that America must hang on to its Constitution. It must fight to keep it intact, for the slippery slope of revisionism is yawning ahead. It is a pity the seventeen in Florida had to die, but a lot more innocent people will die if US citizens allow meddling with the Constitution. Marx-Hitlerism is a maw of bloody murder.

In the UK it started with enforced seat-belt laws and compulsory crash-helmet laws, followed by ‘Health and Safety at Work’, where I became legally responsible for the actions (and stupidity) of other people around me.

These laws seemed like common sense at the time, but they paved the way for tyranny. Thus my liberty began to corrode. Soon the politically correct modes of dialogue became the compulsory ones, and the language itself became fraught with land mines that could blow up in one’s face.

Then came the exclusions: allow in the jihadis but exclude (or imprison) the ‘populists’, and what next we can only surmise.

So now we watch as that same God that we all used to worship changes His name. Yahweh becomes Allah, the church becomes a mosque and the synagogue is burnt down.

The 20th century was the century of the violent Marxist based tyrants. Is the 21st century to be the century of a resurrected ‘Committee of Public Safety’? Is the Marxist Iron Fist yet again to run amok in a new terror? The concentration camps are already ready and waiting!

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

23 thoughts on “The Monoculture

  1. Jesus and Mo did NOT have the same God.

    Good ‘ol Allah is the one that implores his followers to kill those who dis him (and Jews who are simply alive) or so Mo would have us believe. Jesus implores his followers to love their enemies, not kill them.

    If God is not schizophrenic then Allah and JWHW are not one and the same.

  2. Don’t understand your objection to laws on seatbelts and crash helmets, MC; if people expect to receive medical treatment (paid for by us all) after an accident, is it unreasonable to expect them to take basic (and relatively harmless) precautions?

    • Why, yes. Of course it is.
      It’s BLINDINGLY obvious, too……. Slippery slope, and all that………..

    • I think you miss the point, Mark. The seat belts and crash helmets were justified as ‘for our own good’, and the compulsion was socially weaponised with the reasons you give – don’t expect the NHS (ie ‘me’) to pay for your cracked head if you’re silly enough to ride a motorbike without a helmet.

      But MC sees these laws rightly as the upper edge of a slippery slope which brings us down to today where a British person can drown in two feet of still water because the police officer on the scene ‘isn’t qualified for water rescue’ and must wait for assistance. And it’s also the slope that brings us to the strangulation and compulsion of language ‘for everyone’s good’, the decision not to prosecute sexual abuse of children because of ‘community cohesion’, and the disarming of populations before the gulag round-ups begin.

      Incidentally, bringing up crash helmet laws in this context is rather apropos. The introduction of UK crash helmet laws in the 1970s was argued against by none other than Enoch Powell for the very reason that it infringed on personal liberty. He also argued later on, while speaking against seat belt laws (as quoted here: ) that the argument of cost to the NHS was false. He did so by referencing motorcycle accident numbers in the aftermath of crash helmet compulsion.

      Powell also addressed ‘the slippery slope’ if seat belts became compulsory:

      “We shall be told, and rightly, that a man’s habits in life—smoking, the manner in which he conducts his life, indulges himself—affect materially his prospects of survival, as certainly they do. There will, therefore, be increasingly irresistible pressure, once we break through this barrier of principle, to envelop one area of personal decision after another within the criminal law. I believe, therefore, that it is of outstanding importance that, even though this principle has once been breached (by the crash helmet law), it should be reasserted and upheld.”

      Interestingly, the crash helmet law was also subject to an exemption that presaged current unofficial exemptions to the application of laws dependent on a person’s religion. Turban-wearing Sikhs were allowed to not wear helmets on religious grounds (and though a turban might provide some marginal padding, the cloth gripping the tarmac during a slide will surely snap the wearer’s neck).

      • You’re right. I read not too long ago that the Health Service can choke off any care for the obese or smokers. These ignorant pronouncements come even as adult obesity is being viewed as the end result of childhood trauma.

        Heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and many other auto-immune disorders are beginning to be seen in the light of childhood experience.

        • In Australia, surgeons routinely refuse surgery to patients desperately and even life-threateningly in need, and they have done for years. I knew a woman in the 1980s whose plastic surgeon refused to remove an old and malfunctioned breast implant (it had hardened and become misshapen) because she was a smoker and ‘that can cause post-operative healing issues’. She was actually more concerned it might be leaking silicon. Right now, a friend’s wife can barely walk and is in constant pain because both her hips are completely worn out. The public health system won’t replace them because she’s overweight (I suspect due to the punishment her body took having 8 children over the years). She has dieted according to specialist instructions and lost weight but, just short of the target, started suffering dizzy spells and falls. Her doctor’s recommendation has been to stop dieting…

          • So Australia has a government-run health care system, too? Ah, the virtue of well-intentioned socialists knows no limits. Lady Bountiful on steroids.

            We are seeing the sad loss of mature, seasoned doctors who are retiring early rather than work under the new schemes, What is replacing them is decidedly less competent and not likely to improve since they’ll never have the opportunities the old guard had.

      • In my hometown in Norway seat belts are now even compulsory on the city bus. I wonder if not the purpose of all these minor regulations are to condition us for bigger things in the future. In a tyrrany obedience is the greatest personal virtue.

      • I have heard that medical workers in the US refer to motorcycle riders that don’t wear helmets as “organ donors.”

  3. If we all worship the same god, from the Christian point of view the Moslems are all heretics and their prophet is a false teacher, damning all them to hell.

  4. The appropriate descriptor is Christian – deviation from this is “playing the game’ and “abiding by the rules”. We are not Judeo-Christians – we are Christians – pretty simple really. If you are a Jew, you are a Jew, and probably dislike Christians more than most Christians dislike Jews. Why are you using this terminology?

    • Correct, but you are ignoring the roots of Christianity when you deny Judaism. I would like to believe that people like MC are reaching out for a commonality of purpose before the horror that is islam devours all of western civilization, and all that would entail for Israel. All I can say is it is about time that Jews and Israel in particular come to the realization that despite historical precedent, Christian persecution is probably not the worst thing they currently face.

      Unfortunately for Israel, the Godless left has permanently changed Christianity in Europe into toothless pacifists or atheists. This issue along with the resulting demographic implosion dooms the west. What happens next is a lot of revolutions, wars, and starvation and a continuing saga of exactly how destructive the loss of moral standards ends up being under a Godless state and the false ideology of islam.

  5. Jesus, whom I believe was the prophet that Moses spoke of in Deuteronomy, quoted Exodus and Leviticus when asked by the Pharisees about the Law during the four days prior to his crucifixion. Jesus stated that the first and most important law, which I believe Yah stated in Exodus (correct me if I am wrong MC) was the Shema, “Hear O Israel, the Lord your God is one (Lord). You shall love your Lord God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. Then quoting Leviticus 19:17-18 Jesus then said, “The second is like the first, You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”
    This is the Judeo-Christian ethic which has stood the test of time and just about everything else that the world has thrown at it. Islam hates us because they are not allowed to love anyone but Allah and they are not allowed to forgive but are instructed to wreak vengeance upon those who are found to be unfaithful (even in the slightest).
    Everybody else hates us because salvation is a matter of Grace through Faith and NOT of works. They must take YAH at His word and cannot add Anything to it. I won’t even discuss what that does to human pride, something which Hitler was adroit at manipulating. Of course that is all the demagogues have in their toolbox, pride and deception, and with them they will cheerfully lead you down their primrose path to their perdition where they suppose that you will keep them company for an eternity. Of course, anything that needs a concentration camp to enforce its views doesn’t even rate the time of day from me. Fear not those who can only kill the body, rather fear Him who can kill the body and consign the soul to eternal perdition. Right?

  6. “Judaism is exclusive; it does not welcome new converts.”

    This is not entirely accurate. Converts to Judaism are (or should be) welcomed, though the following should be taken into account:

    Traditionally, Judaism has not encouraged conversion because of the difficulty, for the convert, of abiding by the rules and laws of the new religion to which he or she intends to convert. (In fact, traditionally, anyone who expressed an interest in converting to Judaism were, at first, discouraged from doing so in order to test that person’s genuine intention, conviction and commitment to the faith and the arduous process of converting to it.)

    However, once an individual decides to take that step—and is accepted in a program of study towards achieving that end, and “passes” that program—then that person is (or ought to be) welcomed by the community.

    In fact, the archetypal “convert” to Judaism is Ruth the Moabite (Moabitess?), who ultimately became the great-grandmother of King David:

    To be sure, there are different “streams” of Judaism, each with varying degrees of encouraging (or discouraging) a potential convert. In a nutshell:
    – The Orthodox, particularly the ultra-Orthodox, are, generally, the most traditional of the streams; though some “modern” orthodox groups are more encouraging to potential converts.
    – The “Conservative” stream, ascribes great importance to tradition, and do question the motivation of the potential convert; yet they may be described, generally, as more “encouraging” than the Orthodox.
    The “Reform” and “Reconstructionist” streams may be said to be the most “encouraging”.

    Note that these general observations also depend on how encouraging is the individual rabbi (of whichever stream) who has been approached to oversee the conversion of the potential convert.

  7. It is the ‘Christian’ way to assume a unity among the three monotheisms and to build bridges, but the Jews do not want any bridges; they are happy with stepping stones.

    Not to Christianity. The fact that many (and influential) Jews hate Christianity and want it wiped out is something that should be much more widely recognized. You could explain it by the bad way Christians have treated Jews down history, but I think there’s more to it than that. Either way, Jewish hatred for Christianity is part of why Jews are so enthusiastic about mass immigration by Muslims.


    I hate this tendentious and very recently invented term. It’s used by people like George W. Bush, who are not genuine friends of Western civilization.

  8. It always amazes me that people would rather discuss how nasty the jooz are than the real issues at hand, we are continually hosting Christian visitors in Sderot, we invite them into our houses (there are no Hotels or Guest Houses in Sderot) and generally look after their needs. Quite honestly, I have never seen the kind of hatred described, and maybe this is an American thing. We tend not to suffer from the problem of ex-jooz (several generations removed from the Jewish faith), so Christianity is mainly irrelevant and not as far as I know, the object of hatred.

    • You’ve seriously never heard of stuff like this?

      ADL Urges Israeli Chief Rabbinate to Denounce Ultra-Orthodox Practice of Spitting at Christians

      New York, NY, December 7, 2011 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has called on the Chief Rabbinate of Israel to publicly denounce the repulsive decades-old practice by ultra-Orthodox Jews of spitting at Christian clergymen they encounter in the street.

      I’m not a Christian, but Christianity is central to the West and we should know who its enemies are.

      • See my answer to the same accusation from 2 years ago, this gets very boring, same old same old.

        • You said: “Christianity is mainly irrelevant and not as far as I know, the object of hatred.” If you were aware of the spitting (and other things) when you made that statement, you were not being entirely candid, were you?

      • If you’re implying that this leftwing ADL is any example of the average conservative Jew, then you’re wrong.

        How many JOOOs do you know personally?

        • If you’re implying that this leftwing ADL is any example of the average conservative Jew, then you’re wrong.

          No, I’m not implying that. I am implying that the ADL do not invent stories about Jews behaving in negative ways towards Christians. And what exactly do you mean by “the average conservative Jew”? Benyamin Netanyahu is my idea of a genuine conservative Jew. Not many Republican Jews meet the necessary criteria.

          How many JOOOs do you know personally?

          Nowhere near as many as the conservative Jew who complained to me that the majority of his relatives are deranged on the topics of Trump, open borders and Muslim immigration.

  9. Jesus warned us. “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheeps clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” (Mathew 7:15) – This is Muhammed from the mouth of Christ. “You will know them by their fruits” (7:16) – This is islam.

    We have been warned.

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