Sweden Will Not Be Any Different From Great Britain

Our Swedish correspondent LN sends this report on the latest PC madness from Absurdistan.

Sweden Will Not Be Any Different From Great Britain

by LN

Same Narrowness — Same Idiocy

…if nitwit PC politicians exert their will.

The governing parties — the Social Democrats plus the Green Party — want to see stricter rules to stop so-called politically suspect persons — “right-wing extremists” — or persons deemed “politically extreme” to cross the border into the God-pardoned Nordic humanitarian superpower.

EU sanctions lists or tightened legislation are also proposed. The Moderates view the ban favorably and wonder why it has not already been introduced.

“Social Democrats want to see stricter rules to stop so-called religious and political extremists from entering Sweden to spread “hate speech”. Among other things, The party wants the EU to establish sanctions lists against unwanted people; in the past, countries like Great Britain have banned Islam critics from entering the country,” writes SVT.Nyheter [Swedish television].

People who spread “hate” should not travel to Sweden. This is proposed by the Social Democrats, who want to introduce various measures so that so-called extremists will not enter the country.

The ban will apply to both Muslim and Christian extremists, and to so-called right-wing extremists.

“Unfortunately, we have seen a number of examples of people from the political and religious environment who have come to Sweden to spread hatred and threats, which should be denied entry into Sweden,” says Anders Ygeman, Group Leader of Social Democrats in Parliament and former Minister of the Interior to SVT.Nyheter.

Secondly, the Social Democrats want the police, the Migration Board and the Foreign Affairs Administration to better understand “hatred and threat predators” and, secondly, want the EU to establish a sanctions list that prevents such persons from ever entering the Schengen Area.

If that does not work, the Social Democrats would like to tighten up Swedish legislation. The spokesman for the Moderates (former Conservatives), Tomas Tobé, believes it is a good proposal and wonders, why it has not already become reality.

He assures us that Sweden still has freedom of speech, but not people who come here to spread “hatred”.

According to Swedish legislation we are still permitted to dislike — to disrepute (missakta) — Arab rapists or N***oes silently inside our mind, but every out-loud expression of the same thought contents will result in prosecution if Big Brother gets to know of them. Therefore you had better “hålla truten” these days.

En Svensk Håller Truten — A Swede Holds His Mouth Shut

The model for the Swedish ambitions seems to have been the following: In early March several young people — Brittany Pettibone, Lauren Southern and Martin Sellner — were banned from entering Britain after they criticized Islam. They were called “hate predators”.

Southern, a conservative Canadian journalist, was considered a “threat to the fundamental interests of society” because she had implemented an Islam-critical social experiment in which Allah was called a Homo.

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12 thoughts on “Sweden Will Not Be Any Different From Great Britain

  1. “He assures us that Sweden still has freedom of speech, but not people who come here to spread “hatred” “.

    This is excellent news. No more Muslim immigration! Long overdue.

  2. It is necessary to look at the mood of the generation, for which the future.
    Were they divided according to the principle of “one’s own-another’s”? Are they ready to take their place on the barricades?

  3. When the chips are down, it seems that only in the USA does freedom of speech actually mean being allowed to say things that highly displease the “authorities”.

  4. .
    Foto: politik.in2pic.com.


    Gustav Fridolin, Green Swedish Minister of Education and one of Sweden’s foremost gravediggers, is traveling in Hungary: “Not okay that Sweden is used as an horror example”

    Fridolin wants to nuance the image of the effects of Swedish migration policy; “We have our problems and challenges like you probably have yourself n Hungary.”


  5. They push away the reasonable people and continue to obstruct civil disscourse at their own peril. It is a recipe on how to create unreasonable people.

    • Indeed. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” ~ John F. Kennedy

      These politicians are sitting on a potential powder-keg entirely of their own making.

  6. So don’t expect help from the outside Sweden, you’re on your own. First priority, next election, the leftist government must be thrown out. If they remain in power it’s all over. Small window of hope before utter darkness descends.

    • I was appalled a few years ago when Pat Condell produced a video called “Goodbye Sweden” but I have become reconciled to it now and even see something hopeful in it. If a small country like Sweden is the first to descend into something like civil war it might well give all the others pause at the edge. If a large central country like France or Germany is the first to go it would be a much worse problem.

      Go for it Sweden, land of the lemming (or is that Norway?), your sacrifice will not be in vain. We have to think in terms of damage limitation now.

  7. So ISIS fighters wont be let back in or will the legislation come into effect after most of them have been given their new houses and government sponsored jobs?

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