Russia’s Hypersonic Missile

A couple of days ago Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that his country had developed a hypersonic cruise missile that would render any anti-missile systems — including those of the United States — ineffective. The video below shows excerpts from the speech in which Mr. Putin made his announcement.

Many thanks to D@rLin|{ for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Coincidentally, Geert Wilders is currently visiting Russia. He was interviewed today by RT:

Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician and leader of the anti-immigration Party for Freedom, says European nations lack the kind of leadership he sees in the US and Russia, where the interests of their own people are prioritized.

Wilders, who has become a polarizing figure in Europe over his anti-EU and anti-Islam platform, is currently visiting Russia in his capacity as a member of the Dutch Parliament. RT caught up with him for an exclusive interview. Wilder says while he didn’t like a lot of the policies of Russian President Vladimir Putin, but he would like to see a nationalist stance like Putin’s in other European nations.

“Vladimir Putin is a leader, whatever you think of him. I criticize a lot of his policies. But I applaud him as I applaud Mr. Trump for being leaders, who are standing there on behalf of the Russian and the American people,” he said. “We lack that kind of leadership in Europe. Europe, being a non-entity, countries combined — almost 30 in our days and still trying to enlarge — where there is a total lack of sense and identity. Therefore I believe Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin are more favorable than our own leaders.”

Visit RT to see the video of the interview.

Transcript of Putin excerpts:

00:03   This system differs from the existing ICBM systems
00:07   in its ability to fly intercontinental distances
00:10   in dense levels of atmosphere at supersonic speeds,
00:13   which are twenty times faster than the transonic Mach number.
00:20   On its way to its target, this cruise missile, as I already said in 2004,
00:24   is able to maneuver widely: both horizontally,
00:29   if need be by thousands of kilometers, and vertically.
00:32   This ability makes it invulnerable to any air or missile defence systems.
00:38   Use of new composite materials solved the problem
00:43   of prolonged managed flight at nearly plasma-generating temperatures.
00:51   The missile flies to its target like a meteorite, a fiery ball,
00:58   with surface temperatures of 1600°-2000° C.
01:04   Despite that, the missile can be safely guided.
02:07   For obvious reasons we cannot show what it really looks like.
02:17   Even its appearance is significant now, very significant.
02:21   I think everyone understands that.
02:24   But I assure you — it exists and works well.
02:35   Furthermore, Russian factories started mass production
02:42   of this system, this new strategic cruise missile.
02:46   We called it Avangard.

22 thoughts on “Russia’s Hypersonic Missile

  1. My God! We have to send over Sting. Putin will kill us all and Putinism wil take over the hole world 🙁

    • This Botox clown can only scare crows.
      Although Yes, his adventurism will bring us to the grave.
      This scoundrel plans to increase the tax burden and completely remove the social burden from the state.
      I think you nothing to acquire his fear. But if the West takes all the money from his oligarchs, he can do something nasty. It is designed for his ” shaking male sexual organ”

  2. Sounds like a sci-fi fantasy to me. Realistically, how would a cruise missile carry enough fuel to maintain hypersonic flight for thousands of miles?

    But the big problem is, even one or two warheads getting through and exploding in the stratosphere will burn out most of our electronic components. Most electronics come from China anyway. So, we simply send an emergency request to our great friend, China, to rush an order of electronics over to help us get on our feet. Right.

    Russia and China both used to have a very respectable civil defense system. I don’t know if they’ve maintained them or not.

    But, it’s just plain stupid to be building military bases on Russia’s perimeters and setting up anti-missile defenses that could be offenses as well as defenses. It’s not the place of the US to jump into every dispute or aggression in the world.

    Realistically, I think Putin in injecting a greater uncertainty in military calculations. I also think US defenses should include a resolution not to inject ourselves in potentially lethal confrontations, unless our own security is directly involved.

    • It’s not sci-fi. Back in the fifties the US and the SU were experimenting with nuclear driven long range bombers. They worked out the nuts and bolts but one inadequately solved design problem was the need for heavy shielding to protect the crew. Lead and airplanes don’t mix well.

      But with todays drone/cruise misile technology shielding is not needed anymore. The remaining technology has been around for a long time; miniaturized nuclear reactors, scramjet, modern electronics with AI capabilities, heat resisting materials.

      Make no mistake Russians are a very pragmatic people. Russian engineers hate to reinvent the wheel. They just take what’s there and combine it in new ways.

      A drone like this could cruise in the upper atmosphere for days or months on end before it strikes at speeds of well above mach 20 beyond any defence system.

      • That means that engine dumps fission fragments in the atmosphere, make this thing cruise for months and fallout will be all over Russia itself. This supposedly cruise missile is a hoax. It is just a ploy to justify the decline in living standards of Russian population, to answer the question where all the money went. In reality a large portion of tax payers money just found new home on Russian leadership offshore accounts.

      • But scramjet engines burn fuel, so the fuel must be carried and that limits the range and payload. Mini nuclear reactors might be capable of powering onboard systems but wouldn’t contribute to thrust. So a hypersonic vehicle with unlimited range still seems like a … wish. Would a mini nuke add to the mess at the end of the flight? Yes.

    • Not science fiction. You haven’t done your homework. The new hyper-sonic missile Kinzhal will move American aircraft carriers into the niche of pure power projection against weak and defenseless adversaries. The entire ABM effort of the USA is now void and useless. It is game, set, and match against American Empire. Now it’s a matter of the idiots in Washington and their European marionettes understanding this.

      • In Russian, the German word “wunderwaffe” is in tune with the unprinted version of “wonder male sex organ”. This is how ironically many people reacted to Putin’s propaganda.
        Personally, I do not see any technological base in the country for the creation of such weapons.
        But we can not rule out the possibility that some powerful forces handed over to Putin secret technologies to solve their problems.

  3. President Putin has exercised a remarkable level of restraint in the face of the belligerent actions and lying words of Western leaders ; particularly Trump ; who campaigned to be president on the promise of peaceful relations with Russia. The Soviets have been gone for close to three decades. The only ” logical ” reason for Western { USA } warmongering lies in the fact that Russia’s relatively small population { 150 million people } occupy the largest land mass in the world { 11 time zones } which is rich in natural resources such as timber , minerals and energy reserves. Only a fool or conniver would even think that Russia would want to invade any other country to get more land or resources. Russia certainly does not need the Welfare classes that are sucking an already bankrupt Western Europe dry. Russia can get all the manufactured goods it needs from the West by trade. Nato’s expansion , and the US missile batteries on Russia’s borders , as well as canceling the ABM treaty by Bush are aggressive acts by the ” supposed good guys “. It is logical and understandable that President Putin speak clearly to the feckless “dim wits “in the US Government about the consequences of their dangerous actions.

  4. A bit less respect and sympathy for Mr. Wilders from now on. He should know better than anyone the destructive role PUTLERISTAN plays in Europe.
    He should also know that Merkel is, most probably, an old Soviet Union’s KGB or GRU sleeper agent who is doing Kremlin’s bid.
    Also, majority if not all members of the left wing faction in the so called European Parliament an other structures of the Busselian monstrous regime are in Putler’s pocket.
    After all, Putler is reported to have stolen and stashed in foreign banks between 40 and 70 billion dollars he’d stolen from Russian people. No one in the world has to his disposal so much money behind any control to bribe and corrupt politicians in Europe and anywhere in the world.
    The other naive albeit noble figure is Nigel Farage who on many occasions has expressed his rather infantile infatuation with Putler. There is also Marine Le Pen who’s got a loan of 9 million bucks from Russia controlled bank in Austria.
    Let’s also bear in our minds that it is Putler who is behind the horrendous terrorist act committed at Smolensk in April 2010 that costed Poland the life of Polish President Lech Kaczynski and the entire Polish political and military leadership.
    If this is leadership that Mr. Wilders admires I feel pity for him.

    • A lot od diatribe ; but why on earth would the leader of a large country with a small population that just emerged from over seventy years of failed communism want anything ; but to rebuild his nation. Putin’s background…upbringing and actions while at work ; belie the slander uninformed people heap on him. My grandparents are from Poland….and had no love for the Soviets and no love for the Germans too ; but a cold look at Russia today would have me emigrating therein I was younger.

  5. I’m interested, for a long time it will continue: with one hand Putin feeds up Western nationalists, with the other hand he presses Russian nationalists inside the country.
    I think I flattered the Kremlin by saying that they were using cocaine. No, they use heavy synthetics.

  6. Russian population is shrinking like the Magic Skin. More than 50% military recruits are muslums. More than 50% of Moscow population are muslim migrants. Muslim population majority in 15 – 20 years country wide. Putin image as a strong national leader is deception. He is a proxy finishing the population replacement project in former Russia.

    Seeing is believing – search for Kuiran Bairam Moscow (local Muslim term for Edilfidel?) – куйран байрам Москва

    And yes, those weapons are total fake.

    • Do you read what Muslims write in Russian social networks?
      Do you observe their moods? While Putin is threatening the “Wunderwaffe” to the West, the country is on the brink of civil conflict.

      • @Елена (or should I say Elena)
        Your sources escape me. Exactly where do you live in Russia?

        • I live in the Center of Russia. I would not want to lose an incognito. One of my friends for an anti-Muslim public was given 2.5 years of suspended sentence.
          My public record, in which I portrayed Muslims in the form of toads and frogs, is blocked on the territory of Chechnya at the request of the prosecutor’s office. These were very funny pictures which I attached to the repost, but the Muslims did not like it.

  7. I’ve stopped following it closely at some stage… The global picture is pristine clear to me as well as path downwards. I moved my family to Oz, this buys us another 15 years I guess.

  8. Elena
    on March 5, 2018 at 12:07 pm you said: I live in the Center of Russia
    on March 5, 2018 at 2:08 am you said: I moved my family to Oz (including yourselves?)
    So where do you live?

    B.t.w. I wouldn’t call Chechnya the Center of Russia.

    • This is not my record:
      Иван on March 5, 2018 at 2:08 am said:
      I moved my family to Oz

      I live in an old Russian city in the center of Russia.
      What does Oz mean?

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