Pierre Cassen: Just in Case an “Accident” Should Happen to Us…

Pierre Cassen is the founder of Riposte Laïque and a well-known Counterjihad activist in France. For more than a decade he and his partner Christine Tasin, the founder of Résistance Républicaine, have been stalwart leaders in resisting the Islamization of France. As a result, they have been the subjects of multiple prosecutions by the French state.

But now Mr. Cassen has revealed that there have been a number of instances of apparent extra-legal persecution against himself and Ms. Tasin. After the latest incident — the torching of his car — he decided it was time to record the following video as a sort of insurance policy against future “accidents”.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Hello everyone on this 8th March.
00:04   I will not address the ladies of Riposte Laïque to wish them a good
00:08   International Women’s Day. For me this kind of day should
00:12   be all year round; for the whole year men and women should love and complement each other,
00:16   should be well together, and we do not need an 8th March to decide on this.
00:20   No, I am going to address you for more serious reasons: Voilà,
00:25   early this morning, at 2am, I was called by firefighters
00:29   to the front of a small house where Christine Tasin and I regularly spend a few days a month,
00:33   and I was told that my car had burned up.
00:37   Some will say that there are 40,000 cars burnt each year, which means
00:41   100 per day and that this is a French specialty,
00:45   without doubt of the “Vladimirs” who amuse themselves at night because they are bored,
00:50   because society is not interested enough in them. Nevertheless, this affair disturbs me a little
00:54   for several reasons: firstly, in this small street
00:58   there were around 50 cars. Mine was among them,
01:02   and I’m probably very unlucky,
01:06   but mine was the only one burned up. So I have decided to use
01:10   this episode, this event, to inform you of a number of
01:15   intimidations, persecutions that
01:19   Christine Tasin and I have suffered for several years,
01:23   but had chosen until today to endure in silence for the most part.
01:27   The affair began in 2015.
01:31   In 2015 the public prosecutor of Paris, under orders from Bernard Cazeneuve (Interior Minister)
01:35   decided to investigate the operation of Riposte Laïque,
01:39   of which I am no longer the president as of October 2012,
01:44   to find out how Riposte Laïque actually functions, the stated objective:
01:48   “to prove that Pierre Cassen is still the President of Riposte Laïque”.
01:52   And, without being paranoid, I am obliged to note that from
01:56   that date an accumulation of facts
02:00   concerning me led me to ask some questions.
02:05   Firstly, a few weeks later,
02:09   during the night between a Sunday and a Monday in my
02:13   house, between 1am, when I get home, and 7am
02:17   when I wake up, I am the victim of a burglary
02:21   where people come in through a French door,
02:26   at the back of my house, and take only my computer
02:30   and my mobile phone. One might think that it is undoubtedly
02:34   “a youth” who did this. One might think this, and I admit it is
02:38   what I thought at the time. After this I am the victim of a
02:42   police raid, which was absolutely
02:46   in order, since it was ordered by a magistrate. They steal my
02:50   computer and mobile phone, which I had bought in replacement,
02:55   and obviously the police did not discover anything.
02:59   A few months later, I am the victim of
03:03   two events at my home a few weeks apart:
03:07   I find my car with a broken window and with
03:11   parts in the engine missing so that I cannot use it anymore,
03:15   and a few days later I find
03:20   the window of my kitchen broken, while it is
03:24   a double glazed window, so I find it broken.
03:28   I will not go back over the accident that happened
03:32   to Christine Tasin and me on the highway, where a
03:36   Bulgarian truck, driven at 130/kmh
03:40   by a person “who had fallen asleep at the wheel” — official version! — brutally
03:45   plowed into us, and where we escaped, miraculously,
03:49   a much more tragic outcome. So I continue:
03:53   in September 2017 something improbable happens to me
03:57   that the lawyers do not understand: I am tried again
04:01   three months after being released by the same court
04:05   in exactly the same case, and I learn that, without
04:10   having been summoned to this trial, I am sentenced to a three-month
04:14   suspended prison term. I will appeal;
04:18   I’m having a lot of difficulties, but I think that we will succeed, thanks to the efforts of
04:22   my lawyer and yours, because you have helped us a lot following
04:26   our earlier appeal. I think we will succeed in getting a retrial
04:30   by the end of June, but it’s not yet won. What else to tell you?
04:34   I occasionally practice sport shooting
04:39   and for this I made a request for permission
04:43   to keep type B weapons. To my great surprise
04:47   the president of the shooting club I go to,
04:51   next to my home, a very nice little club with nothing but good people,
04:55   told me that, following my request, he had received a phone call
04:59   from the prefecture and the General Information Services,
05:03   asking him a lot of questions and letting him know
05:08   that, given what I wrote, it would be very surprising if I were to
05:12   receive an authorisation to keep a weapon in my home.
05:16   So, if I understand it correctly, my pen is an obstacle to
05:20   my having a weapon I can use for training, maybe even use one day
05:24   to save my life.
05:28   48 hours ago, so just the very day before
05:32   the torching
05:36   of my car, I witnessed, still in this little house
05:40   where Christine Tasin and I go, a hair-raising scene.
05:45   I did not go out, I stayed in a corner of the house,
05:49   a police officer knocked and asked “Madame La Christine”
05:53   to open the door. I heard the whole conversation: He began by saying:
05:57   “I caught you in the act; you say that you
06:01   are domiciled in Paris with your lawyer, that henceforth
06:05   you practically do not live here any more… I pass a ‘flagrante delicto’,
06:10   you are at home, so you are lying!”
06:14   To tell you we had been there for two days and we were leaving the next day, but the policeman
06:18   has the gall to tell her that she is lying. The policeman takes the liberty of telling her that she
06:22   must follow him, and she must follow him immediately for an interrogation,
06:26   since — it seems — Christine Tasin had incited a crime; this is
06:30   yet a new offence with which they seem to have charged her.
06:35   It so happens that Christine has other obligations and is not available. The policeman
06:39   threatens her and tells her that he has instructions from the prosecutor,
06:43   and that he has the right to take her by force, and even to break down her door
06:47   to get in, if she refuses to open.
06:51   So: crass intimidation, which ends in… it’s so
06:55   grotesque that there is a burst of laughter, including, I confess finding it hard to
07:00   hold back; and finally, Christine, by discussing it,
07:04   gets an appointment in fifteen days to three weeks, when she will be
07:08   back, but nevertheless: a most disturbing scene, and so,
07:12   last night, 24 hours after this episode,
07:16   in the middle of 50 cars, it is only my car that catches fire.
07:21   I’m not paranoid; it’s quite possible that I am
07:25   very unlucky. It is quite possible
07:29   that all the episodes I’ve mentioned are just random.
07:33   It’s possible that many are random but not all,
07:37   but I decided, despite everything, to alert our friends,
07:41   because I think these are things that need to be known, especially in the context in which we
07:45   evolve, because it is not just any context:
07:50   the hunt on the re-infosphere is open. So-called
07:54   “Anti-racist” associations, the vultures of anti-racism still called
07:58   on the president of the republic for a hardening of the laws, with an appeal in
08:02   “Le Monde” [lefty paper]. We have the most repressive legislation in the world, and they are asking
08:06   for more repression. The President of the Republic,
08:10   Macron, has tabled the bill he promised
08:15   to the journalists, who are naturally delighted about the pretend
08:19   fake news, and now we know that a magistrate
08:23   will have the power to withdraw a text or to close a site,
08:27   within 48 hours, a true declaration of war,
08:31   and yesterday at the CRIF [council of French Jews] salon,
08:35   at the CRIF dinner, Macron permitted himself to say that he was declaring
08:40   war on Internet hatred.
08:44   “Declaring war on Internet hatred” when one accords a royal peace to
08:48   the disciples of Allah, to the Koran, to the texts that incite to violence,
08:52   to the death of all “infidels”, homosexuals,
08:56   Jews, Christians, all non-Muslims, that openly mocks
09:00   the whole world, even more so since at Riposte Laïque
09:05   and at Résistance Républicaine we have proven by
09:09   translating the report of an Israeli journalist that what
09:13   we have been saying for then years is right, that France is the No. 1 target of
09:17   Islamists to install a global caliphate, and that the Islamists
09:21   have a laugh, saying that in “secular” France they have absolutely all the means
09:25   to spread, to develop and to install a true
09:30   counter-society with the complicity of the French state.
09:34   It is in this context that I wanted to alert you.
09:38   Many friends — and I thank them — advise us, Christine and me,
09:42   to leave France, to go abroad in order to preserve our
09:46   lives, to preserve our security. I will not hide from you that
09:50   we do not exclude this possibility because, of course,
09:54   we must think about everything. It is not the decision we have taken so far.
09:59   To date we want to stay in France, we want to stay among our people, in the midst of
10:03   those we love; we want to stay in the midst
10:07   of those who love us, in the middle of our country which we cherish more than anything
10:11   in the world. We will see how things evolve. I just want to conclude
10:15   with this: If “an accident” should happen to us,
10:20   ask yourselves the right questions and ask yourselves if
10:24   it is really “an accident”. And I am counting on you
10:28   because I know you are fighters. You know the collaborators;
10:32   you know who is under all that, and I trust you
10:36   to give them change in their own money to their potential sponsors.
10:40   Salut comrades.

12 thoughts on “Pierre Cassen: Just in Case an “Accident” Should Happen to Us…

  1. Pierre Cassens is a brave citizen. I hope that he and his wife Christine will live long, but I fear the contrary for them. In these days, predicted in the Bible, truth will be turned into evil and the other way around. Merci Pierre pour tes mots encouragements (thanks for your encouraging words).

  2. Brave people!
    Those 2 sites, show a lot of work in exposing the islam and the workings in France.
    Able to use google chrome translate, and with back ground knowledge, does prove very knowledgeable in how certain things are working with a French perspective.

    Thanks to Baron & Dymphna for a lot of that background knowledge of Europe, and its struggles.

  3. How tragic is it when Internet personalities feel the need to issue online “insurance policies” to help protect their very lives?

    Either we willingly accept the death of Enlightenment Era values or we begin to fight back with the fury and vigor that freedom always has required.

  4. Perhaps it is time for another revolution in France. Truly, watching this video gave me chills. To think you must make a statement like this for others to understand the danger you are in from your own government is frightening. The whole world is in danger from this madness, islam and the new world order believers.

  5. God Bless you . At least if you go to the United ?states ; you will be left alone by the authorities. If Macron goes to the United States with his wife……she will be required to register as a ” Sex Offender ” because of her seduction of Macron when he was a child.

  6. 2nd Amendment, anyone?
    This poor soul can’t even keep a little SHOTGUN? “For clay pigeons (yeah, right).”

    A lesson for us ‘acrosst the pond’–as if one were needed, these days.

    (Lock and load, boys and girls.)

  7. Pierre Cassen is a very kind a man, too kind, and I feel he will be crushed by the French state. The French establishment has already closed ranks on him, just as they closed ranks with Pim Fortuyn, Ayaan Hirsi Ali , Gert Wilders, and many others across the EU. There are too many “illiterates” in France, and across Europe, in terms of understanding the Islam problem (as well as globalization, another name for international socialism) and arguing with them is a complete waste of time. They are the lost. France is lost. Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Sweden are definitely gone. Don’t know about the others.

    • I tend to disagree with you on the ” … definitely gone”. Nothing was concluded in their societies – just the high treason of so called “elites” continues with impunity.

      Whether any form of catharsis is to happen and when remains to be seen.

      As realistic as I am I do keep my high hopes for the continent where the Greeks and Jews founded what we call West and what is mortally endangered now – that Europe which is my cradle as well …

  8. Now, there is a real Frenchman, who is proud of his country and speaks out against tyranny and violence.

  9. If you want to read French, Dutch or German-language sites, use DeepL. It’s better than Google Translate.


    And it means you can avoid using one Google service. It’s actually so good it could take a lot of strain off some of GoV’s wonderful translators.

  10. I actually don’t agree that Cassen will be killed by “accident”. The Muslims have no particular reason to be subtle, and no shortage of jihadis who view prison, with all it’s Muslim males squeezed together, as a sort of pre-paradise paradise. In other words, Cassen will be killed by a “crazed” Muslim “acting alone” according to police and news reportsd. The killer won’t mind going to prison or even getting killed, and the message would be sent that the Muslims can get you. Why would they waste the effort to use a government resource to kill him?

    This, of course, illustrates that soft totalitarian states, wanting to stiffen their control, find it easiest to use proxy forces, such as street gangs or Muslim murderers, to advance their agenda. A perfect example of this is the Parkland shooting in Florida, where the deaths resulted from clearly documented flagrant multiple failures of every level of government, and yet are being used as a vehicle to restrict gun ownership. In my opinion, the leftists will not simply pass more gun control laws, but will institute school regulations criminalizing virtually any expression of independent thought by the students in the institution.

    We can get around the left’s virtue-signalling by talking about guns as a protection against criminal. This takes away the pretense that guns are needed only for hunting, but does not bring in the unnecessary distraction of claiming guns can be used to protect against an overpowerful government, which they, in general, cannot. It is significant that the French government fell over itself to insure Cassen didn’t have a gun. That makes it far more likely that a Muslim, masquerading ad a lone wolf, will be able to complete his mission.

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