Mutti’s Latest Victim: 14-Year-Old Keira Gross, Murdered in Lichtenberg

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this news story from the Berliner Kurier (see the version at Vlad’s place for more photos):

Keira G. (14) from Lichtenberg: Stabbed in the nursery

Andreas Kopietz, Eric Richard, Alexander Schmalz

03/08/2018, 6:50pm

[Photo caption (not shown): Policemen guard the crime scene on Plauener Straße in Lichtenberg.]

Lichtenberg — She was just beginning to conquer the world. The first love, the first heartbreak. But then Keira G. (14) fell in with the wrong person. Apparently, she trusted her future killer and took him home. In the nursery, the meeting ended in a deadly bloodbath.

The mother of the 14-year-old made the terrible discovery on Wednesday evening in the flat on the Plauener Street. At about 5.30 pm she found her daughter in the child’s room with several knife-wounds.

“The autopsy confirmed the suspicion”

For nearly 90 minutes, the rescuers tried to revive the girl. However the as yet unknown perpetrator had acted like a madman when he stabbed the young victim. Keira G. died before her mother’s eyes. The woman collapsed and has been cared for by a pastor ever since. A murder commission took over the investigation.

“The autopsy confirmed the suspicion that the adolescent has been the victim of a homicide,” said Martin Steltner, a spokesman for the prosecutor. “Further details can’t be released because of the ongoing investigation.” For the investigators, the case is a mystery. A squad of a hundred police officers searched the area on Thursday morning looking for the murder weapon. They checked out every bin, under every car, in every shrubbery. To no avail.

[Photo caption (not shown): The team of a hundred men searches for the murder weapon.]

Murder investigators were knocking on doors everywhere in the neighborhood, showing a photo of the deceased. The officials hope to get information about their contacts and their last place she was seen. Through an evaluation of her cell phone, the police already have a suspect in mind. Investigators assume that the perpetrator and the victim knew each other.

The police therefore assume it was a relationship crime. A neighbor reported that he heard a fight in the evening and loud door-banging. “It might be able to proceed to an arrest soon,” said one investigator.

No witnesses

According to information from neighbors, the 14-year-old lived in an apartment alone with her mother and a small dog, a Jack Russel mix. Keira G. was a passionate skater at the Berlin TSC [sports club]. She regularly trained in the nearby indoor sports stadium.

Because there are no witnesses so far, it is quite possible that the police will go public with a call for witnesses.

83 thoughts on “Mutti’s Latest Victim: 14-Year-Old Keira Gross, Murdered in Lichtenberg

  1. >>For the investigators, the case is a mystery….

    Everything is a mystery if one, thorough indoctrination, has prevented oneself from looking towards the obvious.

    • and that is : check the whereabouts of all guys called Hans, Fritz and Heinrich.LOL.

  2. By definition, every crime – however “small” or however terrible – wouldn’t have been committed if the enrichers had stayed where they historically and culturally belong.

  3. If I were a German parent, of a boy or a girl, I would put a list and photos, on the kitchen wall of all the young people who have been raped, assuulted and murdered by our enriching guests (I’d need a big kitchen) and make sure my children saw it on a regular basis. I would also make it clear I would nto have one in the house, and would not give approval for any association with them.

    • There is unbalance of power and sexism at play. German government released a propaganda video showing a young German girl involved in a romantic relationship with a migrant. He looked older than 18 and dental records can substantiate approximate age. Indigenous citizens complained and the “romantic commercial” disappeared from Deutschland Stations. Young European males have been raped & molested at swimming poles and near schools and woods. Muslims forbid their daughters (breeders) from dating European men. So the horrific murders are being committed against European girls and women only!!!

      • Molly, this is not official propaganda. You overestimate the power of this government that can not even protect its own borders. But it is worse: this movie was a production of a free tv station run by a bunch of irresponible weirdos who spend their time off in villas in Tuscany or on the Riviera belonging to friends, far away from big city no go areas, and far away from muslims.

    • The problem is: the brainwash, even of small kids, belongs to the tools of those who have decided to replace us with dumber crowds.


      This is a mono-lingual site. We do accept commenters’ translations of things they wish readers to see, but anything beyond a sentence or two of non-English doesn’t get published. No doubt we could google translate your offering, but it’s tedious and time-consuming.

      If you can read/write both languages, then the solution is simple: translate first, and then post.


      • The UN report “Replacement Migration” (ST / ESA / SER A./206) of the United Nations Population Division (2001), which has just become known, calls for the opening of Germany to 11.4 million migrants, even if this would lead to social tensions (“rise to social tensions”) within Germany.

        However, the fight against popular resistance to population exchange is needed to achieve economic growth. All this serves the interests of the industry. Scientists around the world are also supporting this goal. Jim Yong Kim, president of the UN World Bank, announced in October 2015 that “population exchange” in Europe is becoming an “engine of economic growth” for all Means in the sense of the world economy to combat the demographic change.

        At a confidential meeting in St. Augustin near Bonn, the Federal Government made it clear internally what the ministries would have to expect in the future:
        By the end of 2016, up to ten (!) Million asylum seekers are expected in Germany

  4. We may take an educated guess as to the background of the perpetrator, but there doesn’t seem to be any evidence yet.

    • The lack of description is proof itself. If that would have been a white dude, the MSM would shown it day and night.

      • It’s like that old “joke” about a black man in the south being murdered, shot in the back 6 times and the redneck sheriff says, “Strangest case of suicide I’ve ever seen.”

  5. What is it with these young Western women getting a crush so easily on ME wifebeaters??? They wouldn’t look at me so that at age 32 I finally said FU and got myself a wife from Eastern Europe. But for feral illiterates with questionable personal hygiene from the Hindu Kush they fall in droves.

    • Good question. Surely they must know by now how too many of these multicultural relationships end, and yet it happens, over and over again.

      Perhaps it’s the aura of danger that attracts young, inexperienced women, or the sense of forbidden, which they in their naive minds think is romantic.

      And then the real world steps in, and the price many of them pays is harsh indeed.

      • It is a primal human female urge of interest in obviously different packets of genes. Nothing new about it in history.

        • I’m a bit suspicious of that one. If it were true that we had a primal urge to seek out those most different from us, we’d all be medium brown by now. The problem is the loss of values in society. Once upon a time one would have sought a romantic attachment among those with similar values. Now too much of western society has lost hold on its values, so that alien and hostile values don’t seem all that alien and hostile.

          • I agree, Salome, but still the ” stranger” was apparently more attractive than the local guys. It seems that the stranger would be gone few days later and the reputation unharmed. Primate females do that too.You may call me as a witness ( not for primates at that!) in several cases, even in a muslim or very catholic country.

      • The foreign is always exotic, and aside from that, by having a Muslim man and adhering to Islamic mores, they can achieve a degree of safety. Many women in Germany and Sweden now dye their hair black and tie a ‘hijab’ around their hair when they go out for this very reason, so they will be mistaken for Muslims and stand a better chance of not being molested.

        Also, what woman would want most German men when Germany’s feminist movement derides them at every turn and many of them won’t even defend their own women and children?

        What surprises me most is that more German women aren’t seeking American men, etc. for husbands. Or maybe they are and being happily married myself, I’m just not aware of it.

        • “Many women in Germany and Sweden now dye their hair black and tie a ‘hijab’ around their hair when they go out for this very reason, so they will be mistaken for Muslims and stand a better chance of not being molested.”

          I don’t know where you heard that, but I can’t confirm it. In my observation, German girls wear their hair pretty much like Keira on her photos: medium-long, hanging down, and in its natural color.

          • very much so Egri. It seems to evolve into one of those ” new urban legends” that girls dye their hair black. Never seen one and as a teacher I saw thousands

          • It has happened in Sweden and London, though. Young women quoted on the record.

        • could be a good thing for american men, too. The german women do a lot of work even around the house and even pick up tabs frequently or pay the rent. Highly recommended.

      • Psychopaths have an uncanny charm about them. Young women especially need to be brought up to be absolutely savvy about personality-disordered people!

    • Because the local man beaten into eunuch status… by the feminists. Something like Trudeau.

    • Because the immivaders are perceived as exotic, masculine, and dangerous. This is partially true, and partially driven by government and media propaganda.

      Getting involved with one is also a terrific way to rebel against mum and dad, and that will always appeal to teens growing up in our overly permissive society.

      • You’re right again, Raspail. No amount of warning against Muslim men, or forbidding them in the house, will stop the rebellious teenage girl actively seeking them out. Why do children smoke? I say not because of the evil tobacco companies advertising that it looks ‘cool’, but because parents and teachers tell them they shouldn’t.

        • The stats on smoking show that children who are raised with smokers are more likely to smoke. CDC has the breakdown on smoking habits. And eating habits.

          As for the tobacco advertisers pushing them on, you should see the ubiquitous billboards and ads in black communities for mentholated cigarettes. Guess which group is the main purchaser of menthols?

          Adolescents rebel in a variety of ways; not all girls are attracted to dangerous men, some just want the edgy ones, like the tattooed, safety-pinned Goths who will do mum and dad in far more quickly than a Muslim.

          Check Jordan Peterson on that.

          If kids have been raised to think for themselves from the time they were very small then adolescence holds few terrors for parents. Maybe some detours and sullenness, but even those are brief. Oh, I forgot: when they get home late with the car. That used to be scary in the days before cell phones.

          Around here, in our rural area, the roads are narrow and poorly lit. Kids without much driving experience don’t do well in split-second decision-making. We’ve lost some outstanding kids – boys *and* girls – due to those micro-mistakes. There are places we drive – to town, to the doctor, to the store – where many curves hold a memento mori of someone’s shining child gone too soon.

          All God’s danger’s ain’t a Muslim.

          • I was 3 the first time I recall my dad saying “Think before you speak or do”. I even remember hearing him day it in my dreams. My parents turned my stubbornness for good. They also impressed trust was earned and trustworthiness meant more freedoms later on. I worked for that. The original prize was lack of curfews but once I got to that point I knew it was stupid to stay out too late.

            Just the other day I gave my 6 year old son the “think for yourself” talk and it was over something minor that I didn’t even care about but it was the principle.

    • I think that the problem is that young girls stopped reading books.
      When I was 16-17 years old I read a lot of good romantic literature. When I got older, I thought it was all wasted time. And now I think that everything was right. It was the same “education of feelings,” which subsequently gave me selectivity in choosing a partner.

      Also this inculcated early sexualization of society is to blame.

      • That “education of feelings” in young women was first most clearly seen in the West in the novels of Jane Austen. The title “Sense and Sensibility” perfectly captures the idea…good that you spotted part of what led you to be selective in choosing a partner.

        • I read them too… did not help since I was schooled in the “I am ok you are ok” nonsense.

          • That’s sad. Sounds like you were cheated of a sound moral and scientific and historical education, which is why the “I’m ok” philosophy served to fill the vacuum. The nice thing about adulthood is the chance to change the pablum diet and choose from a wider intellectual diet.

            Hey, start with Austen and then go on to Anthony Trollope. Endlessly entertaining.

          • Thanks, Dymphna. I took the red pill late in life, with a lot of damage behind me, but it’s been worth it. Now I am teaching young women what I should have known then. 🙂

          • Don’t be too hard on yourself. After all, who did you know back then who was willing or able to provide an alternative viewpoint? At what point in your life did you “take the red pill” and how did that come about?

            In my twenties I was a kamikaze bleeding-heart liberal. My wake-up call came via studying economics.

          • Nobody provided a different viewpoint… heck, I grew up with a depressed mom who did not even have a word for “depressed”.

            I took the red pill regarding personality-disordered people only 6 years ago, long after my marriage to a borderline ended. Politically? My wake up call, after a lifetime of being leftish-green, was Ukraine. Maidan and M-17. I suddenly saw the whole pack of lies in its naked glory. My leftie friends are still marching with pussy hats on, doing their Two Minutes of Hate on you-know-who. I keep working on them, here and there… never too late to come to one’s senses…

      • What I said above about values. If you have values, you’ll seek someone who has similar values.

        • Everyone has “values” – a very 1970s turn of phrase first put out by the academic left. So much less threatening than a credo, eh?

          Everyone values one thing (or things) more than others; even those who say they value no thing above any other thing can’t escape their own logic’s limits. Theologian Paul Tillich claimed that whatever we most cherished, that was our god. Or gods.

      • The filth marketed toward teen and pre-teen females that the West calls, “popular music,” also plays a huge role in early sexualization.

        “Singers” like Arianna Grande and Miley Cyrus are nothing more than prostitutes that have been handed microphones and placed in the public eye by the media.

          • One thing that stands in huge contrast to Western pop is Korean pop, which produces pretty innocent, cutesy videos and lyrics (assuming the translations are accurate) about normal adolescent/young adults and feelings.

            The downside is that K-pop is rather cookie cutter, and they have casting couch issues that equal or exceed Hollyweird.

      • very well, Elena! The lack of litterary experience in combination with nearly total permissiveness ( i.e. accessible porn) kills the possibility of ” romantic projection” , expression coined by the great M.Houellebecq in his first novel, or should I say essay?

    • They don’t, actually. The vast majority of European women date and marry European men. The girls who fall for these types are from broken homes at the bottom of society – children of drug addicts, alcoholics, violent/incestuous parents, or girls brought up without a father like this poor mite. Girls who (for one reason or another) have felt worthless all their lives and are confirmed in that belief by the Muslim men. In fact, they seek out what they know from home (maltreatment) – not the unknown or exotic.
      Girls without any father may, however, look beyond their culture in the hope of finding him “somewhere out there”… since he was not around in the place where they grew up, they conclude that perhaps he can be found “over the rainbow”. I am afraid Keira Gross was misled by such a hope that had grown out of proportions.

  6. Why. Why. Why are the leaders of Germany Sweden Norway The UK Denmark all the Western European Countries letting in so many murderous evil things!! Why!! Don’t they know that they are letting in a culture that they are 100% diametrically opposed to in all areas, and who’s own religion supports the believer to kill the host!!!?? [Expostulation]! Don’t they know all this??

    • It was a delicious leftwing virtue pose at the time. Now that it is a done deal they can’t afford to have it seen as a mistake. Progressive left[ist]s never make mistakes.

      • Chaos is great for psychopaths! (And they love causing it!) Plus, intensifying chaos gives the Eurocrats a chance that EU will survive.

    • It’s like in America. The left here can’t kiss enough Muslim and LBGTMOUSE behinds but one day they are going to have to choose one side or the other. They can’t serve two masters.

  7. What kind of white mother would let her beautiful white daughter see such a disgusting vile piece of human garbage?? We are a Montana born and raised proud white farming family. We raised 4 boys and all our friends are white and several have daughters and we know them and we can assure anyone that they [stick to their own kind]. I wonder as a mother what in the hell could have possessed this mother to even allow her to have such a vile creature in her home to begin with! And what could have possessed this girl to like such an ugly creature. Can somebody tell me!!!
    Mrs Darinda Remington.

    • Those kids aren’t dumb. They can see what’s coming their way. Like all of us. They decided to cast their lot with the victors in the hope they (or at least their genes) will survive the coming onslaught.

      • Exactly.

        The current reality is that peoples of European descent are in retreat worldwide.

        The sad part is that peoples of European descent have largely done this to themselves.

        • Raspailwasright, we could actually use a breakdown of White fertility not only in Europe, but also in Northern America, NZ, Oz and the few other places where Whites reside.

          I have a hunch that the results would be sobering.

          If euro fertility is anything of a standard throughout White “held” territories, I fear that the White race is everywhere on its way to extinction.

          • Agreed Mike.

            Getting accurate data is a huge problem.

            The US census likes to lump people from MENA in with the European population.

            I spent four years living in North Africa, and I can tell you the people there are not even close to being European, Caucasian, […], etc.

            I would even apply that caveat to the blue-eyed Berbers I met, as well as the young women I knew that clearly had substantial amounts of European colonist DNA running in their veins that finished their doctorate in France. There was still an inextricably, inescapable alien quality about these folks that prevented me from perceiving them as ethnically kindred.

    • Rural areas tend to be more homogeneous culturally, and more aware of their national identity. Urban populations tend to be mixed and more like urban areas in other countries than like their own rural countrymen.

      One of the requirements for passing on a culture is to have enclaves of homogeneous people. A Jewish ghetto is one example, which is as much or more beneficial to Jewish identity as any harm that might be done by foregoing diversity experience.

      Even in urban areas, there is a natural tendency for people to congregate in ethnically-identifiable neighborhoods. One way to maintain this situation is to employ means of excluding potential residents who do not fit the ethnic composition. Restrictive covenants used to be employed, but the courts quite rightly decided that was not a government function to enforce ethnic homogeneity. There were a variety of unofficial, but effective, means of doing so.

      The big problem came when the government made the unofficial ways of maintaining homogeneity illegal, and practically criminalized the advocacy of homogeneity. The Obama administration went so far as to actually target white suburban neighborhood that were created by perfectly legal means. The targeting meant that criminal elements from the inner city would be moved through government fiat to break up the neighborhoods that had any cultural homogeneity associated with whites.

      Imagine a population subjected to this malevolent government pressure, and government propaganda, for several generations, and you can see that the parents simply had no intellectual foundation for explicitly forbidding their daughter from engaging with migrants. You should value your rural Montana upbringing and heritage, but understand the milieu within which the Europeans now have to bring up their children.

  8. I’m not a psychologist, but I’ll suggest two reasons a young German girl might be attracted to a foreign-born Muslim: 1) Sympathy and wanting to help someone overcome the challenges of a new country — The young girl believes she can help this person learn German and adapt with her nurturing. 2) Taken in by false expressions of admiration and love — Muslim men are filled with deceit (taqiyah) and can lay it on more convincingly than a German of the same age. They are probably less inhibited sexually, so the girl would feel really “wanted.” But then, why would he kill her? Probably because she didn’t live up to his vision that German women are easy prey and eager for sex. In other words, she said, “No.” . . . And this will repeat over and over.

    • Exactly! I’m a middle age American woman. Muslim males are looking at Facebook profiles trying to befriend Western single women. Here are some obvious motives:

      1. Marriage for quick citizenship, or residence status
      2. Obtain a Playboy lifestyle
      3. Consensual sex without pressures
      of marriage, children
      4. Bait & switch strategies. Later
      admitting they are engaged or
      already married but you can
      become wife #2-4 or a sex slave
      5. High sexual expectations because
      Western women [tend toward promiscuity]
      6. Desire to have companionship and
      a place to live or have sex
      7. Find a local or indigenous woman
      to help them get more benefits,
      speak the language, use a vehicle
      and/or improve their lives

    • In jail for failing to step off the sidewalk as Muslims approached or something.

  9. “Apparently, she trusted her future killer and took him home.”

    Was that the first time she had taken him home? Didn’t her mother know who was with her in their home? Hadn’t she introduced him to her mother? Or had she previously taken the man home? If so, hadn’t her mother met him? Didn’t she know who he was or even that he was in the apartment?

    If she *did* know him, why hasn’t a description of the suspect been circulated?

      • As very common in these cases Dad has taken the high road or was kicked out by Mom for violating Mom’s safespace or maybe he died when the kid was very young leaving her with no decent rolemodel and no future.

        • In many cases Dad has been gelded by the Marxist progressive leviathan state because his very existence was oppressing females and righteous vibrants.

  10. it’ s always a pleasure to read so many comments by wise people who know social psychology, have experience in real life and express in no- nonsense language.

  11. Since I live in the US and have never had the money to travel to Europe; I am curious to find out more about this. It appears there are many young girls in Europe taking an interest in Muslim men. It is by now so obvious they should stay away from these men from a misogynist culture. Or is the media and schools keeping the reality hidden from them. I find it difficult to believe they can still hide the truth from all but the most gullible.

    By the way, this is what was said of the Rotherham girls: Most came from “care” backgrounds and broken, abusive homes. Some of the girls dispute this claim. According to them, they were placed in care by parents out of fear of threats coming from the rapists.

    FYI, where I work in the US, I see “refugeee MENA men” It you ask me, ugly looking and nasty attitude. Maybe it is because I’m over fifty.

    • I think most of the time those Muslim men who are mostly brainwashed ambitious Brown men that are known to be only interested in enslaving and making use of White women to infiltrate and take over White Western countries.
      Those Muslim men are quite obviously looking for gullible White women to exploit and promote their insane Islamic agenda.

    • If they want to avoid trouble they need to avoid White Christian men, who in the United States rape and murder more people than anyone else.

  12. You people hating on Muslims are [persons whose intelligence I deprecate]. Do you actually know any Muslims personally? Having grown up in a Jewish household I heard this same [waste material] about Jews growing up. I have Muslim friends and none of them are out raping or killing. I’ve had Muslim girlfriends. You people sound like Nazis. Get over it. You lost. There isn’t going to be a fourth reich. You need to get over having small penises.

    • You need to get over having small penises.

      Hmmm…so that’s my problem. And here I was beginning to think it atrophied and fell off due to my deep disappointment over the delay of the Fourth Reich.

      It’s unfortunate for you that in the home where you grew up Jews were trash-talked. That had to have been painful. Surely there’s an app for that by now.

  13. In a world without fathers; daughters will seek the most dominant male available to them.

    This is the oldest rule in the book – no, scratch that – it is the oldest rule. Eve when told by Satan that “surely you will not die”, took his word over the words from Adam telling her that she would.

  14. Police already do have a suspect but don’t say much about him except that his name is Edgar H.
    As usual they will do everything to make him look like a “German” and hide his second name because it probably shows that he is a 2nd-generation immigrant from a Muslim country, where stabbings, beheadings and stonings are some kind of unofficial national sport since Muhammad’s times. Details at this blog

    and even if it turned out that this Edgar H. was born German from German parents that would make treasonous Merkel the main-guilty person anyways because she started the whole disruption of our culture by allowing more than a million of ill-mannered hooligans to start a new kind of normality by bad example where anyone can rape, rob or kill anyone on the street or in some hidden corner without real prosecution.

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