Jihadi Extremists? No Problem. Lauren Southern? NO WAY

The Brits are bonkers. At least those in charge are surely so. Every day, the U.K. becomes a bit more unglued and a lot less comprehensible to us Americans:

They use the term “extremists” in the video, which is why it’s in the title. Another reminder about the absolute necessity for accurate language. “Extremist” is a pluperfect example of bad language. So is the term “asian” to signify someone whose family originated in Pakistan or Bangladesh.

Oh, England. Oh, Kent. Every day you more and more resemble Alice in Wonderland. You’ve fallen into a dark hole where the elites decide what words may be used and by whom and what the meanings shall be…we’re trailing right behind y’all, too. Oh wait: Canada is second in line, then Oz, and then us.

Quagmire time.

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  1. Asian because India is considered South Asia. East Asians, Chinese, Japanese were considered orientals in the old nomenclature.

    I wonder how many people in the Home Office for instance, who sit and determine who stays or not are actually real British people as opposed to asians or africans?

  2. I don’t know what we can do. My husband and I do not shop in any Muslim run business, we ensure our meat is locally sourced and bought from a local butcher. I would gladly vote for a party who would sort this mess out, but we are looking at shades of red here, there is no one standing for parliament who will do anything!!!
    I feel I am living in a George Orwell theme park, with particular reference to 1984. Gulag Island, rather than Archipelago. Even our advertisements and entertainment is riven through with propaganda! We are too old to be much use physically, it needs the young to defend their culture and freedom. I have hope over the Identitaire movement, but they seem conspicuous by their absence in Blighty.

  3. There was this movie: V for Vendetta, which plays in a fascist totalitarian UK. When saw this movie the first time, I found that premise pretty far fetched and almost comical.
    I am not laughing now…

    • The film ‘Children of Men’, while the premise ignores birth-rates among certain communities, (although fertility is inexplicably falling in the developed world), the internment camps and intifada are all too feasible possibilities.

      V for Vendetta has an achingly pc moment, where a Koran features as an example of forbidden ‘beauty’, of which the secretly gay character keeps hidden in his flat…
      Which is probably as much a comment on the sensibilities of the film-maker than anything else.

      • Well… I started looking at it, but the moment that Stephen Fry – a flaming homosexual – started to sing the praises of the koran (IIRC he said something about the beauty of its poetry), I gave up and switched off the DVD.

  4. “Every day you more and more resemble Alice in Wonderland. ”

    Er, no. Oceania.

    The man sitting to the right of Lauren is Gerolf Annemans, of my own party the Vlaams Belang. To the best of my knowledge, he is the treasurer of the ENF group (Europe of Nations and Freedom) in the EP (though it is unclear to me why the treasurer would be chosen for these very public statements).

    Mr Annemans’ appearance is once again proof of the silent yeoman’s work the VB has and is been doing in the background in guaranteeing some common sense in the EP. And in Belgium, the sole party so far to decry the horrible treatment of White farmers in SA is… the VB. In the Flemish regional parliament its members have demanded emphatically that Flemish development aid to SA, still an amount to the tune of more than 50 million EUR yearly, be frozen until the White farmers’ property and other rights are restored.

    Answer from the Flemish Minister President: he sees no reason to do so, but he follow the developments closely: https://www.vlaamsbelang.org/vlaams-belang-wil-stopzetting-ontwikkelingshulp-aan-zuid-afrika-als-anc-regering-blanke-boeren-onteigent/

  5. Yes the British are bonkers…and the French fou and the Dutch gek and the Germans bekloppt etc.

    If I could do the graphics I would represent the situation as various flags racing each other to the cliff’s edge. Sweden out in front; Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France jostling for second place; Britain, Italy, Spain, Canada and Australia in a following bunch with the US bringing up the rear (but coming up on the rails as we say here) with perhaps a picture of Mohammed in the sky, telly-tubby like, smiling down on the spectacle.

  6. May I suggest as a small start we do away with the word ‘racist ‘ when referring to immigration. Racism implies that the problem lies with the colour of the immigrant’s skin. I know no one who cares one jot about a person’s skin colour.
    Our problems lie with culture. We resent alien cultures being foisted upon us and indeed replacing our own culture in places. Let us all stand up as ‘culturalists’ and defend our own cultures.

    • It has nothing to do with human “hardware” – genes, bones, blood and skin.

      It has everything to do with human “software” – the code running inside the human mind – beliefs, cultural and religious beliefs.

      • While I don’t expect this comment to be approved, I’ll make the attempt anyhow. Your comment encapsulates the problem with Gates of Vienna and its commenters perfectly. While otherwise there is some fine and useful work (translation of Orban’s speech is a prime example), you refuse to consider what almost 50 years of biological and even a few honest sociological studies (Minnesota Trans-Racial Adoption Study) have shown: The human “software” you believe in is, beyond any legitimate argument, a product of the human “hardware.” Culture is NOT transmitted by magic dirt or magic citizenship papers. DNA MATTERS!

        • Of course DNA matters. But it is not the only factor and never can be. Adequate socialization of the young is crucial and the most important part of that is collapsing: intact, two-parent families continue to fail or fail to form and children continue to suffer for it.

          Nor is a high IQ the panacea racialist theorists claim. There is a multi-variant set of ’causes’ for the transmission of a successful human culture, of which an adequate IQ is only one.

          • Thank you for your courteous reply. While I did not claim DNA was the sole factor that mattered in determining culture and behavior, it is by far the biggest one. Yes, the attack on and determined undermining of the family is a core of the globalists’ agenda in undermining the West, but even intact families cannot overcome innate, genetic-based intellectual deficiencies or a predilection for impulsive or violent behavior. I am not a pure genetic determinist, as I believe God gave us free will, but family environment cannot overcome a majority of these tendencies. Nor am I an IQ fetishist: Orientals tend to have a higher IQ than European Caucasians, but that still does nothing to ameliorate cultural differences and ethnic tendencies. Such behavior as ethnic nepotism or empathy are race-based as well.

            Further, extensive studies have conclusively demonstrated that “g” and propensity to violence vary by race. Children from Black intact families with incomes over 100k perform the same on the SAT as White children from families with incomes below 25k. Black law students nationally average in the bottom 7% of their classes.

            While Arab Christians, in the past, demonstrated a solid ability to assimilate to Ellis-Islanders’ version of American norms (as distinct from pre-1870 American norms), the vast majority of Arab Mohammedans cannot. Not only do they have anywhere from 10-20% sub-Saharan DNA, depending on country of origin, but literally centuries of close consanguinity have led to lower DNA, a high % of genetic defects, and the natural strengthening of societally-approved tendencies (behavior toward women, etc.) through the “boiling off” sociological effect.

            The myth of the “melting pot” is precisely that: a myth promulgated by a Jew living in England that was seized upon by the Ellis Island cohort (and I, myself, am descended from Ellis Islanders and reject both ancestor worship and the claim they all “assimilated.” They changed America at least as much as it changed them, and for the worse, not the better.) Genuine “assimilation” does NOT mean wearing jeans, speaking English, and attending US government sponsored globalist indoctrination centers masquerading as schools. Two or more distinct populations cannot peacefully coexist in the same nation as demonstrated countless times throughout human history. One group will eventually control and either subsume or destroy the other.

            One cannot be simultaneously “equal” (solely in the legal sense; there is equality nowhere in nature) and “special.” Possessing a hyphenated identity of any sort is possessing dual loyalty and is antithetical to the common good and national cohesion. Where past mass immigration to America was deleterious to the traditions of self-reliance and republican government, it was ameliorated by the fact that the vast majority of immigrants were White, European Christians. That has not been the case since 1965.

            America today is officially 61.9% non-Hispanic White. That includes Jews, Armenians, Chechens, Iranians, and those Latin Americans that are or claim to be White on the census. The cohort of Americans that are of White, European descent is thus perhaps 56% – and aging rapidly. The majority of all “American” schoolchildren today are non-White.

            Culture is the cumulative environmental preferences of a group of genetically-related people. A nation, from natus. This means blood/DNA, not American citizenship papers. Eliminate Whites and you eliminate their culture. Occasional others may appreciate it (or claim to) or emulate it, but they CANNOT organically create it. You could go live in Cambodia for 3-4 generations and speak the language, but unless there was massive intermarrying with the locals AND a culturally-confident, genetic majority population providing social pressure to conform to the local culture, your descendants would never be Cambodian.

            Most Americans today, besides not being White European, marry someone from their own ethnic, racial, or religious group. Yes, I am aware of statistics claiming more than 50% of American Jews marry non-Jews, but they transmit their ethnic identity a majority of the time – for every 10 half or quarter Jews I can show you 8 who identify as ethnically Jewish. The same goes for the majority of mixed race individuals of any combination – the vast majority identify with and generally marry others of their non-White side.

            tl;dr: DNA may not be all that matters, but it matters far more than an intact family, or high income, or being raised by theoretically educated parents. A “diverse” nation is, in practice, no nation at all. America is dying, and Soros and Zuckerberg and like-minded others are hard at work to ensure that Canada, Australia, and Western European nations are wiped out as distinct people.

            Plaintively bleating that one isn’t a “racist” and that only culture matters will not even ensure that one is slaughtered last. It is pure [wrong], and it is not merely ignorant, it is evil.

          • This is why we seldom let commenters with your brief through the door. Long, tendentious arguments that skew a comment thread into oblivion.

            When you say, Children from Black intact families with incomes over 100k perform the same on the SAT as White children from families with incomes below 25k. Black law students nationally average in the bottom 7% of their classes… my response is “whatever”.

            You’re beating a lame horse and promoting an idea which goes against the American cultural idea of equality of opportunity. So it takes more effort by black families to achieve?? What is your point?

            This balkanizes the American idea. Your own opinions are no less damaging than the ones you deride.



            BTW, if you were familiar with our comment policies, i.e., were a regular reader here, you’d know that the word “cuck” isn’t acceptable in any of its forms. That’s why I bracketed your use of it.

    • Nice. I agree. I don’t care what color someone is as long as they’re supporting Shakespeare and Jane Austen, to name only two cultural gems. I am an ardent culturalist when it comes to unabashedly arguing the superior virtues of a given culture. And my praise needn’t be exclusively devoted to only my own culture, as those horrified by nationalism would seem to think.

      Let’s face it, how many British and Americans were offended by Peter Mayle’s lifelong homage to France? Any? I doubt it. And exactly what horrors emerged from his singing the praises of the Luberon? Nothing, except perhaps encouraging people to drink more wine and buy more of his books. That is, if they didn’t haul themselves up out of their armchairs and head over to Provence.

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