Islam in America: “We Bring Everything… and the Quran!”

Zvi Yehezkeli is an Israeli journalist and filmmaker who is fluent in Arabic. In the following documentary about Islam in America, he created a false identity for himself as a Palestinian so he could gain entry to places where infidels are normally not allowed, and hear things that are normally hidden from the kuffar. He visited the Dar al-Hijra Mosque in Falls Church, Virginia, where Anwar al-Awlaki used to be the imam. He went to Dearborn, Michigan and was given a tour by the Arab-American police chief, Ron Haddad. He visited CAIR headquarters in Tampa and talked to its director, Hassan Shibly. And he had some interesting conversations with Muslim taxi drivers in Miami.

Many thanks to the anonymous translator, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   Islam will return to rule over Europe and the West!
00:09   Does the conquest need to be accomplished by the sword? No, not necessarily.
00:14   There is something called “quiet conquering.”
00:17   This strong message broadcast by Yusuf Al Qaradawi…
00:21   the most influential Muslim cleric in the Muslim world, is heard openly all over the world.
00:26   Quietly, in the West, under the surface through soft jihad,
00:29   the international Islamic Caliphate is expanding…
00:32   Its objective is to impose Sharia Law on the entire world.
00:35   Do you prefer to live under Sharia or under US Law? — SHARIA!
00:39   Of course, according to Sharia, I have nothing to do with US Law.
00:42   Qaradawi’s call to expand and conquer the West
00:45   penetrates the hearts of millions of Muslims who live here and in Europe.
00:50   I just crossed the Atlantic Ocean, arriving in the USA.
00:53   Sir, what are you doing? Nothing. The freedom we enjoy in the US to practice our religion is
00:57   much greater than the freedoms granted in most Muslim countries.
01:01   50 years from now this country will be an Islamic country.
01:05   This is a mocking cry (provocation) against the free world’s Western culture
01:08   where Times Square — at the heart of NY City — is its center.
01:11   A Leader from the CAIR organization told me that the Sharia and the US are compatible…
01:16   How ‘beautiful’… according to Sharia, what will happen to homosexuals?
01:20   Homosexuals and lesbians, what will happen to them? You are supposed to kill them… OK.
01:25   This is the newest chapter in which Islam embarks on a different kind of Jihad…
01:29   approaching the West on its way to impose the Islamic world (Umma)
01:32   and the worldwide Caliphate. With a fake identity as Sheikh Abu Hamza from Jordan…
01:37   Gaza is a spot that doesn’t fade from our eyes.
01:40   You are the pride of our Umma.
01:43   And of Razal Ibrahim — The Palestinian journalist,
01:46   you must hate the Kuffar (Infidels) and have a duty to keep an absolute loyalty to Muslims.
01:51   I cross the US to expose the soft jihad
01:55   Is the true freedom of the US basically Islam?
01:58   Islam!
02:05   A documentary series by Zvi Yehezkeli & Ohad Gal-Oz
02:09   Film director: Ohad Gal-Oz
02:12   Production: Roni Manor & Sagit Shalom
02:19   Editing: Makikes (Ronen) Amar & Eyal Ron / With False Identity
02:23   Zvi Yehezkeli — Jihad — The Day of Doom
02:31   America — The superpower, the strong empire,
02:35   The dream of the West, of freedom and liberty. Islam has always desired to land here,
02:39   to establish its Islamic flag here and become victorious…
02:43   to mark the highest point of its Islamic Caliphate,
02:46   9/11/2001 is the day the war started,
02:50   when ‘two of Bin Laden’s airplanes’ crashed into the World Trade Center.
02:53   But America did not collapse. Thus, the Muslim Brotherhood continue their quiet, subversive war.
02:58   The infiltration takes place in every corner of this continent.
03:03   Islam comprises only about 2% of US population.
03:06   But in most other countries, Islam is the second-largest religion,
03:09   growing faster than any other group, under US Laws, through soft, undetected jihad.
03:16   In the US, Islam’s journey sails on top of freedom’s waves.
03:19   Embarking towards the Caliphate. In America — it is a massive undertaking.
03:26   Where do we start? Maybe in the US Capitol — Washington D.C.
03:30   Dar Al Hijra Mosque in Virginia; twenty minutes away from the White House.
03:34   An active mosque carefully monitored by the FBI.
03:38   The last Imam at this mosque was this man — Anwar al-Awlaki,
03:42   who preached in this mosque for jihad, for Islam’s victory and for al-Qaeda.
03:47   Do not get training from any American on killing Americans.
03:50   The battle against the Devil does not dictate a Fatwa (guidance),
03:53   does not command prayers, does not necessitate spiritual guidance. They are a gang of devils.
03:58   He ran away to Yemen… and became the first American citizen
04:02   targeted and killed in Yemen as an Al Qaeda operative.
04:05   He was replaced by this man — Shaker al-Sayeed,
04:08   A member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, who was more careful,
04:12   but continued to propagate that: “we are at war”.
04:16   The children of Israel have proven to have harsh hear.
04:21   No point of time will you ever reach… with them.
04:26   Why? They are good at that. — History. It’s in their genes. It’s in their blood.”
04:32   Dar Al Hijra — Friday Prayers — It is noticeably crowded, with police outside.
04:36   Some of the congregants stay outside, as there is no space in the mosque, so they pray
04:40   in the church with prayer rugs under the cross and the organ.
04:45   With my false identity as Sheikh Abu Hamza
04:48   on my way to enter the central mosque. Already at the entrance
04:52   the attitude can be felt… Da’wa and Islam that will spread across the continent.
04:55   Peace upon you, how are you? Hello — may you be blessed.
04:59   This is my first time here; I am from Palestine.
05:02   May Allah bless you. There is a strong Islam over here? Yes!
05:06   There is a big Muslim community in New Jersey,
05:09   Yes, we came to check opportunities — maybe we will move here…
05:12   Islam starts to spread all over the States,
05:17   There is more freedom here than in any Arab country… Here? Oh, yes.
05:21   You can see for yourself. Oh, beautiful!
05:24   The Sheikh is also here. We saw on the internet how he talks against the Jews.
05:28   Oh, yes. Yes!
05:40   I am in the first lines, in the front hall waiting to hear
05:43   Sheik Al Sayeed. Perhaps being monitored by the Americans
05:46   makes him address his congregants on peace and love…
05:51   In the Muslim community, yes, in America,
05:55   you love whoever helps you, you love anyone who gives to you,
06:00   and you love things that are beneficial to you,
06:04   normally people do that…
06:07   May Allah guide us to do the right things.
06:11   I decide to walk into his room to talk to him after his sermon.
06:15   Let’s go into the Sheikh’s room to say hello. We will send him regards from Palestine.
06:25   Mr. Sheikh, may peace be upon you,
06:29   We are from Palestine. Welcome! We came to visit. This is my cousin.
06:34   We in Palestine loved your sermons, as they encouraged us.
06:41   Will you bless us? We are from Gaza — Hamas etc…
06:44   May Allah grant you a precious and great victory! [Sheikh Shaker al Sayeed — al Hijra mosque, Va.]
06:47   May Allah unite all Muslims’ hearts around you!
06:50   Allah wanted Gaza to be a beacon of pride,
06:53   by the hands of al Kasam, al Aktza, and Hamas!
06:58   Gaza is a spot that doesn’t disappear from the eye
07:02   You are the source of pride!
07:05   May you be blessed!
07:08   Here in the mosque’s side room,
07:11   I encountered the double talk… “Peace and Love” during the mosque’s public sermon,
07:15   while to a Gazan Muslim, a message of support to Hamas and Jihad.
07:25   You won’t meet the Islam of the Migrants through the American media.
07:28   Possibly, the average American is totally unaware of the double talk.
07:33   This can be heard by taxi drivers — most of whom are migrants.
07:37   Here is the first taxicab we picked. The driver is originally from Somalia.
07:41   “Take second exit to Washington Boulevard.” Tell me, how is it to live as a Muslim in the US?
07:47   [Ashkir, taxi driver from Somalia]
Difficult! —Why?
07:51   Because everybody here is a Kafir (Infidel).
07:54   Kafir? They are ALL Kuffar!
07:57   Will you let your daughter go out with a Kafir? No, No, No!
07:60   If she were to want to marry a Christian? No, no, no, it can’t happen!
08:04   And there are also Jews here;
08:07   they are also Kuffar? —Yes.
08:10   What should be done with the Jews?
08:14   All of them? —Yes, all of them. —Are you familiar with Hamas? —What? —Hamas.
08:17   Are you Hamas? —Yes. —You are from Hamas? —Yes. —Beautiful! Beautiful! Brother!
08:22   Do you like Hamas? —Yes. I love Hamas!
08:26   Very nice.
08:29   Tell me, do the Somalis perform “Hitan”?
08:32   I do not know what you mean by “Hitan”. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) for women… to cut…
08:37   Yes, but the Somalis do FGM in Somalia,
08:41   Not here. Here they are afraid to do it?
08:47   Here the doctor finds out and reports,
08:52   Do you know anyone who sits in jail?
08:56   No, but they take away the kids. It’s over!
09:00   They take away their kids.
09:05   This topic is important for the Muslim Brotherhood, who came from Egypt, where it is a custom.
09:09   Sheikh Shaker al Sayeed is not afraid to discuss this issue. In the mosque we visited —
09:12   Dar Al Hijra mosque. Sexual mutilation,
09:16   The honorable thing to do — if needed — for the girls.
09:21   Only cut the tip of the sexual sensitive part of the girls
09:28   so that she is not sexually hyperactive
09:45   I am on my way to Dearborn, Michigan — the capital of the Arab migrants.
09:49   They are the majority there, and also in the city council.
09:53   To gain familiarity with Dearborn, I change my identity to Abu Hamza
09:56   and go out for a ride on the main street.
09:59   Everything is functioning well? Good luck.
10:09   Shalom (peace).
10:13   Shalom, tell me, is there a coffee house here?
10:17   I mean coffee and narghileh (hookah), there is an Arab who sells hookah. No, I don’t want to sit.
10:23   He knows everything; where it’s good and where it’s not. When you walk down the main street
10:27   in Dearborn, it’s as if you never left the Middle East. Everyone here speaks Arabic,
10:31   and it is possible to live here without knowing one word of English.
10:35   Salaam aleikum (peace be upon you)
10:40   Are there dates from Palestine here? Yes.
10:46   we saw the Palestinian flag hanging, so we came in…
10:49   Do you bring everything from the Middle East?
10:53   These are from Palestine. Beautiful! What else?
10:58   Sweets…
11:01   For the Muslim citizen, these stores are an authentic experience.
11:05   There is an ample supply of Arab goods. We are 4,000 kilometers from the Middle East,
11:10   but the supermarket is the same as home. We are in Dearborn for the first time.
11:14   We want to check the possibilities… how is life here from the viewpoint of Islam?
11:19   Praise Allah! It’s good. There are many mosques and a lot of halal food, as in the homeland.
11:25   And how about the children and Muslim education? There are Muslim schools such as “Alhuda”
11:31   And the Americans let you…?
11:36   No. No problem. Even to preach Islam? And all of that stuff; such as Da’wa?
11:39   All of it. No problem. They got used to us.
11:44   Really? Praise Allah! Good. Thank you.
11:47   All the best. So long.
11:51   The store is just like the Middle East. Did you see? Yes. Yes.
11:55   On the main street, every corner has offices that deal with immigration matters,
11:58   and translation into English.
12:01   Very fast, before Trump’s immigration laws are implemented.
12:04   Activities related to Green Card are going at top speed.
12:08   And I also enter to search for citizenship…
12:11   Salaam aleikum. (May peace be upon you). We passed by…
12:15   what is the first step if we want to receive…
12:19   We are thinking of moving here to the US…
12:23   There is one smart woman here… at the Arab center — right here —
12:28   Where is the Arab center? Next to the car.
12:31   Tell me, how is life here for you in Dearborn as Arabs?
12:35   I swear! It’s as if you live in an Arab city. Pay attention.
12:40   Good. Good. Thank you. Good luck. Allah willing.
12:45   Thank you and so long. In spite of the pleasant atmosphere, Dearborn is a tense place where
12:50   every once in a while street clashes erupt, related to the anxiety of American right-wing movements
12:55   about the spread of Islam. Some of them call Dearborn “The Arab Capital of America”,
13:01   and warn that the Muslims will adopt Sharia law.
13:08   Police Chief Ron Haddad is in charge of this bubbling pot…
13:11   Chief Haddad is a grandson of Lebanese immigrants, third-generation American,
13:15   and occupies the position of police chief in one of the most volatile places in the U.S.
13:20   I join him for his routine patrol
13:23   to hear from him what really is going on in this tense city of which he is in charge.
13:27   Dearborn, Michigan is a city of 98,143 people
13:32   43 percent of the people are of Arab descent.
13:37   Our community really gets along very well.
13:40   Why, actually there is bad labeling, things about Dearborn,
13:45   like it’s the “Arab capital” and so on? People play on fear and emotion,
13:50   they have this false narrative that Sharia law is taking over,
13:56   it’s just… they call you names… They do call us names. I have gotten
14:01   13,000 pieces of hate mail. What did they call you? You know,
14:04   they called me the Taliban police chief,
14:07   And these are some of the nicer things… The Sharia police chief.
14:10   For anyone to think that we are anything other than American: I have been a cop for 45 years.
14:16   My entire family; my Dad, my uncles, they all fought in the Second World War.
14:21   They fought to keep us free here, and to ensure that everyone enjoys
14:25   the blessings and the liberties of our Constitution.
14:29   Under the protection of the freedom granted by the American Constitution,
14:32   mega-mosques are being built all over the U.S., some of them financed by Qatar and the Gulf States.
14:37   Chief Haddad is proud of the open multicultural principles established by the American Constitution,
14:41   which also protects the Imams’ freedom of speech in their mosques.
14:44   Right now we are pulling in to this very renowned location.
14:49   we are going to pull up in front of the Islamic Center of America
14:54   and it is believed to be one of the largest mosques in North America.
14:59   Some say that if you want to know what your people are thinking,
15:03   you should spy inside the mosque…
15:06   I don’t need to spy because we meet with them on a regular basis.
15:09   We are always welcomed guests here.
15:12   The pluralistic, multicultural attitude of Chief Ron
15:16   clashes with the extreme reality at the mosques.
15:19   Ron prefers not to know what is happening inside the mosque. The messages heard over there
15:22   will probably be a serious problem for him in the future.
15:25   Most Muslims hate the Christians. True or false?
15:31   Yes. This is the truth.
15:34   There are Muslims amongst us these days
15:37   who want to go around and say: “Oh, Islam was never spread by the sword.”
15:42   That’s a blatant lie. It was spread many times by the sword.
15:47   The Sharia was spread by the sword. You can force the person to live by Sharia.
15:51   Yes, I know I live in America; yes, I know,
15:55   and I know I have the right of free speech,
15:59   and speech on what I believe. Whatever is left valid is to kill and slaughter.
16:12   Here in this country, the Constitution forbids the government
16:17   from promoting any one religion,
16:20   so you have the freedom to practice any religion you want,
16:23   The main challenge today is not the terror, but the roots of terror.
16:28   I don’t know what exactly goes in the mind of the kids!
16:31   How do you catch it in time? —I can’t tell you that one of them won’t do something bad someday,
16:38   but I can tell you that… nobody starts out that way.
16:43   Ron Haddad was born in America. He is familiar with the Muslim immigrants
16:46   of the old and quiet America who align themselves with the American Constitution,
16:49   and have no interest in religious propagation and conquest.
16:52   To present us with the beautiful face of Dearborn community,
16:55   Chief Ron takes us to meet the residents.
16:58   You guys are doing all right? —Yes.
17:01   You guys are enjoying your summer? Ah? —All right.
17:05   Do you have a dream of what you want to do when you grow up? Anything? Anybody?
17:08   What about you? What do you want to be?
17:15   They don’t speak English. You don’t speak English? OK.
17:18   Are you going to practice your English? Here is the first blow
17:21   to the ideal picture presented by Chief Ron,
17:24   in front of a group of kids that simply do not speak a word of English.
17:27   It’s not only kids we are talking about, but also this citizen, Abed.
17:30   He has lived in the US for seven years,
17:33   but he too doesn’t speak a word of English. In this small ‘state,’ within the big State,
17:38   there is no need to speak English, only Arabic. How is your life here as an Arab? —Fine.
17:42   Really? Praise Allah! There is no racism? —I didn’t experience racism.
17:49   Until now I have not spoken English.
17:53   So what do you speak? —I speak Arabic. —If you have a problem,
17:57   where do you go, to the civil court or to the mosque? I solve the problem on my own.
18:01   How? I solve it by myself. Chief Ron doesn’t give up,
18:08   and takes us to meet another American Muslim.
18:11   So where are we heading?
18:14   We are going to stop here at a long-time butcher shop.
18:18   Rani Bari and his father started this store probably 80-90 years ago
18:24   Hey, Chief, how are you doing?
18:27   Hi, how are you? —I am Rani Bari. —Hi, Rani,
18:30   How is business? —Very good, thanks to Allah. My father started the business in 1947.
18:35   He came from…? From South Lebanon. We have been in this community for years. I was born here,
18:40   I went to school, I went to college, I grew up here,
18:43   but I always keep my beliefs, my nationality and my beliefs.
18:48   Why Dearborn has a stigma, labeled as Hezbollah place,
18:52   Sharia place. I never see that.
18:55   I hope that doesn’t come around here, that we don’t have that problem here,
18:58   What do you think about Da’wa? —They can do that in this country.
19:02   They are not allowed to do it in Egypt, they are not allowed to do it in Lebanon;
19:06   that’s what I mean. Back home there are different regulations; if you do,
19:09   they will probably kill you if you do something like that…
19:12   What do you think about Hezbollah? You know there is a threat,
19:15   and President Trump said that they are a threat. —They are not a threat to anybody;
19:19   they only protect their own territory. They don’t bother anybody.
19:22   They took over Lebanon, but I don’t think they are a terror threat.
19:28   If there is something that annoys Chief Haddad and his residents,
19:32   It is when the topic of Sharia in Dearborn is raised.
19:36   In the sheriff’s car, Sharia is a dirty word.
19:39   During our ride in the city, he tries hard to prove that here there is no presence
19:43   of the Sharia. —Here there is a big ham company,
19:48   it’s called Dearborn Sausage. This is a pork and ham factory right here,
19:53   And I always point it out that if there was anything that resembles Sharia law,
19:59   that would never be here, but there is no such thing as Sharia Law.
20:08   Our last stop in Dearborn is the bakery of Mr. Saeed,
20:13   a Muslim-American of Yemeni origin.
20:18   Are you OK? Where are you from? I was born here. Born and raised here.
20:21   Saeed — a bakery owner in Dearborn. —Really? —I’ve lived in Dearborn
20:24   my whole life. The media are always coming to Dearborn to see how people live together, you know…
20:28   Muslims, Christians… We have been living together here for centuries
20:32   Really? Really! Peaceful!
20:35   What is the secret? What is the formula?
20:38   The formula is kindness, and everybody getting along. That’s about it.
20:41   I will give you the respect, I want the respect back,
20:44   as I give it to you. That’s how it is!
20:47   it’s all fine, until the forbidden word — Sharia — comes out…
20:51   And you as a Muslim, if you have to choose
20:54   to live by the Sharia, or by the American law?
20:57   I don’t know the Sharia,
21:00   I don’t go by Sharia, I go by what’s right. Why do you eat Halal meat?
21:05   Because they slaughter it the right way. Due to what rule?
21:08   By the way you slaughter it.
21:11   No, but what rule is it? —What do you mean what rule is it? Islam!
21:15   So? If it’s right, it’s right. If it’s wrong, it’s wrong.
21:18   [Ali, Saeed’s brother]
Great! That’s it. My dad came here with $8 in his pocket from Yemen.
21:23   Look what he built here. I mean, I am American,
21:27   but I am still a Muslim, I still follow the rules… Don’t’ call it Sharia, all right?
21:33   Just like my brother would say, it’s all about common sense. I know, common sense…
21:38   You know what happens in the Middle East to homosexuals and gays? They throw them from the roof,
21:43   homosexuals and gays, what happens? What happens? In the Middle East? You’re supposed to kill them.
21:48   OK. So, it’s not commonsensical,
21:52   to try to be a gay in Yemen. No, you won’t make it.
21:58   I am against gays, man; I am sorry. Based on my religion and what it says in the book,
22:04   that is wrong! And it’s not Sharia… Man is supposed to be with a woman,
22:07   it’s common sense. Look, look at the animals, Do you see
22:11   a male animal doing it with another male animal?
22:14   Are you telling me that the animals are smarter than us?
22:17   That was an example that the Sharia is common sense.
22:21   [Tawfik Hamid, an expert on Islam, former radical activist]
OK, yes.
22:24   A person that lies to you will never post on his website,
22:27   and will never publicly speak up to the media against subjects
22:30   such as the killing of apostates, stoning, and against calling Jews monkeys and pigs.
22:34   He won’t do it. He won’t do it. He will only say two good words on Islam
22:38   They behave like schizophrenics.
22:45   Aren’t you afraid that someday things will go out of control,
22:49   and the communities will clash with each other?
22:52   Yes, I do have a very healthy concern about
22:57   the dissension that is being brought on our country,
23:00   the hate speech.
23:03   There are enough weapons here, not only to keep you safe,
23:09   but to also cause great destruction, if that might ever be the case,
23:13   so we depend very strongly on the good will of the people
23:18   to maintain their own peace.
23:21   I felt that he doesn’t get what’s going on around him. I felt that they don’t get what’s going on.
23:26   It’s a form of denial. It’s also difficult for him, as he is part of that community.
23:30   So he has more empathy on these issues, as when I asked him if he cares what’s said at mosques… No!
23:34   There are mosques that preach that Jews must be killed. This is not in Ron’s interest, because
23:38   he only tests the tangible outcomes. —If the city is quiet, OK, that’s good enough!
23:42   Whatever is taught inside (the mosques) is not his business,
23:45   and I think that it’s a type of denial.
23:48   From the residents’ viewpoint, he is the right person in the right place.
23:55   Tampa, Florida — I arrive here to meet
23:59   the official representative of the Muslim Brotherhood in the US. The CAIR organization,
24:03   which is the Da’wa operation for returning to the ‘true’ Islam.
24:06   They support Hamas, and the same as in Europe,
24:09   the Muslim Brotherhood here represents ALL the Muslims
24:12   without being elected to do so.
24:21   Hassan Shibly — Ah? Yup!
24:29   You are one of those Muslims? Sheikh Hassan Shibly — a professional lawyer.
24:33   He is the man who heads the CAIR organization in Florida.
24:36   He leads the legal proceedings and is a communication representative of Muslims in the US.
24:40   Enough is enough; we have to start a revolution!
24:43   He too operates under a false identity. The free American façade of Shibly’s legitimate Islam
24:48   creates a dilemma with which every Muslim Brother deals with:
24:52   do you support Islamic terror in the Middle East?
24:55   None of your damn business! As a lawyer that must follow the US law, Shibly knows
24:59   that many entities are following him.
25:02   Therefore he is very suspicious, and for us to obtain an interview with him,
25:05   it was necessary to fake our identity.
25:09   Razal Ibrahim, the Palestinian journalist who resides in Istanbul, Turkey contacts him.
25:14   We received a confirming e-mail. Hello and good morning.
25:18   I am contacting you to confirm that Hassan Shibly will indeed be meeting your friend Razal Ibrahim.
25:24   Razal Ibrahim today?
25:27   Excellent! See what a false identity does?
25:30   It is a great challenge to get hold of these individuals.
25:33   In the US, and generally in other parts of the world,
25:36   every Muslim Brotherhood leader already understands that he is the next target;
25:41   they are all subversive on everything connected to their media conduct.
25:46   If you say that you are from the US, or Israel or Western media,
25:50   the answer is immediately “NO.” We weren’t able to reach anyone of them.
25:54   The entire issue of concealed identities; of Razal Ibrahim, the journalist from Palestine,
25:57   of Abu Hamza, the Jordanian businessman — All of these various disguised identities
26:02   are first and foremost designed to breach the barrier for a meeting and an interview; it is
26:08   extremely difficult. Here there is a scenario that is not realized by the USA. It’s too big to see,
26:13   but this is what we want to see. We don’t know how Hassan Shibly will conduct himself.
26:17   When we enter his office, we don’t know how he will react to the cameras. It’s a question…
26:22   Maybe they know who we are, and that could be a real problem.
26:42   Peace be upon you!
26:45   We have an appointment with Hasan Sheikh… is he here?
26:49   Similar to the Muslim Brotherhood leaders we met in France, the method is the same:
26:52   They establish their headquarters on the outskirts of the city, to avoid attention,
26:56   usually in the midst of poor neighborhoods, where majority of the residents
27:00   are low-income African-Americans. —Salamu Aleikum (peace be upon you).
27:07   Salamu Aleikum, Sheikh and blessings.
27:10   Ahalan (Hello).
27:13   You have a beautiful place, praise Allah. This is my first time in the
27:16   US. —Really? Praise Allah, where are you from?
27:19   I am of Palestinian origin, but you know, we were uprooted,
27:23   my family are scattered in Europe, moving from here to there,
27:27   but I was able to keep my Arabic language.
27:30   Where do you live? —We live in Palestine, we returned to Palestine in the last few years.
27:35   Shibly welcomes us warmly, but still a bit suspicious,
27:38   he continues to examine our origin, and I hope he will not uncover me,
27:42   and throw me out of CAIR’s protected building in the best case scenario…
27:47   Where are the programs broadcast, a satellite station? —With Allah’s will, we’re a private company.
27:52   Do you own the company? I work for “Charisma” company, which is a Palestinian company.
27:58   Shibly continues to question me. To switch topics,
28:01   I use a shared belief common to every single Muslim Brother.
28:04   The Kaaba in Mecca? No, no! Al Aqsa Mosque! (in Jerusalem)
28:07   One word on Al Aqsa opens the door for us.
28:10   Al Aqsa is in our heart…
28:13   I prayed many times at the Al Aqsa. —Joy on you!
28:17   Were you in Israel? —No, I don’t think they will allow me to enter.
28:22   Why? You are an American? —My sister visited Palestine,
28:26   and they questioned her for ten hours only about me. —Really? Wallah! (Wow)! —Yes.
28:29   OK, I will take you on a fast tour, and then we can sit and talk, Allah willing.
28:34   Here we sat with Obama. CAIR Florida is the biggest Muslim organization,
28:38   advocating for the protection of Muslims’ rights in America.
28:41   So do you organize conferences? Yes, conferences, conventions, with Allah’s help,
28:47   and we are also active in motivating youth leadership among young Muslims.
28:51   Hassan Shibly presents the modern face of Islam to the American public.
28:55   It’s enough to listen to his busy schedule to understand how seriously he takes his mission
29:00   to engage in Da’wa, and to draw American public opinion.
29:03   The truth is that only today I returned from a trip. And tomorrow
29:06   [Hassan Shibly, Director of CAIR Florida]
I travel, as we are doing a new film in Hollywood.
29:10   Tomorrow I travel for filming. —Wow, Hollywood.
29:13   Yes, thank you! Praise Allah! In Hollywood the image of a Muslim is always that of a terrorist.
29:18   Yes, we work with different groups to change this image. With Allah’s will,
29:21   there is a new program; we work with them,
29:24   a program similar to “Late Night Show”.
29:27   we do a session on Islam, then I travel to San Francisco to take training on YouTube,
29:32   questions on Islam on YouTube.
29:35   Then, I go to children’s camp in Detroit,
29:38   Then I go to Mecca for the Haj. —Then you are doing Da’wa?
29:41   Our organization is not a Da’wa organization; rather,
29:44   we are an organization that shows the true face of Islam.
29:47   Da’wa is not part of your work? —No, not a direct Da’wa.
29:52   We encourage people to be faithful to Islam, even in public,
29:56   while helping people, and at the same time we teach them about Islam.
30:00   This is the best way to do Da’wa. Most of the narrative
30:04   in the American Muslim community comes from CAIR. The organization
30:08   [Jesse Morton, former Al Qaeda member]
is a system of thought,
30:11   which is not looked upon as radical because it doesn’t say that you can
30:14   roll over people in the street with a truck. However, the grievance is the same.
30:17   They understood that the only way it works is pragmatism and populism. And how do they do it?
30:26   They establish mosques, hospitals. They establish charities.
30:31   So what you do, you use charity as a mechanism
30:34   to gain support.
30:37   There is nothing that attracts more sympathy in the current time
30:41   than an organization that cares for the civil liberties of the disadvantaged.
30:44   Do you belong to the political or the non-political Islam?
30:50   We do not mix religion and politics.
30:53   Our work is above all of that… There are people who say that we belong to the Muslim Brotherhood,
30:57   or to these or other organizations, but we have no connection to any side or organization. —Wallah!
31:02   We have principles that support freedom. We are always on the side of the needy.
31:06   These things are above all others. We are human rights activists,
31:10   human rights lawyers. CAIR personnel adopt the façade of a harmless human rights organization
31:15   that is not connected to terror or to the Muslim Brotherhood.
31:18   They invest millions of dollars in campaigns and lobbyists in Washington DC.
31:21   But Holy Land Foundation trial exposed the true face and the objectives of the organization.
31:26   49-year-old Maufid Abdul Kader is sitting in federal custody.
31:30   He along with four others ran a charity called “The Holy Land Foundation”.
31:35   That man, along with four co-defendants, was convicted of
31:38   funneling millions of dollars to the Palestinian militant group Hamas.
31:41   The trial proved that money collected by a Hamas foundation in the US,
31:45   financed the suicide Jihadi terrorists in Israel. The trial exposed that CAIR
31:49   is part of a chain of Muslim Brotherhood organizations in the USA.
31:52   In their strategic plan (Explanatory Memorandum), it is written clearly that the organization’s
31:56   final objective is to subdue the entire world under Global Islamic State.
32:00   And in the US, the immediate objective is a “Grand Jihad”
32:03   “in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within
32:06   and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers…”
32:09   [Abdul Rahman al-Amoudi, Head of Muslim American Council]
It will happen with Allah’s praise — there is no doubt in my mind.
32:13   It depends on me and you; either we do it now,
32:17   or we will do it in 100 years
32:20   But this country will be an Islamic country!
32:23   In spite of the truth proven in the court, Shibly still defends the financial contributions as
32:29   donations for the needy, and not for terror activities. This story line on “terror activities”
32:33   is one of the complications leading to the huge number of arrests
32:36   related to the “Holy Land Foundation.” Some of the individuals
32:40   solicited donations and sent them to Palestine — Gaza.
32:43   So they detained them, and declared; “you supported terror” and arrested them.
32:46   They are still imprisoned. Poor them! They didn’t support Hamas, they only wanted to help the poor.
32:52   They don’t care about Hamas! Some of the “righteous” men
32:55   that Shibly discusses were sentenced in the US,
32:58   and the senior among them from Texas, with an equivalent position to Shibly’s,
33:01   received a 65-year prison sentence for aiding a terror group.
33:05   This story put CAIR personnel under pressure — and therefore the CAIR organization tightened its grip,
33:10   and today they are cautious on every statement they issue.
33:13   We are afraid either to say anything that contradicts Allah’s command,
33:20   and then we may lose in the day of judgment, or to make
33:23   an inappropriate statement and then lose in this world.
33:26   As long as they face a camera, CAIR spokesmen will continue their act, and will say publicly
33:31   that they are a human rights organization, with a primary objective to help the underprivileged.
33:34   There are many organizations that try to compete with you,
33:39   or to fight you by legislating laws.
33:42   There are laws against Islam in the US.
33:47   They are trying to pass laws against Islam.
33:51   Are these laws going to hurt you? —They will hurt ALL Muslim organizations.
33:55   So, are you under threat of having your activities terminated?
33:58   With Allah’s will — No, not really a threat,
34:02   especially since we work according to the law for the right cause.
34:07   Therefore, every attempt to close our organization will fail, with Allah’s will.
34:12   But praise Allah, the thing that helps us the most is the American Constitution!
34:16   [Tawfik Hamid, expert on radical Islam, former terror activist]
34:22   I think they understand that the current democratic system
34:28   that is based on free elections is a system that can serve them perfectly.
34:34   They use incremental steps,
34:37   called by different names, while abusing Western rules and laws.
34:41   They do not invent laws. They take advantage of the existing laws.
34:44   They benefit from Western laws, yet exploit them in the ugliest way.
34:47   We must be wiser than they are, so we can stop them.
34:52   Otherwise, many countries will be subdued under their rule.
35:00   Do you believe that democracy serves Islam here?
35:05   Your organization for example? If we apply democracy correctly,
35:14   then it will serve Islam. Democracy in America benefits Islam very much!
35:19   If so, an Islamic State, under suitable Sharia, can exist here and not in the Middle East?
35:25   The freedom to be faithful and educate the kids according to the faith
35:30   is much greater than in most Islamic countries.
35:33   And if in the future there is a divergence between
35:37   American Law and Sharia, what will you choose?
35:41   Our Earth belongs to Allah, and it’s wide… I don’t think that there will be a law in America
35:47   that will coerce people to act against Islam.
35:51   Why? Because of the American Constitution! If the law changes, the essence of America will change.
35:56   I asked the Sheikh from CAIR, and he told me that
35:59   the Sharia and American Constitution are compatible.
36:02   In his dreams… If a woman is found to commit adultery,
36:06   and he is left with two possibilities; to stone her according to Islamic Sharia,
36:09   or grant her freedom according to American law.
36:13   How are you going to stone her to death, and simultaneously keep her alive?
36:17   A person can’t be half dead and half alive.
36:20   And if the American Constitution and the Sharia are compatible, why do we need the Sharia?
36:25   My brother, there is a contradiction here! Hypocrisy and lies!
36:30   In the West we are provided with all that the soul requires.
36:35   All people in American sin;
36:38   whether it is adultery, alcohol, or financial matters. In our religion,
36:41   all of these things are considered sins; to worship anything
36:44   but Allah is a sin! Islam is the true freedom to resist human desires
36:49   by pleasing Allah, so we liberate ourselves from burdens and damaging things.
36:55   Right before our departure, even Shibly, the ‘double-talk’ expert,
36:58   lapsed a bit, lost his self-restraint, and revealed the true objective.
37:02   How do you see Islam in the US 20 years from now?
37:07   My father — may Allah protect him — told me: Your life is not intended for you —
37:11   it is for the Umma (Muslim State) and for the faith!
37:14   Allah chose you for this mission to be ambassadors; life doesn’t belong to you.
37:18   This means instead of erecting buildings, you need to build hearts and ideas.
37:22   If we react by sticking strongly to faith and serving more people,
37:27   Allah willing, it seems that Islam will be victorious and spread in this country.
37:32   It’s for the benefit of this country. Why do I think that CAIR is a radical movement?
37:38   Because they don’t articulate a clear position on issues that call for clear positions.
37:43   They desire to expand the population by Da’wa (proselytizing for Islam).
37:47   By the way, they are smart, I must say. They are not stupid,
37:50   but unfortunately their intentions are bad.
37:53   They damage our free human spirit, and they know how to exploit our weak spots.
38:07   [Miami, Florida]
I arrive in Miami, Florida, to meet some local Muslim activists
38:12   involved in Islamizing the African-American community. Sir, what are you doing?
38:16   Nothing. What are you doing? Already in the airport, reality confronts me
38:21   [Musah, a taxi driver, convert to Islam]
with a Christian taxi driver who converted to Islam. So you are a Muslim like us?
38:25   I studied Islam, and I like Islam more than Christianity.
38:29   There is something about the discipline with Islam that I like.
38:33   Do you pray? —Yes, yes, I pray.
38:36   Praise be to Allah! Praise be to Allah.
38:39   I also own a Quran, too. I have an Imam named Zuberi, and he has been teaching me
38:45   He gave me a new name — Musah — it means very big man.
38:48   Rodney, or Musah by his new name, is trying to be a faithful citizen.
38:52   As a younger man he was involved in criminal acts, and found himself behind bars…
38:57   How is it a guy from Miami finds a door to Islam?
39:01   When I went to prison, I was a bad boy. I wouldn’t work.
39:05   You needed discipline? —Yes, I needed discipline.
39:09   Man, I went in, I did about 13½ years.
39:12   You study the Quran, read suras; whatever you’re doing,
39:16   you keep yourself away from a lot of worldly affairs,
39:20   you focus straight on the Quran.
39:23   It’s very strongly impressive. Just as in Europe, the same is true in the US.
39:27   Prisons are the hotbeds where African-Americans convert,
39:31   where they search for belonging, and mainly improve their social status, power, and control.
39:36   Under the protection of the US Constitution, there is an upsurge of Islamic expansion in prisons.
39:40   Most people in American prisons are minorities, and a major portion of them are African-Americans.
39:45   There are no women around; there are no drugs around, no alcohol,
39:48   and you have nothing but time on your hands,
39:51   so why not explore other ideas, and other options in life?
39:54   So if you need protection, or you need friends…
39:57   You’d better go with them — you convert! Right?
40:00   Jesse Morton was born an American Christian and converted when he was 20 years old.
40:04   He is known by his Muslim name: Yunus Abdullah Mohammed.
40:07   20 years ago he went through the radicalization process
40:10   and became an Al Qaeda recruiter in the US.
40:13   We will fight and destroy you if we have to. Pack it up!
40:17   Stop killing our innocent men, women and children overseas.
40:20   After he threatened to kill the creators of the series “South Park,”
40:23   since they dared to insult the prophet Mohammed, he was sentenced to eleven years in prison.
40:27   While in prison, Jesse changed direction and became an investigator, fighting extreme Islam.
40:32   Islam among the African-American community
40:35   Begins with Farrakhan, Elijah Mohammed, and Malcolm X
40:38   The first book you study, after you read the Quran and convert to Islam,
40:42   why you are a Salafi, are the three Sunna principles: “Three fundamental principles”
40:45   by Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab. You have to know it,
40:48   you have to practice it, then you have to preach it, and share it with others.
40:51   You have to hate the Kuffar (infidels) and you have to have total allegiance to the Muslims.
40:56   The first connection between a regular Christian guy in prison
41:00   is with radical Islam. This is the only Islam
41:04   that is allowed to be propagated. —What is the inner talk between the Muslims in prison?
41:08   The general masses are dupes.
41:11   They don’t understand that they are participating in a global game
41:16   that is largely about politics and has very little to do with religion.
41:24   By choosing to be a Muslim, most of the people won’t like you
41:29   With that we deal every day in life
41:32   with people that don’t like us; if you don’t like me because
41:35   I am studying Islam, then that’s your business; you just don’t
41:40   put your hands on me! The freedom granted by the Constitution to the American citizen
41:43   is the space where the Muslim Brotherhood cement their methods they transport from the Middle East.
41:48   There must be limits. We will grant you freedom to practice your religion,
41:53   but if you preach for Sharia law, which conflicts with the US Constitution,
42:01   then your goal is to destroy the USA!
42:06   Ultimately, even at the mosque where Jesse Morton prays,
42:10   the principal of Jihad that strongly wounded the US,
42:13   you won’t hear from the adults, but sadly from the children.
42:17   Jihad is good. Why? Because…
42:21   You are fighting for your country,
42:24   so it’s permissible (Halal).
42:27   [Next Chapter:]
And if you die, maybe you will go to paradise.
42:33   The true freedom is Islam. Islam will solve all the problems.
42:37   Allah willing, the entire world will know that Islam is the solution. The Halal “Mafia” — they take
42:42   away your license. There is no Allah but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet. Everything is Allah!
42:46   And then of course they will be physical with you…
42:49   The Sharia is beautiful, it is amazing. I declare that I am the Amir (Muslim leader)
42:54   for North America… Amir? Amir of the believers! My Caliphate is different from ISIS (Da-esh)
42:58   Here we live with non-Muslims, and we need to have Hijra (migration). Bring your kids to our school.
43:03   They will learn stories of the prophets, not Mickey Mouse. We must teach the whole world, do Da’wa.
43:08   and we have to win in a smart way, Allah willing — you know? Da’wa is the #1 weapon.
43:13   Christian missionaries go to Africa and to other places.
43:16   They bring them food and the Bible
43:19   We bring everything… and the Quran!

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  1. Would rather be dead than live in this savage’s vision of a totalitarian sharia utopia.

  2. With these alarming pull quotes, how will things be 10 years from now, 20 years?

    10:23 When you walk down the main street in Dearborn, it’s as if you never left the Middle East. Everyone here speaks Arabic, and it is possible to live here without knowing one word of English.

    11:05 There is an ample supply of Arab goods. We are 4,000 kilometers from the Middle East, but the supermarket is the same as home. We are in Dearborn for the first time. We want to check the possibilities… how is life here from the viewpoint of Islam? Praise Allah! It’s good. There are many mosques and a lot of halal food, as in the homeland.

    15:19 Ron prefers not to know what is happening inside the mosque. The messages heard over there
    will probably be a serious problem for him in the future. Most Muslims hate the Christians. True or false? Yes. This is the truth.

    17:33 Here is the first blow to the ideal picture presented by Chief Ron, in front of a group of kids that simply do not speak a word of English. It’s not only kids we are talking about, but also this citizen, Abed. He has lived in the US for seven years, but he too doesn’t speak a word of English. In this small ‘state,’ within the big State, there is no need to speak English, only Arabic. How is your life here as an Arab? —Fine. Really? Praise Allah! There is no racism? —I didn’t experience racism. Until now I have not spoken English. So what do you speak? —I speak Arabic. —

  3. If this next American Civil War is to be won, first the battles against the leftist media and their associated army of politicians must be defeated. This seems to be progressing in our favor, but still not clear that a decisive victory is afoot. If successful, the next natural move will be to enforce all laws, which will render these ingrates useless. Once public assistance is withdrawn, these mohammedans will be in dire straits.

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