Help Us. Help Sweden.

The video below is a message to Americans from the new anti-immigration party Alternative for Sweden (Alternativ för Sverige, AfS). The party hopes to gather enough momentum with Swedish “deplorables” to be able to throw the rascals out in September’s parliamentary elections.

I’m not sure what they think Americans can do to help Sweden, aside from publicizing their appeal, which is what I’m doing with this post. Are Swedes attentive enough to foreign public opinion that they would notice negative American reactions to their current traitorous government?

AfS is also appealing for donations:

Hat tip: Da Capo.

20 thoughts on “Help Us. Help Sweden.

  1. First the Swedes willingly bugger up their own country and have been doing so for the past 50 years and now they come begging for funds abroad to put them out of their misery?
    Putting them out of their misery is something they are perfectly capable of themselves.

    • I understand where you are coming from but there is no lead.
      That attitude would not have won WWII or WWIII (Cold war) and will not win WWIV.
      It would be a pity as it will not take so much for to win – just some will and organizing things that already is there – and things will change fast.
      I do not see the video as begging – more marketing in an infowar and gathering some steam and resources.
      I see the wind change all over the west right now – big things happen – also in Sweden. You can feel it in the air and in the headlines and how people talk and think about it. The big change are around the corner – the victory are in organizing and come together. It just need a push and some good leads…

      Where we go on, we go all!

  2. If I wasn’t living downwind of them I would say they want to be nuked in order to be saved? 😀

  3. The video is inexpressive and received not much viewers. So, for an outsider like me, it seems like Swedes don’t want a change. However, I never met someone in Sweden who didn’t understand something fishy is going on, but I might be a magnet to sane people 😉

    I hope counterjihad people can do more than theorising. Telling Swedes to get out of the mess on their own does not make sense to me. Are we counterjihad people or are we moles?

  4. I suspect the “help” they want is dollars. But really, It’s Sweden’s problem that Swedes alone must solve. They are the ones that need to get out on the streets, protesting, doing the leg work to promote their political agenda. To be inspired by the example of Tommy Robinson and stand up to the “establishment”.

  5. So if we are the ones sending money to Sweden to support this, what does that say about the Swedes themselves? It’s supposed to be a movement about national self determination. If they are getting money from right wing groups in America, the left can justifiably point to external interference in Swedish politics from the so called “Nazis”. If there is not enough Swedish support for this, then I guess they have not suffered enough cultural enrichment.

    • You do make sense, however, I would see any money sent to Sweden, as seed money. A reverse soros, if you will, no?

    • Looks like they haven’t hit the hard bottom yet. I occasionally read a Russian-speaking blogger who married a Swede from Malmo five years ago, they live in an affluent Malmo area quite far from the troubled neighbourhoods. In one of her late 2015 posts she mentioned being harassed in the street by a group of arab migrants, but when people in comments asked her about how the locals tolerate the mass migration, she admitted that her several attempts to discuss the issue with her new family relatives and work colleagues were met with lack of interest and even outright hostility. They just pretend the issue doesn’t exist, she said, and avoid discussing it at all costs. So she quickly took the same attitude and stopped writing about it completely.

  6. Seriously, shouldn’t they be appealing to Russia? I hear they can overthrow democratic elections with something like a mere 400 Facebook accounts. Americans aren’t nearly that good, when we overthrow elections lots of people die and we never leave.

  7. I agree with copywriter. Without the help of Sweden we fought for America and won by electing Trump. Sweden has let itself get in this position, and it can help itself get out of it – by itself.

    Furthermore, we have written and written about what is happening in Europe and no one paid attention. So until Sweden gets up off its backside to defend itself, there are not too many people out here willing to help a country that has willingly let itself be destroyed.

    When – or rather IF – I see Sweden get up and fight – really fight, then and only then would I be willing to help. Meanwhile I’ll pray for them. I hope they’re at least praying for themselves.

  8. Sometimes people need a really obvious example of the consequences of stupid decisions.

  9. Do swedish churches have an admission fee?

    If not, I recommend they assemble a non-LGBT congregation (is that even legal?) and go from there.

  10. The problem is that everything from politics, media, school, public daycare etc is marinated in political correctness so if you dare to express opionions that are considered sane in the rest of the world, e.g. sending back foreigners that committed crimes, the politically correct establishment draws the racist card and calls you a nazi.

    Things have started to turn in the right direction and I believe that a large part, perhaps 30% or more sympathize with the new nationalist movements but people are afraid of saying it out in the open. How wants to be blamed for being a nazi just because you think it is ridiculous with “rainbow certified public daycare”.

    • They have to overcome their fear and “come out” on the streets. Join marches, join crowds listening to public speakers. It’s the safety in numbers thing. when people see others protesting Islamization, and they secretly share that concern, they will feel emboldened to join. The great thing about street activism is the media may ignore it, but the public still see that’s going on and receive the message.

  11. Sounds pretty pathetic all. I really don’t like the ‘heeeeeeeeeeeelp us’ attitude. I’m willing to bet all members of this latest outfit were all hunky dory even ten years ago with leftist lifestyles, now they can’t ignore the stench it led to anymore and Uncle Sam has got to bail them out.

    If they would really want to make a difference they wouldn’t have gone cavalier seul but instead remained with the Sweden Democrats. Now all they will accomplish is weakening a rightwing front, or something resembling it, that wasn’t particularly strong to begin with.

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