“Hate Speech” in Cottbus: Islam Will Never Integrate

The gentleman in the following TV interview is from the eastern German city of Cottbus. Like the demonstrators in Cottbus shown in the previous video, he doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind to the interviewer about immigration and Islam.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   You just called me; you want to share your opinion. But first a quick question: we have just heard
00:04   the phrase ‘State division’. Do you see Cottbus as divided? —Ha ha, it will inevitably happen;
00:10   but this isn’t my point. I would simply like to provide some clarity.
00:15   These things were brought up: ‘refugees’ were mentioned, and ‘integration’. There’s not a single
00:20   refugee in Germany: because anyone whose life and security are threatened,
00:25   and who dragged his butt over a national border, in this case,
00:29   actually, over seven national borders, can never claim the status of a refugee. Second…
00:35   Second…
00:40   Integration. This is as ridiculous as it is incredible. Because:
00:45   there is nothing to integrate! And… one minute, let me finish.
00:50   It was said on ZDF [state TV] on Peter Hahne’s program. There were so-called
00:55   experts. They said: there’s nothing to integrate. Muslims, Islam will never integrate.
01:00   It [Islam] wants only one thing: that we submit to it, and they say that.
01:06   And one last sentence:
01:11   One last sentence to…
01:16   I don’t want to be mean to Gutmenschen — I’m talking to the demographic over there:
01:21   They are the first ones who should believe it. They will be the first to suffer under Islam.
01:26   But if you haven’t understood it yet, then you are simply ignorant; as always.

6 thoughts on ““Hate Speech” in Cottbus: Islam Will Never Integrate

  1. It`s somewhat accepted in Counter-Jihad circles to trash Germany and Germans.
    But it may well be that Germans will be the first in Western Europe to take up the banner in the fight against Islam.

    Besides the EDL in Britain only in Germany one will find citizen movements like Pegida (to name the largest), and of course a political party like the AfD.
    There`s a momentum hardly to find anywhere else.

  2. If you want to understand why Muslims will never integrate, there is a new book your readers should read. Nicolai Sennels is a Danish psychologist assigned to a Copenhagenn treatment center for juvenile delinquents. He discovered that half are first and second generation Muslim immigrants. He also discovered that their value systems make their integration into Western society almost impossible. The report is in a new book: Holy Wrath: Among Criminal Muslims. I recommend it to anyone trying to understand and educate people about Islamists.

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