German Judge Throws the Book at Culture-Enricher: Six Years for Raping an Old Lady Five Times

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Six Years For Enricher Who Raped 82-Year-Old Lady Five Times, Finds German Court

by Egri Nök

An original translation from Focus:

He Raped An 82-Year-Old Five Times: Now Dzengis D. Faces Jail

March 27, 2018

What Dzengis D. allegedly did is hard to bear: it appears that last summer he abused an 82-year-old, raped her five times.

The old lady was under his control for about an hour, and had to endure the humiliating torment. Now Dzengis D. has been sentenced.

The crime took place in Wilhelmsburg [Hamburg]: On the morning of July 8, 2017, the 29-year-old broke into the apartment of the old lady through her open balcony door. This was the beginning of the 82-year-old’s torment: for about an hour, Dzengis D. repeatedly raped her, five times in total. Before he fled, he stole €100 from the 82-year-old.

There is evidence beyond doubt that the defendant was the perpetrator, announces the judge on Tuesday. In the apartment of the 82-year-old, the investigators found among other things the defendant’s mobile phone, which had slipped from his trousers during the crime.

The old lady suffered several injuries. Since the 29-year-old is HIV positive, she had to undergo HIV prophylaxis with severe side effects, and until this day, she suffers from the long-term effects of the deed. According to Georg Haller, chairman of the criminal chamber, the old lady barely dares to leave the house anymore, or even to open the windows for fresh air. She suffers from a sleep disorder.

On Tuesday the court found the defendant guilty of grave rape and intentional battery and theft. He will have to go to jail for six years. The Federal Prosecutor had demanded six years and ten months jail time, the defense lawyer had pleaded for four or five years.

The deed evoked disbelief and shock among everyone involved in the trial, said judge Haller. “To rape an 82-year-old woman for one hour can only be met with absolute lack of understanding.” He added, unusually emotional for an experienced judge: “The whole crime is just reprehensible.”

The 29-year-old was calculating and careful during his deed. Before he raped the woman for the first time, he handed her her asthma spray that she asked for. “To put it bluntly: The defendant isn’t ill, he is simply evil,” said Haller. The 29-year-old, measly and bald, held his hands in front of his face and accepted the verdict with lowered head.

[Whimsical interpolation from the Baron:

The judge added, “I’m warning you, young man: next time it will be the comfy chair!”]

23 thoughts on “German Judge Throws the Book at Culture-Enricher: Six Years for Raping an Old Lady Five Times

  1. Six years is all you get for a crime like that in Germany? It should be more like 15 years.

    • With the HIV, it’s attempted murder. He would have got about 30-40 years in some red states in the USA.

      • I know someone who got 4 years in prison for looking at child porn on the Internet. Just looking at pictures…4 years. Ended up doing 3 and a half years, then 15 years of probation and being a lifetime sex offender. All that for a first offense too.

  2. Six years? For special species of muslim Human rights it will become 3 years. For good behaviour it will become 1.5 years. I am sure the kuffar will praise and admire his good behaviour so much so that some of them will join his faith, as it happened in Guantanamo Detention Centre.

    Do you know that muslims supposedly have reverence for elder people, with white hair. But that reverence and veneration does not apply to infidels.

    Talking of rape, desperation and weapons of mass distraction, and cover-up.

    This hostile campaign against Russia after claims of poisoning Skirpal shows how western governments love foreigners. If they have so much love for others imagine how much love they have for their own people. Fifteen aliens murdered 3 000 Americans on 9/11/2001 and no consequences just because those 15 out of 19 were aliens.

    Are civil wars on the horizon . . . deny and cover up are not longer enough. So the LIARS have to create some big crisis with Russia, based on the credulous THE BIG LIE , to buy time hoping those imminent Civil Wars will be delayed by a few months.
    Someone said : Democracy brings out the worst in human nature. Why:

    because of the bitter blood between opposing party members. They are eternally at each other’s throats. From that struggle the most incompetent and mediocre have power thrust on them. No honor and no conscience.

    Amazingly, if a decent he or she come to power they are ousted because people cannot understand what honesty and truthfulness is anymore. They are old-fashioned, Christian- derived, right-wing and therefore hated.

  3. He would never see the light of again if he came in front of a south Mississippi court. Home invasion, robbery, and rape? He would be lucky if 30 years was all he got.

    I am sometimes horrified by the sentences that get handed out around here, but 6 years? How is that a deterrent? Are they that good at rehabilitating people who obviously have no consciences?

  4. Germans are very easy on such evil men. May their chains rest heavily on them in the future.

    • Poor woman, traumatised and likely to succumb to an earlier
      Death than should be expected, her twilight years, when she
      Should be respected and revered, blighted by evil incarnate.

      What was this pathetic judge thinking?

      Had this poor lady no family raging on this injustice?

      German would appear to be galloping towards 3rd world
      Status with mufti Merkel firmly in the saddle.

      • I believe cases like this call for a bilateral orchidetomy. Guys are kind of fussy about that sort of thing, and I believe it would act as a powerful disincentive.

        Oh yeah, the pope wouldn’t like it.

  5. He should be sent to a prison in his own country, and then let’s hope he never gets out from there again. Although, even that would be too mild a punishment for a crime like this.

    • Had he committed this crime in most countries in the Middle East, he would have been dealt with much more severely, including a possible capital sentence in some of them.
      These invaders know full-well that the kuffar courts will be much more lenient with them – if indeed they are actually subject to the criminal process at all – so the possible legal consequences are no deterrent.

  6. We in the west have become strange and depraved in that we don’t defend our own (yes the concept and reality of “our own” do exist) but find excuses for and treat (very) leniently those amongst us who do evil against us.

    Ah, I notice a fault in my writing, in my reasoning, in my way of describing this. My first word was “we” but I’m pretty sure that the large majority of Europeans-or of Germans, if you like-are, like me, appalled and sickened, first, on reading about this lady’s horrendous ordeal, and second by reading about this lenient sentence. We the people do not want things to be like this. Our ruling elite and its “branches” impose this upon us against our will. But even a worm turns, as the saying goes. I want to see that turning. I want to see it soon. I want to be part of it. No, I AM part of it: I will stand and be counted in defence of what I love.

    And this, for some, makes me a “Nazi” and a “hater”. Wow!

    • Absolutely not alone. I found myself seething with rage while reading the specifics of this horrendous crime, which gave way to outrage and frustration at the inappropriate sentence. Immigrants as instruments of intimidation and terror are precisely what the European politicians intended, and is manifestly going according to plan. They must be stopped and brought to account for their treachery.

  7. My thinking is, German laws, like Swedish laws, were constructed for a socialized, conscience-bearing population. Such crimes were simply not imagined. Most likely, any cases of rape would be committed by an oversexed, undersocialized German teenager who would grow out of it after a few years and genuinely not present a further threat to society.

    German law is simply unresponsive to the presence of totally different aliens who are wired permanently as sociopaths, and who will change not in the least over time.

  8. If was white german or euro person, u get 30 years life,

    How can this be going on???

    Judge who dealt this needs arresting and investigating, this evil traitor marxist judge should be deported to kuwait and flogged in public.

  9. I hope “the comfy chair” threat is worse than it sounds. That said, 6 years might be long enough if he is sent to a tough enough prison with German prisoners. Who doesn’t love their grossmutter?

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