Don’t Say the IQ Level in Sweden is Dropping — That’s a Hate Crime!

Our Swedish correspondent LN sends this digest of information about a hate-speech case that went to trial today in Jönköping:

A 65-year-old lady wrote that the IQ level is going to fall — she is now being prosecuted for hate speech against (some undefined) group of foreign people (hets mot folkgrupp).

Published March 14, 2018

In 2016 the 65-year-old woman from Jönköping was attacked without provocation, brutalized, severely hurt and beaten unconscious by a group of youngish culture-enrichers; she is now charged with a hate crime against some undefined folk-group — probably Arabs — for writing on Facebook among some other things (eight in all = prison) that immigration will lead to a general lowering of the IQ level in Sweden in the future.

The accusations of hate-speech are nowadays flooding Swedish courts. In particular, prosecutors seem to be deterring elderly people who may more easily be silenced and who are not inclined to vigorously defend themselves in court.

This currently accused lady is said to have written several so-called subversive posts on both immigration and immigrants. She has also directed her remarks at the Muslim community.

“If this inflow continues, intelligence in Sweden will sink to the goldfish level,” allegedly wrote in one of her posts. The posts were all allegedly written last year on the Facebook page “Stop Abuse of Power”.

Chamber Prosecutor Lisa Hedberg notes [sic] that the number of investigations of hate speech has increased since the blog “Network Examiner” started systematically searching for and reporting “hate-filled” internet posts, often written by elderly Swedes.

The trial against the woman is being held in Jönköping on Wednesday March 14th. The 65-year-old obviously has denied the crimes.

Details about the victim:

IQ loss:

13 thoughts on “Don’t Say the IQ Level in Sweden is Dropping — That’s a Hate Crime!

  1. I would like to write a comment, but Baron has very strict censorship.
    The best thing for this is Russian non-printing vocabulary.
    I have no other words to describe all this.

  2. I wonder what would happen if supporters showed up in court with “R.I.P. Sweden 2018”, “The Truth is Subversive” T-shirts?

    • I think it would be called “aasiktsbraat” by the swedish thoughtpolice .
      Some really twisted leftwing nutjobs might even find a racist angle . At the very least , the swedish version of “Berufsverbot” will be brought into full effekt , helped along by the established media showing up on people’s doorsteps , armed with cameras and microphones instead of Lugers and Totenschläger….oh , not so sure the swedish branch of afa int’l wouldn’t take care of the last part…..

  3. Why are all those believers in Islam and promoters of hate speech in their Koran as well in social media are not convicted for hate crime?

  4. Every day I become more and more convinced that Sweden and maybe Germany is doomed. If I was a citizen of a neighboring nation to either of these two madhouses, I think I would be getting very worried now and starting to stock up for a major crisis and war in the future.

  5. Furthermore, it is not hate speech when one states an opinion or opinions on certain groups or on certain issues related to certain groups.

  6. Once upon a time I liked ABBA very much. It has been years now that I cannot conduct myself to listen to their songs on YouTube. They sound like the epitaph of Sweden that was.

  7. When, oh when, are we going to get the point across that criticism is not HATE!!!!! What we are acquiescing to, essentially, is the prohibition of CRITICISM!!! (Let alone mockery, ridicule, etc.)

    • That’s the point. When even an online higher institution of learning in UK is treating criticism of Islamics as offensive behavior, does that mean one is not allowed to be critical?

  8. IQ is dropping in Sweden, as it is most of the world. The drop is exacerbated by the immigration of Muslims and Africans, but would have occurred without any immigration at all. The reason is that the technology of modern society, and the welfare state, have pretty much eliminated selection pressures in the populations. Positive traits like good character, high IQ and the like, are the result of specialized biological configurations, and will deteriorate naturally in the absence of selection pressures.

    I would speculate that the natural deterioration of the populations actually led to the willingness to allow in immigrants who obviously would totally change the nature of the host countries.

    The Genius Famine

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